24 Best Village Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you a fan of village life, cooking, and outdoor activities? Are you looking for some great YouTube channels for the best village cooking, food, and recipes? Do you want to learn more about village life and Minecraft building? Well, look no further! In this article, we share our favorite YouTube channels that cover all aspects of village cooking, food, recipes, village life, and Minecraft crafting. Read on to find the best YouTube channels for these topics!


Channel Views: ~421m Channel Subscribers: ~988k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

NepaliVillage Youtube Channel

NepaliVillage is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the primitive way of life in Nepal and other parts of Asia. It features videos of villagers going about their daily lives, their customs and traditions, and the unique culture of each village. The channel provides an eye-opening insight into the lives of people living a primitive lifestyle, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Village Food Secrets

Channel Views: ~760.8m Channel Subscribers: ~3.8m Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Village Food Secrets Youtube Channel

Village Food Secrets is a popular YouTube channel about village life, primarily focusing on Pakistani and Indian village food. Host Mubashir Saddique provides viewers with unique recipes for traditional village dishes as well as modern twists, such as pizza and saag. With vibrant cooking demonstrations and cultural insights, this channel is your go-to for exploring the delicious flavors of Punjabi village food!

Village Grandpa's Cooking

Channel Views: ~282.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~301

Village Grandpa's Cooking Youtube Channel

Village Grandpa's Cooking is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the traditional food recipes from the perspective of a village grandpa. The channel also helps to promote charitable causes and makes food for poor and disabled people. The videos feature amazing village dishes prepared by Grandpa's kitchen, along with supporting recipes from his own recipe book. The content ranges from simple and traditional food recipes to creative and innovative recipes that will excite viewers. Give a try to Grandpa's cooking and be sure to have a delicious experience.


Channel Views: ~14.9m Channel Subscribers: ~57.7k Channel Videos: ~449


The THE VILLAGES FLORIDA NEWCOMERS YouTube channel explores life in the retirement community of The Villages, Florida. Hosts Linda and Jerry talk about their experiences with the village's activities, events, and attractions - including golf carts - while also answering questions from viewers in their popular Mailbag Monday and Q&A series. It's the perfect resource for retirement newcomers to The Villages.

Village Cooking Channel

Channel Views: ~5.1b Channel Subscribers: ~19.8m Channel Videos: ~221

Village Cooking Channel Youtube Channel

The Village Cooking Channel YouTube channel offers viewers an authentic look into the traditional village cooking of India through videos of their Grandpa preparing traditional village foods. With videos of recipes made in Tamil and a variety of cuisines from around India, the channel offers viewers a unique perspective on the rich cultural heritage and flavors of Indian village cooking. From traditional recipes to home-style meal ideas, the Village Cooking Channel provides a great resource for exploring different flavors of India.

Village Food Channel

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~6.9m Channel Videos: ~361

Village Food Channel Youtube Channel

Village Food Channel is a popular YouTube channel that showcases delicious dishes made from traditional Kerala recipes. Their videos document the tasty recipes and cooking techniques of a small village in the Indian state of Kerala. From traditional meals, snacks, and desserts, to recipes from local food factories, they show viewers how to make delicious kerala foods. With a wide variety of cooking techniques, they demonstrate how to make authentic village recipes, while guiding viewers on the process of making tasty dishes from their own villages. From tips and tricks on grinding spices to helpful ideas on food storage, Village Food Channel offers help on all aspects of cooking kerala food.

Mr.Village Vaathi

Channel Views: ~373m Channel Subscribers: ~983k Channel Videos: ~285

Mr.Village Vaathi Youtube Channel

Mr.Village Vaathi YouTube channel offers viewers a glimpse into Indian village life while teaching how to make DIY crafts in Tamil language. It also covers fun and interesting topics in science and technology to help viewers develop new skills. Each of the tutorial videos will show viewers how to make things in their own homes, allowing everyone to explore the world of making with Science and Technology.

