Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home? Do you want to learn how to make your abode more beautiful, but don't know where to start? Look no further! YouTube is an amazing resource for great DIY projects and renovation advice. By searching through all of the content on YouTube, you can find some of the best channels with ideas and instructions on how to do a wide variety of home renovations, including interior design and furniture restoration. With so many inspiring videos out there, you'll be proud of the beautiful and unique home you can create. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels for learning about DIY projects, home decor, and farmhouse design.

Renovation: Top Youtube Channels

Home RenoVision DIY

Channel Views: ~330.7m Channel Subscribers: ~2.4m Channel Videos: ~476

Home RenoVision DIY Youtube Channel

Home RenoVision DIY is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing advice and step-by-step tutorials for renovating your home. From bathroom and kitchen remodeling to flooring installation to building a deck, Home RenoVision DIY has plenty of tips and tricks for you to tackle your home renovation project. You can find tutorials for installing laminate and vinyl flooring, how to drywall, as well as how to correctly install hardwood floors.

De Hoeve. Old Belgian farm renovation

Channel Views: ~14.8m Channel Subscribers: ~102k Channel Videos: ~122

De Hoeve. Old Belgian farm renovation Youtube Channel

De Hoeve Old Belgian Farm Renovation is a YouTube channel dedicated to showing life on a typical Belgian farm and sharing DIY tips on how to renovate your old farmhouse. Follow along as they transform their farmhouse step by step with amazing before and after results. From country living to farmhouse diy tips, De Hoeve is the perfect source of farm-related inspiration.

How To Renovate A Chateau

Channel Views: ~35.4m Channel Subscribers: ~370k Channel Videos: ~115

How To Renovate A Chateau Youtube Channel

How To Renovate A Chateau is a YouTube channel devoted to renovation, transforming French country living, and turning dreams into reality. Follow along on the chateau renovation journey, as the couple puts their own spin on living in a chateau, from escape to the chateau to escape to the chateau diy. Tips and tricks for making the chateau dream a reality, it's all documented in the Chateau Diaries.

The Home Renovation Project

Channel Views: ~268.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.8k Channel Videos: ~22

The Home Renovation Project Youtube Channel

The Home Renovation Project YouTube channel is devoted to all aspects of home renovation and self-build, from DIY projects to conversions and from water wells to controlling humidity and damp. With plenty of experience and advice, it provides knowledge to help people make their homes more comfortable and beautiful.


Channel Views: ~103.3m Channel Subscribers: ~549k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

HGTV Youtube Channel

HGTV is a popular YouTube channel which provides viewers with ideas and guidance on home renovation, modern home design, home decor and style. With a wide range of videos to help anyone from DIY enthusiasts to casual viewers, HGTV has become a major influence in the world of home renovation and television. Whether one is looking for a modern twist on existing spaces, or looking to create something entirely new, HGTV is the perfect place to get ideas for a successful home renovation.

Lexi DIY

Channel Views: ~122m Channel Subscribers: ~391k Channel Videos: ~557

Lexi DIY Youtube Channel

Lexi DIY is the perfect YouTube channel for DIY enthusiasts interested in home renovation, wedding decor, and how to get the most out of their Dollar Tree items. Not only does she offer tips + tricks on DIY decor and wedding diy projects, but she also takes viewers on her hot mess house renovation journey! Get inspired by Lexi DIy and make your house a home.

Mia Maples

Channel Views: ~533.7m Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~583

Mia Maples Youtube Channel

Mia Maples' YouTube channel is a charming blend of renovation tips, hobbies, lifestyle hacks, and fashion trends. She offers viewers practical advice as well as inspiration to help them shape their lives into beautiful, successful endeavors. Viewers are sure to learn something new while enjoying her content.

The Narrowboat that James built

Channel Views: ~3.9m Channel Subscribers: ~12.4k Channel Videos: ~479

The Narrowboat that James built Youtube Channel

The Narrowboat that James built is a YouTube channel documenting the renovation of a boat build during a lockdown project. With the help of furlough and off grid tools, James will take you along The Grand Union by providing how to build and make tips for the current boat life trend!

French Farmhouse Diaries

Channel Views: ~649.1k Channel Subscribers: ~6.8k Channel Videos: ~115

French Farmhouse Diaries Youtube Channel

The French Farmhouse Diaries YouTube channel follows the renovation of a french farmhouse, combining elements of interior design, painting and decorating, growing food, bee keeping, adopting a no dig system of growing, growing cut flowers, making new windows and doors and staircase making. It's the perfect channel for anyone looking to develop, work on and keep up with all the elements involved in owning a rural, french farmhouse.

Austin Flipsters

Channel Views: ~23.8m Channel Subscribers: ~268k Channel Videos: ~44

Austin Flipsters Youtube Channel

Austin Flipsters is a YouTube channel that focuses on renovation and lifestyle as a hobby. It offers detailed tutorials and guides on a variety of home projects, from redecorating rooms to flipping houses. Follow the Austin Flipsters to get started on a new DIY project or to transform your old home into something new.

