11 Best Video Essays Youtube Channels to Follow

Are you a movie fan looking for engaging content on YouTube? Then check out these best YouTube channels for the latest video essays, film analysis, reviews, and more. Get ready to explore the world of cinema and the amazing stories that come with it. Whether you're a Marvel or DC enthusiast, there's something in store for you. Dive into this list and discover the best YouTube channels for video essays, movie reviews, analysis, and more!

Thomas Flight

Channel Views: ~70.2m Channel Subscribers: ~576k Channel Videos: ~120

Thomas Flight Youtube Channel

Thomas Flight is a YouTube channel focused on discussing movies through video essays. The channel dives deep into the themes, hidden symbolism, and production values of films, giving viewers an appreciation and understanding of the film industry and the stories that are being told on the big screen. Thomas Flight has become a go-to source for viewers looking to further their understanding and appreciation for film. With a blend of commentary, analysis, and fun facts, his videos provide a comprehensive view of the art of filmmaking.

Implicitly Pretentious

Channel Views: ~12.7m Channel Subscribers: ~129k Channel Videos: ~199

Implicitly Pretentious Youtube Channel

Implicitly Pretentious is a YouTube channel featuring a variety of high-quality video essays exploring a variety of topics in great detail. These video essays are presented in an entertaining and thought-provoking way and provide viewers with an engaging way to learn about topics ranging from art, culture, and philosophy to history and popular culture. As the channel's title suggests, Implicitly Pretentious delivers contemplative and sometimes controversial observations with a hint of pretentiousness.


Channel Views: ~7.2m Channel Subscribers: ~78.2k Channel Videos: ~67

troyoboyo17 Youtube Channel

Troyoboyo17 is a YouTube channel created by Troy, a self-proclaimed fanboy and nerd. On the channel, you can find video essays about geek and nerd culture, with lots of rewrites and reworks of classic works. Troy brings a fun and unique perspective to the topics he covers, making his videos worth watching.

Rowan Ellis

Channel Views: ~18.4m Channel Subscribers: ~243k Channel Videos: ~156

Rowan Ellis Youtube Channel

Rowan Ellis' YouTube channel focuses on topics related to video essays, film criticism, feminism, queer and LGBT topics. She offers insightful analysis and reviews of movies and TV shows, and her work is filled with thought-provoking observations. She also covers a variety of topics, making her channel a great source for those interested in these topics.

HiTop Films

Channel Views: ~47.9m Channel Subscribers: ~379k Channel Videos: ~88

HiTop Films Youtube Channel

HiTop Films is a YouTube channel created by Alex Hunter that focuses on the exploration of movies, comic books (DC Comics and Marvel Comics) and video essays. It is a great resource for fans of all three topics, providing interesting analyses and pieces of short films. HiTop Films offers high-quality content that any movie, comic book, or video essay enthusiast would enjoy.

Kitty Monk

Channel Views: ~12.2m Channel Subscribers: ~76.1k Channel Videos: ~147

Kitty Monk Youtube Channel

Kitty Monk is a YouTube channel that produces engaging video essays focusing on the characters and stories of popular cartoons like The Owl House, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and Disenchantment. Fans of these shows and animation in general will enjoy in-depth character analysis in an entertaining format.


Channel Views: ~19.3m Channel Subscribers: ~544k Channel Videos: ~33

oliSUNvia Youtube Channel

OliSUNvia is a YouTube channel owned by Alice Chapelle, Khadija Mbowe, Tara Mooknee, and Grayson. It focuses on creating video essays and other content related to social commentary and internet analysis to appeal to Gen Z audiences. It also features collaborations with popular YouTubers like Philosophy Tube and others. The channel provides thoughtful, accessible content that encourages viewers to engage with topics related to art, culture, politics, and more.

Movie Overload

Channel Views: ~10.5m Channel Subscribers: ~60.3k Channel Videos: ~19

Movie Overload Youtube Channel

Movie Overload is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring film and television. Their videos cover various movie franchises like Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Marvel/DC's MCU. One can find video essays, analysis videos and more engaging content about the movies we love, perfect for movie addicts.

Quality Culture

Channel Views: ~12.5m Channel Subscribers: ~156k Channel Videos: ~42

Quality Culture Youtube Channel

The Quality Culture YouTube channel offers a wide range of informative video essays, music, film, TV, and book analysis. It provides deep insight and thought-provoking analysis into various aspects of culture. Quality Culture allows viewers to engage with culture in a new and creative way.

