Are you looking to find the best Tamil astrology YouTube channels to follow? Knowing who to subscribe to can be difficult with all the choices out there, so why not let us help you out? In this article, we will explore some of the best YouTube channels that feature Tamil astro-related content such as jothidam, guru peyarchi, sani peyarchi, tamil astrology, tamil, horoscope, jathagam, and mesham. Whether you are looking for advice or just some entertainment, these channels are perfect for you. Keep reading to find out more!

Tamil astrology: Top Youtube Channels

astro chinnaraj

Channel Views: ~74.2m Channel Subscribers: ~261k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

astro chinnaraj Youtube Channel

Astro Chinnaraj's YouTube channel is a repository for those looking for guidance in the world of Tamil astrology. He has videos containing lessons and tips on a range of topics from Vedic astrology and its basics to jothidam and jodhidam. His content is perfect for beginners and experienced astrologers looking to brush up on their knowledge. With astrology classes in tamil, Astro Chinnaraj makes it easy to understand complex concepts.

Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

Channel Views: ~24.2m Channel Subscribers: ~142k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Saptarishis Astrology Magazine Youtube Channel

Saptarishis Astrology Magazine is a YouTube channel dedicated to knowledge and understanding of astrology in Tamil, Vedic, KP, and Nakshatra systems. It also covers languages such as English, Hindi, Russian, and more to provide the best information on astrology. With Sunil as the host, this is the best astrology channel for discovering valuable insight on remedial astrology.


Channel Views: ~27.4m Channel Subscribers: ~166k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

ONLINE ASTRO TV Youtube Channel

ONLINE ASTRO TV is a YouTube channel devoted to providing insights into Tamil astrology. With content around topics like tamil astrology, astrology tamil 2023, balaji astrology tamil 2023, shelly astrology tamil 2023, 2023 astrology predictions tamil, one can find comprehensive tutorials, predictions and predictions related to all things astrology. The channel promises to help one make informed decisions with their astrology predictions.

Astrovel Jothidam

Channel Views: ~17.7m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~497

Astrovel Jothidam Youtube Channel

Astrovel Jothidam is a YouTube channel aimed at providing Tamil-speaking audiences with quality astrological advice and insights. The channel is run by renowned Jothidam experts that provide readers with insight into their horoscope, allowing them to make informed decisions about their future. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge about Tamil astrology, Astrovel Jothidam is the go-to YouTube channel for anyone looking for reliable astrological advice.

Astro B Rajan

Channel Views: ~603.3k Channel Subscribers: ~13.3k Channel Videos: ~288

Astro B Rajan Youtube Channel

Astro B Rajan's YouTube channel is a great source for those interested in Tamil astrology. He provides insightful and easy-to-understand content on topics such as rasi palankal in Tamil, astrology based on B V Raman and Astrilogy Thinasar, Sittar Jothidam, and Shelvi Astrologer. With practical advice and spiritual guidance, Astro B Rajan is an excellent resource for people seeking an understanding of astrology in Tamil.

Radha Krishna Astro Services

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~19.1k Channel Videos: ~147

Radha Krishna Astro Services Youtube Channel

Radha Krishna Astro Services YouTube channel provides tutorials and discussions on Tamil astrology and Vedic astrology for the general public. The channel also provides comparisons between Indian, Chinese and Western astrology systems and elaborates on topics such as 7.5 year sani, Guru Peyarchi, and Sani Peyarchi. Follow this channel to learn more about Tamil astrology and Vedic astrology!

RAM ASTROSENSE - Astrology in Tamil

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~12.4k Channel Videos: ~309

RAM ASTROSENSE - Astrology in Tamil Youtube Channel

RAM ASTROSENSE is an innovative YouTube channel aiming to provide Tamil astrology services and knowledge. Through their videos, users can watch informative tutorials and learn about Thirumanaporutham in Tamil, Jothidam, as well as get access to online astrology services.

Agathiyar Jana Sidhar - Tamil Astrologer

Channel Views: ~140.5k Channel Subscribers: ~6.8k Channel Videos: ~84

Agathiyar Jana Sidhar - Tamil Astrologer Youtube Channel

Agathiyar Jana Sidhar is a Tamil Astrologer from Madurai, Tamilnadu, who provides guidance and predictions in various astrological matters through his YouTube channel. He covers topics such as rasi palan, sani peyarchi, guru peyarchi, and rahu ketu peyarchi, making him one of the best astrologers in Tamilnadu. His channel is a great source of learning and knowledge for those interested in finding out their future.

ஜோதிட ரகசியங்கள்

Channel Views: ~105.9m Channel Subscribers: ~655k Channel Videos: ~8k

ஜோதிட ரகசியங்கள் Youtube Channel

ஜோதிட ரகசியங்கள் is a Tamil YouTube channel that provides reliable and accurate astrological predictions and remedies for spiritual wellbeing. It offers an array of tamil astrology topics, such as jothida parigarangal, numerology tamil, tamil jothidam and astrology remedies in tamil, as well as expert astrology advice from renowned professionals like Mayan Senthilkumar and Vamanan Seshadri. Additionally, the channel provides viewers with kovil valipadu and tips from pros to make their life more meaningful.

Spiritual Tamilan

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~37.3k Channel Videos: ~925

Spiritual Tamilan Youtube Channel

The Spiritual Tamilan YouTube channel is a great source of educational and entertaining content, covering a wide range of topics related to tamil astrology, sri tamilan, and temples in tamil. It features tamilan newz, t news 24x7, and today rasipalan, as well as in-depth coverage of siddhar history and learning astrology in tamil. It is an invaluable resource for those seeking to explore the spiritual and cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.

