Are you a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, gaming, movies, Disney, and Lego? Then you'll love this list of the best YouTube channels to follow. From Star Wars Explained to stand-up comedy, there's something for every Star Wars, Marvel, and movie fan on this list. Keep reading to find the perfect channels for you.

Star wars: Top Youtube Channels

Star Wars Explained

Channel Views: ~257.9m Channel Subscribers: ~767k Channel Videos: ~3.2k

Star Wars Explained Youtube Channel

Star Wars Explained is an educational YouTube channel focused on the Star Wars franchise. From Darth Vader and The Force Awakens to Star Wars Rebels, comics, books and classic films like A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this channel provides in-depth explanations and analysis of all aspects of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Theory

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~3.3m Channel Videos: ~2.5k

Star Wars Theory Youtube Channel

Star Wars Theory is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to exploring theories and conclusions drawn from the Star Wars universe. It delves into characters such as Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Sidious, and even features a Vader fan film. It aims to bring the viewers closer to understanding the Star Wars universe and the motivations behind the beloved characters.

Star Wars

Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~3.9m Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Star Wars Youtube Channel

The official Star Wars YouTube channel is a great resource for fans of the iconic franchise, created by George Lucas. It contains a wealth of content from the films, games, and other content from the universe. Follow this channel to stay up to date with all the latest news, trailers, and videos from the world of Star Wars.

Star Wars Insider

Channel Views: ~256.1m Channel Subscribers: ~214k Channel Videos: ~1k

Star Wars Insider Youtube Channel

Star Wars Insider is an official YouTube channel dedicated to the Star Wars franchise. It offers content from categories such as Star Wars the Clone Wars, Star Wars Explained, Star Wars Theory, Star Wars Fan Fiction, Star Wars The Old Republic and more, for fans looking for all sorts of information related to the universe. It is a great resource for longtime and new fans of the franchise to keep up with the latest news and developments, as well as to dive into all the lore Star Wars has to offer.

WhatCulture Star Wars

Channel Views: ~32.1m Channel Subscribers: ~112k Channel Videos: ~196

WhatCulture Star Wars Youtube Channel

WhatCulture Star Wars is a YouTube channel created by WhatCulture, offering reviews and analysis of all things Star Wars. They cover the classic films such as the original trilogy and the prequels, as well as the latest installments including The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Mandalorian. Fans of the galaxy far away can look forward to theories, discussions and Easter eggs, while they explore the intricate stories of the Jedi, the Sith and the Skywalker saga.

Star Wars Apprentice

Channel Views: ~112.3m Channel Subscribers: ~91.9k Channel Videos: ~293

Star Wars Apprentice Youtube Channel

The Star Wars Apprentice YouTube channel provides fans of the franchise with a way to explore their favorite media ? including the movies, comics, books and animated series such as Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. From the original trilogy of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi to the prequel trilogy of The Phantom Menace and beyond, there's something for everyone interested in Star Wars and its larger universe. Plus, there's lots of content on all the iconic characters, from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Enjoy!

100% Star Wars

Channel Views: ~22.6m Channel Subscribers: ~90k Channel Videos: ~218

100% Star Wars Youtube Channel

The 100% Star Wars YouTube channel is the go-to source for all things Star Wars. It provides detailed Star Wars lore, gaming, theory, and explanations for all your favorite Star Wars movies from The Force Awakens to The Revenge of the Sith. It also provides coverage on the animated series Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. This comprehensive and informative channel will keep fans entertained, educated, and satisfied.

Star Wars Kids

Channel Views: ~122.2m Channel Subscribers: ~304k Channel Videos: ~215

Star Wars Kids Youtube Channel

Star Wars Kids is a popular YouTube channel devoted to bringing Star Wars fans of all ages content about the Star Wars universe. Featuring videos such as adventures, learning, crafts and DIYs, there is something for every Star Wars fan to enjoy. With over 1.5M subscribers, the channel provides entertaining and educational content for viewers of all ages who love Star Wars.


