8 Best Underwater Hockey Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that offer great content focused on underwater hockey? Have you been interested in this exciting sport but not sure where to find relevant video coverage? Then read on to discover the top YouTube channels out there that specialise in underwater hockey (uwh). Through these channels you'll have access to news, video clips, and more that will help you stay up to date on the latest developments in this thrilling adventure sport.

Underwater Hockey

Channel Views: ~2.1k Channel Subscribers: ~17 Channel Videos: ~14

Underwater Hockey Youtube Channel

The Underwater Hockey YouTube channel, run by Lucky Meisenheimer, features videos of the exciting aquatics sport, UWH (Underwater Hockey) which is also known as Octopush. The channel focuses on Orlando Underwater Hockey, as well as UWH teams from around the world. Videos cover games at the YMCA in Orlando, training tips for UWH players, and much more. Dive in and be amazed.

Chicago Under Water Hockey Club

Channel Views: ~7.1k Channel Subscribers: ~40 Channel Videos: ~99

Chicago Under Water Hockey Club Youtube Channel

The Chicago Under Water Hockey Club YouTube channel showcases the thrilling and fast-paced sport of underwater hockey. Follow along as these skilled players dive deep and battle it out in the pool. From advanced drills, tips and tricks to full games, this channel shows the passion and incredible athleticism of one of the world's most underrated sports. Dive in and join the action at the Chicago Under Water Hockey Club YouTube channel.

Atlantis Sports

Channel Views: ~846.4k Channel Subscribers: ~4k Channel Videos: ~883

Atlantis Sports Youtube Channel

The Atlantis Sports YouTube channel is an educational resource for those interested in the unique sport of underwater hockey. Viewers can find tutorials, tips, and highlights from international tournaments in addition to exciting interviews with top players. All content is geared toward teaching newcomers how to participate in the sport of underwater hockey. Follow along with Atlantis Sports YouTube channel for the best content related to this unique sport.


Channel Views: ~402.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~479

UWH NEWS Youtube Channel

UWH NEWS is a YouTube channel devoted to the sport of underwater hockey, also known as hockey subaquatique, hockey subacuático, and UWH. It features videos, photos, and news related to the fastest and oldest underwater ball game. UWH NEWS provides an insight into the exciting world of underwater hockey and all it has to offer.


Channel Views: ~75.3k Channel Subscribers: ~611 Channel Videos: ~251

UWHNZ Youtube Channel

UWHNZ is a YouTube channel dedicated to the underwater sport of hockey in New Zealand. It offers instructional videos, highlights and other content related to the rapidly growing sport of underwater hockey. It's an entertaining and informative channel for anyone looking for an in-depth look at the game.

Derin Ege Spor Kulübü

Channel Views: ~45.8k Channel Subscribers: ~362 Channel Videos: ~68

Derin Ege Spor Kulübü Youtube Channel

Derin Ege Spor Kulübü is a YouTube channel that promotes the sport of Underwater Hockey (UWH). They offer viewers insight into the training, competition, and championships of this fast-growing sport, with national teams taking part in Derin Ege's events. The channel also gives information on the rules of UWH and provides tips, advice, and news on the popular sport of underwater hockey. Follow Derin Ege Spor Kulübü to get the latest updates on sualt? hokeyi and stay up-to-date on the Underwater Hockey movement.


Channel Views: ~26.4k Channel Subscribers: ~278 Channel Videos: ~35

HydroUwh Youtube Channel

HydroUwh is a YouTube channel dedicated to the sport of underwater hockey (also known as octopush or uwh). It features instructional videos and informative content related to the game, as well as highlights and clips from tournaments and competitions. This channel is perfect for any fans of underwater hockey looking to expand their knowledge and get more out of the sport!

Random UWH Dude

Channel Views: ~16k Channel Subscribers: ~457 Channel Videos: ~5

Random UWH Dude Youtube Channel

Random UWH Dude is a YouTube channel that focuses on the sport of Underwater Hockey: providing tips and tricks on how to play, showcasing lifestyle advice, physical fitness regiments, and entertaining videos on the exciting sport. Fans of sports as well as fans of staying active and engaged will find valuable content in this YouTube channel.

The Equipment Needed for Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a dynamic water sport requiring specialized equipment in order to keep players safe and optimize performance. While different age and skill levels may not require the same pieces of equipment, most underwater hockey competitions require certain pieces of equipment. 

  1. First, players need to wear a mask with a snorkel in order to breathe properly and have a clear view of the action.
  2. A swim suit or wetsuit is also necessary to remain comfortable during the game. 
  3. Hockey sticks are another essential piece of equipment, with specialized curved blades. 
  4. In addition to the blades, many players opt for protective headgear to protect their ears and head from accidental contact with others’ sticks. 
  5. Finally, hockey gloves are also required to protect the hands from the often intense handling of the sticks.

All these pieces of equipment are essential for a successful underwater hockey competition. It is important to make sure all players are properly outfitted to prevent injury and maximize performance. If you’re interested in trying out this dynamic sport, make sure you have all the necessary equipment before jumping in.

Benefits of Playing Underwater Hockey

One of the lesser known sports, underwater hockey is an aquatic sport with many physical and mental benefits. Underwater hockey, which is sometimes referred to as octopush, is played with two teams of six players who compete to move a weighted puck across the bottom of a shallow pool using mini hockey sticks. Here are some of the benefits of playing this unique sport.

  1. To begin with, underwater hockey helps improve physical endurance. As players sprint and kick underwater for an extended period of time, their muscles gradually become stronger and more efficient. The vigorous training exercises that are part of this sport can also help speed up the metabolism. Furthermore, being immersed in water up to one’s chest can act as a form of low-impact aerobic activity, as it helps regulate the heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance.
  2. Not only is underwater hockey beneficial for its physical advantages, but it can also help improve mental focus. Since the game is played in a three-dimensional environment, players must be able to think quickly and strategically. This makes the sport an effective way to practice decision-making and problem solving skills. Additionally, since players must wear diving masks, they are forced to rely more on their other senses and as a result, their perception becomes sharper. 
  3. Lastly, underwater hockey can help boost players’ self-confidence and leadership ability, since they must work both independently and with teammates to achieve their goals.

Overall, underwater hockey is a great way to exercise and hone many different skills. Its ability to improve physical and mental well-being makes it a great activity for anyone. Plus, it’s an incredibly fun and unique way to stay active.

Rules and Strategies of Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a fun, dynamic game that requires strength, agility, skill, and determination. If you’re looking to take your underwater hockey game up a notch, then here are some of the rules and strategies you should know.

  • First, the basic rules: the game takes place in a shallow pool, and two teams compete to maneuver the puck across the floor of the pool and into the opponent’s goal. All players must stay underwater for the duration of the game and no outside objects may be used to propel or transport the puck. Furthermore, no contact with the puck or other players is allowed, making it a non-contact sport.
  • There are a variety of strategies that can be employed in order to score goals and outsmart your opponents. A few of these are working as a team, learning to read the underwater environment, developing strong kicks, and mastering the art of deception. Working as a team means that all players need to communicate and work together to get the puck safely into the goal. Meanwhile, it is important to remain aware of the players and obstacles in the water, as well as adhere to the rules of the game. Developing strong kicks will allow you to move the puck with finesse, and knowing when to use deception can be the difference between scoring and not.

To be successful at underwater hockey, it is essential to understand the rules of the game and to have solid strategies in place. With some practice and a few tips, you too can master underwater hockey in no time.

Good luck!

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