Zambia is a country located in Africa and is known for its diverse landscape and friendly people. There are many YouTube channels that focus on Zambia, its culture, and its tourism. These channels are a great way to learn about the country and its people. Zambian YouTubers are some of the best sources of information on the country, its culture, and its attractions. They offer a unique perspective on the country that you won't find anywhere else. If you're interested in learning more about Zambia, be sure to check out some of these YouTube channels.

Travel to zambia: Top Youtube Channels

Leah Phiri

Channel Views: ~150.6k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~60

Leah Phiri Youtube Channel

Leah Phiri is a Zambian YouTuber who focuses on natural hair, travel, lifestyle, and story times. She has over 200,000 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 25 million times.

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TIME and TIDE Africa

Channel Views: ~7.9m Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~67

TIME and TIDE Africa Youtube Channel

This channel features videos about luxury safaris and private island travel in Zambia and Madagascar. The videos include footage of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife in these countries, as well as interviews with safari guides and other experts who share their insights about safari travel. The channel also offers tips for planning your own safari trip, including what to pack and how to choose the right tour company.

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Destination Zambia

Channel Views: ~75.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.9k Channel Videos: ~26

Destination Zambia Youtube Channel

The Destination Zambia YouTube channel is all about travel to Zambia. The channel showcases the lifestyle and society of Zambia through videos that highlight the country's culture and people.

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Queen Licah

Channel Views: ~366.6k Channel Subscribers: ~8.5k Channel Videos: ~211

Queen Licah Youtube Channel

The Queen Licah channel is all about Zambia, and travel to Zambia. If you're looking for information on Zambian culture, travel tips, or just want to see some beautiful footage of the country, this is the channel for you.

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Drifter Dave

Channel Views: ~781.2k Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~136

Drifter Dave Youtube Channel

On his YouTube channel, Drifter Dave documents his travels to every country in the world, on a budget. His vlogs feature his daily experiences and adventures in each country, detailing what it's like to travel there on a tight budget.

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Channel Views: ~103.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~81

Ashleytima Youtube Channel

The Ashleytima YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in travel to Zambia. Zambian YouTuber Ashleytima offers informative videos on a variety of topics related to travel and lifestyle in Zambia. Her videos are enjoyable and provide valuable information for viewers interested in this amazing country.

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Channel Views: ~859.7k Channel Subscribers: ~ Channel Videos: ~268

letsroamindia Youtube Channel

Letsroamindia is a YouTube channel about a man who decides to travel to Zambia with no money. He hitchhikes his way across India and shares his travel hacks with viewers. He also recently started a travel channel about his experiences hitchhiking around India.

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The Beyerle Bunch

Channel Views: ~577.8k Channel Subscribers: ~9.6k Channel Videos: ~258

The Beyerle Bunch Youtube Channel

The Beyerle Bunch is a family vlogging channel based out of Zambia. They are a mixed race family with four kids, and they travel all around Zambia (and sometimes beyond) chronicling their adventures on YouTube. They are popular for their fun and relatable daily vlogs, and for being one of the only African YouTubers doing vlogs in English.

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the Khumba guy

Channel Views: ~580.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.2k Channel Videos: ~196

the Khumba guy Youtube Channel

The Khumba guy is a Zambian YouTuber who travels to different parts of Africa, including Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, and Livingstone. He makes videos about his travels and experiences in different African countries and encourages others to visit and explore the continent.

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