15 Best Portrait Photography Youtube Channels

Are you a passionate photographer looking to further your knowledge and skills? Then you're in luck! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this article will provide you with the best YouTube channels to find great photography tips, tutorials, and advice. We've gathered the top channels to help bring your portrait photography, photoshop, and Lightroom skills to the next level. Read on and get ready to elevate your photography game.

Praveen Bhat Photography

Channel Views: ~37.3m Channel Subscribers: ~331k Channel Videos: ~1k

Praveen Bhat Photography Youtube Channel

Praveen Bhat Photography is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing helpful resources to those pursuing a modeling career. Through tutorials, tips and tricks, and interviews with modeling professionals, Praveen Bhat gives a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful model. He also provides useful tips on portrait photography for beginners, as well as insight on how to find the right modeling agencies. With his expertise and experience, viewers can learn what it takes to become a successful model.

Robert Silver Photography

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~441

Robert Silver Photography Youtube Channel

Robert Silver Photography is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing helpful tips, tutorials, and reviews surrounding portrait photography. From how-tos on setting up a photo shoot, to reviews on camera lenses and photography camera gear, to fashion photography and Nikon Cameras, this channel is perfect for any aspiring photographer who wants to learn the ropes.

Photo Genius

Channel Views: ~17.1m Channel Subscribers: ~321k Channel Videos: ~216

Photo Genius Youtube Channel

The Photo Genius YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of photography. It features tutorials on portrait photography, camera basics, and lightroom editing. It also includes photography courses, ideas, and tips for beginners. It covers the latest Canon EOS and Nikon Z mirrorless cameras, as well as techniques and tips for all types of photography. It's a great way to dip your toes into the world of photography!

Pete Coco Photography

Channel Views: ~485.3k Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~131

Pete Coco Photography Youtube Channel

Pete Coco Photography is a YouTube channel which focuses on portrait photography. It provides reviews of Canon R5 and Fuji X series cameras as well as other mirrorless cameras. Camera gear reviews are also featured on the channel. The channel is also used by the Headshot Crew and Peter Hurley to share their tips and tricks about portrait photography and camera gear.


Channel Views: ~244.3k Channel Subscribers: ~5.1k Channel Videos: ~75

coryphoto Youtube Channel

Coryphoto is a YouTube channel created by professional portrait photographer Cory Reynolds. His channel offers photography tips and tutorials for all levels of expertise, from beginners to experts. He covers topics such as portrait photography, photoshop tutorials, photography hacks, and photography for beginners. Coryphoto is a great source to help anyone learn how to take better photos and gain more knowledge about portrait photography.

Sunny Jee

Channel Views: ~14k Channel Subscribers: ~484 Channel Videos: ~10

Sunny Jee Youtube Channel

Sunny Jee's YouTube channel is dedicated to portrait photography. He shares tips and tutorials for photographers of all levels, and offers great advice on things like lighting, equipment, and editing. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced photographer, Sunny Jee's channel is a great resource for producing beautiful portraiture.

Julia Trotti

Channel Views: ~37.6m Channel Subscribers: ~507k Channel Videos: ~432

Julia Trotti Youtube Channel

Julia Trotti's YouTube channel is a hub for creative portrait photography and tutorials. She covers topics such as portrait posing, lightroom and photoshop editing, fashion and travel photography, as well as occasional vlogs. Her channel provides invaluable insight into the creative process of portrait photography.

Miguel Quiles

Channel Views: ~8.4m Channel Subscribers: ~129k Channel Videos: ~260

Miguel Quiles Youtube Channel

Miguel Quiles' YouTube channel is a great resource for learning portrait photography and how to use off camera flash. Along with tutorials and discussions on topics such as shooting with Sony devices, he also offers helpful advice as a Sony Artisan, sharing his personal work and experiences with Sony cameras, lenses, and the Sony Alpha platform.

Sarah Lyndsay

Channel Views: ~504.7k Channel Subscribers: ~11.2k Channel Videos: ~120

Sarah Lyndsay Youtube Channel

Sarah Lyndsay's YouTube channel is a great resource for photographers of all levels. She specialises in portrait and landscape photography, offering education content, tips, and tutorials for landscape photography, as well as advice for professional photo techniques. She is a very passionate nature photographer who loves to explore and capture the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Her channel consists of instructional videos and helpful tips on landscape photography and nature photography, as well as pro photo tips.

Justin Laurens

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~101k Channel Videos: ~36

Justin Laurens Youtube Channel

Justin Laurens' YouTube channel covers a variety of topics from portrait photography tips, to photoshop editing and portrait editing tutorials, to social media strategy and instagram growth strategies. He provides detailed instructions and helpful advice on how to use photoshop and optimize your photos for any portfolio. Through his YouTube videos, he shows photographers and digital artists how to take and transform their images into professional-looking works of art.

Vincent Perry Jr

Channel Views: ~521.1k Channel Subscribers: ~11.2k Channel Videos: ~158

Vincent Perry Jr Youtube Channel

Vincent Perry Jr's YouTube channel showcases incredible portrait, fashion, and editorial photography, as well as fashion videos and films. He has an eye for creating captivating and artistically stunning visuals with his lens. Viewers of his channel can experience creative fashion videos, fashion films, portrait photography, film photography, and video portraits.

