16 Best Old Quran Youtube Channels + Videos

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to get inspired and learn more about Islam, Quran, and Dawah? If you are a Muslim looking to deepen your faith or a Christian looking to learn more about Islam, you have certainly come to the right place! Here, you will find an array of amazing channels that provide insightful perspectives on old Quran recitation, Islamic beliefs, and much more! Keep reading to find the best YouTube channels available for your learning journey!

Al Quran Ruqya

Channel Views: ~37.2m Channel Subscribers: ~212k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Al Quran Ruqya Youtube Channel

Al Quran Ruqya is an YouTube channel dedicated to providing powerful ruqyah shariah and Surah Ruqyah. One can find old Quran recitations, full ruqya al shariah, ruqyah quran, and many more authentic Al Quran recitations. This channel is great for people looking for a spiritual awakening or therapeutic healing.

Let the Quran Speak

Channel Views: ~30.4m Channel Subscribers: ~269k Channel Videos: ~1.9k

Let the Quran Speak Youtube Channel

Let the Quran Speak is a popular YouTube channel hosted by Dr. Shabir Ally and Safiyyah Ally, both of whom are knowledgeable scholars on the subject of the Quran and Islam. The channel contains instructional videos and discussions on the different themes, stories, and commandments from the old Quran, the prophet

Quran and Islam

Channel Views: ~66.4m Channel Subscribers: ~628k Channel Videos: ~603

Quran and Islam Youtube Channel

The Quran and Islam YouTube channel is a repository of ancient religious teachings, in which videos discuss the Prophet Muhammad's spiritual teachings from the Quran, as well as how they apply to modern society. By accessing this resource, viewers can learn more about the beliefs and customs of Islam and further explore their faith.

Top Quran Reciter

Channel Views: ~12.3m Channel Subscribers: ~112k Channel Videos: ~344

Top Quran Reciter Youtube Channel

The Top Quran Reciter YouTube channel features the best quran reciter available, providing quran recitations filled with emotion and feeling. His renditions of the old quran are particularly powerful, creating a unique spiritual experience. Listening to the top quran reciter will take your spirituality to the next level. Enjoy the emotional quran recitation today!

Variant Quran

Channel Views: ~680.7k Channel Subscribers: ~23.8k Channel Videos: ~35

Variant Quran Youtube Channel

The Variant Quran YouTube channel is a great source of knowledge, providing an in-depth exploration of the old Quran and its impact on religion and society. With insightful videos on a variety of topics, this channel reveals the far-reaching influence of the Quran.


Channel Views: ~127.1m Channel Subscribers: ~985k Channel Videos: ~2.3k

IslamSearch Youtube Channel

IslamSearch is a YouTube channel that provides access to a variety of Islamic content. It offers viewers access to old Quran as well as Islamic themed videos such as lectures, discussions, debates and more. Viewers can also find educational videos and content related to Islamic history, culture, and beliefs. With its many Islamic resources, IslamSearch serves as an essential source of information for millions of Muslims worldwide.


Channel Views: ~759.6m Channel Subscribers: ~4.2m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

MercifulServant Youtube Channel

MercifulServant is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to spreading knowledge about the Quran and Islamic teachings. It features numerous videos about the old Quran and Allah's (Allaah Raham, God) mercy and guidance for believers. These videos provide informative and engaging content for Muslims around the world, that can help deepen their faith and understanding of their religion.

Islam The Ultimate Peace

Channel Views: ~22.5m Channel Subscribers: ~477k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Islam The Ultimate Peace Youtube Channel

Islam The Ultimate Peace is a YouTube channel that shares old Quran recitations and promotes the peaceful message of Islam. The channel provides videos and other materials which can be used to learn about the core values of Islam and seek spiritual guidance. It is a great source of spiritual enlightenment and insight into the Islamic faith.

ustaz Hamza

Channel Views: ~9m Channel Subscribers: ~103k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

ustaz Hamza Youtube Channel

Ustaz Hamza's YouTube channel is a great platform to learn and educate yourself about the Quran and its teachings. He offers tutorials focusing on learning the Quran, Arabic and Tajweed. He also provides helpful insight on how to gain an understanding of the Quran, revisiting old Quran verses and sharing his views and interpretations. His channel is great for anyone wanting to learn the Quran, Arabic or Tajweed. He is a renowned Quran vlogger and blogger, providing step-by-step tutorials and engaging videos and lessons. Whether it's learning the Quran, Arabic or Tajweed you are looking for, Ustaz Hamza's YouTube channel is the perfect place to start.

One Message Foundation

Channel Views: ~66.3m Channel Subscribers: ~339k Channel Videos: ~735

One Message Foundation Youtube Channel

The One Message Foundation YouTube channel is a powerful platform for spreading the message of Islam, featuring Islamic lectures, reminders, debates between Christians and Muslims, and videos about the Quran, Jesus, Dawah, and the Prophet Muhammad. It is a fantastic resource for those looking to learn more about these important topics.


