13 Best Prenatal Yoga Youtube Channels

If you're an expecting mother or a parent looking for ways to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and beyond, then you've come to the right place! We have scoured the internet to bring you the best YouTube channels that offer great prenatal yoga, yoga, fitness, pregnancy yoga, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga for beginners, meditation, and health content. So if you want to take your health and wellness journey to the next level, read on to discover the best channels to follow for vinyasa yoga!


Channel Views: ~155.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~392

SarahBethYoga Youtube Channel

SarahBethYoga is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of yoga videos, including morning yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga for flexibility, bedtime yoga, yoga workout, postnatal yoga, yoga for beginners, 20 minute yoga, and 10 minute yoga. These classes are perfect for those starting their yoga journey as well as more experienced yogis. SarahBethYoga provides an opportunity to enjoy yoga sessions from the comfort of home. Each video offers an energizing and relaxing experience focusing on connecting body and mind.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~21.3k Channel Videos: ~303

YogaCandi Youtube Channel

YogaCandi is a YouTube channel that offers videos on prenatal yoga, yoga for beginners and all levels, yoga exercises and stretches, yoga challenges, yoga poses, easy yoga poses and intermediate yoga for expectant mothers. Its content focuses on making yoga accessible and enjoyable for people at all stages of life. So whether you're a complete beginner or just looking to learn new poses and yoga challenges, YogaCandi is the perfect spot for you. Get ready to yoga like a pro!

LEMon Yoga

Channel Views: ~384.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~241

LEMon Yoga Youtube Channel

The LEMon Yoga YouTube channel features yoga for expectant mothers, postnatal care, and baby- and mummy & me classes. Whether you're looking for exercises to get your zest back or to safely practice prenatal, postnatal or baby yoga at home in 2020, you'll find plenty of tips and advice here to reach your splits progress through fun and creative movement.

Sally Parkes Yoga Academy

Channel Views: ~287.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~111

Sally Parkes Yoga Academy Youtube Channel

Sally Parkes Yoga Academy is a YouTube channel dedicated to yoga. The channel offers videos on a variety of topics related to yoga, such as pre-natal yoga, postnatal yoga, mother and baby yoga, fertility yoga, yin yoga, and 200-hour yoga teacher training programs. With carefully crafted instructional videos and informative content, this channel is perfect for learners of all levels.

BodyFit By Amy

Channel Views: ~118.1m Channel Subscribers: ~860k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

BodyFit By Amy Youtube Channel

BodyFit By Amy is a YouTube channel featuring full-length workout videos tailored to a variety of fitness preferences. Through high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and tabata circuits, viewers can improve their strength and cardiovascular health while working out at home. Pilates and prenatal yoga classes are also available as well as a range of ab and boot camp workouts. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, BodyFit By Amy has something to offer for everyone!

Breathe and Flow

Channel Views: ~48.2m Channel Subscribers: ~613k Channel Videos: ~502

Breathe and Flow Youtube Channel

Breathe and Flow is a popular YouTube channel that offers a wide range of prenatal yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, and regular yoga classes and guided meditations for all fitness levels. The channel is jam-packed with an extensive library of yoga videos and thoughtfully crafted classes. Every practice is designed to help you step into a place of ease and self-discovery.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Channel Views: ~42.9m Channel Subscribers: ~469k Channel Videos: ~432

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV Youtube Channel

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV is a YouTube channel which provides pregnant and postpartum moms helpful information and guidance about prenatal yoga, pregnancy exercises, diastasis recti, weight loss, weight loss after baby, how to lose weight after pregnancy, what to eat for weight loss, pregnancy yoga and pregnancy home workouts. All the advice is based on professional and experienced advice from yoga and fitness experts. Whether you're just starting out or continuing your practice, this channel is a great resource to help you stay fit and healthy during your journey.

Live Fertile

Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~41k Channel Videos: ~196

Live Fertile Youtube Channel

Live Fertile is a YouTube channel dedicated to supporting women's health through a variety of topics such as prenatal yoga, menstrual cycle yoga, fertility in your 30s, trying to conceive, and PCOS yoga. Led by a black yoga teacher and black dietitian, the channel also focuses on topics such as PCOS nutrition, fertility yoga and fertility in your 30s. It is the perfect resource for women looking to better understand and take control of their health.

Pregnancy Workouts and Postpartum Care

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~21.2k Channel Videos: ~198

Pregnancy Workouts and Postpartum Care Youtube Channel

The Pregnancy Workouts and Postpartum Care YouTube channel is an excellent resource for women expecting a baby, offering beneficial prenatal yoga, pregnancy exercise and exercise programs, pregnancy exercise videos, pregnancy yoga, and pregnancy workouts. The channel also covers Diastasis Recti exercises and pelvic floor exercises to help with postpartum care. This channel is a great source of information for expecting moms.

Larie Midkiff

Channel Views: ~7.4m Channel Subscribers: ~85.4k Channel Videos: ~366

Larie Midkiff Youtube Channel

Larie Midkiff's YouTube channel is a great resource for expecting and postpartum moms looking for free prenatal and postnatal workouts. It offers a range of at home workouts, ranging from prenatal yoga and total body strength workouts to follow-along strength and conditioning workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home.

