5 Best Royal Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels dedicated to royalty, music, official videos and news? Whether you're interested in the antics of the Royal Family, the latest VEVO releases, or free speech rock music, you're in the right place! Read on to discover the top YouTube channels with something for all tastes.

The Royal Family Channel

Channel Views: ~1.9b Channel Subscribers: ~3m Channel Videos: ~4.4k

The Royal Family Channel Youtube Channel

The Royal Family Channel is a YouTube channel dedicated to keeping viewers up to date with all the latest news and videos from the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. With exclusive content, behind-the-scenes interviews and more, Royal Family Channel is the perfect place to learn about the life of the royal family.

The Royal Family

Channel Views: ~264.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

The Royal Family Youtube Channel

The Royal Family YouTube channel is the official channel of the British royal family, providing viewers with an insight into the life of the monarchy. It features videos of the Queen, Prince of Wales, and other members of the United Kingdom's royal family.

Daily Mail Royals

Channel Views: ~33.1m Channel Subscribers: ~120k Channel Videos: ~609

Daily Mail Royals Youtube Channel

Daily Mail Royals is a YouTube channel dedicated to news and stories from the royal family, including the latest news on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Palace Confidential, Princess Diana, and Prince Charles. They provide up to date news and discussion about each member of the royal family.

Real Royalty

Channel Views: ~230.8m Channel Subscribers: ~865k Channel Videos: ~341

Real Royalty Youtube Channel

The Real Royalty YouTube channel offers detailed insight into the lives of British royalty and royalty all around the world by exploring their history and culture. It is a must-see for anyone interested in a real, in-depth look into the lives of regal figures and their place in the world. From Queen Elizabeth II to King Khalid of Saudi Arabia, Real Royalty covers a wide range of royal history and culture with a unique perspective.


Channel Views: ~312.3m Channel Subscribers: ~249k Channel Videos: ~4.4k


Neil Sean's Daily News Headlines YouTube Channel follows the Royal Family closely and includes breaking news accompanied by comedic commentary. He also celebrates gay icons from the golden age of Hollywood and old movies -- particularly focusing on Meghan and Harry. It is a great source for updates and entertainment alike.

Exploring the Royal Lifestyle with Luxury Vacations

Are you looking for a way to experience the lifestyle of royal families? Then a luxury vacation is the way to go! Luxury vacations can give you the opportunity to explore royal lifestyles around the world and they come with all kind of unforgettable experiences and activities from luxurious hotels and villas to royal dinners and tickets to castles.

  • On a luxury vacation, you'll have the opportunity to take a step back in time and enter the lives of some of the most famous royal families in history. Whether you're visiting the palaces of Europe or cruising the lush, tropical islands of the Caribbean, you'll get to enjoy all the class and extravagance that comes with living like royalty. From opulent five-star restaurants to golfing on the best 18-hole courses, you'll get to celebrate in style. You can even take day trips to nearby spots to get a glimpse of the local culture and soak up the atmosphere.
  • On your luxury vacation, you'll not only get to indulge in all the extravagances royal life has to offer, but you'll also get to find out more about the history behind them. From guided tours and museum visits to local cooking classes, luxury vacations offer plenty of activities to get you in touch with your inner monarch. You'll get to admire magnificent architecture, sample delectable cuisines and revel in the culture that has shaped some of the world's most grand cities. 

There's nothing quite like discovering the powerful and timeless stories that come along with living a royal life.

How To Attain a Royal Look for Your Outfits

Attaining an outfit that looks fit for royalty doesn’t need to be hard. With a few simple styling techniques and specific pieces, you can easily achieve a look that gives you an air of royalty.

  1. The most important way to get a royal look with your outfits is to pay attention to colours and fabrics. Choose pieces in luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, and other heavier materials with a focus on richer, luxe tones such as purple, burgundy, black, and gold. You can also create more contrast with bright white pieces or a statement pattern or texture. 
  2. Another way to add an opulent look to your outfits is to use bold accessories like oversized earrings and necklaces, arm cuffs, or a feather headpiece.
  3. In terms of silhouettes, pick pieces that nip you in at the waist for a more structured form. This will give your look more of a refined, regal feel with a more traditional look. To top off your outfit choose pieces such as a cape or velvet jacket which will create an over the top look that will give you a feeling of ultimate luxury. 

With these styling tips, you can easily attain a look that will make you look like royalty.

Enjoying the World of Royal Entertainment

When you want to take a step away from the everyday hustle and bustle, there is nothing quite like royal entertainment to transport you into a world of luxury. Whether it’s attending a regal dinner, horse show jumping, or going on a grand tour of Europe, royal entertainment provides a unique and unbeatable experience.

Royal entertainment may often take place behind closed doors but it is also very accessible to the public. Just think, you can get to see the same kind of magnificent shows and events that would have been the highlights of past royal and imperial courts. From top class music and theatre performances to extravagant banquets and grand balls, there is something to suit all tastes. You can even take part in a traditional game of outdoor chess on a chessboard, as popular in the 16th century as it still is today.

The best way to experience royal entertainment is to find a local event that suits your interests. You don’t need to be part of the upper-class to be able to enjoy luxurious experiences that royalty have adored for centuries. Make your dreams come true and get yourself prepared for the most unforgettable evening of your life coming soon! So don’t miss out and start planning your royal entertainment today.

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