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Phad painting: Top Youtube Channels

An Aberration -Indian Folk Art

Channel Views: ~529.4k Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~339

An Aberration -Indian Folk Art Youtube Channel

An Aberration -Indian Folk Art is a YouTube channel dedicated to the art form of phad painting, an ancient Indian folk art technique. Through their channel, viewers can get an inside look at the intricate and complex art form and gain a unique insight into the culture and history of India. With detailed tutorials, engaging content, and in-depth interviews, this channel is sure to be an eye-opening experience.

International Indian Folk Art Gallery

Channel Views: ~516.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~216

International Indian Folk Art Gallery Youtube Channel

The International Indian Folk Art Gallery YouTube Channel is a source for discovering the vibrant cultural heritage of Indian Folk Art. With featured videos such as Phad Painting, Cheriyal Scroll Painting, Chittara Art, Chitrakathi Painting, Floor Painting, Kashmir Chinar, Kerala Mural, Kondapalli Bommallu, and Kutch Lippan, viewers can explore and appreciate the unique and colorful artforms that India has to offer.

Abhishek Joshi The Phad Artist

Channel Views: ~4.4k Channel Subscribers: ~149 Channel Videos: ~41

Abhishek Joshi The Phad Artist Youtube Channel

Abhishek Joshi The Phad Artist is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on phad painting as a hobby and lifestyle. The channel features detailed tutorials and demonstrations on how to create beautiful and unique artwork using traditional Indian Phad painting techniques. Followers will learn the history, tools, and techniques behind this centuries-old regional style of art.

Kalyan Joshi National Awarded Phad Artist

Channel Views: ~6.2k Channel Subscribers: ~23 Channel Videos: ~11

Kalyan Joshi National Awarded Phad Artist Youtube Channel

The Kalyan Joshi National Awarded Phad Artist YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to explore the traditional Indian art from of phad painting. It features a variety of tutorial videos, insights into the lifestyle of this artist, and creative ideas for how to make this hobby your own.

Origins and History of Phad Painting

Phad painting is a style of painting which is peculiar to the Indian state of Rajasthan and comprises of very sophisticated visual stories that narrates the traditional tales and puranic stories. The roots of this type of painting can be traced back to centuries of folk painting tradition existing in Rajasthan. In the past, the painting was done on large cloth scrolls or canvas and served as the visual form of communication for bards who used to narrate these tales of legendary kings and revered gods.

  • Phad painting is highly ornamental and almost all aspects of the painting, ranging from the selection of colors to the use of decorative motifs, possess a certain symbolic significance. The highly detailed background and intricate main figures feature intense shades of bright colors such as yellow, red, green and blue and also employ the use of heavy outlines to demarcate the figures. Mughal influence is evident in the use of gold and silver foils in the making of this style of painting.
  • The legend says that the art of Phad painting dates back to Maharana Pratap when a devotee of the name of Bhim Bhavani was instructed by the Maharana to paint the fort and its glorious past on a large canvas. Since then, the art form has spread through generations and is still alive in many parts of Rajasthan, though it has taken a new form with modern artists introducing unique variations and their own artistic style. 

Phad painting is a unique form of art which incorporates a rich heritage and culture, and is a refreshing change from the club of contemporary art styles.

Materials Used for Phad Painting

Phad Painting is a form of folk painting from the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is known for its vibrant colors and detailed compositions and often depicts religious Hindu stories and epics such as the Ramayana. Due to the special techniques used in Phad painting, certain materials are required to make the completed painting look authentic and unique.

  • Watercolor and gouache paints are commonly used in Phad painting. Watercolor paints are thin and transparent, allowing them to be blended or layer together to achieve intricate details and subtle gradations, or to create the illusion of transparency or depth. Gouache paints, on the other hand, are more opaque and thus suitable for painting large solid areas of single colors. The paints used in Phad paintings often have natural mineral pigments that brighten the hues in the artwork.
  • Besides paints, the other main material used in Phad painting is paper. Rice paper is the more popular choice due to its texture and sturdiness. It can also handle repeated erasing or embellishing without tearing or wrinkling. Since Phad Painters need to keep the foreground and background colors separate, they use masking tape or tissue paper to outline the figures. Charcoal pencils are also used to draw and border the outlines and white blocks of color. Lastly, fine brushes made from squirrel, mongoose, ox, and goat hair are used to paint delicate lines and spots.

In conclusion, a range of materials are used in the making of a Phad Painting, such as watercolor and gouache paints, rice paper, masking tape, charcoal pencils, and fine brushes made from different animal hair. All of these elements come together to create a truly exquisite piece of artwork.

Phad Painting Styles and Techniques

Phad painting is an ancient and revered Indian art form, originating in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. As one of the oldest art forms in India, Phad painting has developed a diverse array of painting styles, from the traditional and deeply symbolic Rajasthani Phad painting to other regional variants from nearby states. What is uniform across all of these styles is the complex and unique technique and medium of Phad painting, which form an essential part of understanding this ancient art form.

  • The core style of Phad painting typically uses mineral tan colors and vegetable dyes to create colorful and vividly detailed works. A single work is drawn on a large cloth canvas, usually 54x12 feet or larger. The traditional Phad paintings tell stories about the Rajput desert and Hindu classical texts help bring the ancient epics alive in this way. Using a distinctively structured style, the painter depicts various scenes of heroics and battles in successive designs, with text accompanying each scene.
  • To create each painting, the painter begins by using rolled-up cloth to crumple the canvas and create the contours of the landscape, animals, and buildings to be drawn. Finer details such as eyes, hands, and drapery are then added using a brush. The painting is complete once the fabric is fully decorated. The mediums used in these fine works of art include mineral tan, plant and animal based dyes to create stunning and detailed designs and vibrant colors. The combination of unique mediums, canvas, techniques and symbolism create a form of artistic expression that has been cultivated for centuries and spark the imagination of those around the world.

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