Are you a fan of retro gaming? Do you wish you could relive the experience of playings Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, and other old-school video games? If so, you're in the right place! In this guide, we'll take a look at finding some of the best YouTube channels out there dedicated to retro gaming, filled with classic titles and nostalgic gameplay. Read on to find out more.

Retro gaming: Top Youtube Channels

Retro Game Corps

Channel Views: ~28m Channel Subscribers: ~208k Channel Videos: ~384

Retro Game Corps Youtube Channel

Retro Game Corps is a popular YouTube channel devoted to sharing all things related to retro gaming. With a focus on both classic and modern titles, they feature gaming playthroughs, streaming, and tutorials on emulation, tutorials, and gaming news. Whether you're a hardcore collector or just starting with the retro gaming scene, Retro Game Corps has something for you.

Retro Ghetto

Channel Views: ~682.6k Channel Subscribers: ~7.6k Channel Videos: ~199

Retro Ghetto Youtube Channel

The Retro Ghetto YouTube channel showcases the nostalgia of classic video gaming as well as takes viewers on a journey through the world of Role-playing video games, Action-adventure games and Action games. It is a lifestyle channel dedicated to those who enjoy and want to experience the culture of the video game world. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a casual fan, the Retro Ghetto channel will give you insight into the world of retro gaming as a hobby.

Retro Bird

Channel Views: ~4.5m Channel Subscribers: ~35.9k Channel Videos: ~371

Retro Bird Youtube Channel

Retro Bird is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the world of retro gaming. They showcase a wide range of classic and modern Video game culture, ranging from Action-adventure games to Role-playing video games, and Action games. With a diverse collection of titles, Retro Bird is the perfect place to dive into the nostalgia of the past.

Retro Gaming Guy

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~802

Retro Gaming Guy Youtube Channel

The Retro Gaming Guy YouTube channel is a great way to learn more about retro gaming and classic video games. It covers topics such as PC gaming, Raspberry Pi, and other related gaming topics. It also provides tutorials and helpful information to recreate old-school video game experiences on modern systems. It's the perfect resource for any retro gaming enthusiast looking to re-explore the classics!

Retro Gamer Boy

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~21.7k Channel Videos: ~313

Retro Gamer Boy Youtube Channel

Retro Gamer Boy is a YouTube channel devoted to retro gaming. Here, you can find a wealth of information on retro consoles, PC gaming, and game development as well as check out an awesome games room, man cave, and more! There are plenty of videos to watch as a retro gaming enthusiast, providing instructions, tips, and tricks to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you have a fondness for classic video games or just like to indulge in the occasional nostalgia, Retro Gamer Boy is the perfect channel to get your fix of retro gaming fun.

Joe's Retro World

Channel Views: ~325.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~149

Joe's Retro World Youtube Channel

Joe's Retro World is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the thrilling world of retro gaming. Through informative videos, the channel encourages viewers to enjoy classic action, adventure, and lifestyle games from technology's past. Joe's Retro World provides an enjoyable and educational look into the history of video game culture.

Super Retro Land

Channel Views: ~23m Channel Subscribers: ~31.6k Channel Videos: ~381

Super Retro Land Youtube Channel

Super Retro Land is a YouTube channel that offers viewers a look into retro gaming and the lifestyle, technology and video game culture that comes with it. With vintage game reviews, interviews and more, it's a must-see for anyone into the classic gaming scene.

Essex Retro Gamer

Channel Views: ~494.5k Channel Subscribers: ~3.9k Channel Videos: ~300

Essex Retro Gamer Youtube Channel

Essex Retro Gamer is a YouTube channel devoted to all things related to retro gaming and sim racing. Here you can find watch footage from the latest Gran Turismo 7 and get help building your own game collection. The channel also offers plenty of tips and advice to help newcomers get into collecting video games and take their sim racing journey to the next level. There's something for everyone who loves retro games and sim racing.


Channel Views: ~41.4m Channel Subscribers: ~128k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Madlittlepixel Youtube Channel

Madlittlepixel is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things retro gaming, from classic Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Raspberry Pi, Neo Geo, and Xbox games to the latest gaming news and Retropie developments. With reviews, first-hand experiences, and helpful tutorials, you can get a good insight into these games and the systems that power them. Whether you're looking for a nostalgia trip or to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, Madlittlepixel is the perfect channel for gaming enthusiasts.

Double Jump Video Games

Channel Views: ~9.5m Channel Subscribers: ~34k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Double Jump Video Games Youtube Channel

Double Jump Video Games is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of retro gaming content, from video game room tours to the business of video games. They offer videos on the double jump video game store, an ebay seller, retro video game stores and thrift stores. Additionally, they offer tips and insights into the video game business, helping content creators or traders to make the most out of their business.


Channel Views: ~8.8m Channel Subscribers: ~62.1k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

TheGebs24 Youtube Channel

TheGebs24 is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things retro gaming. Their content features game collector hunting for retro games across the UK, showcasing their thrift hunts on their channel for viewers to see. They provide thorough coverage of a variety of retro game hunting styles and have gained a dedicated fanbase of retro game hunters and retro game collectors. Through their videos, TheGebs24 educates and entertains viewers with unique retro game hunting tips and tricks.

