20 best Vinyl Youtube Channels

Are you an avid vinyl lover looking for the best YouTube channels that offer the unique content you crave? Look no further! On these channels, you'll find everything from helpful DIY projects to music, vinyl records, and even comedy. Dive deeper into the vinyl community and its culture to find the perfect channel for your needs! Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for everything vinyl.

Tony's Vinyl and CD Selection

Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~5.9k Channel Videos: ~7k

Tony's Vinyl and CD Selection Youtube Channel

Tony's Vinyl and CD Selection YouTube channel offers an expansive selection of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Pop, and other genres of music on vinyl and CD. With an expansive catalog and detailed videos, it is the perfect channel for music lovers looking for some classic sounds.

Vinyl Richie

Channel Views: ~907.2k Channel Subscribers: ~6.8k Channel Videos: ~386

Vinyl Richie Youtube Channel

Vinyl Richie's YouTube channel is dedicated to the lifestyle of collecting, playing, and sharing vinyl records, with a focus on rock music. It offers an engaging insight into the hobby of vinyl preservation, with reviews, tutorials, and music recommendations. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting, Vinyl Richie has something for everyone.

The Vinyl Den

Channel Views: ~312k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~352

The Vinyl Den Youtube Channel

The Vinyl Den YouTube channel is an awesome resource for all things vinyl records related. It is centered around record collecting and showcases the different records that can be found in various record stores across the country. The channel also covers everything from Record Store Day to building an impressive record collection, to buying records online. If you're looking to get into the world of vinyl records, this is the perfect channel for you to check out!

Pine Vinyl

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~14.5k Channel Videos: ~346

Pine Vinyl Youtube Channel

Pine Vinyl is an adult-oriented YouTube channel featuring lots of stoner comedy and bad animation. Their focus is mostly on animated series and things to watch while high. Their humor is often R-rated and they are always producing new cartoons and animation pieces to keep their viewers laughing. Pine Vinyl is a great channel to watch if you need a good laugh or just something to watch while high.


Channel Views: ~7m Channel Subscribers: ~7.1k Channel Videos: ~330

AlexVinyl1974 Youtube Channel

AlexVinyl1974 is a YouTube channel dedicated to celebrating vinyl records. Their content focuses on both analog music and metal music, and they often offer insights into the vinyl community and helpful tips for record collectors. The channel is a great resource for music fans, as it provides detailed reviews of record store day releases, vinyl channels, and other helpful information about vinyl records.


Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~13.5k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

MeanMrMayo Youtube Channel

MeanMrMayo's YouTube channel showcases his passion for vinyl records and documents his creative lifestyle. He shares his collection of vinyl albums, music-making projects, and daily life experiences with his viewers in an entertaining way.


Channel Views: ~10.6m Channel Subscribers: ~51.7k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

AudioPhil Youtube Channel

AudioPhil is a YouTube channel devoted to audio enthusiasts and music lovers. It showcases amazing high-fidelity recordings of vinyl LP's and provides rip tutorials to help you enjoy them in top-quality sound. The channel covers topics such as record player and cartridge setup, hifi equipment reviews, and the vinyl vs. digital debate. AudioPhil features an impressive selection of analog releases, emphasizing the warmth and richness of the vinyl sound. Whether you're an experienced analog audiophile or just discovering the joys of vinyl, AudioPhil has something unique to offer.

CK Wraps

Channel Views: ~63.5m Channel Subscribers: ~376k Channel Videos: ~726

CK Wraps Youtube Channel

CK Wraps is a popular YouTube channel that provides helpful tutorials and DIY tips on how to use the vinyl wrap, chrome vinyl, 3m 1080, and Vvivid vinyl wraps to wrap a car or create car stickers and other designs. They showcase the latest trends in car wrap styling and feature the best products from leading brands.


Channel Views: ~50.1m Channel Subscribers: ~170k Channel Videos: ~261

MrVinylObsessive Youtube Channel

MrVinylObsessive is a YouTube channel dedicated to vinyl music and record collecting. This channel reviews, showcase, and discusses different types of vinyl, turntables, styles, and other related items. He also provides tips on restoring and caring for vinyl records and the best equipment to use. Fans of vinyl music and record collecting will find this channel to be an invaluable resource.

