There are so many great YouTube channels out there devoted to dance and music. But if you're specifically interested in learning about and watching Brazilian Samba dancing, then you'll want to check out the following channels. These are our picks for the best channels to watch for Brazilian Samba dancing videos.

Samba (brazilian dance): Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~4.4b Channel Subscribers: ~8.8m Channel Videos: ~22.9k

Howcast Youtube Channel

The Howcast YouTube channel is a collection of videos that teach viewers how to do various things, ranging from Brazilian Samba dance moves to DIY projects. The videos are all well-made and instructional, making them perfect for those who want to learn how to do something new. Whether you're looking for a tutorial on how to make a specific dish or you want to learn how to dance the Samba, Howcast is a great place to start.

Oleg Astakhov

Channel Views: ~94.5m Channel Subscribers: ~233k Channel Videos: ~3.1k

Oleg Astakhov Youtube Channel

Oleg Astakhov's YouTube channel is all about dancing! He offers dance lessons for a variety of dances, including samba, cha cha, ballroom, and more. He also has a section on his channel dedicated to dance sports. Whether you want to learn to dance for fun or competition, Oleg Astakhov's YouTube channel is a great resource.

Sydney LatinFestival

Channel Views: ~6.7m Channel Subscribers: ~8.2k Channel Videos: ~898

Sydney LatinFestival Youtube Channel

The channel consists of videos from the Sydney Latin Festival, which is a yearly event that includes a salsa congress, latin dance competitions, and performances.Jaime Jesus and Oliver & Luda are two of the dancers featured in the videos, and they dance various latin dances including salsa, zouk, and bachata. The videos also feature the Brazilian dance, samba.

Brazil Carnival Videos

Channel Views: ~30.8m Channel Subscribers: ~65.2k Channel Videos: ~651

Brazil Carnival Videos Youtube Channel

The Brazil Carnival Videos YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing videos of the Brazilian Samba dance. Samba is a Brazilian dance that originated in the African slaves brought to Brazil. The dance is characterized by its quick and lively movements, and is often performed at Brazilian Carnival celebrations. The channel features videos of samba dancers performing at various Carnival celebrations, as well as instructional videos on how to perform the dance.


Channel Views: ~80.9m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~618

DAILY FUN TV Youtube Channel

The DAILY FUN TV YouTube channel is all about samba, the popular Brazilian dance. The channel features videos of people dancing samba in various settings, from clubs and parties to parades and festivals. In addition to the samba videos, the channel also has videos on other aspects of Brazilian culture and lifestyle.

MrHelioFaria - dancefunfitness

Channel Views: ~22.2m Channel Subscribers: ~150k Channel Videos: ~416

MrHelioFaria - dancefunfitness Youtube Channel

The MrHelioFaria - dancefunfitness YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in learning how to samba, as well as for those who want to get a Latin dance workout in 2020. The channel features a variety of African dance workouts, as well as dance for beginners classes. Additionally, the channel offers longer dance workouts and dancestepz workouts. For those looking for a dance workout at home, the MrHelioFaria - dancefunfitness channel is a great option, offering a variety of live dance classes.


Channel Views: ~53m Channel Subscribers: ~90.8k Channel Videos: ~361

ballilatini Youtube Channel

The ballilatini YouTube channel is filled with a mix of international dance music, ranging from Brazilian samba and danza kuduro to Cuban salsa loco and Spanish baila loco. Whether you're looking for balli di gruppo or just looking to have some fun with musica para bailar, you'll find it on this channel. Perfect for adding the soundtrack to any summer 2016 party, you'll find the latest Latin and Brazilian musica per ballare.

Ana Arruda

Channel Views: ~301.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~279

Ana Arruda Youtube Channel

The Ana Arruda YouTube channel is all about samba, with Ana herself being a professional samba dancer and teacher. There are videos of her dancing at carnivals and in the street, as well as instructional videos teaching viewers how to do various samba moves.


