16 Best Vinyasa Yoga Channels on Youtube

Are you looking for some of the best YouTube channels to help you improve your yoga practice and find out all there is to know about Vinyasa Yoga? If so, then you've come to the right place. This article provides all the resources you need to find the best YouTube channels for yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, morning yoga, yoga for beginners, power yoga, vinyasa, yoga classes, yoga for flexibility, and yoga workout. Keep reading to unlock the world of yoga!


Channel Views: ~41.5m Channel Subscribers: ~516k Channel Videos: ~858

BrettLarkinYoga Youtube Channel

BrettLarkinYoga is a popular YouTube channel offering vinyasa yoga classes that can be done at home. Each class features a flowing sequence of different postures and poses designed to improve posture and strength. The channel shows the positions and helps viewers perfect their yoga practice. A great resource for yogis of all levels.

Yoga with Kassandra

Channel Views: ~208.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~697

Yoga with Kassandra Youtube Channel

Yoga with Kassandra is a YouTube channel that offers Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and 30-60 minute yoga classes. Along with overall yoga stretches and flows, she also provides specific classes that guide beginners and provide flexibility and relaxation. Each class is expertly crafted with detailed step-by-step instruction to help viewers reach their highest potential. Experience the ultimate journey of self-care and peace of mind with Yoga with Kassandra.

Yoga With Tim

Channel Views: ~24.2m Channel Subscribers: ~288k Channel Videos: ~450

Yoga With Tim Youtube Channel

Yoga With Tim is a YouTube channel created by Tim Senesi featuring vinyasa yoga, full body and total body workouts, power yoga, and full body flows. Each yoga flow provides an intensive full body workout, using the moves and breathing techniques from the practice of yoga to help bring about a deeper awareness of the body, breath and motion. Tim Senesi walks viewers through each flow, demonstrating the moves and providing further instruction for modifications and adjustments. With Tim Senesi Yoga, find a deeper connection to your body and mind.

Floating Yoga School

Channel Views: ~8m Channel Subscribers: ~68.2k Channel Videos: ~327

Floating Yoga School Youtube Channel

The Floating Yoga School YouTube channel, led by Helen Cloots, offers online vinyasa yoga and teacher training classes, Wild Thing Yoga flows, and Breath Work and Yoga with Adriene practices. Helen's yoga retreats are held in Bend, Oregon, and her classes are designed to help anyone connect to their bodies and the environment in a more mindful way. Join the Floating Yoga School and get ready to enhance your practice.

Indea Yoga

Channel Views: ~4.6m Channel Subscribers: ~68k Channel Videos: ~170

Indea Yoga Youtube Channel

Indea Yoga is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing free yoga videos for daily practice, including vinyasa yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga mysore, and yoga for immunity. It also offers comprehensive courses for yoga teacher training in India and provides practical advice for learning and practicing yoga at home for free. With Indea Yoga, you can deepen your practice, build immunity, and learn yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Tana Yoga

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~45.2k Channel Videos: ~223

Tana Yoga Youtube Channel

Tana Yoga's YouTube channel is a great resource for yoga enthusiasts wanting to practice vinyasa yoga, yoga for strength, flexibility and stress relief. Their videos offer hatha and vinyasa flow sequences that help promote relaxation and limit anxiety, as well as full body yoga workouts. Through their asana tutorials, stretching tips and holistic advice, viewers can deepen their practice and help find balance in their lives.

Five Parks Yoga w/ Erin Sampson

Channel Views: ~34.4m Channel Subscribers: ~255k Channel Videos: ~355

Five Parks Yoga w/ Erin Sampson Youtube Channel

Five Parks Yoga w/ Erin Sampson is a YouTube channel offering vinyasa yoga, slow flow, and deep stretch classes. Led by the experienced and certified teacher Erin Sampson, viewers are taken through different classes from the comfort of their home. Additionally, Erin offers a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and to different parts of Colorado. This channel is a great way to immerse yourself into a vinyasa flow experience, whether at home or abroad.

