Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you master pen spinning? Are you looking for a fun way to expand your spinning skills? Look no further! In this article, we'll discuss the best channels and tutorial to get you started with pen spinning. Read through the detailed descriptions of each tutorial and channel to find the best one for you. Plus, find out what makes these channels stand out and why you should check them out. By the end of this article, you'll have a good understanding of the best pen spinning YouTube channels and have your spinning skills improved. So, don't wait any longer! Read on to discover the best channels and tutorial to help you become a master pen spinner.

Pen spinning: Top Youtube Channels

Pen Stock

Channel Views: ~17.1m Channel Subscribers: ~98.6k Channel Videos: ~298

Pen Stock Youtube Channel

Pen Stock is a YouTube channel dedicated to pen spinning and pen trick tutorials. They provide easy instructions for thumb around, finger pass, and other basic to advanced pen spinning and magic tricks. Pen Stock offers a creative way to entertain yourself and your friends with impressive pen tricks and pen spinning to show off.

Pen Logic

Channel Views: ~987k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~84

Pen Logic Youtube Channel

Pen Logic is a YouTube channel made by Keshav Gudhoniya, providing tutorials and tricks about the art of pen spinning. His videos cover topics ranging from beginner tips on how to spin a pen to more advanced techniques like Pen Spinning Charge. This channel is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about pen spinning.

i.ninetales ps

Channel Views: ~482.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~903

i.ninetales ps Youtube Channel

The i.ninetales ps YouTube channel is devoted to the lifestyle of Pen Spinning - a fascinating hobby that's worth taking up. The channel showcases various pen spin tricks, tutorials and reviews, making it a great source of inspiration for those interested in learning this art.


Channel Views: ~115.1m Channel Subscribers: ~341k Channel Videos: ~417

Bizorus Youtube Channel

Bizorus YouTube channel provides tutorials, tips, and tricks on the pen spinning art form. From the basics of thumb around pen spinning to advanced tricks with pens, viewers can learn new skills and refine their existing pen spinning know-how with Bizorus? how-to videos. Readily accessible and user-friendly, the channel provides an invaluable resource for learning this unique discipline.

Ryzing Spins

Channel Views: ~246.9m Channel Subscribers: ~651k Channel Videos: ~227

Ryzing Spins Youtube Channel

Ryzing Spins is a YouTube channel dedicated to pen spinning and pen flicking. It provides tutorials, tips, and tricks for beginner to expert level pen spinners. The channel covers topics such as how to pen spin, pen spinning tricks, and penspinning tutorials to teach new and experienced spinners the art of pen spinning.


Channel Views: ~10.4m Channel Subscribers: ~8k Channel Videos: ~411

RRcubePS Youtube Channel

RRcubePS is a YouTube channel devoted to the art of pen spinning. With informative tutorials and creative videos, their content combines a lifestyle-inspired approach to entertainment and creativity. They create inspiring content and educational videos so that anyone interested can learn the art of pen spinning.

Hatke Spinning

Channel Views: ~65.7m Channel Subscribers: ~153k Channel Videos: ~236

Hatke Spinning Youtube Channel

Hatke Spinning is a YouTube channel with tutorials for pen spinning beginners, intermediate users, and experts. It offers easy to follow lessons and tutorials on all sorts of tricks, from beginner to expert level. It's also home to popular videos like # Ryzing Spin and offers a wide range of easy pen spinning tricks and intermediate tricks. The content on Hatke Spinning's channel offers viewers the opportunity to learn, master, and showcase their skills in pen spinning.

Akhil spinning

Channel Views: ~305.5k Channel Subscribers: ~833 Channel Videos: ~107

Akhil spinning Youtube Channel

Akhil Spinning is a popular YouTube channel that covers the art of pen spinning, an activity that involves manipulating pens to visually impress and entertain. Along with pen spinning tips, Akhil also offers lifestyle tips and advice, including motivational stories and tips for reaching life goals. His entertaining and educational content has garnered millions of subscribers.


Channel Views: ~96k Channel Subscribers: ~235 Channel Videos: ~71

🇮🇳_i.ninetales Youtube Channel

🇮🇳_i.ninetales is a YouTube channel dedicated to the skill of pen spinning. It offers tutorials on how to spin a pen and a pencil, as well as reviews on different pen and pencil stocks. The channel also features Ryzing Spins, a series of short-form YouTube Shorts that demonstrate various pen spinning techniques. Whether you are a beginner or a master spinner, 🇮🇳_i.ninetales has something for you.

Stormatus Spins

Channel Views: ~148.2k Channel Subscribers: ~368 Channel Videos: ~32

Stormatus Spins Youtube Channel

Stormatus Spins is a YouTube channel dedicated to the fascinating hobby of pen spinning. Through their videos and tutorials, the channel offers viewers the chance to learn more about this creative lifestyle and hone their spinning skills. Allowing viewers to develop their hobby, Stormatus Spins takes pen spinning to a whole new level.

