There are many great YouTube channels that feature progressive psytrance music. In this article, we will recommend some of the best channels for you to check out. Whether you are a fan of psytrance, trance, progressive, psychedelic, or goa music, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out the channels below for the best in progressive psytrance music.

Progressive psytrance music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~17.9m Channel Subscribers: ~84.3k Channel Videos: ~113

Psytrance Youtube Channel

Psytrance is a YouTube channel which features progressive psytrance music, psychedelic trance mixes, DJs mixes, Goa Trance, Psy Goa, Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Psy, and Psychedelic Trance. With a diverse selection of high-quality mixes, the channel is the perfect way to explore and listen to all genres of Psytrance. Whether you're looking for chill-out vibes or a hard-hitting trance set, Psytrance can provide. Get ready to experience some seriously psychedelic sounds!

Tobias Bassline

Channel Views: ~36.7m Channel Subscribers: ~89.8k Channel Videos: ~67

Tobias Bassline Youtube Channel

Tobias Bassline's YouTube channel is packed with progressive psytrance music, beautifully crafted to bring you into a state of trance. Fans of artists such as Ace Ventura, Infected Mushroom and Boom Festival are sure to find some of the best psytrance and trance music out there. It's the perfect channel for those seeking to jam out to some of the best music for a goa party or goa trance sound.

Space Noise

Channel Views: ~15.4m Channel Subscribers: ~88.1k Channel Videos: ~47

Space Noise Youtube Channel

Space Noise is a YouTube channel dedicated to promoting and showcasing progressive psytrance music. It features unique psytrance and progressive trance mixes, as well as prog trance, psytrance progressive, and progressive psytrance mixes for an immersive listening experience. Fans of trance and psytrance will definitely find something to love from this channel.

DJ NightStar⭐️

Channel Views: ~39.1m Channel Subscribers: ~183k Channel Videos: ~145

DJ NightStar⭐️ Youtube Channel

The DJ NightStar⭐️ YouTube channel is a great place to find progressive psytrance music. The channel features trance music from various artists, including progressive trance, trance dj, edm trance, psychedelic trance, and goa trance. You can find a variety of trance songs on the channel, as well as some great psytrance mixes.

Psychedelic Universe

Channel Views: ~120m Channel Subscribers: ~571k Channel Videos: ~4.3k

Psychedelic Universe Youtube Channel

Psychedelic Universe is a YouTube channel that specializes in progressive psytrance music. They have a wide variety of psychedelic trance tracks for their viewers to enjoy. They also have a section for progressive psytrance, which is a subgenre of psytrance that is known for its more experimental and progressive sound.

Speedsound REC.

Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~34.9k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Speedsound REC. Youtube Channel

The Speedsound REC. YouTube channel is a perfect resource for anyone interested in progressive psytrance music. There are plenty of videos demonstrating how to create psytrance music in FL Studio and Ableton, as well as a number of templates and progressive loops that can be downloaded and used in your own productions. In addition, the channel features a number of DJ sets and live mixes that are sure to get you psytranced out!

Electric Samurai

Channel Views: ~30.9m Channel Subscribers: ~80.2k Channel Videos: ~88

Electric Samurai Youtube Channel

Electric Samurai is a YouTube channel dedicated to progressive psytrance music. It features mixes, free downloads and exclusive tracks from psytrance and progressive artists from around the globe. With its wide array of psytrance and progressive sounds, Electric Samurai is sure to keep your feet moving.


Channel Views: ~22.5m Channel Subscribers: ~104k Channel Videos: ~404

Tryptology Youtube Channel

Tryptology's YouTube channel is a great place to find music from the golden age of progressive psytrance with a focus on chill out and full on styles, giving you a spiritual, psychedelic, and relentlessly blissful experience full of good vibes. Discover a unique combination of chilled out vibes and hard-hitting sounds to elevate your spirit.

DJ Electric Samurai

Channel Views: ~164.9m Channel Subscribers: ~577k Channel Videos: ~359

DJ Electric Samurai Youtube Channel

DJ Electric Samurai's YouTube channel is a amazing resource for those interested in progressive psytrance music. Featuring a wide range of Electronic music, it offers a vast slice of the music spectrum, while also focusing on specific genres like progressive psytrance and other genres of Electronic music. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge of Electronic music or just explore the possibilities of progressive psytrance and its related genres, DJ Electric Samurai has something for everyone.