Beatriz Abelenda

Channel Views: ~129k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~84

Beatriz Abelenda Youtube Channel

Beatriz Abelenda's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for anyone interested in creative portrait photography. Her channel showcases a variety of different approaches to producing artistic, fine art photography such as conceptual and self-portrait photography, as well as showcasing creative self-portrait techniques that can be used at home. Her collection of videos has something for everyone, whether they are an amateur or a professional.

Elizabeth Gadd

Channel Views: ~29.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~13

Elizabeth Gadd Youtube Channel

Elizabeth Gadd's YouTube channel is a great source of inspiration for photography fans looking to learn the art of portraiture and lifestyle photography. Featuring stunning visuals from all around the world as well as talks about pursuing photography as a hobby, her channel is sure to give a great insight into this amazing art. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced photographer, you'll find plenty of useful tips for improving your photography and capturing unforgettable moments while travelling.

Sony I Alpha Universe

Channel Views: ~58.2m Channel Subscribers: ~128k Channel Videos: ~595

Sony I Alpha Universe Youtube Channel

The Sony Alpha Universe YouTube channel is an excellent resource for photographers. It provides informative videos, tips, and reviews covering a variety of topics, such as portrait photography, Sony camera and lens models, photography for beginners, and editing techniques. It also features reviews and tutorials specifically related to the Sony Alpha camera line, particularly the Sony A9 mirrorless camera and Sony G Master lenses. It's a great place to learn more about Sony Alpha and photography in general.

Julian Lallo

Channel Views: ~556.5k Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~47

Julian Lallo Youtube Channel

Julian Lallo's YouTube channel offers tutorials and advice in a variety of sectors within photography, including portrait photography, food photography, fashion photography, streetwear photography and lightroom editing. He is a Melbourne-based photographer and his channel is immensely informative for both beginner and experienced photographers alike.

Different Styles of Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is an art, capturing personality and emotion through creative and unique compositions. A great portrait can tell a story, evoke emotion, and even influence decisions. It is important to understand the different styles of portrait photography in order to accurately capture a subject's personality and emotion.

  • The most common style of portrait photography is a traditional headshot. This captures the subject's face in a compelling way, highlighting facial features, facial expressions, and body language. It's often the go-to for portrait photography shoots as it's easy to set up and shoot quickly. Often times the best headshots have an element of movement or expression to them.
  • Another popular style is environmental portrait photography. This type of photography is a bit more complex as it involves both portrait and landscape photography. This captures the subject in detailed surroundings, while still focusing on them as the main subject. Environmental portrait photography can be used to tell a story and present deeper insight into the subject. It can also be used to express ideas and show off an impressive landscape or location.

No matter what style of portrait photography you choose to explore, it’s important to remember that light is one of the most important elements of any portrait. Knowing how to properly use light to capture the emotion and personality of the subject is key to creating a successful portrait. With careful planning and careful implementation of the chosen style of photography, you can create stunning and unique portrait images.

Recommended Portrait Photography Equipment

Portrait photography is a fun and rewarding creative activity that has become increasingly popular with the rise of digital photography. To get the very best out of portrait photography, however, and to ensure that you are capturing the highest quality images, it is important to make sure that you have the correct equipment. Below are some of our recommended portrait photography equipment to help you get the perfect shots.

  • A good camera is essential for portrait photography. Opt for one that is able to capture a range of lighting conditions, as well as having a wide range of manual settings for you to adjust the exposure, white balance and ISO. An external flash is also highly recommended for portrait photography, as it allows you to control the lighting and helps to give you a much softer light. If you are looking to take larger group shots, then consider getting a larger lens such as a zoom lens as it will make it easier to capture everyone in the shot without having to move around.
  • Finally, a tripod is extremely useful in portrait photography. Not only does it provide a stable platform for you to mount your camera, but it also allows you to take sharper images. A remote shutter release cable is also handy, as this gives you more control over the shot and ensures that you don’t end up with any camera shake. Other accessories to consider include reflectors for adding another dimension to your images and neutral density filters for reducing the amount of light entering the camera. 

With these recommended pieces of portrait photography equipment, you will be sure to get the perfect shot.

Perfecting Your Portrait Photography Technique

Portrait photography can be an immensely rewarding experience - capturing the persona and personality of someone through a lens is a unique talent that few master. To ensure you can get the best out of your photographic portrait shoots, perfecting your technique is an absolute must. Here are some top tips for perfecting your portrait photography technique.

  • Firstly, it's important to have a good understanding of different lighting techniques and how they can affect your photo. Natural lighting and off camera flash can both provide excellent lighting options for portrait photography, and understanding the difference between these two will help you create beautiful, subtle portraits that will make your images stand out. Additionally, consider using a variety of angles and perspectives in order to get a variety of shots in each portrait shoot. This can be done by using a wide angle lens, or just experimenting with different angles and heights.
  • Finally, learn to work with people to get the best out of their portrait photo. It's important to ensure that your subject is comfortable and relaxed in order to get beautiful, close-up shots of their face, as well as better full body shots. Additionally, direct the subject by talking to them, guiding their poses and expressions, in order to capture natural, genuine emotion in each image. 

With these tips, you’ll soon be able to start perfecting your portrait photography technique.

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