Are you looking for the perfect YouTube channels to learn about shiatsu massage, health, gadgets, electronics, beauty, relaxation, and unboxing? Look no further! By reading on, you will be sure to find some of the top YouTube channels to keep you informed and entertained on all things related to shiatsu, health, gadgets, electronics, beauty, relaxation, reviews, and unboxing! Keep reading to find out more!

Shiatsu: Top Youtube Channels

Shiatsu College Norwich

Channel Views: ~115.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~8

Shiatsu College Norwich Youtube Channel

Shiatsu College Norwich is a YouTube channel focused on traditional Chinese medicine and alternative health practices including shiatsu, chi gung, energy work and bodywork. The channel offers tips and techniques for complimentary and alternative medicine, as well as Qigong exercises. This is an indispensable resource for health practitioners and those interested in learning more about traditional Chinese medicine.


Channel Views: ~8.1m Channel Subscribers: ~14k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

BeurerCompany Youtube Channel

The BeurerCompany YouTube channel offers educational and informative videos about a variety of their health and beauty products, including Shiatsu massage chairs, blood pressure monitors, pain therapy - TENS, pulse oximeters for measuring oxygen absorption, insect bite healers, muscle stimulation ? EMS, and hair dryers. With their extensive range of products, BeurerCompany provides customers with items to assist with medical health and beauty needs.

Thiago Nishida

Channel Views: ~12.4m Channel Subscribers: ~181k Channel Videos: ~692

Thiago Nishida Youtube Channel

Thiago Nishida's YouTube channel focuses on shiatsu, auriculoterapia and fisioterapia. His videos offer a quick massage tutorial showcasing the amazing benefits of the treatments as well as providing a step-by-step tutorial for a full-body massage. His channel also provides a variety of courses on massage, shiatsu and auriculoterapia. With Thiago Nishida's channel, you can learn to give yourself a relaxing and rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your own home!

Karen A Fine Balance

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.9k Channel Videos: ~190

Karen A Fine Balance Youtube Channel

Karen A Fine Balance is a YouTube channel which shows people how to alleviate discomfort and release tension in their bodies through shiatsu techniques and massage in Highgate, London. Specialising in relieving back, neck and shoulder pain as well as tension headaches. Karen teaches viewers how to use shiatsu and massage to bring balance, relaxation and ease.

lucky mandalas

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~24.3k Channel Videos: ~9

lucky mandalas Youtube Channel

Lucky Mandalas is a YouTube channel that offers unique content focused on Shiatsu massage, DIY arts & crafts projects, wall art, and unisex t-shirt designs. They provide viewers with drawing tutorials and tips for creating their own mandalas, as well as offering print-on-demand options. Their content encompasses a range of topics related to wellness, lifestyle, and woman care.

Cloud Massage

Channel Views: ~98.1k Channel Subscribers: ~103 Channel Videos: ~5

Cloud Massage Youtube Channel

Cloud Massage is a YouTube channel that specializes in providing information on shiatsu massage, home massage and reflexology foot massage benefits. They offer tutorials, instructional videos and informative videos that teach viewers about foot massage, shiatsu massage and reflexology. They focus on helping viewers gain knowledge and benefit from the power of massage. Their videos provide helpful tips for anyone looking to become better informed about the health benefits of massage.

What Happens During a Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic treatment that is tailored to the individual needs of each person. Shiatsu is a type of bodywork therapy that is ideal for anyone looking to balance and improve their overall health and well-being. As Shiatsu is based on the core belief that energy flows throughout the body, and any blockages or imbalances can cause physical and emotional pain, it is possible to help individuals to achieve a state of balance in their lives.

So, what happens during a Shiatsu treatment? During a Shiatsu session, a trained therapist will assess each individual’s specific needs before applying massage and pressure to specific points on the energy pathways known as ‘meridians’. The application of pressure usually focuses on the acupressure points in the body, which helps to unblock any areas of stagnation in the person’s energy. In some cases, the therapist may also massage the body or use additional techniques such as cupping or heat therapy to help the person to relax.

Overall, Shiatsu can be a very relaxing experience, and many people report that they leave their treatments feeling energised and with an enhanced sense of wellbeing. It is also thought to be beneficial in helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and providing relief from general aches and pains. This is why Shiatsu can be an effective non-invasive treatment for a number of physical, mental and emotional issues. With regular sessions, many people find they be able to resolve their health issues and obtain relief from their symptoms.

Essential Elements of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese form of massage that works to improve the flow of vital energy, or qi, through the body. It is a full body massage that has been shown to be beneficial in providing relief from muscle tension and stress, as well as promoting general wellbeing. Here are some of the essential elements of this popular massage technique.

  • The first element of a Shiatsu massage is the use of pressure with the palms, fingers, and thumbs. As its name suggests, Shiatsu is a pressure-based massage that applies focused pressure to areas along the body’s energy pathways. Therefore, the use of these points is essential to ensure that the massage is effective and helps relieve muscle tension and promote wellbeing.
  • Finally, Shiatsu massage also uses stretching and joint manipulation. The therapist will use their hands to gently stretch the limbs and other parts of the body. Additionally, the joints in the extremities may be manipulated to help improve the flow of qi in the body. All these elements are an essential part of Shiatsu massage and help create a lasting effect.

In summary, there are three essential elements of Shiatsu massage. First, there is the application of pressure along specific parts of the body. Second, stretching and joint manipulation is used to further stimulate the flow of qi. Finally, the therapist will use their hands in a variety of ways to ensure the massage is both enjoyable and effective. By incorporating these components, a Shiatsu massage can truly be an experience that promotes health and wellbeing.

How Shiatsu Can Improve Your Well-Being

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese form of massage which uses finger and palm pressure to apply massage on different parts of the body. It helps to promote general well-being and balance in the body and mind. Shiatsu is a great way to improve your overall well-being.

  • It focuses on energy pathways called meridians in your body which allows for the flow of life-force energy or 'chi' throughout your body. By applying pressure to these energy pathways, this massage works to unblock any stagnant areas in the body and help your energy flow more freely. This can help to make you feel more relaxed and balanced.
  • Besides helping with physical symptoms, Shiatsu can also help to improve your mental clarity and reduce stress levels. Research has shown that this massage can have a positive effect on your mood, leaving you feeling relaxed, positive and content. In addition, Shiatsu promotes the release of serotonin which is known to reduce feelings of depression. All of these benefits result in an overall better sense of well-being. All in all, Shiatsu is a great way to promote your overall well-being. 

With regular practice of this massage, you can expect to see benefits in both your physical and mental health. So why not give it a try and experience the benefits of Shiatsu for yourself?

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