Looking for some good YouTube channels to watch for your favorite game? Look no further! In this article, we will recommend the best YouTube channels for Rise of Nations. Whether you are looking for gameplay, tips and tricks, or just want to watch someone else play, these are the channels you should be checking out.

Rise of nations game: Top Youtube Channels

Mr Teroxi

Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~29.5k Channel Videos: ~76

Mr Teroxi Youtube Channel

Mr Teroxi's YouTube channel provides entertaining and educational content on the Rise of Nations game, Roblox gameplay and reviews, and Roblox strategy games. His reviews and engaging videos on Rise of Nations and Rise of Nations Roblox provide an in-depth look into the game and its features, helping viewers decide if it's the right game for them. With a vast knowledge of both Rise of Nations and Roblox, Mr Teroxi's channel is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Rise of Nations and its related games.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~5.4k Channel Videos: ~92

Inrush Youtube Channel

Inrush is a YouTube channel dedicated to the popular real-time strategy game, Rise of Nations. With videos covering the game?s mechanics, including Rise of Nations Roblox, Inrush Mapz and other featured countries and wars. With a comprehensive view of the game and knowledge of different game mechanics, the channel is helpful for all new and experienced players.


Channel Views: ~667.1k Channel Subscribers: ~5.1k Channel Videos: ~85

gavendoesRON Youtube Channel

GavendoesRON is a YouTube channel featuring Rise of Nations gameplay from the popular game, ROBLOX Rise of Nations. YouTuber Gaven and his brother Ron play and comment on the game's most entertaining moments as they challenge each other and enjoy the classic strategy title. Follow their journey through Rise Of Nations and join them as they climb the leaderboard.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~9.7k Channel Videos: ~55

Truneh Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Truneh is all about the game Rise of Nations. The channel's creator, Truneh, is a big fan of the game and often posts videos of him playing it. He also has a series called Connect RN where he plays Rise of Nations with other people. Tolml Fung is also a regular on the channel, appearing in many of the videos. If you're a fan of Rise of Nations or just want to see some good gameplay, then Truneh's channel is definitely worth checking out.


Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~8.5k Channel Videos: ~123

anexx Youtube Channel

Anexx's YouTube channel is a great resource for gamers looking for strategy games. They feature regular Let's Plays and tutorials on the popular Rise Of Nations game, as well as Hearts of Iron IV (HOI4) and Roblox. It is a great channel for gamers looking to level up their gaming strategies and improve their gameplay.


Channel Views: ~4.9m Channel Subscribers: ~16.7k Channel Videos: ~319

StrategyGameVideos Youtube Channel

The channel StrategyGameVideos showcases some of the best moments from Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, and more. These strategy games are some of the most popular and well-loved titles in the genre. The channel features exciting battles and impressive feats of strategy, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.


Channel Views: ~254.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~162

Cameroni5005 Youtube Channel

Cameroni5005 is a YouTube channel predominantly focussed on Roblox content. It provides videos of gameplays and walkthroughs of popular Roblox games, such as Rise of Nations, as well as Robux giveaways, news and updates with Roblox, short animated videos, and funny Roblox moments. This channel is perfect for Roblox fans looking for great content and fun giveaways.


Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~29.4k Channel Videos: ~63

sponko Youtube Channel

The sponko YouTube channel is devoted to the real-time strategy game Rise of Nations, as well as the Hearts of Iron series. The channel's creator, sp0nk0, regularly uploads new videos of himself playing the game and offers commentary and tips to viewers. In addition to Rise of Nations and Hearts of Iron 4, the channel also features videos of sp0nk0 playing other strategy games such as Civilization VI and Total War: Warhammer.


Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~15.2k

SergiuHellDragoonHQ Youtube Channel

SergiuHellDragoonHQ is a YouTube channel dedicated to strategy gaming. Some of the popular titles featured on the channel include Rise of Nations, Total War Warhammer, and Cossacks 3. The channel also covers newer titles such as Grey Goo and Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. With over 300 video uploads, SergiuHellDragoonHQ has something for everyone who loves strategy gaming.


Channel Views: ~683.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~92

Twiglets2 Youtube Channel

Twiglets2 is a YouTube gaming channel that focuses on video game culture and the strategies of popular video game genres such as Action, Strategy, Role-playing, and Action-Adventure. They specialize in Rise of Nations, a popular real-time Strategy video game. Their videos provide an insight into how to play the game and how to exploit certain strategies and tactics. If you're looking for gaming expertise and knowledge, Twiglets2 is the channel for you.


