Are you a fan of YouTube channels that cater to your interests and provide valuable content? Whether you're in need of study motivation, lifestyle inspiration, or fashion tips, we've got you covered! In this article, we will delve into the world of YouTube and explore the best channels for study vlogs, lifestyle content, and aesthetically pleasing videos. Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover a treasure trove of productive and visually captivating channels that will keep you engaged and entertained. Read on to discover your new favorite YouTube channels!

Study vlog: Top Youtube Channels

Study To Success

Channel Views: ~152.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~214

Study To Success Youtube Channel

Study To Success is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing insightful study vlogs and study sessions, where viewers can join in and study together. The channel emphasizes productivity and serves as a source of inspiration for study enthusiasts. It also covers various study-related content, including studyblr, studytube, and studygram topics. Additionally, the channel offers helpful advice and tips on note-taking techniques and showcases aesthetically pleasing stationery.

SunnyVlog 산니

Channel Views: ~17.2m Channel Subscribers: ~345k Channel Videos: ~93

SunnyVlog 산니 Youtube Channel

SunnyVlog 산니 is a popular YouTube channel that primarily focuses on providing study and university-related content. The channel presents an authentic portrayal of a typical day in the life of a Korean student, particularly during exam week. With a strong emphasis on Korean student life, this vlog offers a unique insight into studying in Korea. The channel has gained popularity for its engaging and informative videos centered around study techniques and the experiences of a Korean student.

Ruby Granger

Channel Views: ~96.4m Channel Subscribers: ~740k Channel Videos: ~671

Ruby Granger Youtube Channel

Ruby Granger's YouTube channel is a valuable resource for students looking to optimize their study habits and live with intention. Her study vlogs provide an inside look into her life as a university fresher, offering helpful tips and advice on how to be productive and stay motivated. Additionally, she shares valuable insight on topics such as study tips and advice, making her channel a go-to for students seeking guidance and inspiration.

Malena Palmieri

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~76.2k Channel Videos: ~167

Malena Palmieri Youtube Channel

Malena Palmieri is a YouTube channel focused on study vlogs and tips, specifically geared towards studying and organization. The creator, Malena, is a geology college student who shares her experiences and advice on studying and surviving in this field. Her channel also functions as a studygram, providing study inspiration and guidance for those interested in geology and similar subjects.


Channel Views: ~18.3m Channel Subscribers: ~65.3k Channel Videos: ~258


DAILY DOSE OF AESTHETICS is a captivating YouTube channel that offers a delightful combination of study vlogs and Korean vlogs. With living alone diaries as the backdrop, viewers get a sneak peek into the creator's week in their life, witnessing their dedication to working out, study motivation, and slow living. The channel is an ideal destination for those looking to romanticize their own lives and find inspiration through studying alone. Whether you're seeking to study with the creator or simply embrace the allure of living alone, DAILY DOSE OF AESTHETICS has it all.

Poliana Braga

Channel Views: ~18m Channel Subscribers: ~282k Channel Videos: ~218

Poliana Braga Youtube Channel

Poliana Braga YouTube channel is a study vlog that documents the daily routines of the creator. The channel provides insights into her morning and evening routines, as well as productive habits and healthy recipes. Additionally, she shares content related to spa days and arrume-se comigo videos, showcasing her routine for getting ready and looking stylish.

Yoora Jung

Channel Views: ~154.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~152

Yoora Jung Youtube Channel

Yoora Jung YouTube channel is a study vlog that shares the daily life of a Korean American college student in the United States. It features vlogs about life in America, studying abroad, and exploring Korean culture. Additionally, the channel offers a series called Hazel's Story, which showcases the experiences and perspectives of a Korean vlogger.