Relaxing Village

Channel Views: ~52.3m Channel Subscribers: ~154k Channel Videos: ~181

Relaxing Village Youtube Channel

Relaxing Village is a YouTube channel that takes you on a journey to the rural villages of Azerbaijan. Grown and run by Kend Heyati, the videos show her Grandma cooking typical village recipes and give an insight into the country life. From the cooking of traditional Azerbaijani dishes to longer vlog-style videos, the Relaxing Village channel immerses viewers into a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Bagi Village Family Vlogs

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~28.4k Channel Videos: ~110

Bagi Village Family Vlogs Youtube Channel

Bagi Village Family Vlogs is a YouTube channel that showcases the simple village life of Bagi Village in India. The channel features content related to the daily routine of the village family, traditional village cooking recipes, and the overall Goan ki Zindagi. It is a great platform to experience the rural culture of India and to learn about the customs and traditions of the local community.

Veg Village Food

Channel Views: ~1.5b Channel Subscribers: ~5.6m Channel Videos: ~442

Veg Village Food Youtube Channel

The Veg Village Food YouTube channel is a great source of delicious Indian Recipes! From traditional village cooking to modernized gulab jamun, spring rolls, maggie recipes and more, Veg Village Food offers a variety of veg-friendly Indian food recipes. If you're looking for incredible and unique vegan Indian dishes, this is the perfect channel to take a look at!

Village Cooking Vlog

Channel Views: ~153.5m Channel Subscribers: ~600k Channel Videos: ~193

Village Cooking Vlog Youtube Channel

The Village Cooking Vlog is a YouTube channel showcasing different village recipes from around the world. From traditional dishes, to creative twists, this channel brings you a range of recipes and techniques to make local delicious cuisine from the comfort of your own home. With a focus on village food, the videos cover village cooking regarding the preparation, ingredients, and packaging. It also offers a behind the scenes look into village life, offering a unique brand of entertainment that will take your taste buds on a journey.


Channel Views: ~86.8m Channel Subscribers: ~328k Channel Videos: ~152

Village INSIDER Youtube Channel

Village Insider is a YouTube Channel that offers a unique perspective on village life in Punjab, Pakistan. It showcases the diverse culture and traditions of local villages, focusing in particular on unseen areas of the country such as Cholistan, in addition to highlighting the Hindu community living style in Pakistan. It brings viewers to the heart of rural Punjab, highlighting local village customs, lifestyles, and the desert people's living style. Through its videos, the channel promises to give viewers an exciting, insightful and never-seen-before look into the lesser known aspects of village life in Pakistan.

Raja Buda Village Cooking

Channel Views: ~107.1m Channel Subscribers: ~365k Channel Videos: ~318

Raja Buda Village Cooking Youtube Channel

Raja Buda Village Cooking is a YouTube channel showcasing real village cooking recipes from India. It features varieties of desi cooking style like chiken masala, mutton curry, my village food and more. It also shows videos of village life style and Isak Munda Eating in the village. Make sure to check out their delicious desi chicken recipes.

Ayra Village

Channel Views: ~9.5m Channel Subscribers: ~49.4k Channel Videos: ~121

Ayra Village Youtube Channel

The Ayra Village YouTube channel is a unique destination for those looking to experience village life in Pakistan. The channel features regular vlogs of daily routines in the village and Gain Zindagi segments that explore the traditional, desi way of life in the village. It's an immersive look into the lives of the villagers and a unique view into rural life in the region.

Rabia's Life

Channel Views: ~67.8m Channel Subscribers: ~182k Channel Videos: ~1k

Rabia's Life Youtube Channel

Rabia's Life is a popular YouTube channel that features Rabia Khan and her family vlogging unique experiences living in a rural Pakistani village. The channel showcases the everyday life of Rabia and her family through fascinating vlogs, documenting Rabia Ahmad's amazing village adventures. Rabia Khan Vlogs is a great channel for those who want to experience a taste of the local Pakistani culture.