Channel Views: ~47.3k Channel Subscribers: ~400 Channel Videos: ~64

RandomBirdBoy Youtube Channel

RandomBirdBoy is a YouTube channel owned by Randombirdboii featuring gameplay and entertainment videos related to the popular Rise of Nations game. Randombirdboii often posts tutorials and other content related to the game, as well as funny skits, pranks, and other random videos featuring a wild bird, a talking boy, and Randombirdboii himself - RBB. Fans of Randombirdboy know to expect wacky and entertaining videos every time!
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#gaming #video #YouTube #skit #prank #tutorial #funny #wacky #entertainment #Randombirdboii #RiseofNations #Randombirdboy #RBB #content #wildbird #talkingboy


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4k Channel Videos: ~84

CrimzPhoenix Youtube Channel

CrimzPhoenix is a kid friendly YouTube channel that focuses on content involving Rise of Nations, Loomian Legacy, Roblox Loomian Legacy, Pokemon Brick Bronze, and Pokémon Brick Bronze 2. PG-13 content is featured as well as Loomian Legacy leak videos. Fans of Roblox, Rise of Nations and Loomian Legacy will find these videos highly entertaining.

Exploring the Vast Universe of 'Rise of Nations'

The 4X real-time strategy game, Rise of Nations, released in 2003 and developed by Microsoft, continues to captivate gamers around the world to this day. Combining aspects of traditional turn-based strategy games and real-time strategies, Rise of Nations offers core world-building strategies, as well as an expansive playable map, steeped in history and lore. Players control one of a total of 18 nations and must guide them through history until they become world-renowned superpowers.

The game allows players to go beyond the tactical and strategical gameplay to explore their nation’s history. From details such as units and the conditions of firing a missile, to the founding of the first cities and the political structures that govern the nations, Rise of Nations is brimming with rich detail and complexity. There are many different resources to manage, such as gold, oil, lumber, and iron, and choices must be constantly made to benefit the nation’s development as a whole.

Furthermore, the game boasts an incredible blend of realism and fantasy. Players can choose from several historical epochs, from the Ancient Era to the Information Age, and experience different levels of technology and warfare. Units, such as cavalry and infantry, can be created and developed through distinct research trees. Technology is also key, and the more research that’s done, the more powerful a nation can become. Rise of Nations is a captivating game and promises hours of exploration and enjoyment. For anyone who’s looking for an epic strategy game experience, or just wants to explore the world of nations, Rise of Nations is a great choice.

Exploring the spectacular world of Rise of Nations is akin to a journey through time and history. With an expansive playable map, along with an array of wonders, resources, and technology, Rise of Nations gives players a unique and captivating experience. Players are put in charge of one of a total of 18 nations, and must dictate their success in an economy, military and technological arms race. Every decision about what resources to use, what units to create and when has a consequence, so the game rewards strategic thinking. With a mix of historical accuracy and fantasy, the game promises an engrossing adventure for any player. Rise of Nations stands out as one of the most monumental strategy games ever created and is sure to captivate players of all ages.

Tips for Mastering the Different Strategies of Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a popular real-time strategy game that requires the player to use a variety of strategic methods in order to conquer the map. The key to mastering the different strategies of Rise of Nations is knowing which specific style of play to focus on. Here are some tips for mastering the different strategies of Rise of Nations:

  • First, build an effective military. Focus on constructing both offensive and defensive weaponry, as well as units to match your enemy. This will give you an advantage in battles, which can be very useful in longer games. Additionally, use the support of your allies, as they can provide valuable advice and knowledge of the game and strategies.
  • Second, use the terrain to your advantage. Terrain bonuses in Rise of Nations can give significant advantages when controlling resources, generating military support, and gaining technological advancements. Be sure to scout out the terrain and capitalize on the bonuses it offers.
  • Finally, upgrade your tech tree. As the ages progress, the upgrades become more expensive and time-consuming, but are necessary for the long-term survival and advancement of your nation. Use resources to upgrade your tech tree and always research at least two economic-related technologies, as this will provide a balanced approach to your total progress. With patience and practice, these tips should help you quickly master the different strategies of Rise of Nations.

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