Looking for some great YouTube channels to get your fix on western classical music? Look no further! In this article, we'll give you a rundown of some of the best channels out there for classical music lovers. Whether you're a fan of Beethoven or Mozart, or you just love instrumental music, there's something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the classics!

Western classical music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~1.6k

HALIDONMUSIC Youtube Channel

The HALIDONMUSIC YouTube channel is a great place to find Western classical music. Halidon Music has a wide variety of classical music for studying, relaxing, and concentration. The classical piano music is particularly well done, and the jazz music is also worth checking out. The love songs are a nice touch, and the instrumental music is perfect for soothing background noise.

Brilliant Classics

Channel Views: ~233.2m Channel Subscribers: ~680k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Brilliant Classics Youtube Channel

The Brilliant Classics YouTube channel is a hub to find western classical music. The channel features the best of classical music and has album and piano versions of classical pieces. The music is perfect for studying or concentration. The channel also has a compilation of the best of Mozart's classical pieces.


Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~3.7m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

TwoSetViolin Youtube Channel

TwoSetViolin is a YouTube channel featuring the classical duo of Eddy Chen and Brett Yang, two teenage violin prodigies. They provide a unique blend of western classical music, comedy, and their own quirky personalities. Viewers can get an inside look into the practice and progress of their music, as well as enjoy their interesting takes on well-known pieces from symphonies and orchestras. LingLing the puppet is a favorite member of the TwoSetViolin cast!

Art And Artistes

Channel Views: ~162.6m Channel Subscribers: ~594k Channel Videos: ~1k

Art And Artistes Youtube Channel

Art and Artistes YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing an incredible array of western classical music and music of India, including Indian traditional music, Hindustani classical, Indian classical, and classical music. Featuring art and artists as guest performers, this channel provides viewers with a unique experience of diverse Indian and international music genres.


Channel Views: ~99.6m Channel Subscribers: ~530k Channel Videos: ~979

IndianRaga Youtube Channel

The IndianRaga channel is a resource to find Western classical music, Indian classical, Hindustani, and Carnatic music with Raga performed by young artists. The channel features a variety of artists from different parts of India, making it a great resource for exploring the different styles of Indian classical music. The videos on the channel are high quality and the performances are beautiful, making IndianRaga a great channel to watch for anyone interested in Indian classical music.

Classical Tunes

Channel Views: ~109.2m Channel Subscribers: ~438k Channel Videos: ~747

Classical Tunes Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Classical Tunes is a channel dedicated to Western classical music. You can find classical pieces from various composers such as Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven. The channel also has ASMR videos set to classical music.


Channel Views: ~82.1m Channel Subscribers: ~394k Channel Videos: ~542

darbarfestival Youtube Channel

The darbarfestival YouTube channel is a collection of videos featuring performances of western classical music by Indian classical musicians. Highlights include performances by Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Zakir Hussain, and Aruna Sairam.

Songs of Birdland

Channel Views: ~75.9m Channel Subscribers: ~224k Channel Videos: ~276

Songs of Birdland Youtube Channel

The Songs of Birdland YouTube channel is a destination for western classical music, baby jazz, and lullabies. The channel features a wide variety of music for babies to sleep, toddlers, and lullaby music. The channel is updated regularly with new music, so be sure to check back often!

Live Better Media

Channel Views: ~112m Channel Subscribers: ~310k Channel Videos: ~140

Live Better Media Youtube Channel

The Live Better Media YouTube channel offers a wide variety of music to help improve your mood and concentration. Relaxing and classical pieces are perfect for when you need to wind down, while upbeat and energetic tracks are perfect for when you need a boost of energy. There are also a variety of videos specifically designed to help you sleep better or focus while studying. And for the little ones, there's even a selection of soothing music specifically designed for babies. Whether you're looking to relax, focus, or simply enjoy some great music, the Live Better Media YouTube channel has something for everyone.

Music Pandit

Channel Views: ~316k Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~119

Music Pandit Youtube Channel

The Music Pandit channel focuses on western classical music and aims to provide an online music education for those looking to learn music online. The channel offers lessons on a variety of instruments, including guitar and piano. In addition, the channel also provides tips and advice on how to improve your music learning.

Jesse Strickland

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~41k Channel Videos: ~125

Jesse Strickland Youtube Channel

Jesse Strickland's YouTube channel offers a wealth of knowledge on western classical music, from music theory and composition to music history and explanation. His content also includes music lessons and education, such as how to use the tools of composition, the works of various composers, and what makes a piece of music great. With his unique approach and extensive expertise, his channel is a valuable resource of information, insight and ideas for any aspiring musician.