Mintoo Family Vlogs

Channel Views: ~55m Channel Subscribers: ~196k Channel Videos: ~1k

Mintoo Family Vlogs Youtube Channel

Mintoo Family Vlogs is a YouTube channel that features vlogs from a Pakistani village featuring the daily village life of the Mintoo family. The channel features content about Indian and Pakistani village life, including traditional customs, food, and culture. Viewers can get an insider's look at rural life in the Panjab region through the lens of the Mintoo family. With entertaining videos and a vivid look into the world of village life you won't want to miss out on Mintoo Family Vlogs!

Classic Mini Series

Channel Views: ~213.8m Channel Subscribers: ~491k Channel Videos: ~308

Classic Mini Series Youtube Channel

The Classic Mini Series YouTube channel is a lifestyle hub that offers village-style entertainment for all hobby enthusiasts. From gardening tips to baking shortcuts to home decorating advice, this channel has something for everyone to enjoy. Tune in for a classic mini-series escape!

Kənd Həyatı

Channel Views: ~1.2b Channel Subscribers: ~5.1m Channel Videos: ~312

Kənd Həyatı Youtube Channel

K?nd H?yat? is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring and showcasing traditional village lifestyle in Azerbaijan. They focus on topics such as slow living, outdoor cooking, and the unique taste of life in the countryside. Whether it's picking up fireside bread recipes or reconnecting with nature while fishing, K?nd H?yat? brings viewers an authentic look into an Azerbaijan village.

My Rural Life

Channel Views: ~51.7m Channel Subscribers: ~426k Channel Videos: ~103

My Rural Life Youtube Channel

My Rural Life is a YouTube channel showcasing the exciting village life of Azerbaijan. From outdoor cooking to Azerbaijani cuisine dishes such as Shakh Pilaf and King Dish, viewers can learn about the traditional kənd həyatı and əsl kənd həyatı of the rural lifestyle. The channel also shows viewers how to make delicious Azerbaijani specialties with simple and easy-to-follow videos. A great channel to learn more about the unique culture, cooking, and country life of Azerbaijan!

kend Işleri

Channel Views: ~178.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~194

kend Işleri Youtube Channel

Kend I?leri is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the village lifestyle of köy heyati. It offers viewers a glimpse into village life through various vlogs and recipes, such as kend heyati, village cooking, and village lifestyle. By sharing stories from both rural and urban areas, kend işleri provides viewers a unique insight into village cooking, country life, and more.

Happy Joint Family

Channel Views: ~102.5m Channel Subscribers: ~428k Channel Videos: ~718

Happy Joint Family Youtube Channel

Happy Joint Family is a YouTube channel that showcases the rural village life of India and Punjab region. Through videos, the channel celebrates the joys of the joint family culture, showcasing their amazing village recipes and other traditional activities. It also serves as a platform to learn the fascinating village life style and culture, and to enjoy the pure desi food with a twist. Mera Desh Punjab is the perfect destination to experience the charm of this unique lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~162.5m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~94

Miss.Hosiyar Youtube Channel

Miss. Hosiyar's YouTube channel is dedicated to bringing her viewers a unique perspective on village life. She covers topics ranging from her signature 'Hosiyar Fact' to 'Hosiyar Kitchen Hacks' and 'Miss Hosiyar Live' where she takes her viewers on tours of villages across India. She also produces a range of 'Miss Hosiyar Shorts Vedios', 'Miss Hosiyar Daily Fact' and 'Miss Hosiyar Daily Hacks' which are filled with tips and tricks useful for those living in rural areas. She provides her viewers the opportunity to be informed and inspired by her content.

Poorna - The nature girl

Channel Views: ~190.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~69

Poorna - The nature girl Youtube Channel

Poorna - The Nature Girl YouTube channel is an informative and entertaining resource for nature lovers. From how to make natural foods to cooking recipes and videos, the channel provides viewers with interesting ideas on how to cook from garden harvest and natural food sources. It also features inspiring stories of villagers showing off their natural food harvest.

