11 Best Speech Language Pathology Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels related to speech-language pathology, university, health, speech therapy, speech language pathology, healthcare, education, college, hospital, or research? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore some of the best YouTube channels available on the subject. So keep reading to discover the top YouTube channels for speech-language pathology, university, health, speech therapy, speech language pathology, healthcare, education, college, hospital, and research. You won't be disappointed!

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~16.9k Channel Videos: ~503

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Youtube Channel

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association YouTube channel provides a wide variety of informative videos related to the speech-language pathology profession, helping speech language pathologists, speech therapists, and audiologists stay up to date on the latest ASHA news and resources. They also provide helpful information on topics such as audiology, SLP careers, and research-backed articles on speech-language pathology. With their engaging videos, the ASHA YouTube channel is the perfect resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their speech language therapy experience.

Emily Perry

Channel Views: ~525.1k Channel Subscribers: ~10k Channel Videos: ~27

Emily Perry Youtube Channel

Emily Perry's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for speech and language education for parents and professionals. She provides speech tips and facts every Tuesday and Friday, and shares updates about the latest speech language pathology research. She offers insightful guidance and advice on different home therapy techniques and is passionate about helping those with speech and language impairments. Her channel covers topics such as speech therapist etiquette, types of speech therapy, and more. Her channel is a must-watch for anyone interested in speech and language therapy.

Patricia Ruiz

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~39.5k Channel Videos: ~54

Patricia Ruiz Youtube Channel

Patricia Ruiz's YouTube channel is a great resource for those seeking to learn more about speech-language pathology. On her channel she shares tips and advice on how to better handle speech therapy, as well as information about speech delays and stuttering. Her videos provide viewers with a comprehensive overview of the topics and they are very informative and helpful.

Karina Kurlz

Channel Views: ~348k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~254

Karina Kurlz Youtube Channel

Karina Kurlz is a YouTube channel created by a Speech-Language Pathologist and First Time Mom based in San Antonio. She offers videos that provide advice on Speech Therapy topics such as SLP Assistant roles and Speech Assistant tips within a school setting. She also provides advice on Speech Language Pathology courses from the University of Texas at Austin.

Salus University

Channel Views: ~132.1k Channel Subscribers: ~445 Channel Videos: ~387

Salus University Youtube Channel

Salus University's YouTube channel is a great resource for learning about health care education. It covers topics such as speech-language pathology, physician assistant, public health, education and rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired, occupational therapy, and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. With its informative videos and lectures, the channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the fields of speech language pathology and optometry.

Emilyy Elizabeth Davio

Channel Views: ~197.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~123

Emilyy Elizabeth Davio Youtube Channel

Emily Elizabeth Davio's YouTube channel is an informative and entertaining source of information on speech-language pathology, Tourism and lifestyle topics. She offers an insider's perspective of various locations as well as helpful tips and advice on utilizing speech-language pathology to improve communication and quality of life. Emily shares her lifestyle with viewers through fun and informative videos about her travels and everyday life.

Katz School of Science and Health

Channel Views: ~58k Channel Subscribers: ~236 Channel Videos: ~71

Katz School of Science and Health Youtube Channel

Katz School of Science and Health is a YouTube channel focused on providing graduate school education in areas such as speech-language pathology, risk management, data science, education, science, technology, business, and health. It offers video lectures from top experts to help viewers better understand important concepts in each field and develop practical skills for professional success. Additionally, the channel also covers topics related to speech language pathology, making it a comprehensive learning resource.

Exceptional Theraplay

Channel Views: ~861.7k Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~88

Exceptional Theraplay Youtube Channel

Exceptional Theraplay is a YouTube channel dedicated to the topic of speech-language pathology. Its content serves as a source of knowledge and entertainment for viewers, and covers a range of discussions including hobby and lifestyle topics. It takes a personal approach to exposing viewers to the professional world of speech-language pathology.

Speech Pathology Australia

Channel Views: ~73.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~102

Speech Pathology Australia Youtube Channel

Speech Pathology Australia is a YouTube channel devoted to helping people understand and improve their speech and language abilities. They provide tutorials and strategies related to speech-language pathology, voice, and more. Their videos cover a wide range of topics from pronunciation to conversation strategies and beyond. With a range of helpful resources and information, the Speech Pathology Australia YouTube channel is an excellent source for anyone interested in improving their speech and language.

