Looking for an adventure? Then you should definitely check out Guyana! This South American country is full of surprises, from its lush rainforests to its delicious food.
And what better way to explore Guyana than by watching some of the best travel vloggers on YouTube? These YouTubers will take you on a journey through Guyana's many wonders, from its capital city of Georgetown to the wilds of the Rupununi Savannah. So what are you waiting for? Start watching and planning your next adventure today!

Travel to guyana: Top Youtube Channels

Real Nice Guyana

Channel Views: ~19.8m Channel Subscribers: ~100k Channel Videos: ~593

Real Nice Guyana Youtube Channel

The Real Nice Guyana YouTube channel is a hub for those interested in travel to Guyana or learning about Guyanese recipes. The channel features a variety of West Indian recipes that are easy to follow and make.

BackyardCafe Guyana

Channel Views: ~260.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~151

BackyardCafe Guyana Youtube Channel

BackyardCafe Guyana provides viewers with an in-depth look at life and culture in Guyana through the lens of travel, food, and lifestyle. From experiencing various local delicacies to exploring out-of-the-way sights, this channel provides an inviting firsthand look at this South American country.

Discover Guyana

Channel Views: ~334.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~64

Discover Guyana Youtube Channel

Discover Guyana is a YouTube channel that showcases the natural beauty and culture of the country of Guyana. Viewers can explore attractions such as Kaieteur Falls, Georgetown, Iwokrama, and explore nature, birdlife, and the Dutch influences in Guyana. Travel to Guyana with this channel and be immersed in the stunning landscapes, captivating wildlife, and unique culture that the country has to offer.

REEL Guyana

Channel Views: ~187.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~59

REEL Guyana Youtube Channel

Reel Guyana is a YouTube channel with videos showing the amazing travel experiences that can be found in Guyana. It showcases a wide range of topics, from lifestyle and cultural activities to fun hobbies for both locals and visitors. It is filled with interesting stories and perspectives from everyday people and well-known celebrities. Discover the beauty of the country, and the hospitality of its people through this awesome channel.

Guyana Videos

Channel Views: ~50.4k Channel Subscribers: ~356 Channel Videos: ~19

Guyana Videos Youtube Channel

Guyana Videos is a YouTube channel that specializes in travel videos to Guyana. The channel is made up of videos that focus on various aspects of life in Guyana, including urban activation, real estate, and aerial photography. The channel is also known for its aerial video and drone video production.

Little Rock Studio

Channel Views: ~12.3m Channel Subscribers: ~20.3k Channel Videos: ~9.2k

Little Rock Studio Youtube Channel

Little Rock Studio is a YouTube channel that takes its viewers on a journey to explore the unique culture, landscape, and history of Guyana, particularly of the Berbice region. From beautiful views to captivating stories and events, Little Rock Studio strives to make its viewers feel like they are right there in the thick of it! Tune in to see Guyana and Berbice's very own!

The Grant Family

Channel Views: ~297k Channel Subscribers: ~11.1k Channel Videos: ~310

The Grant Family Youtube Channel

The Grant Family YouTube channel is a fun and entertaining channel for the whole family. It follows the adventures of a military family living in the United States who occasionally travel to Guyana as they participate in fun games, explore food and baking, and essentially live, laugh, and love. The Grant Family shares content and daily vlogs that showcase their love and commitment to each other and are sure to bring smiles and lots of laughs!

Jun from Somewhere East

Channel Views: ~125k Channel Subscribers: ~991 Channel Videos: ~232

Jun from Somewhere East Youtube Channel

Jun from Somewhere East is a YouTube channel run by Jun - an adventurer and travel enthusiast. He takes viewers along as he visits unique and exciting places in Latin America, including Guyana and South and Central America. He shares his experiences at the borders and his insights into the cultures he encounters. Join the journey and enjoy the vibrant stories through Jun's lens.

Nicholas Roberts

Channel Views: ~214.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~140

Nicholas Roberts Youtube Channel

Nicholas Roberts' YouTube channel features videos showcasing his travels to Guyana, as well as music from the local culture, Christian music, and videos that explore the societal issues in Guyana. He hopes to share his experiences and explore the culture of the country through his videos.


Channel Views: ~716.5k Channel Subscribers: ~301 Channel Videos: ~95

VJSurgeon Youtube Channel

VJSurgeon is a YouTube channel managed by KTF Productions that offers creative content related to Christian mission trips around the world. Viewers can virtually travel with them to places such as Haiti, Guyana, Israel, and Africa, and observe their work as they bring hope and restoration to poverty-stricken areas.

