Are you passionate about gardening? Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn more about square foot gardening, organic gardening, and homesteading? Look no further! In this article, you can find a list of the top YouTube channels for any type of gardener. From square foot gardening to homesteading and vegetable gardening, you will find the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you take your garden to the next level. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels to take your gardening experience to the next level!

Square foot gardening: Top Youtube Channels

Rainbow Gardens

Channel Views: ~15.5m Channel Subscribers: ~110k Channel Videos: ~855

Rainbow Gardens Youtube Channel

The Rainbow Gardens YouTube channel is the perfect source of gardening inspiration for those looking to create a lush and vibrant garden. The channel covers topics from square foot gardening to vertical gardens, and provides helpful tips on how to grow your own kitchen garden. Learn about the techniques of square foot garden and how to create a vertical garden with Rainbow Gardens!


Channel Views: ~62.9m Channel Subscribers: ~536k Channel Videos: ~423

GrowVeg Youtube Channel

GrowVeg is a YouTube channel devoted to helping gardeners of all levels get the most from their space. They offer square foot gardening tips, vegetable garden planning advice, vegetable garden plan layouts, and comprehensive growing guides for vegetables and fruits. Additionally, they provide helpful insight into maximizing garden yields and maintaining a healthy and productive vegetable garden.

Whitt Acres Nature at Home

Channel Views: ~88.6k Channel Subscribers: ~928 Channel Videos: ~259

Whitt Acres Nature at Home Youtube Channel

Whitt Acres Nature at Home is a YouTube channel focusing on square foot gardening, gardening at home, seed starting, food forests, vegetable gardens, perennial gardens, gardening tips, and zone 6 gardening. It aims to help gardeners in zone 6 take better care of their gardens and create beautiful, productive solutions for their outdoor and indoor living spaces. They provide easy to understand tips and tricks for beginner, intermediate, and expert gardeners alike.

Growing In The Garden

Channel Views: ~10.9m Channel Subscribers: ~142k Channel Videos: ~208

Growing In The Garden Youtube Channel

Growing In The Garden is a YouTube channel that provides helpful and informative tips on square foot gardening, learn how to garden, and other related topics such as desert gardening, gardening in Arizona, arizona gardening, and master gardening. With a focus on desert garden and low desert garden, you'll learn how to grow in hot weather and garden in Arizona.

Our Sufficient Life

Channel Views: ~367k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~137

Our Sufficient Life Youtube Channel

Our Sufficient Life YouTube channel is dedicated to teaching viewers all about the homesteading lifestyle. With videos on topics such as square foot gardening, homestead recipes, and homestead life, viewers will get an in-depth look at what it takes to become self-sufficient, as well as how to build and start a homestead. The channel also offers tips on how to be self-sufficient and how to apply square foot gardening principles to achieve a self-sufficient living.

Leslie Caza

Channel Views: ~729k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~83

Leslie Caza Youtube Channel

Leslie Caza's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone passionate about square foot gardening, lifestyle and food. She explores the fascinating world of growing your own food in small-space gardens and offers tips on how to make good use of it. Through her videos, Leslie offers viewers advice and insights about the different aspects of living an enriched lifestyle. From harvesting the vegetables to cooking with them, her channel covers a range of topics on sustainable living.

Organic Backyard Gardening Channel

Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~57.1k Channel Videos: ~81

Organic Backyard Gardening Channel Youtube Channel

The Organic Backyard Gardening Channel on YouTube is a great resource for gardeners of all skill levels. Learn how to plan and design a square foot garden, build a raised bed, and find tips for organic gardening. Discover gardening tricks to maximize productivity and make the best of your garden space. Get expert advice on garden planning and growing your favorite fruits and vegetables. This channel has it all for gardening beginners and pros alike!

Small Garden Quest

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~34k Channel Videos: ~67

Small Garden Quest Youtube Channel

Small Garden Quest is a YouTube channel that provides helpful tips and advice for those wanting to start their own vegetable garden. It specializes in square foot gardening in raised beds and offers comprehensive advice for beginner gardeners. From raised bed gardening to vegetable gardening, Small Garden Quest provides lessons and strategies for starting home gardening from scratch.

Selecting the Appropriate Plants for a Square Foot Garden

Square foot gardens are great for small spaces with their unique style and versatility. Whether you are an experienced organic gardener or a novice looking for an easy way to get started, square foot gardens have something for everyone. The two most important aspects to consider when creating your square foot garden are the type of plants that you select and the layout of your garden.

  • The right choice of plants will depend on your individual preferences, but there are a few tips that can help you to make the best possible choice. Begin by considering the size of the plants and how you want them to fit into the allotted space. Selecting hardy, low-growing plants such as herbs and vegetables with shallow roots can help you maximize the space and light available. Additionally, it is important to consider the climate and the exposure of the garden when selecting plants.
  • Finally, selecting appropriate companion plants in your square foot garden can make a big difference. Companion planting is a popular gardening technique in which plants are grouped based on their known compatibility. When done correctly, companion planting will encourage growth, reduce pests, and enhance yield of the plants. Be sure to do research on known compatible plants and look into local growing conditions before finalizing your plant selections. 

By considering all these factors, you can be confident that you have chosen the best possible plants for your square foot garden.

Preparing the Soil for Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is a great way to grow a large array of vegetables in a small space. To make sure you are successful in your square foot gardening, the most important step is to properly prepare your soil. Here are some tips to help you get the soil ready for square foot gardening.

  1. The first step is to incorporate organic material into the soil. You can easily accomplish this by composting kitchen and yard waste. Adding compost will help improve the soil's texture, add nutrients, and promote microbial activity that will help your plants thrive. When you are placing the compost in your garden area, be sure to place it a couple of inches below the surface.
  2. The second step is to check your soil's pH level using a simple soil test. Generally, vegetable plants perform best in soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. If your soil's pH is too low, you can add lime to increase the pH level. If the pH is too high, you can add ground rock sulfur to bring it down.
  3. The third step is to loosen the soil with a turning fork, and get rid of any rocks and debris. If your soil is compacted or has a lot of clay, adding sand will help with drainage. Be sure to mix the sand well before planting. After your soil is adequately prepared, you can then move onto planting the vegetables in your square foot garden. 

With a little bit of preparation, you will ensure a successful and bountiful harvest.

Controlling the Temperature in a Square Foot Garden

Maintaining an ideal temperature is essential for any successful garden, and this is especially true when it comes to square foot gardens. A square foot garden is a great way to maximize the limited space you have in your garden and all that can be grown in it. But caring for such a garden requires certain considerations to ensure that your plants are able to thrive. In this blog, we'll discuss effective ways to control the temperature in a square foot garden.

  • One way to control the temperature in a square foot garden is by utilizing mulch. Using mulch acts as an insulator, keeping the soil temperature at a steady and controlled level. For a square foot garden, you should use a combination of both organic and inorganic mulch to be most effective. Organic mulches like wood chips and straw help to regulate the soil temperature, while inorganic mulches like stones and plastic serve to retain heat and prevent water from evaporating.
  • Another way to control the temperature in a square foot garden is by choosing plants that are suited for your area. Before planting, research the climate, temperature, and conditions where you live, and use that information to choose what kind of plants you will grow. Some plants may be better adapted to colder temperatures, while others may thrive in hotter and dryer climates. By accounting for the climate conditions in your area, you can select the most appropriate plants for your square foot garden and help ensure their success.

By following the advice above, you'll be able to keep the temperature in your square foot garden in check, helping you to be successful in your gardening endeavors. With the right combination of mulches and plants, you'll be on your way to growing your own square foot garden. 

Good luck!

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