Two Birds Yoga

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~20.2k Channel Videos: ~212

Two Birds Yoga Youtube Channel

Two Birds Yoga YouTube channel is a place for beginner-friendly and accessible yoga. Their diverse selection of yoga flows range from slow and spacious flows to vinyasa yoga flows, and they also specialize in yoga for strength, flexibility and relaxation. Hosted by Fiona, their classes offer something for everyone!

Yoga with Uliana

Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~47.2k Channel Videos: ~233

Yoga with Uliana Youtube Channel

Yoga with Uliana is a great YouTube channel for yoga beginners and those wanting to start a morning yoga practice. Uliana guides viewers through a refreshing vinyasa yoga flow to start their morning energized and feeling good. She also offers a variety of beginner-friendly classes and beginner yoga flows for those just starting out. With her supportive and encouraging teaching style, Uliana makes it easy to learn the basics of yoga and yoga stretches. Have a look at Yoga with Uliana for an inspiring and fun yoga workout!

YOGA UPLOAD with Maris Aylward

Channel Views: ~8.8m Channel Subscribers: ~109k Channel Videos: ~196

YOGA UPLOAD with Maris Aylward Youtube Channel

Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward is a YouTube channel focusing on vinyasa yoga, offering a variety of yoga videos from beginner to advanced levels. Maris guides viewers through a safe and playful yoga flow, emphasizing wrist free and hands free postures, as well as fun and creative intermediate vinyasa flow sequences.

Yoga Shala

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~14.2k Channel Videos: ~27

Yoga Shala Youtube Channel

Yoga Shala is a YouTube channel that provides viewers with expert tutorials on a variety of yoga styles, including Vinyasa Yoga, Sun Salutation, Power Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yoga Stretch, My Yoga Shala, My Yoga, Yoga Hawaii, Yoga Hawai'i and Yoga Big Island. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned yogi, Yoga Shala has something for everyone. Let their videos guide you on your yoga practice journey!

Marina Alexeeva

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~20.8k Channel Videos: ~154

Marina Alexeeva Youtube Channel

Marina Alexeeva's YouTube channel provides a range of yoga content, focusing on Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga Workouts, and Yoga for Strength and Runners. Through her videos, Alexeeva helps viewers to practice and improve their yoga routine, no matter their skill level, to bring more strength, flexibility, and relaxation into their lives.

Breathe and Flow

Channel Views: ~48.2m Channel Subscribers: ~613k Channel Videos: ~502

Breathe and Flow Youtube Channel

Breathe and Flow is a YouTube channel offering vinyasa yoga, power yoga and fitness classes, as well as guided meditations. They provide an extensive collection of yoga videos, ranging from beginner level to advanced, to help you get the most out of your practice. Guests instructors take you through the poses, breathing exercises and other yoga disciplines so you can find the perfect flow for you. The channel is the perfect resource for those looking to find peace and relaxation from the comfort of their own home.

Arianna Elizabeth

Channel Views: ~5.8m Channel Subscribers: ~166k Channel Videos: ~355

Arianna Elizabeth Youtube Channel

Arianna Elizabeth's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, with vivid and inspiring guides for both. It also offers welcomingly diverse content geared towards Black Girl Yoga and Yoga For POC and supplies creative content such as Colors Of Yoga and Morning Yoga for those wanting to add a little more flavor to their practice. Arianna Elizabeth and Bright and Salted Yoga together provide an all-encompassing platform for yoga lovers to explore and enjoy.

Move With James

Channel Views: ~538.2k Channel Subscribers: ~11.2k Channel Videos: ~59

Move With James Youtube Channel

Move With James is a YouTube channel featuring easy and gentle movement exercises suitable for everyone. It offers vinyasa yoga, chair qigong, short yoga and qigong video tutorials, qigong for the elderly and unwell, as well as chair yoga and sitting yoga. This channel is perfect for anyone looking for simple, short, and effective movements to increase mobility or to help reduce stress.