Breanna Quan

Channel Views: ~36.8m Channel Subscribers: ~660k Channel Videos: ~119

Breanna Quan Youtube Channel

Breanna Quan's YouTube channel is a study vlog where the college student shares her daily life, providing an insight into the life of a relatable teenager. Her vlogs have an aesthetic appeal, capturing her lifestyle and offering an engaging and relatable content.

naznin roshni ツ

Channel Views: ~7.2k Channel Subscribers: ~350 Channel Videos: ~28

naznin roshni ツ Youtube Channel

naznin roshni ツ is a captivating YouTube channel that showcases the daily life moments of a CSE student at AIUB. Through study vlogs and daily vlogs aesthetic, viewers get an immersive experience of the AIUB student life and the vibrant Bangladesh lifestyle. With family hangouts, Dhaka adventures, and an exploration of the Bangladeshi culture, the channel offers a delightful blend of aesthetic experiences and relatable content.

Rayna Tova

Channel Views: ~688.9k Channel Subscribers: ~15.6k Channel Videos: ~27

Rayna Tova Youtube Channel

Rayna Tova YouTube channel is a study vlog where a productive college student named Rayna shares her daily life as a university student. The channel features study vlogs, and motivating videos, and showcases Rayna's productive days. Additionally, Rayna also posts content that includes opening packages and provides tips and tricks for staying motivated and increasing productivity.

something scarlett

Channel Views: ~69.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~13

something scarlett Youtube Channel

Something Scarlett is a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the study vlogs and student life of Scarlett, a student at a boarding school. With a focus on sharing her experiences and tips for studying, this channel falls within the study tube genre, offering valuable insights into the world of studying and academia.

warm hugs, s!

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~36.1k Channel Videos: ~19

warm hugs, s! Youtube Channel

warm hugs, s! YouTube channel offers an engaging study vlog that takes viewers along on academic journeys. With a focus on lifestyle, the channel provides insights into the study routines and strategies of the creator. Additionally, viewers can find content related to food, with recipe recommendations and cooking tips, as well as discussions on the latest technology trends and gadget reviews.

Esther Lee

Channel Views: ~7.2m Channel Subscribers: ~171k Channel Videos: ~44

Esther Lee Youtube Channel

Esther Lee is a captivating YouTube channel that offers an immersive study vlog experience. It showcases Esther's daily lifestyle while she navigates through her academic journey. The channel also entices viewers with delightful food content, providing a well-rounded viewing experience.


Channel Views: ~591.9k Channel Subscribers: ~17k Channel Videos: ~14

LILA’s Youtube Channel

LILA's YouTube channel is a study-focused vlog centered around a Korean and Turkish med student. Through study vlogs and study with me videos, LILA offers a glimpse into the life of a med student and shares study tips and techniques. The channel also incorporates elements of ASMR, providing a calming and immersive studying experience for viewers. Overall, LILA's channel is a haven for those interested in med school and studying.


Channel Views: ~155.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~19

kiaranghae Youtube Channel

kiaranghae is a popular YouTube channel based in the Philippines that focuses on study vlogs and study-related content. The channel helps viewers stay productive by providing valuable insights on effective studying techniques and tips for taking great notes. With a connection to Korean pop culture (Kpop), kiaranghae adds a unique touch to its study-based content, making it relatable and engaging for its audience.

Anshu Yadav

Channel Views: ~681.6k Channel Subscribers: ~11.3k Channel Videos: ~72

Anshu Yadav Youtube Channel

Anshu Yadav is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing study vlogs for students preparing for NEET exams. With the alias Physics Wallah, this channel offers daily vlogs and study sessions to inspire and assist NEET2024 aspirants. It serves as a helpful resource for those seeking a study partner and offers an immersive study-with-me experience through engaging and informative vlogs specifically tailored to the NEET examination.

Ishika's Journal

Channel Views: ~189.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~28

Ishika's Journal Youtube Channel

Ishika's Journal is a YouTube channel that offers engaging study vlogs, showcasing the daily study routines and techniques of Ishika. The channel also delves into various aspects of lifestyle, providing insights on how to maintain a balanced and productive life while pursuing education. Additionally, Ishika's Journal discusses social issues and highlights society's impact on personal growth and development.

julia studies

Channel Views: ~175.7k Channel Subscribers: ~5k Channel Videos: ~14

julia studies Youtube Channel

Julia Studies is a YouTube channel that focuses on creating study vlogs and study with me videos, providing viewers with tips and advice on how to study effectively. The channel's content is particularly relevant to those preparing for Vestibular exams, with the host, Julia, being a medical student. Viewers can expect to find insightful videos showcasing her study routine and offering guidance on how to improve study habits.