Wicked Gamer & Collector

Channel Views: ~52.6m Channel Subscribers: ~157k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

Wicked Gamer & Collector Youtube Channel

The Wicked Gamer & Collector YouTube channel is a great source for retro gaming content. They feature unboxing videos from China and Ali Express, as well as reviews of the latest console and handheld devices like the Sony PSP and PlayStation 2. They also post videos of gameplay from classic TV game boxes and other retro consoles.

Kawaii Games

Channel Views: ~36.6m Channel Subscribers: ~139k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

Kawaii Games Youtube Channel

Kawaii Games is a YouTube channel devoted to retro gaming and gaming on current consoles like the Playstation 5, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Wii U. It features videos of gameplay, longplays and walkthroughs, as well as 100% completion. There's something for every gamer.

RGT 85

Channel Views: ~152m Channel Subscribers: ~440k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

RGT 85 Youtube Channel

RGT 85 is a YouTube channel that specializes in retro gaming, playing classic Nintendo and Sega consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Sega Saturn. They also focus on modern consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, providing in-depth reviews and fun gaming experiences. Follow RGT 85 to experience all of the best retro games and newest releases.


Channel Views: ~360.7m Channel Subscribers: ~550k Channel Videos: ~875

1980sGamer Youtube Channel

1980sGamer is a YouTube channel covers retro gaming. They feature content related to vintage games, game boy, game boy advance, Nintendo DS, retro gaming, Nintendo, Playstation, and PS2. Their videos include playthroughs, challenges, nostalgia, and commentary on old school video games. It's a great channel for those interested in reliving the glory days of gaming from the 80s.

Lady Decade

Channel Views: ~7.3m Channel Subscribers: ~84.5k Channel Videos: ~168

Lady Decade Youtube Channel

Lady Decade is a YouTube channel focused on retro gaming and gaming history. Popular content includes Let's Play videos of classic games such as Streets of Rage and retro gaming reviews of systems such as the Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Phillips CDi, Sega 32X and Sega Master System. The channel also features commentaries and discussions on gaming topics.


Channel Views: ~11m Channel Subscribers: ~31.2k Channel Videos: ~172

JRPGLife Youtube Channel

JRPGLife is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things related to retro gaming, video game culture, and technology. It covers topics related to gaming and technology, giving viewers a unique and insightful look at this fascinating lifestyle and hobby. From reviews and how-to-guides to interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks, JRPGLife offers a variety of content for video game fans of all levels.

Macho Nacho Productions

Channel Views: ~13.2m Channel Subscribers: ~137k Channel Videos: ~162

Macho Nacho Productions Youtube Channel

Macho Nacho Productions is an entertaining YouTube channel that focuses on retro gaming and console modding. Learn how to backlight a console, do retro game mods, Nintendo Mods, Sega Mods, Gameboy Macro and Gameboy Advance Mods, and GBA/GBA SP Mods. Join the Macho Nacho community for a fun and exciting adventure into the world of modding and console gaming.

Modern Vintage Gamer

Channel Views: ~137.9m Channel Subscribers: ~716k Channel Videos: ~435

Modern Vintage Gamer Youtube Channel

Modern Vintage Gamer is a YouTube channel dedicated to the world of retro gaming. From the classic 8-bit era to the modern consoles of today, their content dives deep into the history and evolution of Sega, Nintendo, Xbox, arcade cabinets, and more. They also explore the ins and outs of JAMMA boards, the Motorola 68000 CPU, and much more. A must-watch for any fan of vintage gaming.

Erin Plays

Channel Views: ~5.2m Channel Subscribers: ~76.2k Channel Videos: ~193

Erin Plays Youtube Channel

Erin Plays is a YouTube channel focusing on the retro gaming scene. They regularly post videos about classic video games, such as Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and the Game Boy, as well as classic titles like Batman NES, Super C and Dracula's Curse. If you're into retro gaming, this is the channel for you.

GameHead Nes

Channel Views: ~8.7m Channel Subscribers: ~29.9k Channel Videos: ~327

GameHead Nes Youtube Channel

GameHead Nes is a popular YouTube channel that offers video game and tech content centered around the classic retro gaming experience. From reviews and tutorials to live streams and tech discussions, their content covers a wide range of topics related to the PlayStation, PSP, PSPgo, Nintendo, Xbox, and other retro gaming systems. Fans of classic arcade-style and console gaming will find a wealth of entertaining content on GameHead Nes.

Greg's Game Room

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~6.6k Channel Videos: ~264

Greg's Game Room Youtube Channel

Greg's Game Room is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things classic gaming. From playing and reviewing classic video games like the Atari 2600 and Atari Jaguar to teaching viewers how to mod and giving in depth gaming history lessons - every video is family friendly and enjoyable for gamers of all ages. With content focusing on classic and retro gaming, viewers can learn and relive the glory days of video games.

