10 Best Rooftop Gardening Youtube Channels

Are you looking to learn all the tips and tricks of rooftop gardening or want to learn how to make your garden look perfect? Look no further, because we've done the research for you. We've found the best YouTube channels for rooftop gardening, urban gardening, diy tips, and interior design. Keep reading to find out which ones you should be subscribing to!

Garden Rooftop [Nursery Style]

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~11.5k Channel Videos: ~944

Garden Rooftop [Nursery Style] Youtube Channel

Garden Rooftop [Nursery Style] is a YouTube channel that teaches you how to grow plants on your rooftops, balconies, and gardens. The channel offers detailed advice on fertilizing plants, potting plants, arranging gardens, and other topics related to garden rooftop gardens in winter months, such as how to choose the best plants for your climate. With its unique perspectives and helpful advice, this channel is sure to help you get the most out of your re-potting and planting.

Don Bustamante Rooftop Gardening

Channel Views: ~26.1m Channel Subscribers: ~358k Channel Videos: ~373

Don Bustamante Rooftop Gardening Youtube Channel

Don Bustamante's Rooftop Gardening YouTube channel features informative videos on container gardening, urban gardening, and various techniques for rooftop gardening. From growing vegetables to finding plants and soil mixes that work best, the channel provides helpful advice for aspiring rooftop gardeners.

Rooftop Garden M A Asgar

Channel Views: ~4.5m Channel Subscribers: ~21k Channel Videos: ~68

Rooftop Garden M A Asgar Youtube Channel

Rooftop Garden M A Asgar is a YouTube channel that offers lifestyle-oriented tips and guidance on rooftop gardening. Their videos provide practical advice on how to create stunning green spaces on urban rooftops and terraces. They also provide information on the benefits of rooftop gardening and how to make the most of the space for living.

Teddy's Rooftop Garden

Channel Views: ~29k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~62

Teddy's Rooftop Garden Youtube Channel

Teddy's Rooftop Garden is an entertaining YouTube channel full of pet-filled lifestyle content related to rooftop gardening. From instructional gardening tutorials to heartwarming pet stories, Teddy's Rooftop Garden provides viewers with an enjoyable and educational experience.

Gardening with Javed Iqbal

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~32.2k Channel Videos: ~598

Gardening with Javed Iqbal Youtube Channel

Gardening with Javed Iqbal is a YouTube channel that encourages rooftop, home and happy gardening. It offers a variety of DIY ideas - from green gardens to beautiful garden designs - that are sure to inspire even the most seasoned green gardeners. With Javed Iqbal's simple and straightforward instruction, even the little green gardeners can make their dream garden come to life.

Gardener Friend

Channel Views: ~20.4m Channel Subscribers: ~145k Channel Videos: ~399

Gardener Friend Youtube Channel

Gardener Friend YouTube channel is your go-to source for helpful gardening advice. From rooftop gardening to kitchen gardening, this channel can help you with gardening tips and hacks to help you grow an organic garden from the comfort of your own home. Learn the best tips and tricks for harvesting your own garden produce, as well as the best garden tools to ensure your crop is successful. Gardening is more than just a hobby and Gardener Friend wants to ensure you have the right tools for the job! Gardening Is My Passion is their motto. You won't want to miss out on this great channel.

Vijay garden ideas

Channel Views: ~17.2m Channel Subscribers: ~56.8k Channel Videos: ~208

Vijay garden ideas Youtube Channel

Vijay Garden Ideas is a YouTube channel dedicated to rooftop gardening, where Vijay vlogs about his gardening journey, giving viewers ideas for how to spruce up their gardens with plants such as bougainvillea and other terrace garden plants. The channel also provides tips for how to create a lush and inviting atmosphere in your garden.

asotea gardening

Channel Views: ~75k Channel Subscribers: ~195 Channel Videos: ~145

asotea gardening Youtube Channel

Asotea Gardening YouTube channel provides viewers with tips and techniques to cultivate crops effectively in urban, rooftop environments. Popular topics include magtanim ng kamatis, magtanim ng ampalaya, magtanim ng okra, magtanim ng pechay, magtanim ng patola, and paano magtanim ng sigarilyas | winged bean. Through this channel, gardening enthusiasts can learn how to make best use of available space and grow delicious produce, as well as how to grow kalamansi sa container in an urban environment.

