If you're an explorer, adventure seeker, or aspiring treasure hunter, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the best YouTube channels to follow for treasure hunters, metal detecting, treasure hunting, treasure finding, metal detector, gold, and adventure lovers. So, if you're in the mood for some treasure hunting, magnet fishing, and thrilling escapades, then keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for you!  You're sure to find something worth exploring as you search each channel!

Treasure hunters: Top Youtube Channels

Bondi Treasure Hunter

Channel Views: ~90.6m Channel Subscribers: ~317k Channel Videos: ~213

Bondi Treasure Hunter Youtube Channel

Bondi Treasure Hunter is a YouTube channel featuring experienced treasure hunters using metal detectors and magnet fishing to uncover a variety of river finds, metal detecting finds and magnet fishing finds. Explore the waters of Bondi Beach, Australia with the team as they search for lost treasures!

Treasure hunters

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4k Channel Videos: ~458

Treasure hunters Youtube Channel

Treasure Hunters is a popular YouTube channel that follows a team of explorers as they search for lost treasures around the world. Viewers can join the team on their thrilling journeys as they seek out ancient artifacts and obscure objects, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets in their pursuit of lost bounty. The channel offers exciting, adventure-packed videos full of real-life exploration and treasure hunting.

Treasure Outdoors

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~9.1k Channel Videos: ~333

Treasure Outdoors Youtube Channel

Treasure Outdoors is a popular YouTube channel that follows the adventures of professional treasure hunters as they search for lost items using metal detecting on beaches and other outdoor locations. Join them on their thrilling treasure hunts for coins, jewelry, and other valuables!

Treasure Hunting & LQT

Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~15.7k Channel Videos: ~23

Treasure Hunting & LQT Youtube Channel

Treasure Hunting & LQT is a YouTube channel that provides viewers with an inside look into the exciting world of treasure hunting. From metal detecting finds to real treasure hunts, this channel features videos featuring usta defineci and their discoveries of hidden wealth. Join their journey as they uncover hidden treasures around the world!

Treasure Hunt

Channel Views: ~24m Channel Subscribers: ~220k Channel Videos: ~89

Treasure Hunt Youtube Channel

Treasure Hunt is a YouTube channel that features real life treasure hunters, metal detecti̇ng, and amazing treasure hunts. They take their viewers along their journey as they search for hidden and long forgotten treasure, with videos highlighting the anticipation of opening a mysterious treasure chest and the joy of finding real treasure. For anyone looking for a thrilling adventure, Treasure Hunt is the perfect destination.

Treasure Search

Channel Views: ~119m Channel Subscribers: ~296k Channel Videos: ~88

Treasure Search Youtube Channel

Treasure Search is a YouTube channel focused on treasure hunters who seek out and discover rare items. The channel focuses on treasure hunting and antiquities hunts, taking viewers along as they go to find treasure. Viewers can watch real life treasure hunts as well as rare treasure hunts and watch as the team searches for buried treasure and unique items. It's the perfect channel for anyone wanting to take an adventure and join the thrill of looking for hidden treasures.

treasure hunter

Channel Views: ~33m Channel Subscribers: ~89.3k Channel Videos: ~61

treasure hunter Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel offers an exciting and thrilling exploration experience to its viewers. The channel revolves around 'treasure hunting', showcasing a range of exciting activities like metal detecting, Romanian treasure hunts, jungle ginho hunting and more. With enthralling adventures and exciting visuals, this channel is sure to capture the attention of all treasure hunters.

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters

Channel Views: ~20.6k Channel Subscribers: ~651 Channel Videos: ~28

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters Youtube Channel

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters is a YouTube channel focusing on treasure hunting, storage unit auctions, and reselling found items on eBay. Through this channel, viewers can learn how to buy storage units and resell the contents, as well as metal detecting and uncovering hidden treasures. Along the way, they will solve the mystery of the treasure they find, so viewers can join the team in an exciting search for some mystery treasure.

The Beach House

Channel Views: ~347.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

The Beach House Youtube Channel

The Beach House YouTube channel is all about treasure hunters on an adventure! Follow along as they use maps, clues and skits to find hidden treasure, as well as play games and solve mysteries. Tune in and watch their exciting journey unfold!


Channel Views: ~2.8b Channel Subscribers: ~5.2m Channel Videos: ~1k

X-Finds Youtube Channel

X-Finds is a treasure hunting YouTube channel that follows a group of metal detectorists, magnet fishers and amateur treasure hunters as they search for gold, silver and coins buried in the sand and the ground. From unique coins to valuable finds, viewers will follow the adventures of X-Finds as they uncover amazing treasures. The channel also provides tips and tricks for finding the best locations, choosing the right equipment and more. Join X-Finds as they embark on an exciting journey of thrilling discovery!