Dysomnia Music

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~14.9k Channel Videos: ~71

Dysomnia Music Youtube Channel

The Dysomnia Music YouTube channel offers an assortment of progressive psytrance and electronic music - a perfect soundtrack for the thrill-seekers out there! Expect heavy bass drops and mesmerizing synth riffs taking you on a unique journey full of energy and emotion. Fun and experimental, this channel is sure to have something for everyone.

Get To Know The Substyles Of Progressive Psytrance Music

Progressive Psytrance music is the perfect mix of high-energy, melodic and psychedelic musical styles. With roots in the psychedelic trance music created by Goa trance in the late 1980s and early 90s, this genre of electronic music has evolved over time to incorporate more progressive and melodic elements. This unique blend of sounds has created a unique and powerful sound that has gained an immense amount of popularity around the world.

The substyles of Progressive Psytrance music vary in style and bpm, but all contain driving bass lines and dreamy melodic synthesizer leads and arpeggios. From chilled out, minimalistic Psydub to full-on, upbeat Psytrance, the range of substyles of Progressive Psytrance has something for everyone. A few popular subgenres include Uplifting Trance, Progressive House, Psybreaks, Dark Psytrance, Full-On and Psychedelic Trance. Each one of these styles has its own sound and vibe, but all retain the core elements of Psytrance.

No matter what style of Progressive Psytrance music you prefer, it is sure to provide an exhilarating and exciting experience for everybody. When combined with a light show, live visuals and a huge sound system, it has the power to take the listener to a place of pure sonic euphoria. Discover the different substyles of Progressive Psytrance music today and get ready for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Popular Progressive Psytrance Artists

Progressive psytrance is a unique style of electronic dance music (EDM) that has grown in popularity over the last decade. Progressive psytrance artists produce a sound that is characterized by intricate melodies, fast rhythms, and energetic drops. There are a number of talented producers of progressive psytrance around the world, and we have decided to recognize 5 of the most popular progressive psytrance artists.

Kularis is one of the biggest names in progressive psytrance. He has released countless singles and albums, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene such as Infected Mushroom and Transwave. He has become highly acclaimed for his melodic, highly textured and powerful sound in the progressive psytrance scene.

The Swedish producer Astrix is another popular progressive psytrance artist. He is renowned for his signature melodic and uplifting psychedelic trance sound, which is found on his albums such as, ‘Artcore’ and ‘Trust in Trance’. Astrix often tours the world delivering spectacular live performances.

Another popular progressive psytrance producer currently making waves in the scene is Captain Hook. He is well-known for crafting energetic tracks that often include captivating melodies and hard-hitting kicks. His popular albums ‘Gravity’, ‘Organic’ and ‘Synthesize’ demonstrate his ability to craft high-energy music with a timeless sound.

These are just some of the popular progressive psytrance artists who have made a name for themselves in the genre. Their productions remain of a high quality and continue to inspire up-and-coming producers. Progressive psytrance is definitely a subgenre of electronic music to look out for.

Where to Find the Best Progressive Psytrance Releases?

Fortunately, there are several websites and streaming services that make it easy to discover some of the best progressive psytrance labels and releases.

Spotify offers several dedicated playlists of progressive psytrance and new releases such as 'Progressive Psychedelic Trance' and 'Discover Progressive Psy'. These playlists are great for keeping up with the current trends in the genre and finding new music. Another great resource is the popular streaming service Beatport, which curates progressive psytrance releases from various labels, including Aquatica and UV Music. Beatport also has a top 100 list for progressive psytrance tracks that's constantly updated.

Last, but not least, is Bandcamp, a digital marketplace for independent artists, many of whom are psytrance producers. You can find a wide variety of tracks from underground to mainstream labels. Bandcamp lets you preview songs before you buy and has great discounts on full releases, so it’s a great way to find new music at an affordable price. With these resources, you’re sure to find some of the best progressive psytrance releases out there.

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