8 of the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels About Slovakia

Looking to travel to Slovakia? Check out some of the best YouTube channels for travel guides, adventure videos, and more. From travel vlogs to tourism channels, there's plenty of great content to help you plan your trip. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to explore everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

Travel to slovakia: Top Youtube Channels


Slovakia.travel Youtube Channel

Slovakia.travel is the official YouTube channel of the Slovak Ministry of Transport and Tourism. The channel showcases the beauty of Slovakia as a travel destination and encourages viewers to visit the country. It features videos of different tourist attractions and activities that can be enjoyed in Slovakia.

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Expoza Travel

Expoza Travel Youtube Channel

The Expoza Travel YouTube channel is all about providing high quality travel guides for viewers interested in learning more about Slovakia. The videos are all shot in HD and provide an up close look at popular destinations and activities that can be enjoyed while on vacation in the country. Whether you're looking to plan your own trip or just want to armchair travel, this channel is a great resource.

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Wolters World

Wolters World Youtube Channel

Wolters World is a YouTube channel dedicated to travel and cultural experiences abroad. The channel's creator, Brad, has traveled to over 100 countries and his videos aim to give viewers a taste of what it's like to live in and experience different cultures. From visiting traditional Slovakian villages to exploring the lively city of Prague, Wolters World is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about new places and cultures.

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Flying The Nest

Flying The Nest Youtube Channel

Flying The Nest is a travel vlog YouTube channel created by Stephen Parry and Jess Valentine. The couple travel to various locations around the world, including Slovakia, and document their experiences in daily vlogs. Stephen and Jess's vlogs are fun and informative, and they offer an interesting perspective on travel.

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André Traveler

André Traveler Youtube Channel

André Traveler is a YouTube channel that focuses on family travel and adventure. The channel features travel to various destinations, such as Slovakia, London, Prague, and the Czech Republic. In addition, the channel highlights nature and the interracial couple and interracial family dynamic.

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Hike the World

Hike the World Youtube Channel

Hike the World is a channel dedicated to travelling and hiking, with a particular focus on Slovakia. The channel offers useful tips and advice for those looking to explore the country's hiking trails, as well as providing beautiful cinematic footage of the landscapes and scenery. shot using a DJI Ronin-S and a Sony A7III.

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Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos

Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos Youtube Channel

Samuel and Audrey are YouTube travel vloggers who visit Slovakia and other travel destinations to explore the culture and cuisine. Their channel features many videos of their adventures, including street food tours, travel guides, and more.

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gus1thego Youtube Channel

Gus1thego is a YouTube channel created by Gustav Rosted, documenting his travels around Slovakia. The channel features videos of Gustav's adventures, exploring everything the country has to offer. From spectacular scenery to traditional food and culture, Gus1thego provides viewers with a window into Slovakian life and travel.

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