Taz The Guy

Channel Views: ~732.2k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~83

Taz The Guy Youtube Channel

Taz The Guy is a YouTube channel that focuses on the country of Guyana. The channel's creator, Taz, is a Guyanese YouTuber who enjoys vlogging about his country's culture, customs, and natural beauty. He often takes his viewers on fishing trips and showcases the various types of fish that can be found in Guyana. Taz also highlights other aspects of Guyanese life, such as food, music, and art.

Adventures and Food with Priya

Channel Views: ~70.7k Channel Subscribers: ~344 Channel Videos: ~35

Adventures and Food with Priya Youtube Channel

Adventures and Food with Priya is an entertaining YouTube channel for anyone looking for exciting travel experiences or wanting to explore the beauty of Guyana. Priya takes you on a journey to discover the best things to do, from sampling the country's tasty cuisine to exploring tourist attractions and getting to know the local culture. This channel offers a unique combination of both adventure and leisure for those wanting to experience a true taste of Guyana.

Candasy Layne

Channel Views: ~67.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~28

Candasy Layne Youtube Channel

Candasy Layne is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with a variety of videos. From travel to Guyana to a world traveler's experience, viewers can expect to get an insight into travel and lifestyle from Sony A6300 travel vlogs, tutorials, how-to guides, and more. Through the videos, viewers can explore experiences from Europe and Guyana, as well as learn from Candasy's tips and tricks. Candasy Layne is a great place to get inspired for all your travel and lifestyle needs.

Discover the Wonders of Guyana

Guyana is a stunning South American country, home to breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. Located along the north eastern Atlantic coast of South America, a visit to Guyana is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. A trip to Guyana will show you why the country is known as ‘the many coloured land of many waters’ as its diverse geography, from its sweeping savannahs dotted with cattle and vast rainforest reserves, to beautiful beaches and rocky mountains will take your breath away.

  • This land also has a wide variety of wildlife to explore for nature lovers. Guyana has over 800 species of birds and is known as the Land of the Giant Anteater. It also has one of the world's highest concentrations of primates along with a vast selection of unique plants and animals, including the endangered giant river otter. A trip to Guyana is the perfect opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in the wild while exploring some of the pristine rivers and jungles.
  • Guyana may not be the most famous country in South America, but it is one of the most rewarding. Not only do visitors have a chance to experience the diversity of the country's geography and wildlife, but they also have a chance to immerse themselves in the culture by visiting colourful cities, taste the excellent traditional cuisine, and experience the warmth of the people. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or just looking for some adventure, Guyana has something to offer and truly makes a fantastic holiday destination.

Essential Fares and Travel Documents for Guyana

For travelers interested in visiting Guyana, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  1. The first travel requirement for Guyana is to obtain the appropriate visas and passports. All travelers will need a valid passport and a visa to visit Guyana. The visa must be obtained prior to entering the country, with many able to be obtained online in advance. This means travelers should double check the visa requirements before booking their trip and plan accordingly.
  2. Additionally, travelers will need to arrange for their flight tickets ahead of time. Guyana is served by airports located in five major cities: Georgetown, Lethem, Matthews Ridge, Eugene F. Correira and Ogle International airports. Knowing the necessary travel requirements for Guyana ahead of time will make planning and securing the essential fares much easier, and will ensure that the trip to Guyana runs smoothly once travelers arrive.

In conclusion, Guyana is a vibrant and beautiful nation and a great choice of destination to visit. To make the necessary preparations effectively and to ensure smooth travels upon arrival, travelers should always double check the requirements documents, visas and fares prior to leaving. With these tips in mind, all travelers will be able to experience all that Guyana has to offer.

Shop for Exotic Souvenirs in Guyana

Guyana is South America’s hidden gem. The country is home to stunning rainforests, gorgeous beaches, and an incredibly diverse cultural heritage, making it one of the ideal vacation spots in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for trendy souvenirs to bring back from your trip, look no further – Guyana has plenty of options.

  • Artisans craft a range of exotic souvenirs, from carvings of Guyana’s national animal, the jaguar, miniature wooden sloops, and coconut and seed necklaces. In the towns lining the Essequibo coast, visitors can find tiny hammocks made from wool and cotton. Other products include tasty bars of local chocolate and Po-in-Shee , a rum-based liqueur.
  • At craft markets, local vendors showcase unique handmade items, like sand paintings in colorful shades and wooden masks representing different Amerindian nations in the country. There are also great options for international shopaholics, including jewelry, clothing, and decorative items that make memorable keep-sakes. Whether you’re opting for something crafted by local hands, or a more sophisticated item, Guyana is sure to provide shopping experience that’s truly unforgettable.

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