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Pop punk music: Top Youtube Channels

Punk Rock Factory

Channel Views: ~10.2m Channel Subscribers: ~93.4k Channel Videos: ~98

Punk Rock Factory Youtube Channel

Punk Rock Factory is a YouTube channel featuring an extensive collection of pop punk and metal covers, as well as unique Disney punk covers. Their rock and punk covers, which range from classic to modern and mainstream to underground, are sure to please listeners of all ages. With over a thousand subscribers, they are a great resource for all fans of punk and rock music.


Channel Views: ~15.8m Channel Subscribers: ~61.7k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

SugarpillCovers Youtube Channel

SugarpillCovers is a YouTube channel that focuses on producing high-quality pop punk music. It offers a variety of tutorials, including how to make pop punk and emo music, as well as tips on recording and producing punk bass and guitar. It also showcases new and popular pop punk and emo bands. Whether it's punk rock bass or classic punk guitar riffs, SugarpillCovers has everything a pop-punk enthusiast needs.

Daniel Swisher

Channel Views: ~9.9m Channel Subscribers: ~68.2k Channel Videos: ~111

Daniel Swisher Youtube Channel

Daniel Swisher's YouTube channel is devoted to punk rock music. He covers a variety of punk styles and offers how-to videos for aspiring punk musicians. He also has a series called 10 Styles of Punk, in which he covers different punk genres. In addition, he has a series called If Green Day Wrote, in which he re-imaginesGreen Day songs in different punk styles.


Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~17.5k Channel Videos: ~618

GAXILLIC Youtube Channel

GAXILLIC is a YouTube channel specialized in providing high-quality beats related to the pop punk, emo rock and rock genres, including beats inspired by famous bands such as Green Day. With prod. Gaxillic, listeners can expect an array of pop punk type beats, emo rock type beats, sad rock type beats and more. The beats provided by this channel guarantee an energizing listening experience.


Channel Views: ~47m Channel Subscribers: ~342k Channel Videos: ~233

TeraBrite Youtube Channel

TeraBrite is a popular YouTube channel featuring pop punk music by a duo of musicians, Sabrina Abu-Obeid and DJ Monopoli. Their music videos include various cover songs and their own original mixes, along with the series Pop Goes Punk. Fans of punk rock and pop punk music alike can enjoy a fun and diverse range of music from TeraBrite.

Ghost Killer Entertainment

Channel Views: ~83.6m Channel Subscribers: ~259k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Ghost Killer Entertainment Youtube Channel

Ghost Killer Entertainment is a YouTube channel for fans of pop punk and punk goes pop covers, metal covers, metalcore breakdowns, and melodic metalcore. It features performances from a variety of emo bands, as well as music from the popular punk goes pop album. From fun rock cover videos to intense metalcore breakdowns, Ghost Killer Entertainment has something for everyone with an interest in pop punk and metal genres.


Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~153

NoClouds Youtube Channel

NoClouds is a popular YouTube channel that offers a variety of playlists, mixes, cover songs, and skits featuring a mixture of Pop Punk, Emo, and Punk music. The channel also posts skateboarding videos from community members. Visit NoClouds for a comprehensive listening experience that brings together their favorite genres for fans of pop punk everywhere.

Minority 905

Channel Views: ~10.2m Channel Subscribers: ~61.3k Channel Videos: ~270

Minority 905 Youtube Channel

Minority 905 is a pop punk band known for its hard-hitting sound and energetic covers of popular pop punk music. They've gained a loyal following both online and in the live music scene, and their YouTube channel is a great way to discover their unique style. Whether it's their own original music or covers of classic rock bands, Minority 905 brings the punk spirit to the masses.

Blake McConnell

Channel Views: ~9.5m Channel Subscribers: ~44.2k Channel Videos: ~542

Blake McConnell Youtube Channel

Blake McConnell's YouTube channel is dedicated to Pop Punk music and its guitar covers, with his takes on songs by All Time Low, Warped Tour and other artists. He covers songs on guitar, bass and even acoustic. Fans who enjoy the sound of pop punk music will appreciate Blake McConnell's unique approach.

Boketo Media

Channel Views: ~52.4m Channel Subscribers: ~230k Channel Videos: ~339

Boketo Media Youtube Channel

The Boketo Media YouTube channel is a collection of videos related to pop-punk music. Videos include live performances, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage. The channel is run by Jarrod Alonge, who is also the founder of Chodezilla Records. Boketo Media also hosts videos from other artists on the label, including Sunrise Skater Kids, Amidst the Graves Demons, Canadian Softball, Vermicide Violence, The Seafloor Cinema, and The Mailboxes.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~258

VIBEY Youtube Channel

VIBEY is an amazing YouTube channel offering up an incredibly unique blend of pop punk, alternative rock and emo beats. They have a vast array of full-length instrumentals as well as opportunities for licensing and ghostwriting for artists and songwriters. Their collection of beats and songs are sure to make the perfect backdrop for your next project.

