3 Best Zhc Art Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to watch for entertainment? From art to comedy to reaction videos, the massive platform has something for everyone. In this article, we dive into the top channels on YouTube, including zhc art, zhcyt, zhc, and more. Keep reading to discover the best channels for art, comedy, challenge videos, funny videos, and more!


Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~207

zhc Youtube Channel

The zhc YouTube channel is an art-inspired video content creator, producing creative and entertaining shorts for viewers of all ages. Whether it's zhc art pieces, zhc shorts or 'shorts', zhc's videos offer a range of topics to appeal to multiple audiences. With #shorts and zhcshorts hashtags, fans are able to discover more of zhc's video content through their YouTube channel.


Channel Views: ~2.3b Channel Subscribers: ~24.8m Channel Videos: ~302

ZHC Youtube Channel

ZHC is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on art and comics. With over 24 million subscribers, the channel is run by Ray, an artist and content creator who posts tutorials and works on his own comics and artwork. ZHC has become a global sensation, with videos that range from the humorous to the serious, and the channel receiving support and recognition from major art-based organizations. Through ZHC, Ray has created an expansive community of followers and artists who come together to support and appreciate one another's work.


Channel Views: ~8.8m Channel Subscribers: ~699k Channel Videos: ~4

ZHC TV Youtube Channel

ZHC TV is a YouTube channelrun by Dave Fennoy and his wife Adrienne. Their channel focuses onzhc art and lifestyle tips including home DIY projects, food recipes, and home decor updates. They also feature fun challenge videos and other creative content to keep their viewers entertained. The content is meant to inspire their viewers to live life more fully and with more enjoyment. They have accumulated over 700K subscribers since launching their channel in 2018.

Combining Art and Technology in Zhc Art

Combining art and technology is a growing trend that many artists are taking advantage of to create beautiful art pieces. Zhc Art is an example of an art form that marries the classic, traditional ideas of art with modern methods of technology to make truly unique and special works of art. This art form allows creators to take their artistic visions to a whole new level and create eye-catching works of art that include elements of the real and the digital.

  • One of the most interesting aspects of Zhc Art is how it merges traditional art materials such as paint and pencils with modern technologies such as digital video and photography. By combining the two mediums, these artists are able to create a unique style of art that is both modern and timeless. Additionally, this art form also allows for a range of styles and techniques to be used, including abstract, landscape and even 3D pieces.
  • Another great thing about Zhc Art is its potential as a tool to explore the intersection of art and technology. Artists can use this art form to consider how the two disciplines intersect and the implications of their work. By experimenting with these new techniques, artists can stretch the boundaries of what artwork can be and challenge viewers to think differently about art and its potential. The use of technology also gives many new possibilities for how art can be created and displayed, providing another layer of potential for these creative works.

Which Tools Should You Use for ZHC Art?

In the art community, especially in the Zero Hour Crew (ZHC) art network, there are a variety of tools that you can use to make amazing looks. But what should you be using? In this blog, we’ll go over some of the top tools that are used in ZHC art.

  1. The first and most popular type of tool used is a software program. These programs allow you to create zesthetic pieces, digital illustrations, and graffiti. Well-used ones within the ZHC network are Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and PicsArt. Many applications will give you brushes, colors, textures, and other tools you can use to make your artwork one of a kind.
  2. The second type of tool that can be used is a digital drawing tablet. Digital drawing tablets are great because they allow for a lot more precision and control than a mouse. The most popular tablets on the market are the Wacom Intuos and the Huion Kamvas Pro. They both come with pressure sensitivity settings and a high resolution, which is perfect for the surreal work often seen within the ZHC network.

In conclusion, these are two of the best tools available to create ZHC art pieces. Both a software program and a digital drawing tablet are essential for creating those amazing looks seen in the ZHC network. Whether you are new to the art world or a veteran artist, these two tools will help you create amazing works of art.

Bringing Historical Context to ZHC Art

When it comes to understanding why certain artwork is important, its historical context is key. That becomes even more vital when it comes to Chinese art, which spans thousands of years and many traditional styles. The Zheng He Center (ZHC) is committed to helping people better understand Chinese art, and one way they do this is by exploring the historical context of the artwork.

  • The ZHC has a range of programs available that can assist people in understanding Chinese art from a historical perspective. For example, the ZHC’s educational program, “China Through Art: Ancient Dynasties to Modern Times,” provides a comprehensive overview of Chinese art from ancient times to the present. This program also dives into the origins, history, and impact of each era of Chinese art, which allows everyone to better appreciate the artwork being seen.
  • Overall, the ZHC’s commitment to bringing historical context to Chinese art is essential for fostering a greater appreciation of the artwork. By exploring the origin, history, and impact of the various eras of Chinese art, the ZHC is enabling everyone to gain a better understanding of the culture and its artwork. 

With this knowledge, people can truly appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of Chinese art.

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