Just Instrumental Music

Channel Views: ~307.7m Channel Subscribers: ~868k Channel Videos: ~236

Just Instrumental Music Youtube Channel

Just Instrumental Music is a YouTube channel devoted to providing music aficionados with classic western classical music. From famous composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn to lesser-known musicians, listeners will find a huge selection of classical music from a range of eras and styles. Discover the perfect piece for study, relaxation, or just plain enjoyment with a diverse array of instrumental music to choose from.

JollyGul Main Channel

Channel Views: ~11m Channel Subscribers: ~13.9k Channel Videos: ~377

JollyGul Main Channel Youtube Channel

JollyGul's Main Channel on YouTube is an excellent resource for enjoying and learning about traditional Ismaili and western classical music. It offers videos featuring Ismaili music, Ginans with music, Geets, and some amazing Ginans. It's the perfect place to discover the joy and beauty of traditional, spiritual music.

Jazz Music - Gloria Music

Channel Views: ~199.7m Channel Subscribers: ~48.1k Channel Videos: ~791

Jazz Music - Gloria Music Youtube Channel

Gloria Music's YouTube channel is the perfect destination for listeners looking for a calming and stress-relieving audio experience. It features a variety of jazz and western classical music that is perfect for deep sleep and relaxation. Enjoy the melodic melodies of jazz and western classical music with Gloria Music.


Channel Views: ~2.9m Channel Subscribers: ~7.8k Channel Videos: ~115

jazzboneplyr3 Youtube Channel

The jazzboneplyr3 YouTube channel is a channel devoted to highlighting the vibrant culture of western classical music. They feature a variety of different kinds of music ranging from traditional jazz, classical, and contemporary works, as well as lifestyle pieces discussing the lifestyle of those who listen to and enjoy classical music. It is a great resource for anyone looking to explore the beauty and history of classical styles.

alex jon

Channel Views: ~13.4m Channel Subscribers: ~30.5k Channel Videos: ~171

alex jon Youtube Channel

Alex Jon's YouTube channel is a must-watch for fans of Western classical music. His selection of tracks spans a range of musical genres, from baroque to modern-day classical pieces. Whether you're a passionate aficionado of the genre or just looking to explore classical music, this channel offers a great opportunity to do so. Enjoy hours of beautiful music and entertainment!


Channel Views: ~37m Channel Subscribers: ~97k Channel Videos: ~676

wocomoMUSIC Youtube Channel

The wocomoMUSIC YouTube channel is dedicated to the world of music and features a wide range of musical genres including Western classical music, world music, popular music, and more. Through their videos, viewers can explore various musical instruments and learn about their structures and sounds, as well as about electric guitars, synthesizers, and audio recordings. Further, the channel hosts an array of compilations and concerts centered around this music.

Anku Pokhriyal

Channel Views: ~211.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~102

Anku Pokhriyal Youtube Channel

Anku Pokhriyal's YouTube channel is an excellent source for discovering the best of both western classical music and music from the diverse cultures of Asia. From the traditional rhythms of India and China to the melodic tones of Europe, listeners are sure to be enriched by a fascinating array of sounds from across the music world.

David Bruce Composer

Channel Views: ~15.2m Channel Subscribers: ~245k Channel Videos: ~136

David Bruce Composer Youtube Channel

The David Bruce Composer YouTube channel is a practical resource for exploring the world of western classical music. He provides a comprehensive overview of music composition, theory, and its applications to contemporary music. Through a variety of tutorials and lectures, David Bruce provides an insightful and enjoyable look at composing music.


Channel Views: ~439.7k Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~121

bansuribliss Youtube Channel

bansuribliss is a YouTube Channel offering tutorials related to Indian Music and the Bansuri, a traditional bamboo flute. Host Kerry Kriger is an expert in Hindustani Sangeet and promotes the teaching of Western Classical Music. He provides Bansuri lessons, tutorials, and resources to learn Bansuri as well as Indian Music. Fans of Bansuri and Indian Music can find resources to help them learn and grow in this genre on bansuribliss.


Channel Views: ~248.1k Channel Subscribers: ~8.7k Channel Videos: ~94

THE HM MUSIC Youtube Channel

The HM Music channel features western classical music from singer and music teacher Honey Mahajan. In her singing and music tutorials, Mahajan offers viewers cover songs and original songs, as well as lessons on how to improve their own singing and musicianship. Her channel is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about western classical music or to improve their own vocal skills.


Channel Views: ~33.5m Channel Subscribers: ~250k Channel Videos: ~90

nobody Youtube Channel

Nobody is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to the exploration of western classical music, electronic music, and other genres. Fans of classical music can find a wealth of music from all eras, while those looking for something new can discover emerging artists and unique music flavors. The channel offers an engaging mix of music videos, interviews, and live performances, making it an excellent resource for all lovers of music.