Metal Detecting Adventure

Channel Views: ~272.7m Channel Subscribers: ~461k Channel Videos: ~137

Metal Detecting Adventure Youtube Channel

The Metal Detecting Adventure YouTube channel showcases the search for the most wanted treasures by dedicated, hardcore treasure hunters with decades of metal detecting, relic recovering, magnet fishing, and treasure hunting experience. Everything from buried treasure to treasure 2021 awaits in this treasure hunt, full of metal detecting videos and an exciting journey to uncover the unknown.


Channel Views: ~888.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2.8m Channel Videos: ~555

Arkeolog Youtube Channel

The Arkeolog YouTube channel follows the adventures of a team of treasure hunters searching for hidden treasure, embarking on epic treasure hunts, and finding incredible treasures! Join them for real treasure hunts, and amazing treasure hunts, and see what real treasure awaits in those treasure chests!

Depths of History

Channel Views: ~46.4m Channel Subscribers: ~300k Channel Videos: ~433

Depths of History Youtube Channel

The Depths of History YouTube channel features amazing videos of treasure hunters, metal detecting and magnet fishing, showcasing some of their best finds. They also feature videos of scuba diving and magnet fishing gone wrong. Watch amazing videos of found treasure through river treasure hunts and more! This channel is sure to open your eyes to the treasure hunting world.

Xiaoqiang TV

Channel Views: ~46.8m Channel Subscribers: ~124k Channel Videos: ~157

Xiaoqiang TV Youtube Channel

Xiaoqiang TV is a YouTube channel featuring two treasure hunters who go on thrilling hunts for antique treasures and gold. They use metal detectors and dig tools to search and uncover hidden goodies. They make it a thrilling adventure out of searching and finding hidden treasures and antiques. Join them on their hunt for hidden treasures, and experience the excitement of discovering buried gold and antiques.


Channel Views: ~1.7b Channel Subscribers: ~13m Channel Videos: ~616

DALLMYD Youtube Channel

DALLMYD is a popular YouTube channel created by Jake Koehler, showcasing his and his friends' adventures around the country as they search for river treasure using scuba diving. Follow them on their thrilling adventures as they show off their scuba diving skills and uncover hidden treasures, as well as the surprises and stories that come along with it. Along their journey, Jake and his friends share tips for treasure hunting and insights on scuba diving, making for entertaining and informative videos. Join them on their mission today and get ready for an exciting journey of treasure hunting, scuba diving and finding river treasure!

Jiggin' With Jordan

Channel Views: ~383.6m Channel Subscribers: ~3m Channel Videos: ~610

Jiggin' With Jordan Youtube Channel

Jiggin' With Jordan is a fun and exciting YouTube channel about treasure hunting on rivers and streams. Follow Jordan as he free dives, metal detects, and fishes for lost items such as GoPros and iPhones. If he's lucky, he may even find some interesting river treasure! Tune in to see what he uncovers!

Joe Oceanside

Channel Views: ~21.7m Channel Subscribers: ~60.5k Channel Videos: ~158

Joe Oceanside Youtube Channel

Joe Oceanside's YouTube channel focuses on treasure hunters and scuba divers exploring the beautiful underwater sites of the Florida Keys, Key Largo, and Fort Lauderdale. He documents his dives and adventures using his Mavic Air, while snorkeling and scuba diving around South Florida's wrecks. There is something for everyone interested in ocean exploration on Joe's channel.

Metal Finder

Channel Views: ~93.1m Channel Subscribers: ~119k Channel Videos: ~406

Metal Finder Youtube Channel

The Metal Finder YouTube channel features extreme treasure hunters from all over the world as they go on exciting treasure hunts in search of buried treasure. Viewers can witness historical discoveries and follow the adventures of USA Treasure Finder and Russian Treasure as they utilize their metal detectors to find gold and other valuable metals. It's an entertaining yet educational experience for treasure hunters and those wanting to learn about the art of treasure hunting.

Terry Carter

Channel Views: ~9m Channel Subscribers: ~46.7k Channel Videos: ~402

Terry Carter Youtube Channel

Terry Carter's YouTube channel is an adventure-filled online destination for treasure hunters! With an array of videos covering topics such as out of place archaeology, nephilim giants, lost mines, buried treasures, metal detecting, ATV camping, and Brewer's Cave, followers can join Terry Carter on his quest to find some of the world's greatest treasures!

You Coonts See Me!

Channel Views: ~3.8m Channel Subscribers: ~15.6k Channel Videos: ~615

You Coonts See Me! Youtube Channel

You Coonts See Me! is a YouTube channel dedicated to the thrills of treasure hunting and dumpster diving. Follow the intrepid duo of treasure hunters as they dive in and out of dumpsters, picking through trash and turning it into cash. Join them on their urban adventures dedicated to recycling, scrapping and reclaiming scrapmetal as they truly make garbage into something great.

