Looking to travel to Denmark? Whether you're looking for travel inspiration, a travel guide, or just some good old fashioned travel videos, we've got you covered. Check out our top picks for the best YouTube channels on travel to Denmark. From travel vlogs to tourism guides, there's something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and explore Denmark from the comfort of your own home.

Travel to denmark: Top Youtube Channels

Traveller - Two Travel

Channel Views: ~21.3m Channel Subscribers: ~66.3k Channel Videos: ~587

Traveller - Two Travel Youtube Channel

The Traveller - Two Travel YouTube channel is a travel vlog that features the two travellers as they explore Denmark. They give a trip report as well as a review of their flight and their time at the airport. They also review the food they had while in Copenhagen.

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The Travel Book

Channel Views: ~549.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~45

The Travel Book Youtube Channel

The Travel Book is a YouTube channel dedicated to travel and adventure. The channel is focused on documenting road trips and providing vlogs and travel films from a variety of locations. The Travel Book is eco friendly and often incorporated sustainable travel practices into their adventures. The channel has a large following and features vlogs from travel to Denmark and Norway.

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Channel Views: ~8.8m Channel Subscribers: ~34.8k Channel Videos: ~268

J M VLOG Youtube Channel

J M VLOG is a YouTube channel about a person's travel to Denmark, specifically Copenhagen. It contains videos of the person walking around various tourist attractions and places in the city, giving viewers a virtual walking tour of the area. The videos are filmed in 4K quality.

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Channel Views: ~35.3m Channel Subscribers: ~347k Channel Videos: ~549

MojoTravels Youtube Channel

The MojoTravels YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to travel to Denmark. The channel features top 10 and top 20 lists of things to do and see in Denmark, as well as a road trip guide and tips on what to do and where to go.

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Wolters World

Channel Views: ~202.5m Channel Subscribers: ~887k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Wolters World Youtube Channel

Wolters World is a travel YouTube channel that focuses on Denmark. The channel covers the culture and life abroad, and also features travel tips and advice.

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CORR Travel

Channel Views: ~45.2k Channel Subscribers: ~474 Channel Videos: ~42

CORR Travel Youtube Channel

This channel is all about solo female travel to Denmark on a budget. The focus is on eco and sustainable travel options for single travelers over 50.

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Robe Trotting

Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~18k Channel Videos: ~107

Robe Trotting Youtube Channel

Robe Trotting is a YouTube channel about an American expat couple living in Copenhagen, Denmark. They share their experiences of moving to Denmark from the US, living in Copenhagen as expats, and traveling around Denmark. Their vlogs are informative and fun, and they offer a great perspective on what it's like to live in Denmark as an American.

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Travelin' Young

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~24.6k Channel Videos: ~185

Travelin' Young Youtube Channel

The Travelin' Young YouTube channel documents the experiences of two American expats living in Denmark. They share their tips and advice for other Americans looking to travel or move to Europe. They also discuss the challenges and benefits of living abroad.

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