Channel Views: ~19.3b Channel Subscribers: ~15.2m Channel Videos: ~29.3k

LEGO Youtube Channel

The LEGO YouTube channel is the official destination for all things LEGO. It features a range of content, such as behind-the-scenes looks at LEGO sets and exclusive interviews, as well as demonstrations of how to use LEGO toys, bricks, and sets to build exciting worlds. Fans of Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, and Elves can explore the galaxy, create their own stories, and find inspiration for their own builds with LEGO Star Wars, LEGO DC Comics, LEGO Marvel, and LEGO Friends. Whether you're just starting out or already a master builder, there's something for everyone on the LEGO YouTube channel.

Emergency Awesome

Channel Views: ~2.2b Channel Subscribers: ~4.3m Channel Videos: ~5.2k

Emergency Awesome Youtube Channel

Emergency Awesome is a popular YouTube channel focused on movie, TV and gaming coverage, primarily related to Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, The Flash, Rick and Morty, Justice League and the Avengers Endgame. It also offers weekly Top 10s, reviews, and up-to-date news on the entertainment industry.

The Stupendous Wave

Channel Views: ~748.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~3.2k

The Stupendous Wave Youtube Channel

The Stupendous Wave YouTube channel delivers an entertaining mix of content related to Star Wars, role-playing video games, action-adventure games, action games, and video game culture. It showcases exciting gameplay and provides helpful strategies for mastering challenging titles. With a vibrant online community of gamers, The Stupendous Wave is perfect for the dedicated video gamer.

Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost

Channel Views: ~109m Channel Subscribers: ~227k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost Youtube Channel

Ryan Kinel's RK Outpost is a YouTube channel devoted to the Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics, and the expanded universes of Star Wars. He also offers Fitness Motivation, Culture War analysis, and is a great destination for Geeks and Gamers. He shares his enthusiasm for the Star Wars universe and beyond, making his channel a hot spot for all fans of Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

That Junkman

Channel Views: ~13.8m Channel Subscribers: ~29.7k Channel Videos: ~2.3k

That Junkman Youtube Channel

That Junkman YouTube channel is all about Star Wars, vintage Star Wars, old toys, old TV shows, and pop culture. The channel also posts news about Kenner and other toy lines, as well as the latest Star Wars news and breaking toy news. It's the go-to place for all your Star Wars and toy knowledge!


Channel Views: ~679.8m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

SuperCarlinBrothers Youtube Channel

The SuperCarlinBrothers YouTube channel is hosted by Jonathan and Ben Carlin, two brothers who are passionate about Star Wars, Pixar and Harry Potter. They explore the lore and theories of each of these universes with videos about Star Wars and Pixar theories, as well as discussions about Disney Pixar movies like Inside Out. They offer well-crafted content for hardcore fans and casual viewers alike.

Heavy Spoilers

Channel Views: ~317.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Heavy Spoilers Youtube Channel

Heavy Spoilers is a YouTube channel devoted to exploring the world of Star Wars. It features movie breakdowns, trailer breakdowns, post credit scenes and reviews for the newest Star Wars and Spider Man releases. They also provide in-depth explanations on the entirety of Phase 4 and Phase 5 of Star Wars.


Channel Views: ~193.8m Channel Subscribers: ~516k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

MandRproductions Youtube Channel

MandRproductions is a YouTube channel that centers on the popular Lego Star Wars franchise. It encompasses everything from reviews and unboxings of new Lego Star Wars sets to news and rumors about upcoming releases. In addition, Lego videos are uploaded on a regular basis for fans to enjoy. It is the perfect one-stop shop for Star Wars and Lego aficionados.


Channel Views: ~8m Channel Subscribers: ~34.8k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

LifeBricks Youtube Channel

LifeBricks is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things LEGO and Star Wars. From bricklink sellers and LEGO clearance, to LEGO top 10 and LEGO news, LifeBricks has something for everyone. Not only can viewers watch amazing LEGO MOC builders and youtubers, but they can also purchase exclusive Star Wars lego sets, and get sneak peeks at upcoming LEGO hauls. Enjoy the ultimate LEGO and Star Wars experience with LifeBricks!