Alternative Press

Channel Views: ~110.8m Channel Subscribers: ~349k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

Alternative Press Youtube Channel

Alternative Press is an online YouTube channel dedicated to promoting and celebrating the best of the pop punk, alternative, rock and punk music scenes, featuring interviews with the artists behind the sound. Through their dedicated website, altpress.com, viewers can keep updated on emerging content, bands, and shows while also reading opinion pieces, reviews, and more on the ever-changing genre of emo and alternative music.

Fearless Records

Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Fearless Records Youtube Channel

Fearless Records is a YouTube channel and record label that specializes in a wide array of pop punk music and related genres. They feature notable artists such as Motionless In White, Pierce The Veil, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and their acclaimed series Punk Goes Pop and Punk Goes Pop Punk. With Fearless Records, you are sure to discover an endlessly entertaining world of punk music.

Better Mixes

Channel Views: ~422.3k Channel Subscribers: ~5.6k Channel Videos: ~84

Better Mixes Youtube Channel

Better Mixes is a YouTube channel dedicated to pop punk music featuring tutorials and advice on how to mix for rock and pop punk styles. It also provides insight into the recording studio and the process of recording and mixing. The channel is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about mixing and recording.

A Breakdown of Pop Punk's Core Elements

Pop punk is a genre of music that has been around since the 1970s and has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It is defined by its combination of melodic guitar riffs and spunky, attitude-filled lyrics. At its core, pop punk is all about expressing youthful angst and having fun.

At the heart of pop punk is its sound. Classic pop punk songs incorporate distorted electric guitars and bass guitar chords playing at a high energy tempo, with steady drum beats and catchy vocal melodies weaving in and out of the instrumentation. Punk lyrics often deal with topics such as teenage insecurities and feelings of rebellion, and are delivered in screamed, shouted or curiously muttered vocals styles.

Pop punk has had a huge influence on modern rock music, drawing upon punk, alternative and even heavy metal influences to create its signature sound. Bands such as Blink 182, Green Day, The Offspring and Sum 41 have been at the vanguard of the pop punk sound, but many new bands are taking the genre to even higher heights, fusing it with new waves of sound to create a vibrant mashup of hard hitting guitar riffs, energetic beats and passionate lyrical delivery. Pop punk may have evolved over the years, but at its core, it still maintains its same attitude and high energy level that it has always had.

Key Artists In the Pop Punk Genre

The Pop Punk genre has attracted numerous artists throughout the years, each of them putting their own unique twist on the genre. From the early days of Green Day and The Offspring, to contemporary acts like Neck Deep and All Time Low, the genre has featured talent from around the world. Here are a few key artists who have made a lasting impact on the Pop Punk genre:

Green Day is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of the Pop Punk genre. They gained popularity from their 1995 album ‘Dookie’, an album that featured hit singles such as ‘Basket Case’ and ‘Longview’. Since then, they have released numerous hit singles and albums, such as ‘American Idiot’ and ‘21st Century Breakdown’, solidifying their status as a key artist in the Pop Punk genre.

Another key artist in the Pop Punk genre is All Time Low. Founded in 2003, the band has taken the genre to a whole new level with their catchy melodies, catchy hooks and anthemic choruses. All Time Low have become extremely popular, with albums such as ‘Dirty Work’ and ‘Future Hearts’ gaining critical acclaim from both the public and the critics alike.

The Pop Punk genre has produced numerous key artists over the years, each one making their own unique contribution to the genre. From Green Day to All Time Low, these artists have managed to gain a following and help popularize the genre. As the genre continues to evolve, more and more artists will continue to shape the sound and expand the genre further.

How To Find Pop Punk Music Online?

Finding pop punk music online is much easier than it used to be. With streaming services and other avenues for music discovery, it can be quite simple to locate your favorite pop punk sounds. Here is a guide on how to find pop punk music online.

  • First, take advantage of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Both of these platforms have an extensive selection of pop punk music and can be used for free. They are also great for discovering new music, as their algorithms will recommend music similar to the pop punk artists you listen to. You can refine your searches further and opt to look for music from a certain time period or location.
  • Aside from streaming services, you can also visit fan sites dedicated to pop punk music. These types of sites are run by passionate fans and provide lots of information about the scene and its bands. You can also find news and tour dates for up-and-coming artists in the genre. Additionally, these sites often feature streaming links and provide downloads for rarer tracks. Finding your favorite pop punk music online has never been easier!

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