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Warli painting: Top Youtube Channels

Colours Creativity Space

Channel Views: ~18.7m Channel Subscribers: ~85.9k Channel Videos: ~743

Colours Creativity Space Youtube Channel

Colours Creativity Space YouTube channel is a creative craft channel dedicated to teach viewers how to create beautiful Warli paintings, easy DIY art and craft activities. Their videos include Ganapati decoration ideas for both home and office spaces, and various other Ganapati decoration ideas. With detailed steps and instructions, this channel can help one unlock their creativity and create beautiful things.

Neelam Arts

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~20.9k Channel Videos: ~516

Neelam Arts Youtube Channel

Neelam Arts is a YouTube channel that offers easy drawing tutorials for beginners. It features a variety of techniques, including Warli painting, pencil sketch, soft pastel, buddha drawing, festival drawing, Madhubani painting, tribal art, and more. Whether you need help learning how to draw or want to explore the traditional Indian art forms of folk and tribal art, Neelam Arts provides the perfect platform.


Channel Views: ~294.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~242

JAGS ART UDAIPUR Youtube Channel

JAGS ART UDAIPUR is a YouTube channel offering instructional videos to help viewers learn various art forms, such as Warli painting, sketching on paper, wall murals painting, making canvas paintings, and wall painting tips. Jagdish Menariya, the artist behind JAGS ART UDAIPUR, also provides creative home decor ideas.

Creative Handmade Hub

Channel Views: ~893.4k Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~234

Creative Handmade Hub Youtube Channel

The Creative Handmade Hub YouTube channel offers a large variety of creative tutorials featuring everything from Warli painting to best out of waste ideas. Viewers can learn the process of making a nameplate for home out of clay art, wall putty and cardboard reuse, as well as craft ideas for wall putty and cardboard frames. Get inspired by the many possibilities of create something beautiful from ordinary items!

Draw with Suchi

Channel Views: ~699.6k Channel Subscribers: ~2.9k Channel Videos: ~137

Draw with Suchi Youtube Channel

Draw with Suchi is a YouTube channel that provides diverse tutorials on a variety of painting techniques. There are helpful videos that cover topics such as Warli painting, bottle art, glass painting, canvas painting, stone painting, pot painting, and waste plastic bottle painting. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this channel has something for everyone in the art community.


Channel Views: ~14.8k Channel Subscribers: ~75 Channel Videos: ~36

AAKARSHAK Youtube Channel

AAKARSHAK is a YouTube Channel dedicated to showcasing Indian folk art in all its forms. Our channel provides tutorials and demonstrations on how to paint with Warli, Madhubani, Mithila and other styles of painting. We also offer a wide range of original paintings, handmade from India, available for purchase on our website. Through our videos and products, we are committed to promoting and preserving India's ancient traditional art of painting.

The History and Origin of Warli Painting

Warli Painting is an ancestral art form that originates from the tribal people of Maharashtra, India. It is believed to have existed since 10th century AD and is traditionally used by the Warli people for ritual and ceremonial purposes. This art form is known for its simple and delicate style which is based on basic forms of circles, squares and triangle. This ancient and highly sophisticated art form is still practiced in the rural areas and strongholds of tribal culture.

  • The paintings depict scenes from the everyday life of the Warli tribe, mainly from their agricultural activities such as sowing, harvesting, hunting and fishing. The colour scheme of Warli painting constitutes of a single white against a dark mustard background. This harmonious combination is often complimented with either dark or natural reds. The white pigment is a kind of rice paste, which is prepared from rice powder, limestone water and gum. Together with a bamboo stick or brush, these pigments are used to create stylistic representations of figures, gods and symbols.
  • One of the most distinctive elements of Warli painting is the use of repetitive patterns or geometric designs. These designs are composed with combinations of circles, triangles and other abstract shapes. These patterns symbolise energies from the different aspects of life such as fertility, fertility rituals, death, life, and so on. The composition of the paintings is divided into three distinct panels, the outermost being of naturalistic scenes and the innermost with symbolic representations. 

Warli painting is an ancient and timeless form of art that uses strong traditional symbolism to tell stories about the culture and history of the Warli people. It continues to be an integral part of this community even today.

Supplies Needed to Create a Warli Painting

Warli paintings are an art form traditional in India, and are known for their strikingly simplistic and rustic appearance. Create your own Warli painting with these simple steps and supplies!

  • To begin, you will need supplies such as Warli folk art paper, temperature-stable acrylic paints, traditional brushes, a water cup, and a cloth. Warli art typically uses these earthy colors, such as red, ochre, white, and black paints. Acrylic paints are ideal because they can be used around a room temperature environment, such as a warm living room. To prepare a Warli painting, the paper should be cut to size and fixed on a plane surface such as a cardboard – then you are ready to paint!
  • Once you have collected the supplies, the painting process is fairly straightforward. Warli paintings typically portray scenes of everyday life for the rural populations in India. Scenes are simple and there is not much detail. An artist will start by sketching out the outline of the painting with a white paint. He or she will then fill the shapes in with some colorful paints to complete the Warli painting and give it the desired rustic and simplistic look. The paper may need to be left in the sun to dry, depending on the humidity and your location. As your Warli art dries, you will have a beautiful and unique piece of traditional Indian artwork!

With these supplies and simple steps, you can create your own Warli painting. Combining traditional colors with modern technology and supplies, this type of Indian folk art can be made accessible. Set your creative juices flowing and step back and admire your creation. Warli paintings are a delightful and expressive addition to any home or office. All you need is a bit of creativity, some supplies, and you will be able to produce a unique and beautiful example of Indian art.

Exploring the Techniques of Warli Painting

Warli painting is a folk art of India that emerged from the Warli tribe in Maharashtra. It consists of simplistic geometric patterns made from a white pigment known as ‘surki’. Warli painting is unique, yet it is seen to have similarities to prehistoric cave paintings. The simplicity of the forms of the art makes Warli an iconic example of Indian art.

  • The use of colors and the abstract designs in Warli painting connote a sense of simplicity and symbolism. Traditionally, the use of simple shapes and symbols were used to tell stories from their traditions and culture. Warli art is characterized by its use of red border to frame pictures and its use of a triangle to depict the home of the goddess of Warlis. Other elements used are circles, moon and sun shapes, which represent fertility, and squares which represent mountains and forests. Drawing these basic forms with white pigment, a void feeling is evoked.
  • The main objective of Warli painting is to provide an outlet for creative expression and storytelling. Most Warli art is peaceful in nature and there are no human figures apart from dancing figures, participants in festivals and ceremonial gatherings. Warli paintings adhere to certain rules of composition, including the use of symmetrical patterns that seem to appeal to the tribal people. Intricate and scattered lines, circles, and spherical shapes resembling trees adorn the walls of the Warli people’s homes. The simplicity of the art speaks to its symbolic representation and tradition-specific themes. Warli art has a simplicity and vibrancy that can only be felt upon seeing it. It is an enduring form of traditional art that has withstood the test of time. 

Exploring the techniques of Warli painting is essential to fully appreciate the beauty of the art.

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