There are many great YouTube channels that provide excellent information and tips for those interested in traveling to Myanmar. This beautiful and culturally-rich country has much to offer tourists, and these channels can help you make the most of your trip. From finding the best places to eat and sleep, to adventure and travel tips, these channels will help you make the most of your visit to Myanmar.

Travel to myanmar: Top Youtube Channels

Visit Myanmar

Channel Views: ~359.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3k Channel Videos: ~56

Visit Myanmar Youtube Channel

Visit Myanmar YouTube channel is a hub for learning about Myanmar and its culture. The channel features videos on various aspects of Myanmar, including its history, food, and people. If you're interested in traveling to Myanmar, this channel is a great resource.

Prasun Barua

Channel Views: ~10.5m Channel Subscribers: ~42.6k Channel Videos: ~903

Prasun Barua Youtube Channel

Prasun Barua's YouTube channel is a great source to get updates about Myanmar and see the latest uploads from his vlogging trips. On his channel, you can find interesting How To videos, as well as informative videos about science and technology. His videos provide insight into Yangon, Myanmar, and the best travel vlogs from Prasun Barua. If you want to discover the beauty of Myanmar, Prasun Barua's YouTube channel is definitely a great place to start!


Channel Views: ~38.6m Channel Subscribers: ~168k Channel Videos: ~817

EatSleepYangon Youtube Channel

The EatSleepYangon YouTube channel is a practical resource for those planning to travel to Myanmar. The channel provides viewers with guides to Yangon, as well as information on food and accommodation options.


Channel Views: ~125.5m Channel Subscribers: ~909k Channel Videos: ~594


XTREME MOTO ADVENTURE is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing thrilling motorcycle adventures and reviews. Their journeys take them all across India and Myanmar, and the rider, DG The Wanderer, is an Indian vlogger known for his show ALL INDIA RIDE. He shares his stories of riding superbikes in incredible destinations with his viewers. Whether you're seeking thrills or just motorcycle reviews, XTREME MOTO ADVENTURE is the perfect channel to explore.

Bumbling Tourist

Channel Views: ~179.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~271

Bumbling Tourist Youtube Channel

Do you like to travel? Do you like to watch others travel? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the Bumbling Tourist YouTube channel is for you! This channel is all about travel, and features travel vlogs from all over the world. Follow Canadian travel couple James and Gab as they document their self-guided walking tours through Myanmar, Japan, and Taiwan. If you're looking for some unconventional travel inspiration, this is the channel for you!

Raghu Raahi

Channel Views: ~207.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~140

Raghu Raahi Youtube Channel

Raghu Raahi is a popular YouTube channel featuring the travel adventures of Raghu Rai. With projects based in India, Myanmar, and other locations throughout the world, Raghu Raahi gives viewers a great insight into the beauty of these places. From breathtaking views, thrilling activities, and beautiful cultures, viewers gain a wide and diverse picture of the world's wonders. The channel provides an inspirational window into the world and gives an exciting take on travel.

Travelholic Diary

Channel Views: ~39k Channel Subscribers: ~910 Channel Videos: ~88

Travelholic Diary Youtube Channel

Travelholic Diary is an inspiring and informative YouTube channel created by a passionate travel blogger and travel vlogger from Myanmar. They share their travel adventures, providing viewers with unique insights, stories, and experiences from their travels to Myanmar and beyond. Through their captivating videos, they invite viewers to explore the culture, landscapes, and destinations of Myanmar, as well as inspire them to take their own journeys and capture their adventures in a travel diary.

The Budgeteers

Channel Views: ~7.8m Channel Subscribers: ~123k Channel Videos: ~76

The Budgeteers Youtube Channel

The Budgeteers are a travel vlogging channel run by a group of friends who share a passion for adventure and budget travel. Their channel is all about documenting their travels to amazing places all over the world, on a shoestring budget. The backpack and camp their way around, always looking for the best deals and the most affordable way to see everything. From Myanmar to the world, The Budgeteers are always on the move and always up for a new adventure.

Timir On My Way

Channel Views: ~139k Channel Subscribers: ~726 Channel Videos: ~59

Timir On My Way Youtube Channel

Timir On My Way is a popular YouTube channel that follows vlogger Timor's journey around Myanmar, sharing his daily lifestyle, tips and experiences along the way. The channel offers a mix of travel vlogs, tour vlogs, and a look at the life of a vlogger, with videos available in both English and Myanmar. With Timir On My Way, viewers get an engaging and informative look at the culture, sights, and happenings in Myanmar.


Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~56


EXPLORATIONS-TRAVEL is a YouTube channel that captures the exciting journey of travel to exotic places around the world. Their videos feature locations ranging from Myanmar to Kenya, Africa to Asia, and many more. From Nagaland in India to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, viewers can experience the adventure and unique culture associated with each destination. EXPLORATIONS-TRAVEL is the perfect way to explore the world from the comfort of home.