The Informed SLP

Channel Views: ~5.5k Channel Subscribers: ~219 Channel Videos: ~15

The Informed SLP Youtube Channel

The Informed SLP is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing evidence-based information on the topics of speech-language pathology, speech-language pathology research, and related topics. Through videos, lectures, and other materials, this channel offers SLPs up-to-date resources and information to support their clinical practice.

Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association (OSHA)

Channel Views: ~174.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~15

Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association (OSHA) Youtube Channel

The Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association (OSHA) YouTube channel dives deep into various topics related to speech-language pathology. It offers videos on a range of topics such as how to be a successful speech-language pathologist, how to help the hard of hearing, how to work with the transgender voice, the use of augmentative and alternative communication, and explanations of what speech-language pathologists do. This channel is the perfect resource for anyone interested in Speech-Language Pathology.

Common Types of Speech–Language Disorders

Speech-language disorders are conditions that affect a person’s ability to speak or understand language. They can range from mild to severe, in both children and adults. Knowing the common types of speech-language disorders is important for individuals who are experiencing communication problems, and for the people who care for them.

The most common types of speech-language disorders are stuttering, articulation disorders, language disorders, phonological disorders, and voice disorders. 

  1. Stuttering is a disruption of the fluency of speech, marked by typical pauses and repetitions. 
  2. Articulation disorders involve difficulty in producing some speech sounds correctly, due to incorrect types of movement of the tongue, lips, jaw, or palate. 
  3. Language disorders involve difficulty understanding or expressing language. 
  4. Phonological disorders involve difficulty with the structure and sound of language, such as substitution of one sound for another. 
  5. And voice disorders involve hoarseness, breathiness, pitch, volume, or resonance of the voice.

In addition to the more common speech-language disorders mentioned, there are other communication difficulties caused by conditions such as autism, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, and cerebral palsy. A speech-language pathologist is an expert in assessing and diagnosing speech-language disorders and providing appropriate treatment to help individuals communicate, develop language, and improve their quality of life.

Benefits of Early Intervention with Speech-Language Therapy

Early intervention with speech-language therapy is a career-long process that supports communication and language development for children. It can help children with delays in speech, language, and communication skills to reach their overall communication and development goals. Through early intervention with speech-language therapy, children can develop communication skills necessary for success in the school environment, in their personal relationships, and in life in general.

  • Through speech-language therapy, language is broken down into manageable pieces, helping children gain the skills and understandings critical for communication development. Language-based activities and play-based therapy activities are used to encourage children to interact with others in meaningful ways and develop the skills to do this. Professionals such as speech-language pathologists can assess a child's speech and language skills and provide interventions to improve upon any deficits found.
  • In addition to its use for children with diagnosed communication delays, speech-language therapy may also benefit children who are on the autism spectrum or who have other communication disorders. Early intervention with speech-language therapy can empower parents to recognize and address any communication problems their child may have and guide them through interventions and strategies to promote their child’s development. 

With the help of professionals such as speech-language pathologists, children can progress through the process of early intervention and continue to gain language throughout their lives.

How Speech-Language Pathology Can Reduce Barriers to Communication

Communication plays a vital role in our daily lives. We use communication to interact with the world around us and with those we care about. Unfortunately, communication can also act as a barrier between us and our caregivers if we are unable to effectively communicate our needs or have difficulty understanding what is being said to us. Speech-language pathology is a field of medicine focused on improving communication and reducing barriers to communication.

  • Speech-language pathologists work to identify areas of difficulty and then develop individualized treatment plans for individuals to help them communicate more effectively. Treatment may include teaching new communication skills, helping the individual understand what is being said, improving language and speech, and using alternative methods of communication if needed. The end goal is to improve the individual’s ability to communicate with their environment, peers, and family.
  • Speech-language pathologists also work with the person’s caregivers and family to support communication and reduce barriers. Caregivers can learn techniques to help their loved one to communicate, such as using visual cues or providing opportunities to practice new techniques. It is important to remember that speech-language pathology is not only focused on improving communication but also on quality of life. By reducing barriers to communication, an individual will have a better overall quality of life.

Speech-language pathology can provide the tools and strategies individuals need to reduce communication barriers. With the help of a speech-language pathologist, individuals can improve their communication skills and have a more successful interaction with the environment around them. With improved communication comes an improved quality of life.

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