16 Best Wing Foiling Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for some of the best YouTube channels to follow for the latest in wing foiling, surf, kiteboarding, foiling, wingfoil, wing, foil, sup, kitesurfing, and windsurfing? Then look no further! In this article, you will find some of the top YouTube channels available featuring the best content for each of these popular sports. Keep reading to find out which channels you should start following for the latest on these exciting activities.

GWA Wingfoil World Tour

Channel Views: ~817k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~157

GWA Wingfoil World Tour Youtube Channel

The GWA Wingfoil World Tour YouTube channel is a resource for people interested in the thrilling sport of wing foiling. It offers an inside look at global wingsports from contests around the world, featuring some of the best wing, wingfoil, wingsurf, and wingfoiling athletes. With updates from the GWA, followers can keep up with the latest news and information from the world of wingsurfing and the sport of wingfoiling.


Channel Views: ~466.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~96


WINGFOILDAILY is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of wing foiling. It features reviews, tutorials, news, and other informative content related to wing foiling and foil boarding. On the channel, viewers can learn more about this new and exciting sport and keep up to date on the latest trends and developments within the sport.

Wing Foil_Mallorca

Channel Views: ~280.9k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~75

Wing Foil_Mallorca Youtube Channel

Wing Foil Mallorca YouTube channel provides helpful video tutorials to help beginner and advanced riders learn and improve their Wing Foil skills. From tips on how to get started with Wing Foil, to tutorials on how to master the techniques of Wing Foil, Hand Wing and Foil Board Surfing, Wing Foil Mallorca is the ultimate source of information and guidance on wind wing and foil board sports.

West Coast Wing Foil

Channel Views: ~112.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~18

West Coast Wing Foil Youtube Channel

West Coast Wing Foil is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of wing foiling. It provides informative and entertaining content about this exciting hobby that can quickly turn into an addiction. With a unique blend of technical information and lifestyle videos, West Coast Wing Foil is a great resource for anyone interested in this emerging and rapidly growing sport.


Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~26.6k Channel Videos: ~996

MACkiteboarding Youtube Channel

MACkiteboarding is an instructional YouTube channel which focuses on innovative wing foiling, wing surfing and kiteboarding lessons. They feature top-brand kiteboarding gear such as Airush, Cabrinha, Duotone, Slingshot, Ozone and Naish, offering viewers the best advice and latest products in the kitesurfing and kiteboarding industry.

Chris Tomo

Channel Views: ~67.3k Channel Subscribers: ~287 Channel Videos: ~213

Chris Tomo Youtube Channel

Chris Tomo's YouTube channel showcases wing foiling as a fun and exciting hobby, sport, and lifestyle. With informative tutorials and top-notch videos, it's the one-stop spot for all things related to learning the thrilling water sport of wing foiling. Catch some airborne adrenaline with Chris Tomo!


Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~41k Channel Videos: ~199

Hadou BRUNNER Youtube Channel

Hadou BRUNNER is a YouTube channel featuring the amazing photos and videos of windfoil, windsurf, skate, and other extreme sports from La Baule, France as captured by the talented aerial photographer Hadrien Brunner. Whether it's capturing the art of wing foiling, Hadou BRUNNER is an excellent source of cinematic action footage.

Kitesurf College (Kite Surf Wing & Foil Tutorials)

Channel Views: ~17.3m Channel Subscribers: ~117k Channel Videos: ~164

Kitesurf College (Kite Surf Wing & Foil Tutorials) Youtube Channel

Kitesurf College (Kite Surf Wing & Foil Tutorials) YouTube channel is the perfect destination for anyone looking to learn how to kiteboard or wing foil. Providing helpful lessons, guides, and tutorials, this channel gives viewers a comprehensive overview of kiteboarding, from setting up the board and kite to safely piloting the craft. Kite Surf Wing & Foil Tutorials is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get started in the exciting sport of kitesurfing.

William Leady is the Foil Fanatic

Channel Views: ~262.6k Channel Subscribers: ~761 Channel Videos: ~149

William Leady is the Foil Fanatic Youtube Channel

William Leady is the Foil Fanatic, a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of wing foiling. He showcases his thrilling adventures on the water, riding with gear from trusted brands like Ocean Rodeo, F-One, Strike CWC, and Wingsurfing. From hand winging to wing ding, the channel gives viewers an in-depth look at the amazing activity of wing foiling and its exhilarating power.


Channel Views: ~83.5k Channel Subscribers: ~410 Channel Videos: ~49

freiheitsgefuehl Youtube Channel

The freiheitsgefuehl YouTube channel is an amazing platform that dives into the world of wing foiling - a Sport, Vehicle, Hobby and Lifestyle all rolled into one. They have high quality videos that capture all of the excitement and beauty of this fascinating activity. Make sure to check them out!

Alvaro Bajo

Channel Views: ~64k Channel Subscribers: ~820 Channel Videos: ~23

Alvaro Bajo Youtube Channel

Alvaro Bajo's YouTube channel is full of tutorials and tips for wing foiling and wingfoiling. He gives advice on how to get the most out of your gear as well as offering North wingfoil product reviews and how to videos. With his help, you'll be able to confidently hit the waves and start shredding in no time!

BC Works

Channel Views: ~15.3k Channel Subscribers: ~283 Channel Videos: ~10

BC Works Youtube Channel

BC Works is a YouTube channel dedicated to the emerging sport of Wing Foil (aka Wing Foiling or WingFoil). They produce entertaining and informative videos, covering a range of topics related to Wing Foil, including tips and tricks, tutorial videos, and videos about Wing Foil culture and events. It is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn more about this exciting sport and find inspiration to get out on the water! They also feature content in both English and Japanese, making it accessible to a wide range of viewers.