Channel Views: ~219.7m Channel Subscribers: ~524k Channel Videos: ~1k

Geetsly's Youtube Channel

Geetsly's YouTube channel is all about Star Wars. He covers lore, battlefront gameplay, and more from the series. He also posts instructional videos on how to properly Geet and Geets. With content tailored for fans of all ages, Geetsly's is the ultimate Star Wars hub!


Channel Views: ~414.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

ScreenCrush Youtube Channel

ScreenCrush is a YouTube channel offering exclusive content from the world of movies, television, and star wars, including movie trailers and behind the scenes footage as well as Easter eggs for Rick and Morty and Marvel fans. Whether you're looking for the latest on Star Wars or a sneak peek into the next season of your favorite show, ScreenCrush is your one-stop destination.

Cinematic Captures

Channel Views: ~66.8m Channel Subscribers: ~281k Channel Videos: ~295

Cinematic Captures Youtube Channel

Cinematic Captures is a YouTube channel dedicated to delivering high-quality Star Wars Battlefront cinematics in the form of captivating short films. These cinematic captures not only provide amazing visuals for fans of the franchise but also capture the story and emotion of the game. With amazing cinematics from both versions of the game, the channel is a great resource for creating mind-blowing battlefront cinematic experiences.

The Warp Zone

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~2.9m Channel Videos: ~774

The Warp Zone Youtube Channel

The Warp Zone is a YouTube channel featuring various star wars and other pop culture inspired a cappella music videos, top 5 and top 10 lists, and game and movie commentaries. From their iconic warp zone songs to their hilarious harry potter and game of thrones parodies, there's something for everyone.

How It Should Have Ended

Channel Views: ~3.1b Channel Subscribers: ~10.4m Channel Videos: ~436

How It Should Have Ended Youtube Channel

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel is a hilarious animated comedy series comprised of parodies of famous movie scenes from the likes of Star Wars and other classic films. With their iconic because I'm Batman tagline, the unique and clever HISHE parodies provide a humorous twist on beloved cinematic moments.

The Kyber Club

Channel Views: ~24.4m Channel Subscribers: ~31.8k Channel Videos: ~303

The Kyber Club Youtube Channel

The Kyber Club YouTube channel is all about the Star Wars universe and its characters, such as Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and George Lucas. It is the ultimate destination for Star Wars fans to learn more about the iconic Jedi and Sith, explore the mysteries of the Force, and wield a lightsaber.


Channel Views: ~115.6m Channel Subscribers: ~241k Channel Videos: ~643

swtheoldrepublic Youtube Channel

SWTheOldRepublic is a YouTube channel that features content related to the popular Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. It covers topics related to the games Knights of the Eternal Throne and TOR and features content from Bioware and Lucasarts. It is a great resource for players interested in learning more about the game and staying up to date with the latest news and updates.


Channel Views: ~9.1m Channel Subscribers: ~26k Channel Videos: ~172

N.E.B Youtube Channel

N.E.B is an exciting YouTube channel that covers the beloved Star Wars saga and other aspects of the entertainment world. From movie reviews to posts related to gaming culture, N.E.B has something for everyone who is passionate about taking in all aspects of entertainment. Plus, N.E.B's thoughtful and creative takes on classic Star Wars storylines make for a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.


Channel Views: ~233.9m Channel Subscribers: ~110k Channel Videos: ~646

L Youtube Channel

L YouTube channel is a great spot for gamers! Viewers can find tons of entertaining videos with gameplay of popular titles such as Star Wars, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Rocket League and Snooker 19. Content also includes highlights from Battlefront and Halo. Get your game on and join in on the fun at L YouTube channel!


Channel Views: ~123.2m Channel Subscribers: ~147k Channel Videos: ~225

AD_edits Youtube Channel

AD_edits is a YouTube channel focused on Star Wars trailers, Marvel trailers, and other modern movie trailers. It also offers teaser trailers and trailer mashups in HD quality so you can enjoy the latest movie releases. Be sure to check out AD_edits if you're a fan of Star Wars or looking for the newest movie trailers.

