Are you interested in learning more about seascape photography? Or perhaps you'd like to explore the beautiful landscapes of the world? If so, then this article is for you! We have searched high and low to find the best YouTube channels that specialize in seascape photography, landscape photography, travel photography, and more. So keep reading to find not only the most informative channels, but also those that will inspire you on your journey!

Seascape photography: Top Youtube Channels

Paul Compton PDphotography

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~11.8k Channel Videos: ~764

Paul Compton PDphotography Youtube Channel

Paul Compton PDphotography is a YouTube channel offering photography tutorials, tuition, and vlogs on landscape and seascape photography. The channel provides helpful tips and how to videos, enabling viewers to learn photography skills and techniques in a fun and interactive way. Paul also provides one to one tuition for writers who want to take their photography to the next level and explore the beautiful landscape they love.

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Channel Views: ~862.5k Channel Subscribers: ~6.5k Channel Videos: ~365

Lynne Luxon-Jones Youtube Channel

Lynne Luxon-Jones's YouTube channel is a great source for those who are interested in seascape photography. Lynne is a female photographer who regularly vlogs from her caddy camper while on a van life adventure. Viewers can get an inside glimpse of what their favorite photography spots look like and watch tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage as Lynne shares her digital photography secrets and tips. If you're a fan of Lynne J Photography, be sure to check out her YouTube channel!

Ben Fewtrell

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~11.6k Channel Videos: ~249

Ben Fewtrell Youtube Channel

Ben Fewtrell's YouTube channel is a great place to explore both seascape and landscape photography, as well as get a behind-the-scenes look on his photography vlog. From his stunning images and insightful vlogs to his unique photography style, Ben Fewtrell's channel is the perfect place for photography enthusiasts to learn from and be inspired. Also known as 'on3legs', Ben Fewtrell is a popular and accomplished photographer who showcases his work to an increasingly large audience. Don't miss out on this engaging channel!

Mark Kerton

Channel Views: ~569.1k Channel Subscribers: ~9.1k Channel Videos: ~181

Mark Kerton Youtube Channel

Mark Kerton's YouTube channel is an amazing source for photographers around the world. Through his seascape and landscape photography, Kerton reveals how he works with his Canon 1DX camera and its settings for the best results. Additionally, he offers tutorials and tips on how to take stunning photographs and use basic photo editing techniques. Finally, his channel also covers sports and woodland photography. All in all, for any shutterbug, Mark Kerton's channel is not to be missed.

Andrew Marr

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~48.8k Channel Videos: ~163

Andrew Marr Youtube Channel

Andrew Marr's YouTube channel focuses on stunning photography from around the world. His seascape and landscape photography showcase long exposures, astro photography, as well as travel and adventure photography. Visit his channel to find the best and top landscape photography and learn tips from his mentor Thomas Heaton.

Ian Barrow Photography

Channel Views: ~62.8k Channel Subscribers: ~876 Channel Videos: ~145

Ian Barrow Photography Youtube Channel

Ian Barrow Photography is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing guidance, inspiration, and quality content to viewers interested in seascape and landscape photography. With helpful tips, stunning visuals, and featured location recommendations, Ian Barrow Photography offers a varied array of videos for the budding photographer.

Ben McDonald

Channel Views: ~122.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~132

Ben McDonald Youtube Channel

Ben McDonald's YouTube channel is a great resource for photography enthusiasts, featuring a combination of seascape photography, landscape photography, camera reviews, Nikon photography, and photography vlogs. Ben does an excellent job of sharing his knowledge and passion for photography, making his channel a must-watch for anybody interested in taking up photography.

Clifton Ticehurst

Channel Views: ~62.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~69

Clifton Ticehurst Youtube Channel

Clifton Ticehurst is a vlogger and videographer form Devon that focuses on seascape, black and white, and landscape photography. His YouTube channel documents his work as well as his experiences living with essential tremor. He shares his insightful and inspirational content with his viewers.

Stuart Marsden

Channel Views: ~40.6k Channel Subscribers: ~953 Channel Videos: ~33

Stuart Marsden Youtube Channel

Stuart Marsden's YouTube channel is filled with stunning landscape and seascape photography from the Lake District, the Northumberland Coast, and other places he visits in his VW Campervan. He creates remarkable long-exposure photographs of the natural world that capture detail in the movement of the sea, sky, and clouds. His channel also includes documented travels and tips on how to get the best photos on your next adventure.

What Equipment is Necessary for Seascape Photography?

Seascape photography is one of the most popular types of photography, capturing beautiful moments of oceans, beaches, horizon lines, and more. There is a certain level of equipment necessary to ensure you can take stunning shots of your outdoor escapades. To get the most out of your seascape photography sessions, there are several items you should consider having:

  • A steady tripod is arguably the most important piece of equipment you need in order to capture clear and crisp seascape photos. A quality model is worth investing in, as it will save you time when adjusting your camera and help you create more defined shots. Depending on the terrain you're shooting from, you may also want to invest in a ball head and gimbal for extra stability and control.
  • No one wants to lug around a heavy camera and lenses for an entire day, so it may be a good idea to use a smaller camera. Mirrorless systems often provide users with more manual control, better image quality, and a smaller body size than DSLRs. Additionally, you may want to bring along a range of lenses depending on the type of seascape shot you want to create, such as wide angle and telephoto lenses. Further accessories such as filters, cases and battery packs may also prove to be useful.

Overall, the key to getting the most out of seascape photography is to have the right equipment for you. Consider what type of shots you're looking to capture and use that as a guide when deciding which items to purchase or borrow. With a bit of patience and the right gear, you'll be able to create stunning seascape images that will capture memories for many years to come.

Choosing the Right Seascape Photography Location

When planning your next seascape photography shoot, the most difficult decision is often choosing the right location. It's important to take into account both the conditions of the area and your own style of photography. By considering the big picture and asking yourself a few key questions, you can narrow down your search and make sure you end up with a stunning set of shots.

  • The first step is to determine which type of seascape photography best suits your style. Do you want to capture the tranquil beauty of beach-based landscapes, or the power of turbulent ocean waves? Consider the time of day, too. Early mornings and late evenings bring different levels of light and atmosphere, so it's worth factoring this into your decision-making process. Once you've decided on the type of shot you're looking for, you can start searching for locations.
  • Look around your local area and assess the coastline to get an idea of what's available. Take into account the state of the tide, the weather conditions and the types of natural features you'll be able to incorporate into your shots. It's also a good idea to bear in mind your level of experience. With some practice and research, anyone can find the perfect seascape photography location, no matter how experienced they are. 

With the right guidance, you can make the most out of your next shooting expedition.

Tips and Tricks on Taking Seascape Photos

If you are looking to take stunning photographs of seascapes and capture that perfect shot, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. Firstly, choose a good time of the day to shoot your photos. Early evening just after the sun sets is a good time to take your photos as the lighting is usually at its best. It’s also worth keeping an eye out on the weather forecast to ensure that the conditions are good for taking photos.
  2. Next, experiment with different angles and get creative when taking the photos. Try shooting up close to the water and focus in on the details of the waves or shooting from further away to capture the scale and beauty of the entire ocean. Take your time to get to know the landscape and get familiar with your camera to get the very best results.
  3. Finally, think about the features in the landscape that could make for an interesting shot. Find something that stands out like a sea stack or an isolated beach to add an extra dynamic element to your photographs. You could also experiment with different camera settings such as changing the shutter speed to help capture a sense of motion in your photos. 

Don’t be afraid to take risks and be creative when shooting seascape photos. Good luck!

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