Alina Kornelli

Channel Views: ~664.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~38

Alina Kornelli Youtube Channel

Alina Kornelli's YouTube channel offers a unique insight into the fascinating world of wing foiling - the thrilling sport and hobby that combines elements of sailing, kitesurfing and traditional foiling. Offering exciting footage of the sport and her own adventure-filled lifestyle, Alina Kornelli's channel is an inspiring source of insight to the wing foiling community.

Lance is outside

Channel Views: ~92.1k Channel Subscribers: ~554 Channel Videos: ~51

Lance is outside Youtube Channel

Lance is Outside is a thrilling YouTube channel dedicated to board sports and hydrofoil foiling. Follow Lance as he navigates the windy conditions of America while kiteboarding, surfing, and wing foiling in the oceans and lakes. You won't want to miss the exciting action this channel has to offer.


Channel Views: ~67.3k Channel Subscribers: ~449 Channel Videos: ~53

INTOTHEVAN Youtube Channel

INTOTHEVAN is an engaging YouTube channel that captures the high-energy and thrill of wing foiling, windsurfing, and surf foiling. Follow along as they take you on exciting adventures while detailing the basics and tips of each sport. Experience the Vanlife lifestyle and discover all the possibilities of windfoiling, winging, and surfing with their creative and inspiring content. Get ready to adventure with INTOTHEVAN!

CORE Watersports

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~89

CORE Watersports Youtube Channel

CORE Watersports is a YouTube channel featuring videos of extreme sports, such as wing foiling, carved, GT, GTS, XR, Nexus, Section, Impact, and Fusion. With breathtaking visuals, the channel takes you through all the thrills and spills of the extreme sports world.

Different Types of Wing Foiling and Their Benefits

Wing foiling is an exhilarating new water sport that has recently grown in popularity, and for good reason! Wing foiling involves a hydrofoil board that is equipped with wings to help you accelerate and then glide over the top of waves. This type of foiling utilizes the power of the wind to gain speed and momentum. There are several different types of wing foiling and each has its own specific benefits.

  • One of the most common types of wing foiling is using a large surf style foil, which is perfect for catching and riding beach waves. The large foil serves as your pivot point and you’re able to use your bodyweight and the wings to gain enough speed and traction to get up and start flying. This style of foiling is perfect for beginner riders as it can help them learn to move their weight over the waves to generate more speed.
  • A more advanced form of wing foiling is using a race-style foil, which is designed for higher speeds and more maneuverability. This type of foiling is a great option for experienced riders looking to really take their skills up a notch. The relatively thin foil can accelerate quickly and allows for tight turns in the swell. The smaller foil can help you reach faster speeds and also make it easier to maneuver in tougher terrain and conditions.

Overall, wing foiling is a great way to get out on the water and explore the ocean. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there are many different types of foiling to choose from. Each type has its own benefits, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them in order to find the one that is best-suited to your riding level and preferences. With the right equipment and a few tips, you’ll be wing foiling in no time!

Training Tips For Improving Your Wing Foiling Skills

Wing foil has become an exciting new sport that has been gaining traction over the past few years. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, improving your wing foiling skills will help you get more out of your sessions. Here are some tips to help take your wing foiling abilities to the next level.

  1. First, it is important to ensure you have the right gear. Make sure you are riding with the right size foil and wing for your size, skill level and the conditions. Have an experienced coach look over your equipment to ensure it is properly tuned and ready for use. 
  2. Secondly, practice proper body positioning in the water. Focus on pressing down into your back foot, keeping your nose pointed up and your front arm straight and in line with your wing bar. Proper body positioning is essential for efficient wing foiling and will become second nature the more you practice.
  3. Finally, take time to focus on the basics. Be sure to master simple maneuvers such as launching, turning and tacking before attempting anything more complex. This will help you develop good technique and make sure you progress in a safe and controlled manner. Regularly assessing these basics and tweaking technique is a great way to see continual improvements in your wing foiling. 

With these tips you will be ready to charge the next set and take your wing foiling skills to new heights.

Best Locations for Wing Foiling

Wing foiling is one of the hottest trends in surfing and kiting and continues to gain traction amongst outdoor adventurers. It combines the best elements of surfing and kitesurfing to create a unique experience, allowing riders to move up-and-downwind with ease, thanks to a specially designed large, controllable kite. The good news is that with a bit of searching, you can find some great locations for your wing foil experience. Here are some of the best destinations around the world to give it a try.

  • Thailand is considered one of the top wing foiling oceans spots, thanks to its crystal clear waters and consistent winds. The numerous islands situated around the main country make it easy to find the perfect spot with a mix of flat water and waves to suit all skill levels. The warming temperatures, amazing views, and excellent waves in Thailand make it the perfect destination for any wing foiler.
  • Another great place for wing foiling is Maui, Hawaii. With uncrowded waves, the perfect wind, and unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean, Maui provides an amazing wing foiling experience. Its shoreline provides excellent set-ups with clean conditions for both beginners and advanced riders. The Hawaiian Islands offer an exciting adventure with an abundance of hotspots to choose from.

So if you’re looking for the perfect destination for your wing foiling adventure, consider Thailand and Maui as two of the best locations to get out on the water and enjoy a thrilling experience. With warm waters, beautiful views, and plenty of sea life, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time. And with a bit of research, you can find many other great locations for your foil journey.

Happy foiling!

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