Red Soil Stories

Channel Views: ~33.6m Channel Subscribers: ~160k Channel Videos: ~60

Red Soil Stories Youtube Channel

Red Soil Stories is a YouTube channel inspired by the village lifestyle of Maharashtra. It provides traditional recipes and cooking videos from the village. It educates and motivates viewers to experience the traditional recipes and bring a richness to their meals. The channel also provides step-by-step tutorials on how to make delicious village dishes. Get ready to learn, share, and savor the flavors of Maharashtra's traditional life!

How to Effectively and Safely Experience Village Life

Village life is a unique, slower-paced way of life that many people seek out to live in a more simple way, while connecting to the community around them. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, there are a few key tips to help ensure that you can effectively and safely experience village life.

  1. First, establish relationships with the other people in the village. This may mean getting to know your neighbors or traveling around the village to meet others. Get involved in the community by joining events, local meetings or going to local businesses. You should also make sure to learn about the culture, practices and traditions of the village, as this is important for understanding and respecting the ways of life around you.
  2. Second, be sure to get involved in activities that support the village and help it thrive. This can be something as simple as volunteering at a local business or school or even contributing to a community fundraisers or projects. Not only are these activities important for the village but it is also a great way to socialize and connect with the people in your community.
  3. Finally, it is important to ensure that safety is a priority. You should familiarize yourself with the area and be aware of any danger zones. Make sure you know the community contact numbers should you ever need help. Being a part of a village community is a rewarding and enriching experience, as long you take the necessary precautions to ensure you are living safely and respectfully.

Discovering Different Types of Villages Around the World

When one thinks of villages, the image that usually comes to mind is a quaint community of pastoral cottages with rolling hills and picturesque, winding roads as the backdrop. However, even the most rural areas of the world can boast an astonishing array of different types of villages, each with its own specific character. From mountain-top villages in the Alps to banco villages on the banks of exotic rivers, the full range of village types is enough to satisfy any curious tourist.

  • In Europe, Alpine villages dot the landscape of some of the highest mountain range's most picturesque sites. These villages are characterized by buildings made of natural materials, such as wood and stone, with roofing often made of slate. While the mountainside dwellings create an almost ethereal atmosphere, they are nonetheless practical, with hillside terraces for the agriculture the villages relied on for sustenance. In some of these villages, farming and herding is still practiced, and many have their own unique traditions and architecture.
  • In Africa, contrastingly, banco villages are spread out up and down the major rivers of the continent. These villages are built from mud and single-room houses typically cling precariously to the edge of the riverbank. Banco villages boast a unique aquatic culture, with many fisherman making their living on the river, while others practice arable farming on the fertile riverbank. As a result, the river often serves as the main source of water and transport as well. Traditionally, many banco villages shared religious beliefs and ethnic origins, uniting them as authentic but fragile communities.

Exploring the various types of villages around the world certainly provides a unique glimpse into the unique environments these communities live in, as well as an eye-opening experience for any traveler. From the slopes of the Alps to the plains of Africa, discovering the many different forms that villages can take is a memorable and rewarding journey.

What Makes a Village Stand Out?

When trying to choose between villages, many people would want to pick the one that stands out the most. But what do these unique villages have that make them so special? There are a few characteristics that can help define what makes a village stand out.

  • The most visible indicator of a village character comes from the architecture of the buildings. For example, villages with historic structures like traditional homes, windmills, and churches are likely to leave a lasting impression on potential visitors. Vintage elements such as cobblestone streets and monuments can also give an area an unmistakable charm and are sure to make a village stand out.
  • Finally, a village’s atmosphere or overall feeling can be very telling of its character. Villages near bodies of water are especially attractive destinations, as well as towns with plenty of local produce or unique boutiques. These sorts of places give off a certain energy that draws people in and has the power to create a lasting impression. Towns and villages should always strive to give their unique character an extra boost with exciting events representing its vibrancy and creativity.

Both tourists and residents alike look for special and tangible qualities when they envision the ideal village. With some attention to detail and creative planning, any area can make itself stand out and become a destination worth visiting.

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