Xiaozhi TV

Channel Views: ~364.2m Channel Subscribers: ~725k Channel Videos: ~285

Xiaozhi TV Youtube Channel

Xiaozhi TV is a YouTube channel that follows a group of intrepid treasure hunters as they go on wild treasure hunts. Using metal detectors and their own keen intuition, they dug up amazing discoveries! From cave treasure hunting to searching for lost artifacts, this channel will leave you eager to join the treasure hunt. Watch for yourself to find out what ancient treasures these treasure hunters unearth!

Si-finds Thames Mudlark

Channel Views: ~22.9m Channel Subscribers: ~116k Channel Videos: ~259

Si-finds Thames Mudlark Youtube Channel

Si-finds Thames Mudlark is a YouTube channel created by Nicola White and her family, who are dedicated treasure hunters and river hunters on the the River Thames. They use metal detecting, hovercrafts and other methods to uncover unique items such as old coins, clay pipes and other historic artifacts. It's a must watch channel for anyone interested in London Mudlarking and the history of the River Thames.


Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~51.4k Channel Videos: ~73

X HUNTER Youtube Channel

X HUNTER is an exciting YouTube channel that follows a team of treasure hunters as they discover treasure with metal detectors and go on treasure hunts. With engaging content, X HUNTER showcases each thrilling treasure finding journey for their viewers to enjoy. Join the X HUNTER team on their journey to uncover hidden treasure!

What to Expect from a Journey of Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting can be an incredibly exciting adventure, and many people around the world have taken part in a journey of self-discovery and discovery. So what can one expect from such an experience?

  • First and foremost, a journey of treasure hunting is likely to be filled with unknowns. Due to the nature of the activity, it can be difficult to know exactly what you may find as you go. While you may find artifacts or antiques from a certain location, unexpected surprises can also abound. It’s this mystery that can make the experience so captivating and memorable.
  • Additionally, a journey of treasure hunting is likely to require some degree of manual labor. Whether it’s digging, searching, or excavating, it’s important to remember that physical efforts are often needed to really get the treasures you are after. Even though it can be hard work, it’s rewarding when you discover that unique, special thing that you have been looking for. It’s a feeling of accomplishment like no other.

All in all, a journey of treasure hunting can be thrilling, and those who take part in it know that the rewards can be great! Treasures can come in the form of physical objects, knowledge, or experiences, and each one adds an element of surprise to the entire journey. So if you’re looking for an exciting adventure, why not embark on a treasure hunt and see what you may discover?

Understanding How to Find Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures are everywhere, but they often require a little extra effort to unearth. As someone who enjoys discovering unusual artifacts, exciting locations and hidden gems, it's important to understand the basic concepts behind treasure hunting. With a little bit of effort and knowledge, you can find hidden treasures in your own backyard.

  • First, research local land records to identify any historically significant sites in your local area. This will give you an idea of where to target your search. Knowing the history of an area could also provide clues on certain items or artifacts that may be located nearby. For example, a land survey in the early 1900s could note the presence of an abandoned mine, which could tell you valuable information about the area.
  • Another way to find hidden treasures is by using technology. Advanced metal detectors make it easy to uncover interesting artifacts or objects. You can also use drones or aerial photography to explore areas that can be difficult to access. Regardless of the method you choose, it's important to always take safety precautions and respect private property. If you remain respectful and knowledgeable, you can uncover some amazing secrets and treasures out there.

Types of Treasures to Look For Where to Find Them

Treasure hunting can be an exciting way to explore the outdoors and find hidden gems. From an old coin in a stream to an heirloom necklace hidden in a beach cave, treasure hunting can give you an adrenaline rush as you uncover treasures. But it’s not all about just finding an old coin or rock, there are many different types of treasures you can look for and each brings its own unique rewards.

  • Some of the most common treasures you can look for are coins, jewelry, gems, and relics. Coins are a great way to start your treasure hunting adventure. They can range from old coins from different countries to coins from the time of your ancestors. If you’re lucky, you may even come across coins that have been lost in the river or left behind by a previous owner. As for jewelry and gems, these can range from rings to necklaces and earrings to pieces of art. They can be found in or around old buildings, abandoned homes, and cemeteries. They may even be stuck in the ground as part of a construction project. Relics are another type of treasure, with relics, it’s possible to uncover a piece of history from thousands of years ago, from coins to pottery and antiquities.
  • Finally, the ocean is a great place to look for treasure. From pearls lurking in the depths of the ocean to old and rare jewelry, the sea is full of wonders. Whether you’re snorkeling or scuba diving, you never know when you might stumble upon a buried treasure. Plus, the seas and oceans are ever-changing due to the movement of the tides, so if you’re patient and keep an eye out, you may eventually come across something special.

Treasure hunting is a great way to explore the world and discover something hidden and valuable. With the right tools and research, you can embark on your own treasure hunting adventures. Whether it’s coins, jewelry, gems, relics, or something unique you find in the ocean, treasure hunting can be an exciting and rewarding experience. So grab your supplies, do your research, and have a fun time treasure hunting!

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