Are you an avid young adult book reader? If so, then you?re in the right place. We?ve got all the best YouTube channels to help you find new book recommendations and reviews. From fantasy to action-adventure, there?s something for everyone. We?ll help you discover all types of booktubers and book reviews so you can stay up-to-date with the latest releases. So if you?re looking to dive into the world of books, keep reading to find the best YouTube channels for young adult books.

Young adult book: Top Youtube Channels

Hailey in Bookland

Channel Views: ~41.3m Channel Subscribers: ~309k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Hailey in Bookland Youtube Channel

Hailey in Bookland is a YouTube channel for young adults, featuring book reviews, discussion, and giveaways of Teen and Young Adult books. Each video follows the adventures of Hailey in Wonderland, as she reviews and discusses the latest and greatest reads in the Young Adult literary genre. Through her vibrant videos, Hailey aims to provide honest and helpful insight to fellow readers, teens and adults alike.


Channel Views: ~11.1m Channel Subscribers: ~84.4k Channel Videos: ~879

gabbyreads Youtube Channel

Gabbyreads is a YouTube channel created by Gabby Gibson, featuring engaging videos about young adult, new adult, and romance books. On this channel, viewers can expect to hear book recommendations, reviews, and discussion about exciting thrillers and other popular reads. Join Gabby on her booktube journey and keep up with the latest YA trends!


Channel Views: ~9.9m Channel Subscribers: ~83.9k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Bookables Youtube Channel

Bookables is a YouTube channel focusing on all things book-related. You'll find videos about classic and new Young Adult books, bookshelf tours, book tags, book hauls, book reviews, and seasonal book recommendations. Viewers can expect to learn about genres like romance and thriller books, all from the perspective of an experienced book reviewer. Follow along for insight into the newest and best books!


Channel Views: ~16.6m Channel Subscribers: ~201k Channel Videos: ~429

emmmabooks Youtube Channel

Emmmabooks is a popular YouTube channel hosted by young adult book enthusiast Emma Giordanno. The channel offers book recommendations, book hauls, and reading vlogs to viewers. Emma provides reviews of YA Books, such as those by award-winning author Cassandra Clare. Emma also explores other exciting and engaging titles for young adults when she reads them in her videos. Emmmabooks is the perfect place to visit for young adult book lovers!

Derek Murphy

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~26.3k Channel Videos: ~792

Derek Murphy Youtube Channel

Derek Murphy's YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for aspiring young adult book writers, digital nomads, and anyone looking to start an online business. His videos provide helpful advice on topics such as how to write and publish books, effective marketing strategies, the ins and outs of design, and even travel tips. No matter what your goal is, Derek Murphy's channel will provide you with the knowledge you need to get there.

twenty one readers

Channel Views: ~89.9k Channel Subscribers: ~872 Channel Videos: ~133

twenty one readers Youtube Channel

Twenty One Readers is a popular YouTube channel for young adults featuring book reviews, hauls, and other lifestyle content. It's a great place to learn about new books or even get ideas and inspiration from the vlogger's unique perspective. With over 450k subscribers, the channel is an excellent source of book recommendations and fun discussions on topics like pop culture, relationships, and more.


Channel Views: ~63.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.9k Channel Videos: ~253

Pucksandpaperbacks Youtube Channel

Pucksandpaperbacks is a YouTube channel focused on young adult book reviews, booktube content, and reading tips! They review contemporary books, use Goodreads extensively, and even hold giveaways exclusively for paperbacks! It's an entertaining and informative channel dedicated to all things book-related for the young and adult alike!


Channel Views: ~244.5k Channel Subscribers: ~956 Channel Videos: ~147

AndyeReads Youtube Channel

AndyeReads is a popular YouTube channel created by Andye featuring video blogs, reading teen book reviews, in my mailbox vlogs, and other content related to Young Adult literature. With a focus on sharing insights of new and upcoming releases, this blog and vlog have become a must-visit destination for YA book fans. Follow Andye's journey as she reads and shares stories from all across the YA book world.

Brendan Noble Author

Channel Views: ~102.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~91

Brendan Noble Author Youtube Channel

Brendan Noble Author's YouTube channel focuses on his young adult books, such as The Fractured Prism and The Prism Files, as well as his latest book The Frostmarked Chronicles. Anyone interested in becoming an author will benefit from his writing tips. Brendan also delves into Slavic mythology, and offers advice for new authors. This channel is a great resource for readers and writers alike!