Grow Now

Channel Views: ~131.5k Channel Subscribers: ~441 Channel Videos: ~82

Grow Now Youtube Channel

Grow Now is a YouTube channel that offers tips on how to grow vegetables on your rooftop or in your backyard. It also provides ideas for how to decorate your home or office using tree branches and other natural elements. Additionally, viewers can learn about the beauty of trees and how to make their frontside house decorations stand out. Finally, Grow Now covers topics related to roof agriculture, showing you how to maximize your growing space.

Best Design

Channel Views: ~280.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~39

Best Design Youtube Channel

Best Design is a YouTube channel that focuses on rooftop gardening and providing design garden ideas, backyard garden designs, backyard ideas, and garden ideas to help you create the perfect garden in a small space. From gardening ideas for a home garden, rooftop garden, and small garden, Best Design is the go-to for meaningful design garden ideas!

Essential Tools and Materials for Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop gardening is a fun way to add character to any urban home. With the right tools and materials, you can create beautiful growing spaces with endless possibilities. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or just want to give it a try, it’s important to have the right supplies available to get the job done. The following are some of the essential tools and materials you need to get started on your rooftop garden.

  • The first and most obvious item is soil and compost. This will provide the foundation and nutrients your plants need to thrive. If possible, invest in a mixture of potting soil and compost. Both will provide the right pH balance, drainage, and adequate nutrients for your plants. Other essential materials include trellises, stakes, and plant pots or containers. These will make it easy to grow items like tomatoes and pole beans, while giving your garden a neat look.
  • Finally, be sure to purchase plenty of potting mixes and fertilizers. Depending on the plants you choose, you might need multiple types of fertilizer. Also, regular watering is essential in rooftop gardening, so make sure to get a reliable watering can or hose. Having the right tools and materials in place can help ensure the success of your rooftop garden. 

With a few key items, you’ll be ready to create a wonderful oasis for both your household and your plants.

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Rooftop Garden

Having a rooftop garden can be an incredibly rewarding experience, from the full view of the city that lay below you and the great feeling of having something more to look at than a dull pavement. However, when it comes to choosing the right plants, it can be a bit of a challenge.

Fortunately for gardeners, there are a few important factors that can help you make the best decision when selecting the right plants for your rooftop garden. 

  • The key is to look for plants that thrive in a hot and dry environment, like most rooftop gardens. Greenery that is able to withstand droughts such as succulents and cacti are strong options for rooftop gardeners. Other low-water plants such as aloe plants, coneflowers, and daisies are also excellent choices. If you want to add a bit of color, flowers such as petunias and impatiens typically tolerate the rooftop environment well.
  • It is also important to consider the amount of sunlight your roof will receive. Make sure to pick plants that can thrive in the given amount of sun, full sun, or shade. Keeping in mind the specific needs and conditions of your rooftop garden will help ensure your plants have a great chance for success. Choosing the right plants for your rooftop garden can help maximize the beauty and joy of your urban oasis. 

With the right combination of plants, you'll be able to enjoy your rooftop garden for years to come.

Overcoming the Challenges of Gardening on a Rooftop

Gardening on a rooftop comes with unique challenges that those who are used to gardening on the ground don’t have to face. These issues include limited sunlight, strong winds, and the need to transport water and soil supplies up to the roof. Thankfully, these challenges can all be overcome with careful planning and the use of specific tools and techniques.

  • The first step to successful rooftop gardening is to assess the wind speed and sunlight exposure of your garden. This will help to determine what plants will be best suited to thrive in the rooftop environment. Windy rooftops can be protected with screens or trellises to create a sheltered environment. Limited sunlight can be overcome by installing mirrors around the garden to reflect and amplify the sunlight and by using solar-powered lights to augment the available light.
  • Finally, the biggest issue for a rooftop garden is providing water and soil nutrients. This is best done with a drip irrigation system that delivers water and fertilizer directly to the plant roots. Additionally, there are several lightweight soils and substrates that are available that allow the gardener to use smaller pots and planters that won’t weigh down the rooftop. With careful planning and the right tools, these rooftop gardening challenges can easily be overcome. 

With a little patience, those who brave the challenges of gardening on a rooftop will be rewarded with a unique and rewarding experience.

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