If you love music and dance, then you'll want to check out these YouTube channels for the best-sacred dance and progressive house music. Sufi dancing is a beautiful and mystical form of dance that is perfect for meditation and relaxation. You'll find some of the best Sufi dancers on these channels, as well as some great progressive house music to get you moving. So why not give them a try? You might just find your new favorite YouTube channel.

Sacred dance: Top Youtube Channels

Sacred Dance - Friedel Kloke-Eibl

Channel Views: ~775.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~87

Sacred Dance - Friedel Kloke-Eibl Youtube Channel

The Sacred Dance - Friedel Kloke-Eibl YouTube channel is dedicated to promoting sacred dance, especially circle dances, and dance meditation. The channel is run by Friedel and Saskia Kloke-Eibl, who are passionate about promoting the benefits of sacred dance for physical, mental, and spiritual health. The channel features videos of both traditional and contemporary sacred dances from around the world, as well as interviews with dance experts and teachers.


Channel Views: ~24k Channel Subscribers: ~374 Channel Videos: ~108

TheUniversaldancer Youtube Channel

TheUniversaldancer is a YouTube channel devoted to sacred dance. The channel features videos of ancient dances from cultures around the world, including Egypt. The videos on the channel are designed to help promote health and well-being.

Peter Vallance

Channel Views: ~254.3k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~107

Peter Vallance Youtube Channel

The Peter Vallance YouTube channel is all about sacred dance and circle dance. He also tells stories and myths from different cultures. His channel is very popular with folk dancers and those interested in the Findhorn community.


Channel Views: ~964.9k Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~47

dhyanprafula Youtube Channel

Dhyanprafula is a sacred dance and music channel that explores the lifestyle and classical music of India. The channel features both solo and group performances and offers a unique perspective on Indian culture.

The Centrepiece Sessions

Channel Views: ~26.3k Channel Subscribers: ~314 Channel Videos: ~46

The Centrepiece Sessions Youtube Channel

The Centrepiece Sessions is a YouTube channel that includes sacred dance and circle dance. Traditional dances from around the world are shared and enjoyed by the Findhorn community in Scotland. These dances are often used as a party or celebrations.

Types Styles of Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance has been part of spiritual and religious rituals for centuries as a way of connecting with the divine. It is an expression of faith and devotion, a way to spread love and celebrate life. Different cultures have distinct dance styles that serve their spiritual purpose and express their beliefs. Here we will look at a few of the different types of sacred dance.

  • One of the most common types of sacred dance is the Sufi whirling, also known as the Sufi Dance. This dance was popularised by the wandering dervishes of 13th century Anatolia. It is a form of meditation in which the dancers spin around, worshipping God with every spin and trying to reach a higher state of consciousness.
  • The Native American Powwow is another popular form of sacred dance. This ceremonial dance is an integral part of a spiritual gathering and is usually accompanied by drums. The family or tribe dances in a circle, using various steps and feelings to impress upon their audience the power of their beliefs and culture. It is a chance for different clans of a tribe to come together and give thanks to the Great Spirit.

These are just a few of many types of Sacred Dance styles that exist around the world. Every culture has their way of expressing devotion and faith, and by observing sacred dance from different perspectives, we can understand how each society perceives and celebrates their faith. Sacred dance is a powerful way of connecting to the divine and celebrating the beauty of life.

Introducing the Techniques and Rituals of Sacred Dance

Introducing the techniques and rituals of sacred dance allows us to explore this tradition and to manifest a ritual state of mind.

The techniques of sacred dance can vary, depending on its source and location. Traditional techniques often involve repetitive sound and movement, such as chanting, drumming, and choreographed moves. Whether you are engaging in the ritual solo or with a group, be sure to pay attention to how your body and emotions are responding. Intention and concentration can give you deeper insight into the experience.

Sacred dance is also a way of connecting with your deeper self and your spiritual path. By moving your body to the rhythm of the music, you can journey beyond your physical being and into a realm of exploration and greater awareness. This can be especially true when engaging in traditional ceremonies, such as those found in Native American or African religions. Of course, many other cultural traditions also have powerful dances to honor their spiritual connections. Whichever tradition you are drawn to, you can explore the techniques and rituals of sacred dance and let your soul take flight.

Explore the power and potential of sacred dance and observe how it can bring us closer to self discovery, divine and spiritual connection, and celebration. Whether it be a traditional or modern form, a solo or a communal act, there is something special and powerful about the sacredness of dance. Allow yourself to drift away from the mundane and into an enhanced state of being, discover the beauty and power of sacred dance today.

Mastering the Art of Sacred Dance; Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Sacred dance is an ancient form of worship and connection to the divine. It dates back millennia to various Eastern and Western cultures, and has been used to bring practitioners closer to the divine. While this spiritual practice can be incredibly rewarding and powerful, it can also be intimidating and challenging for beginners. Don’t worry, though: with a few tips and strategies, any beginner can quickly gain familiarity and comfort in sacred dance.

The first piece of advice for beginners is to stay open minded. Too often, beginner sacred dancers settle into a fixed mindset, imposing their own ideas and expectations on the practice. Instead, it is important to be open to learning and to be open to the power of the sacred dance. That means trusting in the practice and really enjoying the energy and movements of sacred dance.

Finally, as with any skill, practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to get comfortable with sacred dance. Dedicate yourself to the practice and give yourself permission to make mistakes. Consider taking classes or joining a sacred dance circle to help you grow and improve your skills with guidance.

Sacred dance can be intimidating and challenging in the beginning, but with some guidance and practice, anyone can find the inner power of this ancient spiritual practice.

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