Alba Avella

Channel Views: ~145.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~97

Alba Avella Youtube Channel

Alba Avella's YouTube channel provides online vinyasa yoga and power yoga classes for beginners and athletes. Follow her vinyasa yoga and power yoga classes to start a new yoga journey and achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Alba Avella will guide you step by step through her yoga flows and poses, offering guidance and instruction. Join her yoga classes today to develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness.

Different Types of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga practice that focuses on moving with your breath rather than through a set sequence of poses. It is a flowing form of yoga that emphasizes connecting movement with the breath to create a mindful, energizing and calming meditation. Vinyasa yoga is often referred to as “flow yoga” or “power yoga,” and it has become a popular practice for those looking to experience the full benefits of a yoga practice.

  • There are several different types of Vinyasa yoga, each with their own unique benefits and styles. Traditional Vinyasa Flow relies on a series of postures, all linked together through a breathing pattern that helps to focus your attention on the present moment. This type of Vinyasa Flow can either be a slow, meditative flow, or a quicker, more intense flow. If you’re looking to build strength and stamina Vinyasa can also incorporate strength-building poses and incorporate more Sun salutations, as well as other poses that build upper body and abdominal strength.
  • For those looking for a more creative and creative practice there is Freestyle Vinyasa which allows practitioners to move freely while listening to their own inner guidance. This type of yoga relies on an individual's own instinct and creativity, allowing for a more personal and creative experience as we refine, modify, and add more engagement to poses and sequences. Freestyle Vinyasa can be gentler or more vigorous depending on the practitioner's individual level of skill. 

Regardless of the style of Vinyasa that you choose, you can rest assured that your practice will be one of mindful flow and connection with your body.

Common Misconceptions About Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a beautiful and often misunderstood practice, as many believe it’s simply a fast-paced form of exercise. However, there are so many misconceptions out there when it comes to vinyasa yoga, so let’s debunk them and look at what vinyasa yoga is truly about.

  • Contrary to popular belief, vinyasa yoga is a balanced practice of movement and meditation. While it can offer a highly physical practice, it’s not about the speed or intensity of each posture. Instead, the focus of vinyasa yoga is connecting the breath to the body through the use of postures. This is a mindful practice that allows the body to move through postures at a pace that ensures focus and engagement with each movement.
  • Vinyasa yoga also teaches concentration and relaxation techniques, so there’s much more to it than physical movement. It’s about creating a sense of harmony and balance within the body and mind. That’s why so many enjoy the rituals, meditations and other mindfulness practices incorporated into each vinyasa class. It’s a both mind and body practice that inspires inner awareness and joy. 

Knowing these benefits can make it even easier to understand why so many have fallen in love with this ancient practice.

Essential Tools for Your Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Starting your own Vinyasa yoga practice can be quite an intimidating endeavour. Not only do you need the right clothing and a great attitude, but you also need to have the right yoga tools to get the most out of your practice. From essential yoga mats to blocks, straps, and bolsters, here are some of the essential yoga tools you should have to supplement your yoga practice.

  • A standard yoga mat is the very first thing you’ll need for your Vinyasa yoga practice. Finding the right one to suit your needs can be tricky. Consider buying one with good grip and cushion for your practice. Blocks and straps can also be great aids to having a good yoga practice, usually helping you to be more comfortable without straining your body while still providing stability. Blocks come in various shapes and sizes, made from foam or wood. Straps, on the other hand, can act as an extension of your arms by helping you reach difficult poses and providing guidance to alignment.
  • A bolster is another great addition to your Vinyasa yoga toolkit. It's usually used during restorative poses to provide support and a comfortable spot to deeply relax. Rounded bolsters bent inwards towards the knees provide a great comfort for poses executed on the floor as the bolster helps reduce pressure from the lower back. Invest in one that will last you for years to come! 

With these essential tools, you can reap the maximum benefits of Vinyasa yoga in the comfort of your own home. Good luck!

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