6 Best Power Tumbling Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to follow for the best power tumbling, gymnastics, tumbling, sports, flips, gymnastic, parkour, trampoline, cheerleading, and cheer? If so, then you've come to the right place! Here, we've gathered together some of the top YouTube channels featuring incredible cases of feats of strength and skill through these amazing sports. Keep reading to find out more!


Channel Views: ~110.6k Channel Subscribers: ~477 Channel Videos: ~113

ASIGymnastics Youtube Channel

ASIGymnastics is a YouTube channel featuring instructional videos on power tumbling, cheerleading, tiny tots gymnastics, after school programs, how to, parents night out, birthday parties, boys gymnastics, and girls gymnastics. Their videos provide helpful insight from a certified instructor so the viewers can learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun and safe way.

Best Gymnastics

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~19

Best Gymnastics Youtube Channel

Best Gymnastics YouTube channel offers amazing content with a variety of categories to cater to fans of power tumbling, gymnastics, teamgym, trampoline, and flips. It exhibits the best of gymnastics from its Spring Sampler series and hosts regular events for athletes to showcase their skills. Powertumbling clips will keep viewers engaged, but their range of quality videos is unmatched for any hardcore gymnastics fan.

Elias Green

Channel Views: ~8.7m Channel Subscribers: ~24.3k Channel Videos: ~94

Elias Green Youtube Channel

Elias Green's YouTube channel features intense, high-quality videos of power tumbling, gymnastics, and trampoline routines. His purpose is to provide aspiring tumblers with helpful instruction and tutorials in order to master each step of the sport, ranging from the beginner to the advanced. His channel contains searches on powertumbling, tumbling, gymnastics, and trampoline, as well as some incredible skills and tricks.

Angel Rice

Channel Views: ~265.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~73

Angel Rice Youtube Channel

Angel Rice's YouTube channel showcases the amazing power tumbling and cheerleading talents of tumbler and all-star cheerleader Angel Rice. Follow along on her journey as she impresses viewers with her colorful and creative routines! Learn from motivational advice and tutorials that make it easy to be inspired and take your own tumbling skills to the next level.

Coach Fred

Channel Views: ~54k Channel Subscribers: ~340 Channel Videos: ~19

Coach Fred Youtube Channel

Coach Fred's YouTube channel is a great resource for people interested in power tumbling, physical fitness, and sport. He provides helpful tutorials on strength and conditioning exercises, nutrition tips, and lifestyle advice for athletes of all levels. These videos will help viewers improve their fitness while learning about the latest trends in the sports industry.

Best of Flips

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~11

Best of Flips Youtube Channel

Best of Flips is a YouTube channel that showcases some of the most amazing flips and tricks ever performed by some of the world's best power tumblers, such as Rasmus Steffensen, Magnus Laurritsen and Greg Roe Trampoline. They also have awesome clips from World Cup events, and amazing feats from athletes like Simone Biles. People Are Awesome, Anders Wesch and other professional tumblers perform the craziest flips on the channel. It's definitely worth checking out!

Injuries and Safety Concerns in Power Tumbling

Power tumbling is an exciting and high risk form of gymnastics that can involve the use of trampolines, spring floors, and other features to gain height and perform impressive maneuvers. With high intensity movements such as flips and rotations, the safety of the athlete is of utmost importance. Although coaches strive for to make the sport as safe as possible, there are some injuries and safety concerns that come with power tumbling.

The most common injuries experienced in power tumbling include fractures, dislocations, concussions, meniscus tears, and muscle strains. In many cases, tumblers have experienced catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis or worse, to the neck and spinal cord due to extreme tension placed on the body. It is very important for athletes to always use proper safety techniques while power tumbling, such as using mats, and being properly prepared before executing a skill. It is also wise for tumblers to pay attention to their body’s fatigue levels and fatigue-related injuries, such as sprained wrists that are caused by the combination of extreme tension and incorrect technique.

Overall, power tumbling is an incredible sport that can be enjoyed safely when the necessary precautions are taken. Coaches should ensure that their athletes are familiar with the rules and regulations of the sport, wear proper gym attire, and practice good technique. These precautions will make the athlete less likely to suffer any type of injury or safety concern. With respect and dedication to enforcing safety, a power tumbler can enjoy a long and fulfilling career of the sport.

Training Requirements for Power Tumbling

Power tumbling is an intense and highly technical form of gymnastics that requires dedication, agility, strength, power, and body control, not to mention long hours of training. Just one hour of power tumbling practice can involve a wide variety of drills and skills, including somersaults, rounds, flips, and other power elements. If you’re looking to get into power tumbling, there are a few important training requirements to keep in mind.

  1. First, power tumbling requires a combination of power, agility, and body control. To master power tumbling, athletes must have the ability to move quickly and with control, as well as sufficient upper body strength to power through elements like layouts and twists. Conditioning drills such as plyometrics, explosive lower-body exercises, and core strength drills can help build the necessary power and strength for power tumbling.
  2. Strength and power are just some of the components of power tumbling. Body awareness and control is also of utmost importance. Working on exercises that promote body awareness, such as balance drills and agility exercises, is key to becoming a successful power tumbler. 
  3. Other drills such as spot drills and clapping drills can also help with developing proper form and body control. Training mentally is also important, so power tumblers should practice visualization drills that involve picturing each skill before they attempt to perform it.

By covering all of these training requirements, athletes can put themselves on a path to power tumbling success. With dedication, practice, and consistency, the right training can help athletes reach their full potential.

Essential Gear for Power Tumbling

When it comes to power tumbling, the right gear is essential to the success of the athlete. Without having the right pieces of equipment and apparel, power tumblers aren't going to be able to reach their full potential. That's why having the right gear and being properly equipped is so important.

The top pieces of essential gear for power tumbling include mats, specialized shoes, knee pads, ankle braces and elbow pads. 

  1. The mats are used to provide a cushioned and supportive surface that allows for safe practice and execution of tumbling skills like aerials and back handsprings. 
  2. Specialized shoes are necessary to help give the athlete the needed grip and traction while using the mats. 
  3. Knee, ankle and elbow pads are beneficial for extra cushioning and protection of these joints, which are especially at risk for injuries amongst power tumblers.
  4. It’s important for power tumblers to have plenty of chalk handy to help give them better grip and traction on the mats. 
  5. Gloves are also a great piece of apparel to have, as they can help protect the hands and give more control while tumbling. 

Quality and durability should be considered when selecting these items, as it’s important to have reliable pieces of gear that won’t break down after prolonged use. With the right pieces of gear, power tumblers will be much better equipped for successful performances.

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