Life Horoscope

Channel Views: ~73.6m Channel Subscribers: ~761k Channel Videos: ~885

Life Horoscope Youtube Channel

Life Horoscope is a popular YouTube channel which provides Tamil astrology content and consultancy. Through their videos, they offer rasi palangal, horoscope Tamil, weekly horoscope, rasi palan 2021, rasi palan today, tamil jathagam, தினசரி ராசிபலன் and இன்றைய ராசி to their viewers.

Sri Mahalakshmi Jothidam

Channel Views: ~36.6m Channel Subscribers: ~335k Channel Videos: ~792

Sri Mahalakshmi Jothidam Youtube Channel

Sri Mahalakshmi Jothidam is a popular Tamil astrology YouTube channel that covers topics such as Tamil rasi palan, yearly astrological predictions, and more. It is celebrated for its reliable and insightful astrology content, providing relevant and accurate Tamil astrological information to its audience.

Agathiyar Jothidam

Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~28.4k Channel Videos: ~344

Agathiyar Jothidam Youtube Channel

Agathiyar Jothidam is a Tamil astrology YouTube channel that provides astrology tutorials and videos in Tamil. With astrologer Veluchamy as the host, viewers can learn astrology for beginners in Tamil, discover how to properly read astrological charts, and find out how astrology works in Tamil culture. It is an excellent resource for those looking to learn astrology and understand the science behind it.

What Is Tamil Astrology and How Does it Work?

What is Tamil Astrology and how does it work? Tamil astrology is an ancient astrological system that originated in southern India. It is based on the Tamil language, a language spoken by millions of people in southern India and Sri Lanka. Tamil astrology is based on the 12-sign zodiac system, with each zodiac sign having its own set of characteristics and influences. Tamil astrology is used to predict and analyze personality traits, events, and even the destiny of individuals and families.

Tamil astrology is based on the positioning of the planets in the sky. At the time of birth, astrologers make their predictions by looking at the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and other planets in the sky. This alignment, called a natal chart, reveals the individual’s personality and fate. Astrologers also use the planetary alignments to make predictions about the future. By studying an individual’s natal chart, astrologers can predict things such as marriage, career, and wealth in the future.

Tamil astrology is also used for making career choices. It helps determine which career paths best suit an individual’s talents, goals, and interests. It also provides guidance to individuals on how to handle personal and professional success. Finally, Tamil astrology can also help predict natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. By studying the planets in the sky, astrologers can make predictions about the weather and other large-scale events. With the help of Tamil astrology, people can prepare for the future and make informed life decisions.

What Can We Get Out Of Tamil Astrology Readings?

Tamil Astrology readings offer a unique way for individuals to understand and share their insights into their spiritual journey. Through the study of astrology, we can unlock the inner mysteries of our being and use that knowledge to make empowered life decisions. Tamil Astrology provides a framework for understanding the impact of the celestial bodies on our lives and how we can harness that energy for our own benefit.

  • Astrology can provide a clear path to self-discovery and promote a sense of balance in our lives. When we undertake a Tamil Astrology reading, we receive guidance in the form of a horoscope that delves into the influences and energies within our personality and spiritual self. These readings can help us to better understand our relationship with the stars, earthly elements, and other factors that shape our existence. By deeply engaging ourselves with a Tamil Astrology reading, we can gain insight into our karmic cycles, motivations, and personal truth.
  • Through an in-depth Tamil Astrology reading, we gain access to a valuable bank of knowledge about our spiritual lives. It is an age-old art, studied and practiced for centuries, that can help to guide and inform our lives with clarity, understanding, and insight. It can be a powerful tool for personal development, offering the opportunity to learn deeply about ourselves and find lasting peace and satisfaction in our lives. Tamil Astrology readings can offer us both a means of information and advice as we embark on our life journey.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Tamil Astrology

Tamil Astrology is a practice based on the analysis of celestial bodies and their predictive influence on the life of human beings. It is an ancient science, practiced by astrologers for centuries and gaining in popularity with modern believers. But like any other practice, there are pitfalls that should be avoided in order to maximize the benefit of Tamil Astrology.

  1. The first mistake that is often made by those unfamiliar with Tamil Astrology is relying too much on “Luck.” While posturing oneself to take advantage of favorable times and take preventative measures to avoid unfavorable times is encouraged, relying too heavily on “luck” or superstition may prevent an individual from taking the proactive measures necessary to condition themselves to weather the storm. Instead, the individual should focus on being attuned to the environment and being mindful of the cycles and seasonal implications of astrological teachings.
  2. A second mistake made by new adherents to Tamil Astrology is assuming that the practice can replace traditional science and medicine. While seeking counsel from an astrologer can add clarity and insight to an individual's well-being, it is important to remember that Tamil Astrology is a complement to traditional medicine and science, not a replacement. An astrologer can advise individuals on how to make the most of their environment and cycles in order to take full advantage of their life's course. However, individuals should seek comprehensive medical advice prior to making major life decisions.

Following these simple guidelines can help individuals maximize the benefits of Tamil Astrology and ensure they are avoiding major pitfalls. Rather than relying on superstition, they can tap into the energy of the universe, deepening their understanding of themselves and their future course in the process.

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