Looking for the best rimworld channels on YouTube? Look no further! In this guide, we'll show you the top channels for rimworld gaming, let's plays, and more. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these channels have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start watching and learn something new today!

Rimworld game: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~11.2m Channel Subscribers: ~64.9k Channel Videos: ~183

Noobert Youtube Channel

Noobert is a channel dedicated to the hit game Rimworld. On the channel, you can find helpful game tips and tricks, as well as a beginner guide to get you started. You can also find videos on how to best utilize the Steam version of the game, and how to avoid toxic fallout in Rimworld. If you're looking for a great place to learn more about this hugely popular game, be sure to check out Noobert on YouTube!

Adam Vs Everything

Channel Views: ~8.4m Channel Subscribers: ~40.2k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Adam Vs Everything Youtube Channel

Adam Vs Everything is a YouTube channel featuring videos about the popular strategy game Rimworld, as well as guides, playthroughs, and fun challenges. The channel also covers content from the critically acclaimed Darkest Dungeon series, with guides and playthroughs of both Darkest Dungeon and Darkest Dungeon 2. Videos also discuss Rimworld topics such as Vanilla, Ideology, and other mods. Whether you're looking for strategy, helpful advice, or a good laugh, Adam Vs Everything is the place for you.

Pixel Rookie

Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~34.2k Channel Videos: ~190

Pixel Rookie Youtube Channel

Pixel Rookie is a YouTube channel focused on gaming stories, primarily from the perspective of the player character. The channel features playthroughs of popular games like Rimworld and Kenshi, as well as Minecraft gaming videos. The channel's creator puts an emphasis on delivering an enjoyable and funny experience for viewers.

Mr Samuel Streamer

Channel Views: ~93.8m Channel Subscribers: ~174k Channel Videos: ~2.8k

Mr Samuel Streamer Youtube Channel

Mr Samuel Streamer is a YouTuber who posts videos of himself playing various video games. His channel focuses mainly on the strategy game Rimworld, but he also plays other games such as Crusader Kings and Stellaris. His videos are usually comedic in nature, and he often pokes fun at the various game mechanics and storylines.

Total Timewaster

Channel Views: ~32.5m Channel Subscribers: ~77.5k Channel Videos: ~4.7k

Total Timewaster Youtube Channel

Total Timewaster is a YouTube channel created by Ryan123220, featuring entertaining and informative videos centered around popular games such as Rimworld, Cities Skylines, and Kerbal Space Program. The videos include playthroughs, reviews, tutorials, and humorous moments from the game, making Total Timewaster a source of laughter and learning. Be warned though, as the channel can be quite toxic at times.

The Scarlet Seeker

Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~15.8k Channel Videos: ~4.3k

The Scarlet Seeker Youtube Channel

The Scarlet Seeker YouTube channel is devoted to gaming, with a focus on PC gaming. The channel's host plays and reviews a variety of games, including Rimworld, Oxygen Not Included, Project Zomboid, and Space Engineers. In addition to game reviews, the channel also discusses video game culture and features let's play videos of role-playing and action games.

Randomise User: The Best Indie Games

Channel Views: ~20m Channel Subscribers: ~55.7k Channel Videos: ~3.2k

Randomise User: The Best Indie Games Youtube Channel

Randomise User: The Best Indie Games is a YouTube channel dedicated to the exploration and discussion of indie games such as Rimworld, Rain World, Starbound, Terraria, and more. Viewers will find content such as game reviews, let's plays, walk-throughs, and Alpha Soup episodes giving insight into the development of some of the best indie games of 2020.

Grind This Game

Channel Views: ~26.5m Channel Subscribers: ~79k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Grind This Game Youtube Channel

The Grind This Game YouTube channel is all about helping you get the most out of your favorite games. They've got guides and playthroughs for Oxygen Not Included, The Long Dark, Rimworld, and Satisfactory, among others. Whether you're a beginner looking for tips or an experienced player looking for a challenge, Grind This Game is definitely worth a visit.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~12.4k Channel Videos: ~108

Loreplays Youtube Channel

Loreplays is a YouTube channel that focuses on the game Rimworld. The channel is run by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Lore. Loreplays consists of Let's Plays, in which Lore plays through the game while commentary, as well as other gaming videos. Rimworld is a game about space colonists who are stranded on a hostile planet. The game is played in a top-down view and has a retro pixel art style.

The Grim Kleaper

Channel Views: ~11.6m Channel Subscribers: ~131k Channel Videos: ~85

The Grim Kleaper Youtube Channel

The Grim Kleaper is a YouTube channel dedicated to the exploitation of the game Rimworld. The channel's owner, Kleapit, uses cheese and other exploits to create interesting and unique gameplay experiences for viewers. The channel has gained a large following for Kleapit's creative and entertaining use of the game's mechanics.


