5 Best Punjabi Food Youtube Channels

Are you a fan of Punjabi and Indian Street food? Are you eager to explore the culinary gems that India has to offer? Or perhaps you are inspired to embark on a Street Food Tour of India and visit the bustling cities of Mumbai and other places? If so, look no further as we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels offering great content in the areas of Punjabi and Indian Street Food, Travel, Foodie and more. Read on to find out more.

Punjabi Food And Travel

Channel Views: ~306.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~741

Punjabi Food And Travel Youtube Channel

Punjabi Food And Travel is a YouTube channel providing viewers with an inside look at delicious Punjabi food, from Pakistani restaurants to street-side delicacies. With an assortment of easy-to-make recipes, life hacks, and learnings from the world's best chefs, viewers can experience Punjabi cuisine and culture first-hand.

Harry Uppal

Channel Views: ~190.9m Channel Subscribers: ~803k Channel Videos: ~572

Harry Uppal Youtube Channel

Harry Uppal's YouTube channel focuses on Punjabi food, Indian street food from cities such as Indore and Amritsar, and his signature dish, Dhoka Khana Pahiyo Pe. It's a great place to learn more about Indian and Punjabi food, or just for delicious recipes to try at home. His channel also contains reviews of popular Punjabi food, and tips from his own experience of cooking. With over 500,000 subscribers, it's one of the most popular food channels featuring Indian and Punjabi cuisine out there.

GS Food Travels

Channel Views: ~25.8m Channel Subscribers: ~80.2k Channel Videos: ~469

GS Food Travels Youtube Channel

GS Food Travels is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the culinary delights of Punjabi cuisine. They showcase the tastiest street food from Jalandhar and Amritsar, as well as traditional dishes. Follow GS Food Travels for an authentic food story, capturing the vibrant flavors of Indian street food and Punjabstreetfood. #streetfood enthusiasts will definitely love it! #gsfoodtravel #gsfoodtraveljalandhar #punjabstreetfood #indianstreetfood #foodstory.

Mr pettoo singh

Channel Views: ~361.5m Channel Subscribers: ~840k Channel Videos: ~453

Mr pettoo singh Youtube Channel

Mr Pettoo Singh's YouTube channel is a great resource for Indian food lovers. He explores the cuisines of Jalandhar, Punjab and takes viewers on a food tour of traditional Punjabi street foods. He also showcases various vegetarian dishes from around India, and South Indian specialties. Each video is an exploration of different flavors and textures from all around the world, and an exploration of the diverse culinary heritage of Punjab. Food lovers will delight in Mr Pettoo Singh's channel.

Official Sahi hai

Channel Views: ~51.6m Channel Subscribers: ~180k Channel Videos: ~340

Official Sahi hai Youtube Channel

Official Sahi Hai is a YouTube channel featuring a variety of Punjabi food related topics. This channel is known for its mesmerizing street food videos, showcasing some of the most amazing street food from India. Along with this, there are also detailed food vlogs and recipes posted, making it a great source of information for those looking to explore the world of Indian food. The Sahi hai channel also has a strong commitment to showing quality content, making it one of the most popular Indian food channels out there.

Exploring the Five Basic Elements of Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi cuisine is a very popular style of Indian cooking that is widely celebrated around the world. The food of Punjab has a distinct flavour which is credited to the use of the five basic elements: wheat, dairy, legumes, leafy vegetables and ghee. These five elements form the basis of Punjabi cuisine, and are used to create a variety of delicious dishes.

  • Wheat is used frequently in the form of chapattis or Paranthas, and is often served with various dairy items like butter, yoghurt or milk. The use of legumes such as lentils and chickpeas is also very common in Punjabi dishes. Leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and coriander are used to add flavour and texture to a variety of dishes. Lastly, a key element in the cuisine is the use of ghee, a type of clarified butter widely used in many recipes from the Punjab region.
  • Punjabi cuisine is a carefully crafted blend of all the above elements, usually combined with traditional spices, to create some of the most delicious and authentic dishes. From lentil curries such as dal makhani to grilled dishes like tandoori chicken and parathas topped with a dollop of ghee, the richness and variety of Punjab's food is celebrated around the world. 

Whether you’re an amateur cook or an experienced chef, exploring the five basic elements of Punjabi cuisine can open up a world of flavours and cooking techniques. 

Health Benefits of Traditional Punjabi Food

Traditional Punjabi food is a popular and delicious part of Indian cooking that has been around for centuries. Not only does it have a wonderful flavor, but it is also packed with nutrition that can help you maintain good health. Here are some of the health benefits of enjoying traditional Punjabi food on a regular basis.

  • Firstly, traditional Punjabi food contains many spices which are beneficial for your health. The variety of spices used in the cooking process helps to boost your body’s antioxidant levels, preventing the formation of free radicals and thus protecting your body from various illnesses. Additionally, the spices used in Punjabi dishes are known to help purge toxins from your body.
  • Finally, traditional Punjabi food provides great sources of protein through the dishes that are rich in meat, legumes and nuts. This helps to keep your muscles and bones healthy, as well as support a healthy metabolism. The various whole grains and lentils also found in traditional Punjabi dishes help provide the body with fiber and essential minerals, and can help to reduce cholesterol levels. 

Overall, adding traditional Punjabi dishes to your diet can be a great way to get the health benefits of good nutrition. Enjoy the unique flavors of this cuisine to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Traditional Dishes of Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich and creamy gravies and robust flavors. From flavorful curries and tandoori dishes to comforting makhni dishes, the traditional food of Punjab is a connoisseur's delight. The cuisine is replete with dishes like Sarson Ka Saag, Rajma, Pindi Chole, and Lassi. Punjabi cuisine has various renowned dishes that form an integral part of traditional Punjabi menus.

  1. Sarson Ka Saag is one of the most popular items of traditional Punjabi cuisine. It is prepared with mustard leaves, spices, and Indian ghee. The spices used to make the dish vary from region to region, depending on the lifestyle or tradition of the people living in the area. 
  2. Rajma is also a very popular Punjabi dish, cooked with tomato puree and fragrant spices. It is best served with steamed rice or chapattis.
  3. Pindi Chole is a delicious and aromatic Pindi-style dish cooked with chickpeas, onion, tomato, and spices. This Punjabi dish is especially famous in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. 
  4. A glass of Lassi is probably the most comforting and soothing accompaniment for Punjabi cuisine. This yogurt-based drink is usually prepared sweet with makkan dipped in it luxuriously. It is certainly a must-have to finish off any Punjabi food meal.

The traditional Punjabi cuisine is all about robust flavors, rich gravies, and comforting makhni dishes. Every Punjabi dish has its own unique story and blend of flavors. Whether it's the classic Sarson Ka Saag, Rajma, Pindi Chole, or a glass of refreshing Lassi that you want to indulge in, these traditional dishes do complete justice to the authentic flavors of Punjab. So go ahead and enjoy the rich Punjabi cuisine to the fullest!

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