6 Best Rabbit Youtube Channels

If you're looking for some great YouTube channels to watch with your family, then you have come to the right place! Whether you're looking for channels featuring music, movies, educational videos, funny skits, or cute animal videos, we have handpicked some of the best YouTube channels that have something for everyone. Keep reading to find the best YouTube channels for rabbits, kids, animals, funny clips, pop music, and more!


Channel Views: ~273.4m Channel Subscribers: ~943k Channel Videos: ~823

OneMorePlease Youtube Channel

OneMorePlease is a YouTube channel featuring a cute, funny rabbit eating various delicious treats like fruits, veggies, and desserts. Their videos are very popular, as viewers watch in awe as the rabbit explores different tastes, textures, and flavours in unique ASMR videos. Whether it's a taste test or bunny eating ASMR, fans of rabbits and ASMR alike can't help but enjoy this strange yet adorable channel.

Hidden Spring Farm

Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~53.9k Channel Videos: ~532

Hidden Spring Farm Youtube Channel

Hidden Spring Farm is a YouTube channel that follows the everyday life of a Filipino Canadian family living and operating a self-reliant farm stay vacation rental in an old century farmhouse. Videos highlight the family's old English Sheepdog, barnyard animals, barn cats, house renovations, and rabbit adventures! Visitors get to explore the amazing outdoors and discover the hidden spring on the farm.

Birds And Animals Planet

Channel Views: ~40.6m Channel Subscribers: ~223k Channel Videos: ~421

Birds And Animals Planet Youtube Channel

Birds And Animals Planet is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with high quality birds and animals video, sound, and care guidance. The channel focuses on birds and animals, such as rabbits and many other species. They showcase birds video, birds chirping and bird sounds, as well as animals video and animals sounds. Additionally, the channel also offers important tips and advice on the care of birds and animals, and how to properly care for your pet.

My BB Bunny

Channel Views: ~224.8m Channel Subscribers: ~706k Channel Videos: ~280

My BB Bunny Youtube Channel

My BB Bunny is a YouTube channel that features adorable Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs hopping around Rabbit Island and Bunny Island. This channel is filled with cute pet and animal care videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. From rabbit videos to pet care tips and tricks, this channel is the perfect place for animal lovers.

Lennon The Bunny

Channel Views: ~117.9m Channel Subscribers: ~735k Channel Videos: ~250

Lennon The Bunny Youtube Channel

Lennon The Bunny is a YouTube channel that revolves around a friendly rabbit named Lennon and his family of bunnies. Their videos feature fun activities and lifestyle hacks that each of the bunnies enjoys, making it a great channel for anyone looking to relax and connect with their own pet rabbit.

Sincerely, Cinnabun

Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~49.3k Channel Videos: ~113

Sincerely, Cinnabun Youtube Channel

The Sincerely, Cinnabun YouTube channel is dedicated to the care and happiness of free roam bunnies, particularly Holland Lops. It offers educational videos and tutorials on how to care for and properly love these beautiful animals. Whether you are looking for tips on bunny grooming, learning about their dietary needs, or just wanting to observe some cute rabbit antics - Sincerely, Cinnabun's content have you covered.

Understanding Your Rabbit's Behavior Habits

It’s important to learn about your rabbit’s behavior so that you can better understand its needs and build a trusting relationship with your pet. Rabbits have a wide range of behaviors, from jumping to digging and biting, and it’s up to you to figure out what works best for your bunny. Here are some tips to help you understand your rabbit's behavior habits:

  1. First, learn to observe your rabbit’s habits. Pay attention to how your bunny interacts with its environment and how it behaves when there’s food around or when you enter the room. Watching your rabbit’s behaviors can help you to determine what your rabbit needs and how it communicates.
  2. Second, identify any patterns in your rabbit’s behavior. This can help you understand when it’s feeling threatened, stressed, scared, or happy. Your rabbit’s habits can even reveal something about its health. For instance, if your rabbit is slower in its movements or sleeping more, they may be showing signs of being ill.
  3. Finally, take your time to build trust with your rabbit. Speak in a soft voice, offer treats, and get on your bunny’s level to cultivate a bond. When your rabbit feels safe and secure, it will be more open to spending time together and forming a bond. 

With time and patience, you can better understand your rabbit and have a happy, loving bond with your pet!

How to Recognize Rabbit Illness and Treat It

Rabbits are popular pets, but they are prone to sickness and injury. It's important that pet owners be able to recognize the signs of rabbit illness and take the right steps to treat it. Here are some tips for recognizing and treating any health problems your rabbit may face.

  • The first step toward treating any illness in rabbits is prevention. Make sure they have access to clean water and a healthy diet. If an illness is suspected, seek veterinary help immediately. Your vet can provide an accurate diagnosis, which will allow for the best course of treatment. Common ailments like ear mites, respiratory issues, and sores should all be treated with the help of a vet.
  • Rabbits can also be affected by parasites and viral infections. Signs to look for include diarrhea, labored breathing, or signs of pain. It is important to catch any health problems early, as some can be fatal if left untreated. Rabbit owners should also be aware of any sudden changes in behaviour or if they appear uncomfortable or weak. In such cases, a trip to the vet should be made immediately. Any health problems should be handled with care and with the help of a professional.

Overall, it is important for pet owners to be able to recognize and treat any signs of illness in their rabbits. With the right treatment and care, many health issues can be prevented. However, if symptoms do develop, seeking veterinarian help is the best way to make sure your beloved pet remains healthy and happy.

Fun Ideas for Making Your Rabbit Happy and Healthy

One way to make your rabbit happy and healthy is to take them outdoors and enjoy the weather. Not only will they get a chance to take in some fresh air, but they will also get some much-needed exercise. 

  • Try setting up an outdoor enclosure or letting your rabbit explore supervised and secured areas in your yard or nearby park. Just be sure to look out for predators and ensure your rabbit can’t escape.
  • It’s also important to give your rabbit mental stimulation. Set up fun toys and accessories like tunnels, paper towel rolls, and cardboard boxes for them to explore. You can also provide hay, chew toys, and vegetable treats for your rabbit to forage. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it will also ensure they stay occupied and burn energy.
  • Finally, make sure your rabbit is getting the right kind of diet and that they are being monitored for any health issues. Let your vet check them regularly and keep in mind that diet and nutrition are important components to a rabbit living a happy and healthy life. Feed your rabbit a consistent diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and limited amounts of treats. 

Maintain their health with regular check-ups and proper diet, and your rabbit will be hopping around with a smile on their face in no time!

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