The Leftist Cooks

Channel Views: ~956.8k Channel Subscribers: ~37.8k Channel Videos: ~20

The Leftist Cooks Youtube Channel

The Leftist Cooks YouTube channel features informative video essays presented by Neil Farrell and critically acclaimed Irish comedians. Additionally, the channel brings you closer to nonbinary and trans YouTubers, as well as offering an engaging explanation of critical theory and liberal topics. Enjoy the unique perspective and humour from Neil Farrell Entertainments!

jacob saul

Channel Views: ~162.4k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~64

jacob saul Youtube Channel

Jacob Saul's YouTube channel is a great source for film and video analysis. He produces video essays and short films, which break down popular films and explore the creative vision of filmmakers. His content is educational and entertaining, allowing viewers to gain a deeper appreciation of films and movie-making.

Understanding the Impact of Video Essays on Social Media

Video essays are a relatively new concept on social media. They are an opportunity for users to express their creative ideas and thoughts through a visual medium. They often combine media elements such as music, visuals, voiceover, and narration to present complex topics in an oral format. Due to their creative and engaging potential, video essays have quickly gained popularity on various social media networks.

The impact of video essays on social media is both positive and negative. Positively, video essays allow viewers to creatively express their opinion and engage in meaningful conversations in a way that traditional text-only posts cannot. They help to spark conversations and captivate the attention and interest of viewers, making for an engaging online experience. Additionally, video essays have changed the way topics are debated, discussed, and portrayed on social media.

Conversely, video essays have also caused a few negative impacts. They have brought forth a massive influx of competition with creative and content creation becoming more competitive than ever. Additionally, the shallow nature of some video essays have exposed viewers to low quality, plagiarized content. As a result, social media users may become desensitized to the poor quality of some video essays being circulated. Such negative impacts could lead to a decrease in viewership and engagement, ultimately leading to a decline in quality of the content being created on social media.

Overall, video essays have had a profound influence on social media, bringing with them both positive and negative impacts. It is important to be mindful of the potential impacts that they can have on social media spaces. With this in mind, their engaging nature can still be used as a powerful platform for users to express their creativity and reach out to an audience.

Exploring Different Styles of Video Essays

Video essays are one of the most creative and contemporary forms of communication out there. They provide a robust and innovative way to express one’s views, opinions, and stories. From creative documentaries to thoughtful critiques, video essays serve as a powerful and dynamic tools for visual communication.

Video essays are highly diverse, allowing different styles of exploration and expression. For instance:

  • some video essays are highly analytical, breaking down complex topics into digestible parts.
  • Others are more narrative-driven, weaving a story in an emotionally-charged and captivating format.
  • There are also video essays that use humor to make a point, such as parody or satire.

No matter what, each video essay brings a unique perspective and flavor to the visual communication landscape.

Understanding these different styles of video essays can help you better communicate your ideas, tell stories, and generate creative and engaging content. Whether you're starting your own project or just indulging in other people’s work, exploring the many flavors of video essay styles is an inspiring and stimulating experience. It can also push the boundaries of what’s possible by exposing you to new ideas and techniques. Get started today and discover just how powerful and dynamic video essays can be.

Strategies to Create Engaging Video Essays

Creating engaging video essays can be quite a challenge. After all, videos can take much more effort and time compared to regular written essays. However, with the right strategies, you can easily make sure that your video essays will stand out to your viewers. Here are some strategies to create engaging video essays.

Firstly, consider what kind of essay you’d like to create. Visuals can provide a great emphasis on topics and ideas. Think about how you can use your chosen medium (video) to best express the message that you’d like to communicate. Your video could be a persuasive informational essay or a humorous sketch, or something else entirely. Figure out what works best for the essay and what best fits your message.

Secondly, it's important to focus on production quality. Once your video is complete, viewers should be able to concentrate on your message without being distracted by technical issues. This means making sure that sound and video quality are excellent, the motion edited cleanly, and transitions and effects are used sparingly. If you can, consider investing in quality equipment and software to help you out.

By using these strategies, you can create compelling video essays that will have an impact on your viewers. It might take some extra effort compared to writing regular essays, but it’s worth the effort if you want to stand out. With the right strategies, you can express your ideas more effectively and create engaging video essays that will stay with your viewers for a long time after they’ve seen it.

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