Setting Up Your Study Space for the Ultimate Vlogging Experience

Are you considering starting your own vlog and want to ensure a professional and immersive experience for your viewers? The first step towards achieving the ultimate vlogging experience is setting up the perfect study space. Your study space will not only be the backdrop for your videos but also the place where you brainstorm ideas, plan your content, and edit your footage. So, let's dive into some essential tips for setting up your study space to make your vlogging journey a success.

  1. Firstly, it's vital to choose a quiet and well-lit area for your study space. Natural light is preferable as it provides a more flattering and professional appearance on camera. If you're unable to access an area with plenty of natural light, invest in good quality artificial lighting to achieve a well-lit space. Additionally, make sure you choose a space away from any potential distractions such as noise, clutter, or people passing by, as these can interfere with your concentration and filming.
  2. Next, consider investing in some vlogging equipment that will enhance your production quality. A good camera, tripod, and microphone are essential tools to ensure crisp and clear visuals and audio. Make sure these items are within reach, organized, and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes. Additionally, consider adding some creative touches to your study space, such as plants, motivational quotes on the wall, or personal mementos that reflect your personality and niche.
  3. Finally, prioritize your comfort and ergonomics. As a vlogger, you'll likely be spending long hours filming, editing, and interacting with your audience. Invest in a comfortable chair, a desk at the right height, and proper posture support to prevent any discomfort or strain on your body. A relaxed and comfortable space will not only improve your productivity but also enable you to be more engaging and enthusiastic in your vlogs.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating the ultimate vlogging experience for yourself and your viewers. Remember, your study space is your creative sanctuary, so focus on making it an inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment. A well-thought-out study space will not only elevate the quality of your content but also inspire you to reach new heights in your vlogging journey. Happy vlogging!

Incorporating Study Techniques and Strategies into Your Vlog's Content

As a content creator, it can be challenging to strike a balance between creating engaging vlogs and pursuing your studies. However, with a strategic approach, you can incorporate study techniques and strategies into your vlog's content, allowing you to grow academically while still connecting with your audience.

One way to achieve this balance is by creating educational content that aligns with your current subjects or coursework. For example, if you are studying biology, you can create vlogs that explain complex concepts or conduct experiments related to the topic. This not only helps you solidify your understanding of the subject but also creates valuable, educational content for your viewers. By combining your passion for vlogging with your academics, you can create a unique and engaging channel that sets you apart from others.

Another effective strategy is to document your study routine or share helpful tips with your audience. By doing so, you not only hold yourself accountable for study sessions but also inspire and motivate your viewers to adopt effective study habits. Showcasing your study techniques, such as using flashcards, utilizing online resources, or implementing time-management strategies, can be incredibly beneficial for both you and your audience. Remember to be authentic and transparent, sharing both the successes and challenges of your study journey, as it will make your vlogs relatable and encourage a supportive online community.

Lastly, consider integrating interactive elements into your vlogs to encourage active learning among your viewers. You can incorporate quizzes, polls, or challenges that test their knowledge or application of the concepts you discuss. This not only adds an element of fun and engagement to your content but also helps reinforce their understanding. Additionally, interacting with your viewers through comments or live Q&A sessions allows for academic discussions, fostering a sense of community and knowledge exchange.

Incorporating study techniques and strategies into your vlog's content can be a powerful tool for personal growth while inspiring and educating your audience. With a thoughtful approach, you can deliver valuable educational content, document your study routines, and engage with your viewers in meaningful ways. By striking this balance between vlogging and studying, you can create a channel that encompasses both your passion for content creation and your academic pursuits.

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