HaHa Entertainment

Channel Views: ~732k Channel Subscribers: ~8.6k Channel Videos: ~44

HaHa Entertainment Youtube Channel

HaHa Entertainment is a popular YouTube channel that covers a variety of content related to Myanmar. They provide a mixture of travel videos, new movie releases, comedy movies, and funny movies, and also feature popular actors such as Nay Toe, Myint Myat, and Pyay Ti Oo. Their videos cover a wide range of genres, from dramas to comedies, and even the occasional romantic movie. With its Myanmar-based content, HaHa Entertainment is an amazing source of entertainment for those who are interested in discovering the culture and people of Myanmar.

Travel Plans

Channel Views: ~498 Channel Subscribers: ~5 Channel Videos: ~30

Travel Plans Youtube Channel

The Travel Plans YouTube channel is a source for anyone interested in exploring new places. Through videos, viewers can discover the best places to go in destinations such as Myanmar, South Africa, South Korea, and New Zealand. It also provides interesting facts and insights from around the world. With its vast selection of travel sites and helpful advice, this channel is perfect for anyone wanting to make the most of their travels.

Find the Best Shopping Experiences in Myanmar

Burma (or Myanmar) is quickly becoming a premier destination for shopping enthusiasts around the world. Shopping in Myanmar can be experienced at every level, from bustling street markets to high-end shopping malls. Local bazaars are where the artisan goods of Myanmar can be found, ranging from handicrafts, lacquerware and textile artwork to snacks and souvenirs. Shopping in Myanmar can also mean a luxury spa day with aromatic oils and herbal treatments.

  • For the best shopping experience, head to the four main cities: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Naypyidaw. Yangon is the largest and most bustling city, home to the famous Bogyoke Aung San Market, where locals and tourists alike can find jewelry, local handicrafts, art and souvenirs. Bagan is famous for its lacquerware, and Mandalay for its gem market. In Naypyidaw one can find the largest shopping mall of the city, Zabuthiri, where prices are set and can’t be negotiated. It is also the perfect place to find souvenirs such as flags, t-shirts and magnets.
  • For those who want a unique shopping experience, make sure to visit some of the lesser known markets. These range from smaller one-stop shops to informal “night bazaars” where locals come out to sell produce, clothing, accessories and a range of unique souvenirs. There are also a selection of duty free shops, apothecaries, antique stores and arty boutiques that are worth checking out. Shopping in Myanmar is an experience like no other! With the right research and an eye for bargains, the best shopping experience can be found in this truly magical country. Happy shopping!

Essential Items to Bring to Myanmar

Myanmar is a must-see destination for travelers with its vibrant culture, rich history, and lush forests. Whether you’re planning an adventure in the city or a journey out into the countryside, it’s essential to bring the right items to ensure your trip is comfortable and stress-free. Here are some essential items to bring to Myanmar:

  1. First, lightweight and breathable clothing is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Strolling through the markets, exploring temples, and taking a hike through the countryside can get hot and humid. Bring along lightweight layers such as t-shirts, hats, and a raincoat for unpredictable weather. Quality, comfortable shoes are also a must, especially for evening strolls around the cities.
  2. People in Myanmar regularly use US dollars, so it’s a good idea to bring a supply of cash in addition to a credit or debit card. ATMs are available in some of the larger cities, though they can be unreliable and difficult to access. Bring a few hundred dollars in cash to cover major expenses, like accommodation, tours, and transportation. Finally, be sure to take malaria medication if you’re traveling to rural areas.

By planning ahead and packing essential items to bring to Myanmar, travelers can ensure they make the most of their time in this beautiful country. So grab your passport, clothes, money, and medication – and get ready to explore the vibrant culture and natural beauty that Myanmar has to offer.

Tips for a Luxurious Stay in Myanmar

Myanmar is home to a plethora of experiences and offers a luxurious stay for everyone. From getting a bird’s eye view of the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, to discovering the city and its ancient temples, there are innumerable ways to indulge in Myanmar's beauty. Here are some tips for a luxurious stay in Myanmar.

  1. One of the best ways to experience Myanmar is to stay in one of the luxe hotels like the Governor's Residence in Yangon. From bikes for hire, a swimming pool and daily afternoon tea served in the courtyard, this hotel provides the perfect mix of both luxury and convenience. If you’d rather stay in a quaint local hotel, there are plenty of options. Enjoy the local culture with a stay in one of the classic Burmese teak wooden houses with exceptional services and facilities.
  2. Relish in the sight of the ancient exquisite temples, or explore the exotic beaches while visiting Myanmar. Take a boat ride on the majestic Ayeyarwady River and find luxury cruises with fully furnished cabin suites, a spa and a private pool on board. Stay at the Oberoi hotel in Ngapali, a beach strip full of white sandy beaches and tall palms trees, for the quintessential beach-holiday experience. Furthermore, you can get a stunningly luxurious hot-air balloon ride to get a feel of this extraordinary destination from another angle.

All in all, Myanmar has something to offer everyone when it comes to a luxurious stay. Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway or a cultural holiday, Myanmar has everything to serve you with perfect sumptuousness. Plan an unforgettable journey through Myanmar and make some stunning memories along the way.

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