Eight Vinyl Low

Channel Views: ~196.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~180

Eight Vinyl Low Youtube Channel

Eight Vinyl Low is an engaging YouTube channel devoted to vinyl music and lifestyle, and it primarily focuses on rock music. The channel offers both vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers alike interesting reviews, interviews, and discussions about vinyl-related topics. Followers can discover artists from all around the world, get helpful advice on starting a collection, and more.


Channel Views: ~31.1m Channel Subscribers: ~335k Channel Videos: ~164

VINYL Youtube Channel

VINYL is an amazing YouTube channel which showcases rap music from across the Maghreb region, including Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. The content features the best of rap tunisien, rap maroc, and rap Algerien and serves as a great source to discover the hottest and most talented rap artists from the region.

Aura Premium Vinyl Wrap

Channel Views: ~14.6m Channel Subscribers: ~22k Channel Videos: ~158

Aura Premium Vinyl Wrap Youtube Channel

Aura Premium Vinyl Wrap is a YouTube channel that features comprehensive tutorials and tips on vinyl wrap, car wrapping, auto wrap, and other custom car applications. Learn how to use vinyl, vinyl film, and automative vinyl to achieve breathtaking and professional results. The channel even offers advice on business growth and marketing strategies to help car wrap businesses maximize their potential.

My Analog Journal

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~639k Channel Videos: ~156

My Analog Journal Youtube Channel

My Analog Journal is a YouTube channel all about the exploration of vinyl culture and the music it contains. Focusing on jazz, electronic music, and music from Latin America, viewers can expect to find unique takes on some of their favorite genres. The videos on the channel take listeners on a journey through the world of music and its many sources of inspiration.

The Omaha Introvert

Channel Views: ~613.4k Channel Subscribers: ~9k Channel Videos: ~130

The Omaha Introvert Youtube Channel

The Omaha Introvert is a YouTube channel that takes viewers on a journey through the vinyl community. He explores vinyl record stores in search of new finds and shares his vinyl collection with his audience. This channel is a great resource for any vinyl fans looking to discover more about record shopping, building a collection, and the unique vinyl finds available in Omaha.

fonki cheff

Channel Views: ~6.4m Channel Subscribers: ~72.1k Channel Videos: ~93

fonki cheff Youtube Channel

Fonki Cheff's YouTube channel is an eclectic mix of Vinyl, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic Music, Music of Latin America, and Soul Music. Led by DJ Fonki, it is a diverse selection of music from around the globe, perfect for a unique listening experience. Whether you're into classic Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic Music, Music of Latin America, Soul Music, or all of the above, Fonki Cheff is sure to have something for you. Tune in and see what sound awaits you.

Villa Vybes Vinyl

Channel Views: ~402.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3.5k Channel Videos: ~88

Villa Vybes Vinyl Youtube Channel

Villa Vybes Vinyl is an exciting YouTube channel hosted by a vinyl collector and DJ family. It features vinyl-only DJ sets, live-streaming vinyl DJ sets, reaction videos, and vinyl-only videos from Denon DJ and Denon Prime. It's a perfect way to browse through their record collection and get your vinyl fix!

Abigail Devoe

Channel Views: ~729.8k Channel Subscribers: ~13.1k Channel Videos: ~84

Abigail Devoe Youtube Channel

Abigail Devoe's YouTube channel focuses on Rock music and the lifestyle and culture surrounding it with the passion of vinyl music reminding its viewers of the beauty of recorded music. It's a great channel for any music fan looking to explore different kinds of Rock music.

The Moment

Channel Views: ~7.4m Channel Subscribers: ~112k Channel Videos: ~81

The Moment Youtube Channel

The Moment YouTube channel is a platform for vinyl lovers and beatmakers to discover how to make beats and mix vinyl sets. It covers topics such as vinyl DJ, DJ mixing, vinyl djing, mpc, and djmix. It is the perfect spot for people to learn about music production and develop their DJ skills.

