If you're looking for the best YouTube channels to help you reach peak relaxation, then you've come to the right place! From visualization meditation and guided meditation to yoga and the law of attraction, exploring these channels is sure to help you get centered and live your best life. Additionally, you'll find channels that explore mindfulness, manifestation, affirmations, yin, and meditation music. Ready to get relaxed? Read on to find the best channels for you!

Visualization meditation: Top Youtube Channels

Guided Meditations Neural Retraining Visualization

Channel Views: ~77.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~143

Guided Meditations Neural Retraining Visualization Youtube Channel

The Guided Meditations Neural Retraining Visualization YouTube channel provides a variety of guided visual meditation sessions to help viewers obtain positive mental energy. These include guided meditations for beginners to learn how to meditate, stories to facilitate sleeping, mindful meditations to manage anxiety and depression, meditation for PTSD and anxiety, and chronic illness hacks for the long Covid recovery process.


Channel Views: ~47.8m Channel Subscribers: ~364k Channel Videos: ~1k


SUPERNATURAL BRAINWAVE POWER is a YouTube channel that provides meditation music, healing music, and peaceful sleep music to aid in relaxation and visualize the law of attraction. This music is designed to bring positive energy and help manifest transformation. They also offer guided meditation and visualization to help reach more profound states of relaxation.

The Mindful Movement

Channel Views: ~114.5m Channel Subscribers: ~706k Channel Videos: ~488

The Mindful Movement Youtube Channel

The Mindful Movement YouTube channel, hosted by Sara Raymond, is an excellent resource for learning about mindfulness and how to live intentionally. It contains a variety of video content, including guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, visualization meditations, stress relief techniques, and vipassana meditation. It also offers helpful explanations about What Is Mindfulness and How To Meditate.

Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music

Channel Views: ~704.6m Channel Subscribers: ~2.7m Channel Videos: ~848

Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music Youtube Channel

Jason Stephenson's Sleep Meditation Music YouTube channel provides an array of guided sleep meditation and visualization tutorials, soothing sounds of nature along with soft and relaxing music for better and easier sleep as well as stress relief. Additionally, it features sleep guided meditation, sleep sounds and other relaxing sounds. This channel is perfect for those seeking to relax and help themselves get more quality sleep.

James Cole

Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~7.7k Channel Videos: ~110

James Cole Youtube Channel

James Cole's YouTube channel focuses on providing viewers with stress relief through visualization meditation, guided meditations, and inspiring videos. His channel features a variety of short films and inspiring films to help viewers with personal development and thought provoking topics. Several empowering movies are also offered as well, serving as a source of inspiration and calming relaxation.

Enhanced - Guided Meditation

Channel Views: ~877.5k Channel Subscribers: ~17.5k Channel Videos: ~188

Enhanced - Guided Meditation Youtube Channel

Enhanced - Guided Meditation is a YouTube channel offering various types of meditation, including visualization meditation, 10 minute and 5 minute guided meditation, 15 minute guided meditation, morning meditation, meditation for beginners, mindfulness meditation, and more. All of these meditations are designed to help you relax, become more mindful, and reach new levels of inner peace.

Kinga Kremer in the making

Channel Views: ~367k Channel Subscribers: ~7.5k Channel Videos: ~203

Kinga Kremer in the making Youtube Channel

The Kinga Kremer in the Making YouTube channel focuses on helping viewers reach their highest potential through visualization meditation and the Law of Attraction, with guided meditations, visualizations, and manifesting techniques based on teachings from Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza, all from the perspective of a recently-divorced woman.

Mindful Awareness

Channel Views: ~1.8k Channel Subscribers: ~29 Channel Videos: ~27

Mindful Awareness Youtube Channel

The Mindful Awareness YouTube channel provides helpful content for developing a healthy lifestyle through guided visualization and meditation. Videos are designed to reduce stress and improve focus through mindfulness practices. Listeners are offered access to a diverse range of tools and techniques to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and emotional balance.

