5 Best Pom Dance Channels on Youtube

Are you looking to find the best YouTube channels for pom dance, cheerleading, and cheer? Look no further! In this article, we will be exploring the world of choreography, dance technique, USASF teams, and more! With our recommendations, you will be able to find the best YouTube channels for all your pom dancing needs. Keep reading to find out more!


Channel Views: ~88.6k Channel Subscribers: ~208 Channel Videos: ~112

NotreDamePomSquad Youtube Channel

The NotreDamePomSquad YouTube channel is a great destination to explore pom dance, sports and lifestyle. With stopmotion clips and behind-the-scene videos, the channel promotes performing arts and uplifting team spirit especially at Notre Dame basketball games. Watch the fun, exciting and inspiring videos to get energized and learn some moves!

Daddy Wong Productions

Channel Views: ~31.5m Channel Subscribers: ~53.3k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Daddy Wong Productions Youtube Channel

Daddy Wong Productions is a YouTube channel that features an array of pomdance and cheer videos with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Its videos are great for cheerleaders and music lovers alike, as they showcase a variety of moves and combos to keep viewers entertained.


Channel Views: ~27.7k Channel Subscribers: ~279 Channel Videos: ~132


DANCING PEN PRODUCTIONS is a popular YouTube channel offering unique pom dance and dance routines for kids. With easy-to-follow step by step tutorials, helpful beginner dance routines, and kid-friendly choreography, kids of all ages can learn fun hiphop and jazz moves. The channel also provides kids dance tutorials and easy choreography for kids, helping to make learning and mastering dance moves an enjoyable experience.


Channel Views: ~254.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~82

DDC DRAGONS Youtube Channel

DDC DRAGONS is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the incredible work of the Dancing Dream Center and exposing the beauty of pom dance in México. From performances to tutorials, the channel features content of their own Pom dance group, DDC Poms and Academia de Danza, demonstrating their commitment to the art of dance.

TWU Pioneer Pride Dance Team

Channel Views: ~14.8k Channel Subscribers: ~59 Channel Videos: ~25

TWU Pioneer Pride Dance Team Youtube Channel

The TWU Pioneer Pride Dance Team YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in pom dance and performing arts as a lifestyle, sport, hobby, or passion. With hip hop music playing in the background, this channel is full of dance tutorials and entertaining performances that capture the spirit of the team. It's an inspiring and enjoyable watch for both dancers and non-dancers alike.

Different Styles of Pom Dance

Pom Dance is an interesting type of dance that is known for its incorporation of pom-poms as props to emphasize the movements of the choreography. It is most commonly found in cheerleading and dance team performances. Although it began as a type of dance used to show cheerleader support on the sidelines of a sporting event, pom dance has found its way into other types of performances. The style of dance is full of energy and enthusiasm, and it can be used to create memorable and exciting routines.

  1. There are several different styles of pom dance. One of the most popular styles is jazz pom, which combines upbeat music with dynamic movements. This style often features splits, leaps, and jumps, as well as formations and tricks that can be done with pom-poms. This is a popular way for dance teams to showcase their talents and demonstrate their athleticism.
  2. Another style of pom dance is contemporary pom. This type of dance is slower and more lyrical, often accompanying slow-tempo music. Choreography for this type of dance typically features longer combinations of steps with moments of stillness.
  3. Finally, there is novelty pom. This style of dance uses fun and unique props as the focal points of the routine. Props may include hats, scarves, strings with bells, and various other items depending on the choreographer’s creativity. Novelty pom is a great way to draw in the audience and make the team stand out from other routines.

Overall, pom dance is a great way to get the crowd excited and energized. With the various different styles of pom dance, dance teams can choose a style that best complements their abilities and the music they are using. Regardless of the style chosen, pom dance is a unique and exciting way to show off your unique skills.

Essential Equipment for Pom Dance

Pom dance is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. It is an upbeat and inspirational style of dance that involves a wide range of techniques and choreography. To ensure that your pom dance routine is as good as it can be, you’ll need some essential equipment.

  • When it comes to pom dance equipment, the most important thing you’ll need is the right pom-poms. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, with lighter colours being the most popular choice because they stand out more. If you’re planning to compete, make sure to choose pom-poms that are made to the correct specs for your competition. You’ll also need the correct grips to ensure that the pom-poms stay in place while you’re dancing.
  • The right clothing is also essential for pom dance. Look for clothing that is loose fitting and comfortable to ensure that you can move around with ease. Shoes with good grip are also important because pom dance routines often include a lot of spins and fast footwork. You’ll also need accessories such as leg warmers, tiaras and headbands. These can add some extra flair to your performance and make it stand out from the crowd.

To gain the most out of your pom dance routine, make sure you’ve got the right equipment. With the right pom-poms, clothes and accessories, you’ll be on your way to success. Keep practicing and who knows what you’ll accomplish.

Forget Your Worries with the Pom Dance

The Pom Dance is an upbeat, energetic way to forget all your worries and take a break from life’s stresses. It requires no prior dance experience and just a few fun steps to get you moving. This fun dance is designed to get your feet pounding and your heart racing, while at the same time allowing you to express yourself through movement. Not only does the Pom Dance provide a great workout, but it can create a sense of unity and connection with others.

  • The Pom Dance is an easy and enjoyable way to have fun. It starts off with some basic left and right steps with an arm wave. This is the basic movement that will allow the dancer to feel loose and free. Then comes a little more complex arm movement and kicks. This part can be done faster to get the energy in the room to build. Then you’ll be adding some fancy footwork, spins, and hops. This is where the fun really begins!
  • The Pom Dance is a great way to let go of all your worries and just have a good time. You can dance with a group of friends or even join a class. This fun way of getting fit and feeling good about yourself is sure to have you smiling. 

So why not give the Pom Dance a try and forget your worries? You won’t regret it!

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