This Does Not Compute

Channel Views: ~50.6m Channel Subscribers: ~356k Channel Videos: ~490

This Does Not Compute Youtube Channel

This Does Not Compute is a YouTube channel devoted to everything related to retro gaming, video games, and technology. They produce reviews and tutorials, along with comedy sketches and audio content. Additionally, they take a special interest in showing photography, audio engineering, and Do-It-Yourself DIY projects.


Channel Views: ~525.5k Channel Subscribers: ~7.3k Channel Videos: ~219

Pacmancase Youtube Channel

Pacmancase is a YouTube channel dedicated to preserving the nostalgia of retro gaming. It provides viewers with entertaining lifestyle content and a unique insight into the interesting and entertaining world of video game culture. With engaging videos, lively discussion, and a true appreciation for all things gaming, Pacmancase is a great channel for any fan of the genre.

Wagner's TechTalk

Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~25.4k Channel Videos: ~258

Wagner's TechTalk Youtube Channel

Wagner's TechTalk YouTube channel is a tech review channel devoted to retro gaming and video capture using the Raspberry Pi 4. It covers topics such as Raspberry Pi 4 gaming, video capture and other aspects of using the Raspberry Pi 4 for retro gaming. It also offers advice and tutorials on setting up the Raspberry Pi 4 for retro gaming.

A Brief History of Retro Gaming

Retro gaming is a term that is used to describe any gaming system made before the year 2000. It represents a major staple of any pop culture enthusiast’s collection and some fans even dedicate their lives to collecting and playing retro games. From the classic 8-bit titles of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the more advanced Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, these systems are a testament to the leaps and bounds the gaming industry has taken since the early 90s.

  • The beginnings of retro gaming can be traced all the way back to when the first home gaming consoles were brought out, in the late 1970s. Early systems like the Atari and Magnavox Odyssey worked more like novelties than anything else and primarily included basic games such as Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Following the Atari and Odyssey, a slew of more elaborate systems came into being in the 1980s, such as the NES, Sega Master System and Commodore 64. These systems introduced many genres of gaming to the mainstream, such as platformers, side-scrollers and even role-playing games.
  • Along with the actual hardware of these gaming systems, the games themselves were also revolutionary. Many renowned titles such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Sonic The Hedgehog and Golden Axe, were all developed around the same time and provided endless hours of recordable joy. Certain titles such as Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and Double Dragon were also revolutionary in the fact that they popularized gaming tournaments and capture the attention of the masses. Retro gaming and its related titles, were a major cornerstone for the development of the gaming industry, which lead us to the modern technology we have today.

All in all, retro gaming will always be a part of gaming culture’s rich nostalgia. With titles such as Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil continuing to captivate new audiences, retro gaming promises to be an experience that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

That was a brief history of retro gaming. From the primitive systems of the 1970s to the revolutionary titles of the 1990s, it’s no doubt that this period of gaming will continue to stay close to the hearts of gamers around the world.

Finding the Best Classic Games from the Past Decades

Videogames have evolved significantly over the years, even in the last couple of decades. The classics, however, remain just as enjoyable. Finding the best classic games from the past decades can be a lot of fun and can give us a great insight in the gaming world of the past.

  1. One of the great classic titles of the past few decades is the classic Super Mario Series. This iconic platform game is one of the most popular video games of all time and the various exclusive titles from the series span from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way to the latest Mario Odyssey. Some of the other classic titles from the past decade include the classic side-scrollers such as Contra, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. These titles are some of the most celebrated franchises of their time and are considered as ground-breaking entries in the field of video games.
  2. Another classic game from the past few decades is DOOM. Originally released in 1993, this game is considered to be one of the most influential games of its time. This game introduced the genre of first-person shooters that still remains popular today and has spawned multiple sequels. 
  3. Other classic titles include Street Fighter II, the Warcraft series and the original Need for Speed. These titles, while still enjoyable today, make us appreciate the evolution of gaming over the years and showcase some of the best classic games of their respective decades. All of these classic titles still hold a special place in the hearts of gamers and are real treat to experience.

Exploring the Cultural Impact of Retro Gaming Worldwide

The influence of retro gaming has spread far beyond the walls of our local arcades and consoles, having an impact on the culture of not only our own nation, but of other countries around the world. Retro gaming is now part of a nostalgic pastiche, with a wide range of genres, console types, and game stories coming forward to captivate players’ imaginations both old and new.

  • Modern games owe a great debt to the retro gaming era when it comes to paving the way for the game industry to take off in the way it did. Games from that era often spurred revolutionary new ideas and daring creativity that many modern games simply wouldn’t exist without. Through decades of advancements in graphics and game design, a certain charm and authenticity that existed in the classic titles of the past remains alive today.
  • The amazing thing about retro gaming is its ubiquity, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns, people of all ages and backgrounds are able to access it and connect with others through it. This has lent itself to the creation of huge fanbases which are in constant dialogue about the industry, it’s legacy and its future. It’s not just nostalgia that fuels the fire either; it’s the sheer fun and excitement of revisiting these classic titles that bring people together and allow them to relate to the longer history of games. This is what makes retro gaming such a powerful and influential part of the global gaming culture.  The next time you fire up your SNES or NES, take a moment to reflect on the cultural importance of retro gaming and its worldwide reach.

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