Meditation Mountain

Channel Views: ~106.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~59

Meditation Mountain Youtube Channel

Meditation Mountain is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people find peace and balance in their lives with the help of visualization meditation, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, morning meditation, meditation music, how to meditate, meditation for sleep, meditation for anxiety, meditation for depression, and meditation for beginners. With their supportive and encouraging content, they equip people with the tools to make time for self-care and lead a more mindful life.

Meditation with Connie Riet

Channel Views: ~227.3k Channel Subscribers: ~9k Channel Videos: ~45

Meditation with Connie Riet Youtube Channel

Meditation with Connie Riet is a YouTube channel with guided meditations catering to various needs. Visualization meditations, meditation for gratitude, manifesting, sleep, and reducing stress are just some of the topics covered. There are even morning meditations and beginner and over 40 yoga classes to help viewers find peace and relaxation.

Preparing the Mind and Body for Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a powerful mindfulness tool used to bring clarity to the imagination, stimulate creativity, and open up the mind. This type of meditation can also be used to reduce stress and increase relaxation. Preparing both the mind and body for a visualization meditation session is essential for getting the most out of the exercise.

  • The first step to preparing for visualization meditation is to settle the individual’s physical body. Whether sitting, standing, or lying down, it is important to choose a comfortable position. Once at ease, take a few moments to focus on breathing deeply and paying attention to thoughts and sensations. This will help to relax both mind and body and prepare it for meditation.
  • Once the body is settled and relaxed, the mind is ready to be adjusted into a meditative state. Letting go of any worries and distractions helps make space for the imagination to focus undisturbed. Paying attention to how thoughts come and go throughout the visualization meditation can be beneficial. 

This type of mindful attitude will help cultivate an inner stillness which will in turn lead to a deeper and more meaningful visualization meditation experience.

Exploring the Benefits of Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a powerful form of mindfulness that can have a huge positive impact on your life. It involves using your imagination to picture a positive scene or emotion in order to relax and ground yourself. This type of meditation can be done alone or with a partner, and it focuses on connecting to your inner self in order to create more peace and wellbeing.

  • The benefits of visualization meditation are wide-reaching and can be used to improve your mental and physical health. For example, it can reduce stress and create a sense of calm and confidence. Visualizing a peaceful scene or a positive emotion can help to quiet the mind and leave you feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated. Likewise, visualizing an activity or a skill that you want to improve on can help to focus and strengthen your concentration levels. Not only that, but it can also be used to increase motivation and inspire creative ideas and solutions.
  • Finally, visualization meditation can also be used to access inner wisdom and transform negative thinking. This type of practice can be used to help us to gain greater insight into our thoughts and feelings, and to ultimately reframe our perspectives into more powerful and positive ones. 

All in all, visualization meditation can have a profoundly positive effect on both our mental and physical wellbeing, which makes it a valuable tool to use on a regular basis.

Exploring Different Techniques of Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation is a powerful practice for healing and rejuvenation. It’s a great way to tune into your intuition and tap into your creativity. Through visualization meditation, you can tap into new areas of yourself and explore new aspects of your life. There are different techniques for getting into this type of meditation, and each has their own benefits.

  • The most common way to access visualization meditation is through guided imagery. This means that someone, usually a professional coach or therapist, will guide you through the process of visualizing a particular place, scene or outcome. Guided imagery can be a very powerful process that leads to powerful insights and break-throughs. It’s a great way to access different layers of consciousness and explore different perspectives.
  • Another technique for visualization meditation is to use affirmations. Affirmations are either spoken or thought statements such as “I am healthy” or “I am strong.” Repeating these statements in your own head or out loud can be an effective way to create positive outcomes and bring about healing in our lives. It helps to reinforce the images we create in our minds and keep our focus on our goals. Combining affirmations with visualization techniques can often bring about the clearest and most beneficial results.

Visualization meditation is an incredibly useful tool for exploring different aspects of our lives. Through different techniques, we can access deeper parts of our unconscious mind and explore new possibilities. Guided imagery and affirmations are two common methods of achieving a deep level of visualization meditation. Try out these techniques and see what new insights they can bring into your life!

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