Welcome to our guide to finding the best YouTube channels for progressive house music! In this guide, we'll show you some of our favorite channels for this genre of music, as well as provide some tips on how to find more great content on YouTube. We hope you enjoy this guide and find some new music to enjoy!

Progressive house music: Top Youtube Channels

The Grand Sound

Channel Views: ~109.2m Channel Subscribers: ~583k Channel Videos: ~432

The Grand Sound Youtube Channel

The Grand Sound YouTube channel provides a variety of high quality modern electronic music mixes, from progressive house music and deep house to trance music and uplifting trance. Featuring progressive house mixes, deep house mixes, and progressive trance, this channel also offers live radio show recordings and professionally mixed deep house music. It's the perfect place for electronic music lovers to find their next favorite tune.


Channel Views: ~95.2m Channel Subscribers: ~101k Channel Videos: ~154

MusicLoveSite Youtube Channel

MusicLoveSite is a YouTube channel dedicated to progressive house music and its related genres. They feature melodic and electronic tunes, ranging from prog house, melodic house and melodic progressive house. It is a great resource for those looking for a variety of ear-pleasing tunes. MusicLoveSite is an ideal platform for passionate music listeners to explore and enjoy the latest and greatest of these genres.

Radio Intense

Channel Views: ~110.9m Channel Subscribers: ~473k Channel Videos: ~2k

Radio Intense Youtube Channel

Radio Intense is a popular YouTube channel for music fans who love progressive house and melodic techno. Listeners can enjoy the channel's wide variety of DJ mixes, DJ sets, and deep house from popular artists such as Miss Monique and the newest releases from 2022. Tune in to Radio Intense for the best in melodic house and progressive house music!

Monstercat Silk

Channel Views: ~79.8m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Monstercat Silk Youtube Channel

The Monstercat Silk YouTube channel is dedicated to providing progressive house music for its viewers to enjoy. The channel features a wide variety of dance music, deep house, and melodic house tracks that are perfect for reading or relaxing to. With a large selection of chill and electronic music, the Monstercat Silk channel has something for everyone who loves house music.

Johnny M (GR)

Channel Views: ~49.5m Channel Subscribers: ~148k Channel Videos: ~354

Johnny M (GR) Youtube Channel

Johnny M (GR) is a popular YouTube channel that showcases a variety of electronic music styles, such as progressive house, deep house, chill out, tech house, trance, and techno. They provide a mix of classic and underground house music, giving listeners a unique experience of both mainstream and underground genres of music. Johnny M (GR) is a source for excellent quality videos showcasing popular and niche electronic genres.

DJanes Net

Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~51.7k Channel Videos: ~79

DJanes Net Youtube Channel

DJanes Net is a YouTube channel focused on progressive house music. It features radio intense DJ sets, DJ mixes, and techno and deep house mixes by popular artists like Miss Monique and others. The channel also showcases melodic house and melodic techno tunes that you can dance to. Whether you're a fan of progressive house or another genre, you're sure to find something on DJanes Net for you!


Channel Views: ~217.6k Channel Subscribers: ~524 Channel Videos: ~39

eimearmusic Youtube Channel

Eimearmusic is a popular YouTube channel that offers an array of progressive house music, deep house, and flstudio production videos. Run by the producer Eimear Shining, the channel provides listeners with an opportunity to explore Eimear's great sounds and productions as she creates and demonstrates her music. With her unique style and music production skills, Eimear, Eimearpl, and Eimearmusic all deliver a modern and captivating style of progressive house that sets it apart from other music producers.

Miss Monique

Channel Views: ~97.6m Channel Subscribers: ~566k Channel Videos: ~161

Miss Monique Youtube Channel

Miss Monique is a popular YouTube channel focused on progressive house music. Miss Monique is a highly respected DJ and producer, and her channel features her popular mix and DJ sets, as well as her popular Mind Games podcast and MimO weekly podcast. Her channel is a great resource for fans of progressive house and electronic dance music.


Channel Views: ~79.4m Channel Subscribers: ~241k Channel Videos: ~272

daveepa Youtube Channel

The Daveepa YouTube channel is devoted to progressive house music, with many mixes and remixes of popular songs to keep listeners grooving. Dave Pa is the mastermind behind the channel, and his mix of different genres makes for a unique and fun listening experience. Whether you're looking for a party mix to get your groove on or a more mellow festival mix, there's something for everyone on Daveepa.

Art of Minimal Techno Trip

Channel Views: ~144.1m Channel Subscribers: ~707k Channel Videos: ~886

Art of Minimal Techno Trip Youtube Channel

The Art of Minimal Techno Trip channel on YouTube is a great resource for fans of progressive house music. The channel features a wide variety of music, from art of minimal techno tripping to melodic techno, and provides a great way to explore the genre. In addition to the great music, the channel also features a wide variety of art, from minimalist to deep, that is sure to interest and inspire viewers.


Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~15.7k Channel Videos: ~130

EnglishChannel Youtube Channel

EnglishChannel is an up-and-coming YouTube channel dedicated to providing deep, dark and minimal progressive house music mixes. Their tracks have an underground sound perfect for raves and techno dancing, as well as jungle and hardcore vibes. Fans of all kinds of electronic dance music will find something to love at EnglishChannel.


Channel Views: ~67.8m Channel Subscribers: ~427k Channel Videos: ~63

KOROLOVA Youtube Channel

KOROLOVA is an up and coming YouTube channel featuring progressive house music, melodic techno, and other styles of music. Their music is composed and DJ'd by Korolova, a talented artist creating high quality electronic and electronic-style tracks. Fans of deep and melodic progressive house music will really enjoy what KOROLOVA has to offer!


Channel Views: ~10.6m Channel Subscribers: ~75.3k Channel Videos: ~149

VitalTunezMusic Youtube Channel

VitalTunezMusic is a YouTube channel dedicated to progressive house music, mixing vocal and trance tunes in an uplifting house, EDM style. Their mixes are always full of energy and provide an energetic and unique listening experience. VitalTunezMusic is the perfect source for anyone looking to explore the world of progressive house music.


Channel Views: ~11.8m Channel Subscribers: ~36.4k Channel Videos: ~988

NewProgressive Youtube Channel

NewProgressive is a YouTube channel that focuses on progressive house and Electronic music. The channel showcases a variety of releases from artists in the field of Electronic music, from high-energy bangers to deep and mellow atmospheres. As the name implies, the channel is all about exploring new sounds and progressive music. Fans of Electronic music are sure to find something inspiring in the vast selection of music!

Characteristics of Progressive House Music

Progressive house music is an electronic genre of music influenced by various styles of house music that is characterized by a slower tempo and lighter tone than other house music genres. It's often characterized by melodic, harmonic, and balancing elements combined with smooth grooves and bass-driven rhythms. Progressive house music incorporates elements of progressive rock, trance, and breakbeat, giving it a unique sound.

The production of progressive house music is exceptionally layered with the use of various sound synthesisers and has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The genres focus is on layering sounds and melodies on top of each other to create a unique sound. It is often associated with the genre of trance music, which is also heavily reliant on layering and melodic heights.

Progressive house tends to focus on longer and more drawn out tracks that explore soaring melodies and catchy basslines. It often incorporates elements of synth-pop and more chilled out vibes which make it a great choice for background music or for winding down after a busy day. Above all, progressive house is known for its immersive pleasant sounds, creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. This makes it perfect for lounging, dancing and listening.

Notable Artists Who Create Progressive House Music

There are a number of notable artists who create progressive house music, ranging from legends to newcomers. Making a list of all of them would be an impossible task, but here are some of the most prominent.

First among them is the iconic Eric Prydz. He is known for his melodic house music and his impeccable production skills. He is often credited as pioneering the so-called “new wave” of progressive house music sound. His influence can be heard in a number of tracks by other artists in the genre.

 Another name synonymous with progressive house music is Axwell /\ Ingrosso. This Swedish duo, consisting of former Swedish House Mafia members Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, are known for their heavy use of melody and the incorporation of elements from other genres into their tracks.

Finally, there are a number of up-and-coming producers who create progressive house music, such as Tomer Costa, Tom Staar, and Federico Scavo. All three of these artists have become staples of the genre in recent years, thanks to their unique styles and productions. They have all been featured on some of the biggest electronic music labels and have gathered a devoted following. All these artists are sure to continue to be at the forefront of the progressive house music scene for years to come.

Resources for Finding Progressive House Music

One of the best resources for finding progressive house music is streaming services. Many streaming services have a dedicated section to house music, which can be browsed to discover new artist, songs, and albums that might not have been heard before. Many streaming services also offer radio stations, where you can tune in to hear the newest progressive house tunes that have just released.

Another great way of finding progressive house music is to visit the social media pages of DJs and producers. Many of them post previews of their new singles or remixes, or even share live streams of their performances. Following their social media pages will keep fans updated on the latest releases, and give them a glimpse into the creativity and artistry involved in making progressive house music.

The last great resource for finding progressive house music is music blogs. There are plenty of them out there dedicated to the genre, and they are frequently updated with reviews, listening guides, artist interviews and other interesting articles about the world of progressive house. Visiting music blogs is a great way to discover new artist and garner an understanding of the music and its culture.

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