Are you looking for the best YouTube channels for rap battle, rap, music, comedy, and other creative content? You have come to the right place! In this article, we take a deep dive and explore some of the top channels for rap battle. You'll find an abundance of captivating and unique content, be it live-action, animation or anything in between! Read on to find out more about the best YouTube channels for rap and hip-hop, perfect for when you want to get in the zone and listen to some great music and comedy.

Rap battle: Top Youtube Channels

Whitney Avalon

Channel Views: ~725.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~90

Whitney Avalon Youtube Channel

Whitney Avalon's YouTube channel features her popular series 'Princess Rap Battle', a creative and comedic rap battle between beloved characters like Snow White and Mary Poppins. Whitney Avalon writes and produces the music for all the rap battles. The channel has sky-rocketed to fame with its combination of modern rap and classic princesses..

King Of The Dot Entertainment

Channel Views: ~263.8m Channel Subscribers: ~880k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

King Of The Dot Entertainment Youtube Channel

The King Of The Dot Entertainment YouTube channel is dedicated to providing the best hip hop battle rap entertainment in the world. They specialize in featuring talented emcee and mc battles, often referred to as ?gully tk?, as well as showcasing some of the best up-and-coming rap battle talent from around the world. Fans of ?the dot? have been flocking to the channel for their unique take on battle rap and hip hop in general. Follow them if you're looking for the best rap battle content on the web.

Chrome 23

Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~78.2k Channel Videos: ~85

Chrome 23 Youtube Channel

Chrome 23 is a YouTube channel showcasing epic rap battles and other battles from the top female battlers including Remy Ma. It features exclusive battle rap content from the Female Battle League, including battles between some of the top female battle rappers in the world. For fans of battle rap featuring Remy Ma and others, Chrome 23 is an essential channel to follow.

Rare Breed Ent

Channel Views: ~103.5m Channel Subscribers: ~403k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Rare Breed Ent Youtube Channel

Rare Breed Ent is a popular YouTube channel focusing on rap battles and battle rap culture. It also hosts the Sorry Its True podcast, which features discussions on battle rap culture, reactions to battle rap matches, and insightful rants regarding the world of rap battles. ARP Addresses, ARP Discusses, ARP Reacts, and ARP Rant are all segments found on the channel and podcast. They are all filled with entertaining content related to the rap battle scene. Whether you're an experienced battler or just discovering the genre, Rare Breed Ent is here to provide high quality materials.

ShrugLife Network

Channel Views: ~23m Channel Subscribers: ~106k Channel Videos: ~381

ShrugLife Network Youtube Channel

ShrugLife Network is a YouTube channel dedicated to Rap Battle and Hip Hop content. It features the Bullpen Battle League, headed by John John da Don, Charlie Clips and other notable battle rappers from Atlanta and all around the globe. Catch exclusive rap battles and interviews from top rappers in the KOTD league and much more!

Freshy Kanal

Channel Views: ~66m Channel Subscribers: ~217k Channel Videos: ~148

Freshy Kanal Youtube Channel

Freshy Kanal is a popular YouTube channel featuring rap battles, bonus battles, and exclusive content from rap artist Freshy Kanal. Fans of the channel can watch different rappers face off in lyrical battles as well as get exclusive content from Freshy himself. Fans can also join in on the discussion by interacting with Freshy in the comments section. With over 10.3 million views, Freshy Kanal is one of the premier destinations for Rap Battle entertainment.

Cam Steady

Channel Views: ~211.2m Channel Subscribers: ~632k Channel Videos: ~131

Cam Steady Youtube Channel

Cam Steady's YouTube channel focuses on video game rap battles, featuring the hottest beats from popular titles like Call of Duty, Super Smash Brothers, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox. Watch their videos for a unique twist on classic console titles and enjoy watching the rap battles between some of the top names in gaming. Explore the art of rap battles with Cam Steady and be prepared to be entertained!


Channel Views: ~3.9b Channel Subscribers: ~14.8m Channel Videos: ~85

ERB Youtube Channel

ERB is YouTube channel created by musicians Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD which features rap battles between well-known historical figures, celebrities and pop culture characters. The channel's signature series, entitled Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB), contains musical comedy and a blend of historical and pop culture references. ERB is captivating, entertaining and has become a global phenomenon, with millions of followers. It has redefined the way people enjoy comedy rap.


Channel Views: ~11.4m Channel Subscribers: ~98.1k Channel Videos: ~155

illmacTV Youtube Channel

IllmacTV is a YouTube channel dedicated to rap battles. The channel is well known for its internationally acclaimed street battles 'The Saurus vs. Clay Pigeons', 'Raising the Bar', 'Goldini Bagwell vs. Illmaculate', and 'Grind Time vs. Illmaculate'. It showcases some of the best battle rap battles from around the world.

Finding Your Own Style in a Rap Battle

Rapping is an exciting form of expression and is a great way to exercise creativity in the lyrics. In a rap battle, the competition can be fierce, with each rapper trying to make their words stand out to win over the crowd. Learning to develop your own style in a rap battle can help you stand out and make a true impact.

The first step in finding your rap battle style is to focus on what makes your lyrical abilities unique. Maybe you have a creative way of using different rhymes or you always make sure your delivery is spot on. Once you have identified what makes you stand out, you can use it to create an effective strategy. Don’t be too quick to copy others; draw on your own unique abilities to craft your battle style.

While finding your own style, it’s also important to stay current. Understand what’s trending and what messages are resonating with the crowd. Without compromising your own style, see if you can blend elements together to add a new twist and stay relevant. The ideal rap battle style should have a blend of something new, something innovative and something recognizable. This will help you shine in your rap battle and show that you have what it takes to win.

Celebrating the Brightest Stars of the Rap Battle Scene

Rap battles provide a platform for aspiring lyricists and performers to showcase their skills on a public stage. Today, we are pleased to celebrate some of the brightest stars of the rap battle scene, who have proven to be some of the best examples of the form.

We want to take the time to recognize and appreciate the impressive talent these performers offer when entering the battle arena. To name only a few, battle rap fans cannot help but marvel at the sharp wit, punchlines, and energy that notable veterans like Wrongchilde, Dizaster, and Conceited bring to the stage. Each of these rap battle veterans consistently deliver electrifying performances that draw audiences in and keep them captivated until the very end.

Each of these rap battle stars have pushed the boundaries of battle rap for years, releasing a number of high-quality interludes and full sets along the way. From punchlines to personals, these bright stars of the rap battle scene have earned the respect of even the toughest critics and have become true champions of the form. Their commitment to excellence keeps rap fans coming back for more, and we are honored to recognize them now. Celebrate these bright stars of the rap battle scene and their immense contributions to the culture.

This is a fitting tribute to the hard work and creativity of the most incredible battle rappers of our time. We thank each of them for their special skill, dedication, and passion in battling amongst their peers. Let's continue to celebrate these bright stars of the rap battle scene, and be inspired by their brilliance.

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