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~12.3k Channel Videos: ~155

Sambaliscious Youtube Channel

Sambaliscious is a YouTube channel dedicated to the passion for samba and the music of Latin America. From the streets of Brazil to your living room, the channel is your source to learn, learn, and enjoy samba and other dance styles! With interesting tutorials, step-by-step guides, and performances to inspire, Sambaliscious is the perfect hobby and lifestyle channel to discover the joys of Latin American music and performing arts!

Latin Dance Australia

Channel Views: ~939.3k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~95

Latin Dance Australia Youtube Channel

Latin Dance Australia is an exciting YouTube channel that showcases some of the most popular Latin dances like samba (brazilian dance), cha cha, salsa, bachata, and more. With videos and tutorials, the channel is perfect for learning, practice, and joining the Latin dance scene with other dancers. Find exciting performances, festival footage, and get ready for some fun and energetic Latin dancing!

Exploring the Art Behind The Brazilian Samba Dance

The Brazilian Samba dance is a traditional dance from Brazil that is highly expressive and full of life. It is often seen as part of larger Brazilian dance festivals, or at Sambódromo parades where hundreds of dancers perform in colorful costumes to the beat of a drum. The Samba is known for its uplifting and energetic movements that help to create an intense atmosphere of joy and celebration for all who witness it.

The choreography behind the Samba is complex, combining elements of African, Caribbean, and European dance traditions. It usually involves two to four partners, relying on quick and precise footwork, and intricate spinning and twirling. Furthermore, the costumes worn by dancers often varies greatly, with some wearing feathered headpieces, wild makeup, and vivid colors. All of these aspects contribute to the unique character of the Brazilian Samba dance.

The Brazilian Samba can be a powerful form of self-expression and personal liberation. When performed properly, the Samba is a thrilling experience for both dancer and viewer alike. It is an effective form of storytelling, conveying emotion and feeling through movement. Whether at a festival, a parade, or even a wedding, the Samba is sure to captivate all that witness it. By exploring the art behind it, one can truly appreciate the beauty of the Brazilian Samba dance.

Traditional Samba Clothes and Costumes

Samba is one of the most iconic and traditional styles of dance and music in Brazil, developed in the late 19th century. As such, it has its own dedicated costumes and clothes that are known and recognised all over the world. These traditional Samba clothes and costumes often feature bright, vibrant colors and designs that reflect the carnival party atmosphere that is associated with the style of dance.

The most typical Samba dance ensemble will consist of a variety of pieces which are chosen to compliment the dancers own look and body type. This includes a corset top or cava, a matching skirt that falls to around knee length, and a pair of short shorts. Head pieces such as tiaras and feathers are also common. The colors are normally very bright and bold, such as reds, oranges, blues, and greens. These colors are intended to attract attention and to provide maximum effect for the dancers performance.

The price for a complete set of traditional Samba costumes and clothes can vary depending on the type of fabrics and materials used. However, it is possible to purchase sets from around $50 to $200. It is also worth noting that these costumes are highly durable, so with proper care they can last years. Therefore, despite the upfront cost, they can prove to be a very cost-effective option for those looking to invest in Samba costumes.

You can get Brazilian samba dance costumes from

Where to Experience Authentic Samba Dances and Events?

Brazilian culture is often known for its vibrant Samba dances and events. Held to honor the African and indigenous cultures that have shaped the country, these events are renowned for their vibrant celebration of music and and dance.

  1. For those looking to experience an authentic Samba event, the best places to look are small towns and local neighborhoods throughout the country. Rio de Janeiro, in particular, has a wide variety of neighborhoods where street Samba parties can be experienced almost any day of the week. The events are led by local Samba bands and are filled with people of all ages, dancing and singing along to the music.
  2. Samba schools provide another option for experiencing the culture and art form of Samba. These schools are dedicated to the preservation, education and practice of traditional Samba events. Many cities throughout Brazil host large-scale Samba events, such as Carnaval and the New Year's Eve celebrations. If attending these large events is not an option, it may be possible to visit a samba school in many cities and enjoy a smaller, more intimate performance. No matter which course one decides to take, experiencing a Samba event is sure to be an event to remember.

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