Channel Views: ~26k Channel Subscribers: ~550 Channel Videos: ~81

Leilers Youtube Channel

Leilers is a YouTube channel run by a book-loving young adult. The channel focuses on providing thought-provoking content related to books, lifestyle, and other interesting topics. Expect to find content related to book reviews, self-development, and life advice. With an upbeat and humorous approach, Leilers offers viewers an enjoyable and informative experience.

Little Bookish Teacher

Channel Views: ~7.3k Channel Subscribers: ~116 Channel Videos: ~60

Little Bookish Teacher Youtube Channel

Little Bookish Teacher is a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing books for young readers, from picture books and junior fiction to middle grade and young adult fiction. Every episode features insightful reviews and analysis of new young adult titles, as well as traditions in the kids books genre. With great insight and enthusiasm, Little Bookish Teacher provides a great platform for gaining a better understanding of the different types of books out there.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Young Adult Book

Choosing the perfect young adult book can be a daunting task! With the large variety of genres, authors, and storylines, it can be difficult to decide which book is best for a particular reader. To make this task easier, here are a few tips for choosing the perfect young adult book.

  1. Start by considering the reader’s interests and favorite genres. If they are a big science fiction fan, there is no need to recommend a historical fiction book. Also, if they already read the work of a certain author they like, it might be a good idea to select a book from the same genre.
  2. Another important consideration is the age and the level of maturity of the reader. It is crucial to consider the content of the book and make sure it is suitable for the individual reader. This is especially important with books that tackle more mature topics and contain explicit content. 
  3. Lastly, taking into account the feedback about a book from friends or reviews can be a great way to determine if it is the right book for the individual reader.

Overall, finding the perfect young adult book is all about selecting one that aligns with the interests and level of maturity of the reader. Consider the reader's favorite genres, age, and feedback from others to make the best decision. By following these tips, choosing the perfect book can be an easy and enjoyable task!

Exploring Popular Genres of Young Adult Books

Young adult literature is often one of the most popular genres for readers in both the teens and young adult age range. With books ranging from sci-fi, fantasy, coming-of-age, and serious dramas, there are a multitude of popular genres in writing for young adults. Exploring young adult genres can be a fun adventure for readers of all ages and provide a much-needed escape from the mundane.

  • One of the most popular genres in young adult literature is contemporary fiction. This genre of literature often deals with hard and relatable issues for young adults such as family dynamics, friendship, identity, and growing up. When reading contemporary fiction, readers can often relate their own life experiences to the stories. Contemporary fiction can range from literary fiction to romance to mystery, so readers will never have a dull moment.
  • Of course, fantasy and science fiction genres have always been popular in young adult literature. These genres foster imagination and creativity for readers of all ages while providing a uniqueness that can be missing from real-life problems. Epic battles, worlds packed with danger, and the exploration of eternal questions are aspects that make young adult fantasy and science fiction so unique and captivating.

In the end, there are numerous young adult genres to explore and are perfect for readers of all ages. Whether readers prefer a lighthearted contemporary read, a dark fantasy, or something else, there's no wrong way to read and no wrong genre to explore. So jump into the wild world of young adult literature and discover your next favorite read!

3 Must-Read Young Adult Books

Being a young adult can be an exciting and often overwhelming time in one’s life. Here are 3 must-read books that young adults should check out this year.

  1. The first recommendation is Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman by Richard Feynman. This book is a compilation of witty autobiographical accounts of Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard Feynman. It is full of humor and insight, making it a delightful read for young adults.
  2. The second is Dear Martin by Nic Stone. This riveting story is a powerful examination of racism in America. It follows the story of Justyce McAllister, a bright, teenage African American student attending an elite prep school, as he strives to find justice and still love himself.
  3. The last book is Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. This book is an enchanting love story between Alex, the son of the first female U.S. president, and Prince Henry, the heir to the British throne. Through funny, lovely, and inspiring moments, this book celebrates love and encourages readers to explore the possibility of a more beautiful world.

These 3 books are not only entertaining and enjoyable to read—they also offer unique perspectives and messages that can resonate with young adults. Pick up one of these books and start exploring the world of young adult literature!

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