Father Built A House

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~5.6k Channel Videos: ~95

Father Built A House Youtube Channel

Father Built A House YouTube channel is an amazing channel for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It provides step-by-step creative and detailed tutorials on various home renovation, construction, and building projects. Enthusiasts can learn how to build virtually anything from the ground up from the knowledgeable and experienced hosts on the show.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~7.8k Channel Videos: ~15

RE WORKER Youtube Channel

RE WORKER is a YouTube channel where viewers can find inspiring home renovation and decoration ideas, along with tips and tutorials for crafts and DIY projects. By watching this channel, DIY enthusiasts can gain insight into house remodeling, house decoration, and more. RE WORKER is the perfect channel for people looking for innovative and creative ways to spruce up their homes.


Channel Views: ~5.9m Channel Subscribers: ~45.5k Channel Videos: ~46

ateliermavi Youtube Channel

Ateliermavi is a YouTube channel that features videos about renovating and auto-constructing rural houses and barns, as well as converting them into modern tiny houses. Drawing inspiration from Italian architecture and ancient stone barns, Ateliermavi covers topics like fai da te, abandoned barn renovation, and transforming old stone houses. Viewers can find creative and unique ways to transform these rural structures into something new.

Martijn Doolaard

Channel Views: ~43m Channel Subscribers: ~524k Channel Videos: ~78

Martijn Doolaard Youtube Channel

Martijn Doolaard's YouTube channel is focused on renovation, lifestyle, and hobby content. He takes viewers through the process of renovating, transforming and beautifying homes, while introducing them to creative ideas and DIY projects. He also covers topics related to lifestyle and hobby, such as gardening and travelling.

Villa Aroldi - An Italian House Restoration

Channel Views: ~642.5k Channel Subscribers: ~10.4k Channel Videos: ~47

Villa Aroldi - An Italian House Restoration Youtube Channel

Villa Aroldi is a YouTube channel featuring the renovation of an Italian house from the turn of the century - a dream of country living. Join us on our journey of doing it ourselves, from the purchase of the 1 Euro house to our modern guest house and holiday home - all done in beautiful Italian Stile Liberty. Share the joys of cheap house restoration with us!

Where to Start When You Begin a Home Renovation

Sometimes a home renovation project can seem overwhelming, but with the right resources and planning you can ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. Starting your home renovation project doesn’t have to be intimidating; instead you can use the following steps to make sure your renovation runs smoothly.

  1. The first step when beginning a home renovation is to determine your budget. You need to take into account labor, supplies, and any surprises that might arise during the renovation process. It’s important to have a financial plan to make sure that the project stays within budget. Additionally, you should consider the time frame of the project. You should also have a timeline to make sure that the projects gets completed in a timely manner.
  2. The next step is to find a good contractor. A reputable contractor can help you with the necessary materials and advice required to ensure your home renovation runs according to plan. Additionally, involving an experienced contractor can help answer any questions you may have and will provide insight on the best ways to tackle your project. It is important to research a contractor before hiring in order to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money.

By following these steps you can begin your home renovation project with confidence. With proper planning, the right budget and a good contractor, you can transform your house into your dream home.

Choosing A Renovation Contractor

Renovating a home is a great way to increase its value and make it more comfortable for you and your family. If you’re thinking of doing a renovation project, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing a renovation contractor. With the right contractor, you can take the stress and worry out of your home renovation project and get the results you’re looking for. To help, here are some tips for selecting a good renovation contractor.

  1. First, make sure the contractor is properly licensed. It’s important to make sure the contractor you hire is licensed and insured, with experience in the type of renovation project you’re undertaking. It’s also a good idea to get references and check them. Make sure the contractor has a good reputation with previous customers.
  2. Last, make sure to ask questions. Get a few detailed quotes from contractors and ask them what they plan to do and how long it will take. Ask about costs, warranties, and any permits that need to be pulled. You also should make sure to discuss any payment terms and contingency plans for unexpected problems or changes in the project. A good contractor will be able to answer all your questions and provide detailed information about the project.

The right contractor can make all the difference in a home renovation project. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect contractor for your project. Good luck!

Budget Planning Tips for Your Renovation

Renovating your home can be an overwhelming experience, but with the right budget planning strategies in place, you can ensure that your renovation project goes off without a hitch. Here are some budget planning tips to help you get started on your dream renovation project.

  1. First, assess the scope of the work that needs to be completed. Make sure you have a clear picture of the elements of the renovation that must be done and how much each of those elements will cost. Once you have the scope of the project and the budget worked out, it’s time to look at financing options. Consider if you can pay for the renovation yourself or if a loan could help cover some of the costs.
  2. Finally, take into account any potential surprise expenses that might arise. Unexpected renovation costs, such as for unforeseen problems with your home’s infrastructure, can come out of nowhere and blow your budget. Make sure you have some cushion in your budget for any extra costs. Be mindful of unexpected expenses, and you’ll be better prepared to handle them.

By factoring in the scope of the work, financing options, and potential surprises, you can create a budget plan that will get your renovation project off the ground. Following these budget planning tips can help you make sure your dream renovation project is within reach.

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