Best Music Compilation

Channel Views: ~207m Channel Subscribers: ~585k Channel Videos: ~95

Best Music Compilation Youtube Channel

The Best Music Compilation YouTube channel is a source of western classical music, study music, easy-listening music, and relaxing music for work. It provides instrumental tracks and specialized learning music to help with concentration and memory, perfect for studying and working in an office.


Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~240k Channel Videos: ~31

RELAX CHANNEL Youtube Channel

The Relax Channel on YouTube shares a wide variety of western classical music to help people relax, fall asleep, or concentrate while studying. You can find well-known pieces by Mozart and other classical composers, as well as new tracks uploaded regularly. Whether you're looking for music to calm your mind or boost your productivity, the Relax Channel has you covered.

Keep it Classical

Channel Views: ~130.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~33

Keep it Classical Youtube Channel

Keep it Classical is a YouTube channel featuring video essays and educational content about western classical music, hosted by Matthew D. Nielsen. Topics include music appreciation, music history, and classical music from the Renaissance to the present day. It is a great source of information and learning for classical music lovers and newcomers alike.

Hey Bear Sensory

Channel Views: ~536.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~37

Hey Bear Sensory Youtube Channel

Hey Bear Sensory is a YouTube channel devoted to providing stimulating visuals and calming music to assist with visual development in infants during their formative months. Their videos feature high contrast black and white bold shapes, and western classical music, and are designed to be soothing and relaxing for colic babies and all newborns. They offer a range of baby music videos for the most effective sensory stimulation.

Elements of Western Classical Music

The Western classical music tradition is one of the oldest and most beloved genres of music around the world. It is a tradition that began in Europe centuries ago and continues to this day, though its influence has been felt everywhere. There are several key elements that make Western classical music distinctive, and these elements have evolved to form a sound that is discernible and distinct.

  1. The first key element of Western classical music is its harmonic structure. This involves an interplay of melodies and rhythms that combine to create the overall sound. It also requires a mastery of chord progression, which determines the overall shape of the piece. 
  2. The second element is the melody, which is usually based on a particular scale or mode. The melodies are enhanced by accompaniment, which includes strings, woodwind, and keyboard instruments. 
  3. Finally, the texture of the piece plays a role in establishing the tone and atmosphere. This is achieved by the interplay of complex rhythms, a sense of motion, and accompaniments to create a fuller sound.

The final element of Western classical music is the theme or idea. This is what gives the piece its overall direction and purpose. These themes can be abstract or tangible, but they are an essential component of classical music. By combining all of these elements, a composer can create a powerful and unique piece of music. Western classical music can be enjoyed by both casual listeners and professionals alike, and it has stood the test of time as a timeless genre.

Discovering the Most Famous Classical Tunes

Classical music has a long and rich history of soul stirring melodies and catchy tunes, immortalized by masterful composers over the years. From the Mozart symphonies, to Bach's organ pieces, and everything in between, there is much to explore and to marvel at.

  • Why not take a journey of rediscovery and take a deeper look at some of the tunes which have stood the test of time? There's Beethoven's “Fifth” symphony in C Minor, perhaps the most recognisable piece of classical music in existence. The meandering violins and stirring timpani drums in the first movement transport the listener to another realm. There's Tchaikovsky's rapid-fire “1812 Overture”, the instantly recognisable opening bars of the “William Tell” overture, or the music of the swan from Delibes’ “Swan Lake”.
  • Alternatively, why not search out lesser known gems? Haydn's “Surprise Symphony” evokes a time of innocence and amusement. Vivaldi's “The Four Seasons” paints a vibrant, animated picture of the natural beauty of the changing seasons. Dvorak's “New World Symphony” flows and soars like the majestic eagles of the western coast. Whoever your preference, you're sure to find something inspiring and beautiful amongst the big players and hidden gems of classical music.

Famous Western Classical Composers

Western classical music is considered to be one of the most prestigious genres in music entertainment, with some of the greatest composers of all time hailing from this era. There are many composers who have left a lasting impact on the musical landscape and are remembered and appreciated to this day. From the Baroque period to the modern day, these famous western classical composers have helped shape this genre and the industry as a whole.

  • One of the most celebrated names in western classical music is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in 1756, Mozart is one of the most influential composers of all time. His works are still appreciated today, especially his "dramatic and tragic" Requiem and his five completed violin concertos. Ludwig van Beethoven, born in 1770, is also regarded as one of the most important composers of all time. His works are some of the most beloved pieces of music in the world, such as his fifth symphony and the "Moonlight" Sonata.
  • More recently, composers such as Igor Stravinsky, who is known for his ballet "The Rite of Spring," and Sergei Prokofiev, best known for his opera "Romeo and Juliet," have made major contributions to western classical music. In 1897, Claude Debussy pioneered the use of chromatic scales and Impressionist techniques, which helped evolve the genre even further. There have certainly been a countless number of great composers who have shaped the musical landscape of western classical music and it continues to be appreciated and respected all around the world.

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