Exploring the Different Eras of 'Star Wars'

'Star Wars' is a beloved property that has been around for more than four decades, throughout which its filmmakers have worked to bring fans the best in the sci-fi genre. Through a variety of films, TV shows, and media, the 'Star Wars' universe has grown exponentially. Nevertheless, amongst these different eras of 'Star Wars', there are three which reign supreme as some of the greatest pieces of work within the franchise.

  • The Original Trilogy, starting with 'Star Wars' (1977), followed by 'The Empire Strikes Back' (1980), and ending with 'Return of the Jedi' (1983) is one of the most iconic series of films in modern cinema. Directed by the legendary George Lucas and featuring the classic characters of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, the Original Trilogy take viewers on an elaborate journey of rebellion, mystical powers, and daring action sequences. These films are known for their intricate set pieces and progressive special effects, and still stand as some of the most beloved films amongst all generations.
  • The Prequel Trilogy, composed of 'The Phantom Menace' (1999), 'Attack of the Clones' (2002), and 'Revenge of the Sith' (2005), was one of the most ambitious eras of storytelling in 'Star Wars' as it aimed to tell the origin story of one of cinema's most recognizable villains, Darth Vader. Directed again by George Lucas, the Prequel Trilogy delved into the political undertones of the galaxy and showcased some of the best lightsaber duels in the franchise. As a real treat, this era featured the younger version of characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda and showed that even in dark times, hope can still prevail.

The 'Star Wars' franchise has seen so much over the years and its different eras can be enjoyed by both old and new fans alike. No matter which 'Star Wars' era is your favorite, these films provide viewers with an amazing lived-in universe where we can explore and follow the stories of these beloved characters. May the Force be with you!

How Star Wars Changed the Movie Business

No movie franchise in the history of cinema has been more influential than Star Wars. Not only did director George Lucas create an epic space fantasy that captured the public’s imagination, but he also revolutionized the way Hollywood managed its movie-making business.

  • The first trilogy of Star Wars films set the standard for what we now know as the modern blockbuster. Lucas created a new deep level of world-building, and together with Industrial Light and Magic crafted some of the best visual effects that audiences had ever seen. From a storytelling perspective, Lucas’s philosophy was all about huge concepts, clever effects, and clear character arcs. It was a model that the entire movie industry ultimately adopted, leading to the success of franchises like Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and Harry Potter.
  • But perhaps the most lasting impact of Star Wars is the way Lucasfilm set up its own production studio. Using its own resources, Lucasfilm pioneered an innovative, vertically integrated business model capable of controlling every link of production and distribution. Independent filmmakers followed suit, allowing for a new generation of diverse and truly independent movies to reach the big screen. 

Ultimately, the influence of Star Wars extended beyond the big screen, becoming a defining landmark in both the history of film and business.

Universal Appeal of the Star Wars Series

Star Wars is perhaps the most beloved film series of all time. Since the release of the first film in 1977, the series has grown to become one of the most culturally relevant pieces of cinema in history. Such universal expression extends beyond simply being entertaining – the themes and messages shared through these stories transcend age, race, nationality, and culture, intensifying its overwhelming popularity.

  • A big part of the series' appeal is related to its profound themes and messages which question concepts such as power, courage, and faith. The heroic protagonist, Luke Skywalker, exemplifies these qualities in an archetypal way, providing an aspirational figure for all people. His story begins with him as an orphan farm kid on a distant planet, before eventually culminating with him as the leader of a significant rebellion against a corrupt government. Fans of the series can’t help but route for Luke and wish for a better future.
  • Characteristics of the series also add to its charm. Its setting in space provides a fantastic backdrop for inter-galactic exploration. Its unique technology and gadgets draw in curious viewers. Its lighthearted comedy and wit act as comedic relief from the intense story arcs, making it lighthearted and enjoyable. It’s easy to lose oneself in a Star Wars movie for two hours, taking a reprieve from everyday life.

The impact of the Star Wars series is far-reaching. Its global success has led to an entire industry dedicated to the continued existence of the series. It’s the kind of story which can be enjoyed alone, with friends, and with family, no matter the age, location, or culture. It's an inspiring story, one which will go on to eternally battle nihilism and prejudice in minds everywhere.

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