Vinyl Storage Solutions

Channel Views: ~184.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~14

Vinyl Storage Solutions Youtube Channel

The Vinyl Storage Solutions YouTube channel provides ideas and tips on organizing vinyl records and helpful guides on setting up record storage solutions. It provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of shelves and cabinets that can be used to store your vinyl collection. It also showcases creative ideas for displaying your records and highlighting favorite albums. Finally, it provides practical advice on the best way to store and preserve your vinyl collection.


Channel Views: ~821.5k Channel Subscribers: ~452 Channel Videos: ~4

JonVinylVEVO Youtube Channel

JonVinylVEVO is a popular YouTube channel featuring vinyl records and vintage music, focusing mainly on rhythm and blues, along with some pop music. It has an extensive library of original music ranging from rare records to modern interpretations. It is a great source for those looking for an original, nostalgic music experience.

An Overview of the Different Types of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are an iconic way of enjoying music that has been around for over a century. With new technological advancements and the increasing popularity of digital media, vinyl records are making a comeback. There are a number of different types of vinyl records that cater to a wide range of music collectors. This article will provide an overview of the different types of vinyl records available.

  1. The most common type of vinyl is the LP record. These popular records come in sizes of 7, 10, and 12 inches in diameter, with the 12-inch variety being the most popular in the United States. Typically, LP records are able to hold up to 20 minutes of music per side. There are also longer LP records available and they can hold 40 minutes or even more of music on each side.
  2. Another popular type of record is the 45 RPM record, also known as a '45'. 45s are much smaller than LPs and are seven and a half inches in diameter. Typically, name artists release their newest singles on 45s and that is why they were so popular in the 1970s and 1980s. 45s are also more affordable than LPs and are great for casual music fans. There are also 78 RPM records which are even bigger records with an even slower speed of rotation, allowing older music to be played on these records.

Vinyl records have a long and varied history and the different types of records available offer an amazing way to listen to the music of yesterday and today. Whether you are a seasoned music collector or a casual fan looking to relive the past, vinyl records can provide a unique listening experience.

The Basics of Buying and Maintaining Vinyl Records

Buying and maintaining vinyl records can be a little intimidating to those who have never done it before. But, like everything else, all it takes is a bit of knowledge and effort to properly maintain and enjoy your record collection. 

  1. Firstly, when looking for records, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the record itself. Make sure that the sleeve it is held in is solid and that there are no scratches or discolorations on the vinyl. A few minor marks are okay, but excessive wear can lead to sound deterioration.
  2.  Secondly, when it comes to properly maintaining your records it is important to always handle them with care. Make sure you place the vinyl back in its sleeve after listening, and when necessary, use a cleaning solution specifically for records to reduce dust, dirt, and static.
  3.  Lastly, it is essential to keep your record player clean and to regularly lubricate the stylus and other moving parts. Keeping your record player regularly maintained will result in the best sound quality and will extend the life of your collection.

By taking the time to research and properly handle and maintain your vinyl collection, you can make sure to have years of listening pleasure. For any new record collectors out there, be sure to start out with some basics and gradually explore different genres as your collection grows. As long as you properly take care of your records and your record player, you can enjoy great music for years to come.

Understanding the Process of Vinyl Mastering and Cutting Records

Records have been a popular medium of music for decades, and the process of creating them involves a multifaceted practice known as vinyl mastering and cutting. It is important to understand the various steps of record-making to be able to produce the best sound possible.

  • The process of vinyl mastering and cutting begins with the digital recording of the music. Audio engineers will take the digital soundwaves and make adjustments to the sound to create a "master" version of the eventual vinyl record. During this process, the engineer is able to EQ the sound and also adjust the volume. After the master version has been created, it is then sent to the vinyl-cutting engineer.
  • This engineer transfers the digital sound waves into analog sound waves on a cutting lathe, which will eventually be engraved into the wax master. The engineer must always be mindful of the levels, as distortion can occur when the sound is too low or too loud. Once the wax master is complete, the record then goes through an electroforming process, which is a process that produces a metal "mother" master disc. This is then passed onto the press plant, where it is transformed into the final product -- the vinyl record.

Understanding the process of vinyl mastering and cutting records is integral to creating the perfect sound for a record. It is a complicated and intricate procedure, which requires knowledge and skill. With the right engineers and process, vinyl records can truly shine with perfect audio quality.

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