Erica Rodefer Winters

Channel Views: ~89.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~61

Erica Rodefer Winters Youtube Channel

Erica Rodefer Winters' YouTube channel is dedicated to helping moms connect with their bodies throughout the entire birthing and postpartum journey. She provides videos on prenatal and postnatal yoga, labor and birth tips, natural birth ideas, and yoga specifically tailored to moms. She also has videos on the fourth trimester, further strengthening the bond between mother and baby.

Yogi Mom Life

Channel Views: ~44.4k Channel Subscribers: ~595 Channel Videos: ~65

Yogi Mom Life Youtube Channel

Yogi Mom Life is a YouTube channel devoted to helping pregnant moms, moms with young children, and moms-to-be. It offers an array of videos focusing on pre and postnatal yoga, gentle yoga, pregnancy yoga, mommy yoga, pregnancy fitness, and overall mom life. The channel is a great source for mom-friendly yoga routines, tips, advice, and exercise routines. Yogi Mom Life is a channel committed to helping mothers stay physically and mentally healthy.

Brittany Bryden

Channel Views: ~435.1k Channel Subscribers: ~7.7k Channel Videos: ~84

Brittany Bryden Youtube Channel

Brittany Bryden's YouTube channel is a great resource for prenatal yoga, yoga at home, and home workouts. She offers online lessons in her BB Method, with yoga classes for beginners and experienced yoga teachers alike. Check out her channel for accessible and engaging yoga with encouraging tips from Brittany Bryden!

Types of Prenatal Yoga Movements

Prenatal yoga is a great way to relieve stress, build strength, and maintain mobility during pregnancy. It can also help prepare for childbirth. Prenatal yoga movements can be easily adapted to fit the changing needs of a pregnant woman’s body. Here is a guide to some of the most common types of prenatal yoga movements.

  1. Cat/Cow is a gentle, all over body stretch where the spine is opened and flexed. This movement helps to improve posture and relieve any lower back or sciatic nerve pain by loosening tight muscles. It also helps relieve water retention and stretch tight ligaments.
  2. Warrior poses are excellent for strengthening the core, opening the hips, and improving balance. These poses help to prepare the body for labor by engaging the pelvic floor and the transverse abdominals. Forward bends help improve digestion, stretch tight leg muscles, and help relieve sciatic nerve pain. Triangle pose helps to improve digestion, and helps the expectant mother to stay grounded and centered.
  3. Finally, Child’s Pose is a great way to relax the body and mind, and can be used as a resting pose between yoga movements. This helps to restore energy and reduces fatigue or nausea. Prenatal yoga is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women, providing relaxation and strengthening the body for childbirth. 

With the right movements and poses, yoga can help make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.

Common Myths about Prenatal Yoga

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in prenatal yoga with the benefits it provides expectant mothers. But there are some common myths associated with this type of yoga practice that can prevent expectant mothers from giving it a try. 

  • One of the most commonly-believed myths about prenatal yoga is that it is only beneficial for physically fit practitioners. Nothing could be further from the truth! Prenatal yoga is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, no matter how weak or strong. The practice can ease lower back pain and reduce stress, not to mention, strengthens the abdominal muscles and ligaments, helps the body to properly prepare and rebound following childbirth and can also help reduce the risk of preterm birth.
  • Another common misconception about prenatal yoga is that it should be rigorous and difficult. In fact, prenatal yoga should be gentle enough - the movements are mindful and ideally therapeutic, designed to promote flexibility, balance and relaxation for both mother and baby. Prenatal yoga can be practiced throughout each trimester, so expectant mothers of all fitness levels can ease into the practice. Through proper guidance, yoga can provide both emotional and physical support during pregnancy and beyond.

Prenatal yoga is an excellent choice for expectant mothers and can provide a variety of benefits regardless of fitness level. Given the myths that may keep women from trying it, the key is to find an experienced and qualified instructor trained in prenatal yoga. When practiced safely, prenatal yoga can help women stay active throughout each trimester and prepare the body for childbirth. It’s an excellent choice for all expectant mothers.

What to Wear to Your Prenatal Yoga Sessions

As soon as you find out you're pregnant, one of the best exercises you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy is yoga. Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy, like back pain, a weakened pelvic floor, and fatigue. Since you're probably already familiar with regular yoga classes, you may be wondering what to wear to your prenatal yoga classes.

  • When deciding on what to wear to your yoga session, the key is to pick something that is comfortable and allows your body to move with ease. Stretchy bottoms like leggings or yoga pants are most suitable and for tops, opt for something that won't just ride up when you raise your arms. A stretchy tank or tee-shirt with an open front cardigan is ideal. And, of course, don't forget a supportive pair of maternity yoga pants that have adjustable drawstrings or are specifically designed for pregnancy.
  • On the other hand, make sure you avoid overly tight clothes or clothes that will pull uncomfortably on your belly. Also, remember to choose light fabrics in cotton or lycra that will be gentle on your skin and won't make you overheat. Finally, adding a pair of yoga socks, long socks, or plenty of cushioning. This will make your experience of yoga more enjoyable and comfy while also protecting your feet against any slips and falls.

Overall, picking the right outfit for your prenatal yoga classes doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to choose something that is comfortable, breathable, and allows your body flexibility. And you should enjoy those prenatal yoga sessions!

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