Channel Views: ~79.2m Channel Subscribers: ~242k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

trmplays Youtube Channel

TRMPlays' YouTube channel is a gaming channel focused on Rimworld, League of Legends, Mount & Blade, World of Warcraft, and Kenshi. Popular videos include tutorials, strategies, and playthroughs for each of these popular games and more. Lots of entertaining content for WoW and Rimworld fans, as well as other gamers who enjoy strategy and simulations.

Francis John

Channel Views: ~32.5m Channel Subscribers: ~82.1k Channel Videos: ~807

Francis John Youtube Channel

Francis John's YouTube channel is a great resource for gamers who are interested in learning more about simulation and strategy games like RimWorld, Factorio, Oxygen Not Included, and Dyson Sphere Project. He offers a comprehensive range of Let's Play videos, tutorials, beginner's guides, and survival tips - ideal for those just starting out in the gaming world!

No One

Channel Views: ~41.5k Channel Subscribers: ~141 Channel Videos: ~114

No One Youtube Channel

No One is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things related to video gaming. They provide reviews and analysis of popular action, adventure, role-playing, and strategy games, as well as insight into video game culture and the gaming industry. Their content covers a wide range of titles, from popular mainstream games to more obscure independent games like Rimworld. If you're a true gaming enthusiast, No One is a great channel to follow!

Exploring The Story Behind the Mysterious World Of Rimworld

Rimworld is an amazing and mysterious game that offers endless opportunities for exploration and storytelling. Developed by Ludeon Studios, Rimworld is a sci-fi colony management simulation game that puts you in charge of a group of survivors on a distant, alien planet. While the game does have its challenges, the unique and creative story that unfolds as you play can be simply captivating.

The story behind Rimworld is surprisingly complex. The game was inspired by classic sci-fi stories like Dune, Firefly and Mad Max and tells the story of a brave group of survivors who are trying to thrive against all odds on a hostile alien world. With over 600 characters, each with their own personalities, wants, and needs, the world of Rimworld presents a fascinating assortment of stories and scenarios. You'll have to make tough choices and manage scarce resources to ensure the survival of your colony.

Playing Rimworld is an empowering and unforgettable journey. While the challenge of building a successful colony can be daunting, Rimworld is a journey worth taking. Exploring the depths of its mysterious world can be both rewarding and fulfilling and present the opportunity of discovering something never seen before. Ultimately, Rimworld is an engaging and thought-provoking game that will capture your imagination and take you on an unforgettable journey.

Rimworld Walkthrough Tips and Tricks for beginner Players

As with any complex game, Rimworld can be overwhelming and intimidating for new players, but thankfully, there are some tried and true tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. One of the most important tips for new players is to think strategically when planning out how you want to build your settlement and plan ahead for the future. Make sure to plan ahead for when the raw materials necessary to build and maintain your settlement eventually run out, so you’ll be prepared when they do. Make sure you always have a stockpile of food, resources, and materials, as well as a strategy for when they run out. Also, always keep an eye out for ways to improve your settlement, from ways to better protect it from raiders, to techniques for using resources more efficiently.
  2. Another essential tip for early game players is to focus on production first. Before you begin building more advanced buildings, such as advanced medical centers and sciences, it is important to first make sure that your settlement is producing enough food, medicine and materials to sustain itself. Establish a work schedule for your colonists and make sure that the priority for the day is tending to the farms and production buildings. This will ensure you have enough resources to move forward with your plans for the settlement.

In general, Rimworld rewards strategy over brute force. A methodical and mindful approach to setting up your settlement will lead to long-term success. Be sure to heed these simple tips and tricks, and you’ll be thriving in your Rimworld settlement in no time. ˆ

Challenges of Playing Long-term in Rimworld

Rimworld is a survival game crammed with fun and adventure. Despite this, playing long-term in Rimworld can be challenging at times. Survival, in particular, is a struggle as Rimworld players must multitask to stay alive. In addition, there is the delicate balance of managing personnel, trade, and maintaining a viable economic system.

To start, staying alive in Rimworld takes vigilance and planning. As Rimworld players progress, they will be faced with increasingly difficult and deadly foes. Whether it be raiders, mutants, or an impossible weather condition, staying alive is a priority. This means designing defensive structures, fortifications, and stockpiling medical supplies and crafting items.

Moreover, Rimworld players must adapt quickly as the game progresses and difficulty increases. Players move from local tribals and a sustainable two-man group, to having a large base with many people depending on them for survival. Developing successful economic systems requires maintaining assets, producing materials, and trading with allies. Players will also be faced with cultural issues and a level of complexity previously unseen. This is adding to the challenge but increases the potential to grow and evolve, thereby making the experience all the more fulfilling.

Overall, playing long-term in Rimworld brings incredible rewards but also a variety of challenges. Players must stay vigil and plan ahead, whilst also managing larger and more complex communities as they progress. This can be a struggle but with the right knowledge as well as a collective of allies, players are sure to rise to the challenge and build a community to be proud of.

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