Are you an avid wrestling fan who loves keeping up with all the latest wrestling news and watching your favorite WWE superstars in action? If so, then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find the best YouTube channels that will help you stay updated on all the latest wrestling news, including RAW Talk, SmackDown, WWE, AEW, RAW, CM Punk, Telugu Podcast, NXT, and AEW Dynamite. Read on to discover the top YouTube channels for your wrestling fix!

Raw talk: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~22.3m Channel Subscribers: ~51.4k Channel Videos: ~509


Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk Clips is a YouTube channel that consists of raw talk video podcasts, hosted by bodybuilder and YouTube personality Bradley Martyn. The channel features content related to topics like culture, fitness, and MMA, inspired by Joe Rogan's podcast 'Impulsive' and Bradley's own content from BMFIT and 'Full Send'. It also offers special interviews and exclusive footage to entertain, inform, and inspire its viewers.

Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk

Channel Views: ~103.9m Channel Subscribers: ~474k Channel Videos: ~488

Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk Youtube Channel

Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk is an entertaining YouTube channel that focuses on discussing topics related to health and fitness, lifestyle, and his journey. The channel features interviews with fitness experts, raw footage of workouts and nutrition advice, and real-talk conversations to give an unfiltered perspective on the fitness industry.

Raw Talks With VK

Channel Views: ~16.7m Channel Subscribers: ~93.4k Channel Videos: ~196

Raw Talks With VK Youtube Channel

Raw Talks With VK is a popular Telugu YouTube channel featuring business, startup, and entrepreneurship podcasts with host Vamshi Kurapati. Each episode includes a unique video interview with entrepreneurs, industry experts, business people, and thought leaders, inspiring viewers with stories of success and providing valuable business advice. The channel also promotes inspiration, motivation, and a growth-oriented mindset. With an impressive and extensive library of podcast episodes, followers of Raw Talks With VK can get the most out of their growth journey. 


Channel Views: ~70.6b Channel Subscribers: ~90.3m Channel Videos: ~63.1k

WWE Youtube Channel

The WWE YouTube channel is an action-packed entertainment destination for fans featuring some of the best matches, submission wrestling, finishing moves, and more. Join in to experience the excitement of wrestling on the WWE YouTube channel.

Zuera Of Wrestling

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~10.5k Channel Videos: ~426

Zuera Of Wrestling Youtube Channel

Zuera Of Wrestling is a YouTube channel devoted to covering the world of wrestling, from blockbuster WWE events such as RAW and Smackdown to All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite show and independent promotions. Fans can expect entertaining and informative raw talks about pro wrestling news, WWE Brazil editions (Legendado) with exclusive interviews with WWE legends, and much more. Enjoy the unbeatable zueira of WWE!

1.What is Raw Talk?

Raw talk is the term used to define a certain way of verbal communication that allows people to feel comfortable speaking their minds. It is a form of dialogue that allows people to be open and honest without the fear of judgment or ridicule. Raw talk assumes that people are interested in listening and understanding each other, and not just in passing judgment or forcing opinions on another.

At its core, raw talk is about understanding the person behind the words. It is the path to deep, meaningful conversations; whereby, both parties can get to know each other better and gain insight into their thoughts and feelings. Raw talk is not about trying to back someone into a corner, or trying to sell someone on a particular opinion, rather it is about creating a dialogue where both parties can benefit.

Raw talk encourages people to be open and honest. It focuses on allowing people to express their feelings without immediately offering solutions or a moral judgement. There is a focus on understanding how the other person of the conversation feels, rather than a focus on that person’s opinion. This type of communication creates an environment where everyone can be open and honest and move past surface level conversations. It in effect, helps to build bonds and trust between people.

2 Best Practices for Facilitating Raw Talk

Raw talk is a form of interpersonal communication focused on emotional connection and honesty. It can be a powerful tool to foster deep understanding and relationships. In order to have a successful raw talk session, it is important to practice some best practices to make sure that the conversation runs smoothly and is productive and meaningful.

  1. The first best practice for facilitating raw talk is to create a safe space. Make sure that each person in the conversation feels comfortable to share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences without fear of judgment. Establish ground rules that encourage openness, respect, and connection.
  2. Another best practice is to ask open-ended questions. Raw talk should be about the speaker, so allow each person to take the lead in the conversation. Acknowledge each person's feelings and experiences without pushing your own agenda onto them. Finally, be a good listener, be compassionate and understanding, and be actively supportive. Make sure that each person feels heard and validated. Remember that the goal of raw talk is to increase understanding and connection. If you follow these best practices, your raw talk session should be successful and meaningful.

Raw talk can be a powerful tool for personal and interpersonal growth. To ensure a productive, meaningful, and successful raw talk session, make sure to create a safe space, ask open-ended questions, and practice active listening skills. With the right approach, raw talk can be a great way to foster relationships and strong emotional connections.

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