GN Gaming PS

Channel Views: ~612.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~68

GN Gaming PS Youtube Channel

GN Gaming PS is a YouTube channel that showcases various styles of pen spinning, along with gaming content. It offers tutorials, competitions, and tips on how to perform complex pen spinning tricks, as well as gaming videos on popular titles ranging from Fortnite to Apex Legends. The channel also shares educational and inspirational content related to self-improvement in physical and mental well-being. In essence, GN Gaming PS is a one-stop shop for all your pen spinning and gaming needs.


Channel Views: ~12.5m Channel Subscribers: ~36.5k Channel Videos: ~44

Thomasdagua Youtube Channel

The Thomasdagua YouTube channel features videos demonstrating the art of pen spinning, pen modding, and pen tricks. Thomas Dagua, the creator of the channel, shares tutorials, tips, and guides to teach viewers the fundamentals of pen spinning as well as more advanced techniques. Additionally, his channel offers a variety of PSER (Pen Spinning Entertainment Related) content such as pen spinning designs and tricks. With tutorials, amazing performances, and inspiring videos, this YouTube channel is a great place for anyone interested in pen spinning.

Essential Gear for Serious Pen Spinners

For serious pen spinners, it is essential to have the correct gear in order to achieve the highest possible level of performance and efficiency. There are five items of gear that all serious pen spinners need to have. 

  1. The first is a pen that can spin freely and with minimal friction. A good pen spins easily, which allows the spinner to perform tricks that require fast and accurate movement. 
  2. Second, it is important to have a quality pen holder to effectively hold the pen while spinning. Most serious pen spinners opt for a neck holder, which attaches the pen to the user while they are performing tricks. 
  3. Third, pen spinners need to invest in a good pair of gloves. This is especially important because gloves can prevent finger blisters and ensure a tight grip on the pen, improving accuracy and consistency. 
  4. Fourth, it is important for pen spinners to have plenty of extra pens and refills in case a pen breaks. 
  5. Finally, a pen spinner should opt for better quality accessories like a customized cap to hold the pen upright or a clip for attaching the pen to clothes. With the right gear, serious pen spinners can achieve the highest level of control and accuracy when performing tricks. 

Having the correct gear is essential for mastering the art of pen spinning.

Unlock the Secrets of Pen Spinning

Pen spinning is an art that has been around for decades and is still popular to this day. In pen spinning, the user manipulates a pen or pencil to perform various tricks and patterns. Most of these tricks involve the use of string, which is wrapped around the pen or pencil to enable the user to manipulate and spin the pen or pencil in different ways. Pen spinning tricks can take some practice and patience to master, but with a few basic moves and some practice, you can learn how to perform some amazing tricks.

  • The basics of pen spinning are simple, but there are many different techniques that can be used to create unique and interesting tricks. Anything from basic pen spinning techniques such as forward and reverse spinning, to advanced techniques such as thumb sliding, thumb rings, and advanced string manipulation can all be used to create interesting and unique tricks. To further your understanding of pen spinning, you may consider looking into tutorials, videos, and practice instruction on the subject.
  • Lastly, if you’d like to learn and master more advanced levels of pen spinning, you may want to consider joining a pen spinning community, attending the International Pen Spinning Convention, or reaching out to a pen spinning ambassador. With the help of the pen spinning community, you can start to unlock the secrets of pen spinning and put your skills to the test! These resources help connect you to both the entry level and master level of pen spinning, so that you can progress and hone your pen spinning skills. 

With the help of this community, you can learn more advanced tricks and get tips and feedback from other pen spinners. Unlock the secrets of pen spinning and get creative with your tricks!

Interesting Pen Spinning Variations

Pen spinning is a popular hobby that involves manipulating writing instruments in various ways to create interesting patterns and effects. It is a fun way to show off your dexterity and creativity. There are countless different variations of pen spinning techniques, some of which are more challenging to master than others. Here are some of the most interesting variations of pen spinning that you can master!

  • The butterfly is a classic pen spinning technique which involves spinning a pen between your index and middle fingers. Through moving your hand in different directions, the spinning pen creates mesmerizing patterns, creating the illusion of a butterfly fluttering around your hands. This technique is considered a great way to get started in pen spinning, and you will be able to create some truly impressive visuals with a bit of practice!
  • The finger pass is an advanced pen spinning technique which involves transferring the pen from one finger to another in rapid succession. It requires great dexterity, as there is no room for error as the pen is passed back and forth. The finger pass technique takes some time to perfect, but once you can do it without dropping the pen you can create some amazing visual effects. Additionally, combining this technique with the butterfly technique can create some truly spectacular displays!

Pen spinning can be an enjoyable and creative hobby, and there is no limit to the variations you can create. Whether you are just starting out or looking to up your game, learning these interesting pen spinning variations can take your skills to the next level. So, grab a pen and get spinning!

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