5 Best World History Channels on Youtube

Are you looking for an engaging and educational source to learn about world history? Are you looking for something other than a college board or AP world material? Look no further. Here, we have compiled a collection of the best YouTube channels to educate yourself in world history, geography, and more.


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CrashCourse Youtube Channel

CrashCourse is an educational YouTube channel that provides fun and informative content about a variety of topics in the humanities, sciences, and school subjects such as world history, biology, literature, and more. It is great for both learning and entertainment and serves as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the world around us.

Heimler's History

Channel Views: ~43.8m Channel Subscribers: ~363k Channel Videos: ~431

Heimler's History Youtube Channel

Heimler's History is a popular YouTube channel providing educational videos on world and U.S. history, AP US history, AP Government, AP World History, Document Based Questions (DBQs), and Long Essay Questions (LEQs). It helps students prepare for their AP World and Government exams. Heimler's History is a great resource for anyone looking for comprehensive and interesting explanations about history topics.


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~20.2k Channel Videos: ~197

FREEMAN- PEDIA Youtube Channel

Freeman-Pedia is a YouTube channel devoted to providing detailed and thoughtful guidance on AP World History, Modern AP World History, and the College Board exams. They provide illustrative examples of topics, answering complex questions about world history in clear and concise terms, which makes the videos perfect for students preparing for the exams.


Channel Views: ~103.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~184

UsefulCharts Youtube Channel

UsefulCharts is an informative YouTube channel that offers an interactive and visual way to explore world history and societies. Through their videos, viewers can gain knowledge on topics such as economies, cultures and customs, social dynamics, and more.

Made In History

Channel Views: ~710k Channel Subscribers: ~10k Channel Videos: ~97

Made In History Youtube Channel

Made In History is an educational YouTube channel showcasing world history documentaries, exploring ancient world and historical events. It is a comprehensive history of the world series, allowing viewers to explore and learn about valuable knowledge, facts and stories of our past. Documentaries range from ancient history to modern-day events, providing a unique and insightful way to learn about the world's history.

Uncovering the Fascinating Stories of World History

World history is filled with remarkable stories dating back centuries, with fascinating characters from different cultures around the world. Uncovering the stories of these people can open our eyes to the rich history of the world.

  • One of the most accessible ways to begin uncovering these stories is to read about the history of different nations. Reading the history of a certain place gives you an appreciation of how culture and people have been shaped over time. As you gain a better understanding of their unique stories, a whole new perspective of the world will be revealed. Through reading, you can gain insight into the struggles and challenges that certain cultures have faced and how they overcame it.
  • Studying the history of different nations through literature can also be a great way to gain an in-depth knowledge about the people and their stories. There are many texts and books on specific periods of history, focusing on the life and times of certain cultures and individuals. This allows a deeper look into their day-to-day lives, and the events that changed the course of history, from the rise and fall of empires to moments of great heroism. 

Learning these stories can be an enlightening experience, helping us gain an appreciation for people from different backgrounds throughout history.

Examining our Shared History Through the Ages

History is a key part of understanding the world we live in and ourselves. It provides us with valuable insights into the past, and enables us to reflect and learn from the mistakes and successes of our ancestors. Examining our shared history through the ages is an important task that should be undertaken by us all.

  • By examining our shared history, we can gain a better appreciation of cultural differences and similarities between people in different times and places. We can also uncover values and practices that have been passed down through the generations, and consider how they have affected our lives today. Through such examination, we can gain a better understanding of the origins of our current society and discover how we can make it better.
  • Additionally, studying our shared history can provide us with knowledge about how economic, political, and social systems have evolved over time. It can help us to identify existing problems with our current systems and strive to create something more equitable and equal. It can also teach us how societies interact with their environment, and what actions we can take to protect our planet and its people. 

Learning from our shared history can help prevent us from repeating the mistakes of the past, advancing us as a society towards a happier and more sustainable future.

Impact of World History on Today's Society

The impact of world history on today's society is vast and can be seen in a variety of ways. In its most basic sense, world history has provided us with the foundations for the systems of government, economics, and moral values that make up our lives today. Major events throughout history have been responsible for the course of our future, from revolutions to wars, and their consequences are visible in what we see every day.

  • The consequences of world history are particularly obvious in the way we socialize and interact with one another. Many cultures and civilizations, including the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, have left a lasting mark on how we relate to one another. We still use their systems of language, law, and civil order today, often relying on them for social norms. Technology and science have also been significantly impacted by the advances made from civilizations long gone. From groundbreaking inventions to new ways of looking at the world, these advances have touched every corner of our lives.
  • Finally, our knowledge of history allows us to make better decisions for our future. The past can teach us lessons on how to respond to events and create better structures for tomorrow. Through a better understanding of our history, we can work towards creating a better future for ourselves and our descendants. It is important to recognize and understand the effects of world history on our present day society, as it greatly impacts our lives. 

By appreciating this connection, we can visualize a brighter future.

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