Channel Views: ~79.7m Channel Subscribers: ~108k Channel Videos: ~969

iimatheen Youtube Channel

iimatheen is a YouTube channel devoted to Islamic education. Promoting education and faith, their content covers topics such as how to become a Muslim, Prophet Muhammad, Khalid Ibn Walid, Islamic motivation, The 99 Names of Allah, Prophets in Islam, Islamic Miracles, recitation of Surah Mulk and Quran recitation. They aim to revive the old Quran while giving guidance on becoming closer to our predecessors.

Hadees Station

Channel Views: ~989.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~38

Hadees Station Youtube Channel

Hadees Station is a popular YouTube channel by Dr. Zakir Naik and Mufti Menk with a wide variety of Islamic videos, including traditional nasheed without music, old Quran recitations, and a 'Dawah Corner' with educational content. The channel promises to bring inspirational, educational and soulful content for viewers.

knowldge Factory

Channel Views: ~155.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~965

knowldge Factory Youtube Channel

The Knowledge Factory YouTube channel is a great resource for discovering the connections between the old Quran and modern science, as well as the history and technology behind it. It also offers unique Urdu stories, Islamic videos, and explores unsolved mysteries.

Bobby's Perspective

Channel Views: ~13m Channel Subscribers: ~91.3k Channel Videos: ~448

Bobby's Perspective Youtube Channel

Bobby's Perspective is a YouTube channel that focuses on comparing the Bible with the Quran. Bobby examines topics such as how Christianity and Islam view Jesus, how the Quran has been changed over time, and various proofs of the Quran's authenticity. In addition, Bobby reacts to multiple Quran recitations and verses that discuss Jesus' place in Islamic history. Through his videos, David Wood shares his personal journey as a Christian convert to Islam.

Embrace Islam

Channel Views: ~15.1k Channel Subscribers: ~96 Channel Videos: ~81

Embrace Islam Youtube Channel

Embrace Islam is a popular YouTube channel featuring old Quran recitations from Shaykh Mustafa Ismail, Abdul Basit, Ali Jabir, and Al-Shatri. The channel also contains lectures about Prophet Muhammed and other Islamic topics. Listeners are sure to find spiritual joy from the soothing recitations of the Quran and gain a greater understanding of Islam.

Tilawat e Muslim

Channel Views: ~879.6k Channel Subscribers: ~7.4k Channel Videos: ~3

Tilawat e Muslim Youtube Channel

Tilawat e Muslim is a YouTube channel which features old Quran recitations along with Urdu translation. Its powerful, emotional recitations are said to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Listeners can gain spiritual strength and a sense of tranquillity winding down from a day or starting a fresh new one with its morning recitations. Tilawat e Muslim provides an uplifting experience with its amazing tilawat.

Illuminating the Rich History Behind the Old Quran

The Quran is one of the most significant holy books in the world and is revered by Muslims around the globe. It is believed to have been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca over a period of 23 years in the 7th century CE from God himself, who communicated his words to the prophet through the archangel Gabriel. The original text of the Quran, which is still present today, has remained unaltered since its written revelation and is believed by many to be a miracle of the Islamic faith. Discussions and debates about the meaning of the text can be found in many scholarly studies.

Known also as the "Mother of Books," the Quran has remained unchallenged for centuries. As such, it is the foundation of the spiritual, moral, cultural, and social fabric of Muslim communities, and its guidance has been sought and relied upon for justice, peace, and understanding in numerous cultures and civilizations throughout the world. The book itself is composed of 114 chapters, each containing smaller several verses, that have been arranged in sections. Several commentaries and translations of the ancient text have been written over the past 1,400 years, to help explain it's complicated language and use of metaphor.

The rich history of the Quran is still being studied by scholars and historians, as it is so deeply embedded in the core of Islamic culture and identity. For thousands of years, the teachings of the holy book have inspired Muslims to make contributions in a wide range of fields, from literature and art, to science and politics. By simply reading and reflecting on the text, there is much that can be gleaned about the vastness and richness of the Quran, and its power to shape the lives of believers. With further study, people of all kinds can gain a deeper understanding of the ancient scriptures and its timeless effects.


Examining Islamic Culture Through the Old Quran

The Islamic culture is deeply rooted in its sacred texts, the Quran and the Hadith, which are considered to be the foundations of the faith. The Old Quran is an integral part of the Islamic religion as it is the more ancient version of the Quran. By studying this ancient text, it is possible to gain insight into Islamic culture and values.

The Old Quran was written in manuscripts dating back almost a thousand years ago. This version of the Quran is written in classical Arabic, and has been used across the generations to spread Islamic teachings. Through its verses and teachings, the Old Quran covers many topics such as Islamic law, ritual practices, and social values. It also contains stories of prophets and ancient wisdom that have had a profound impact on Islamic culture.

For those interested in learning more about Islamic culture, the Old Quran can be a great resource. By delving into its timeless words and symbolism, one can gain a greater understanding of a powerful and ancient culture and religion. Items of historic interest such as documents, letters, and manuscripts, can also provide valuable insight into how Islamic culture has evolved over time. By studying the Old Quran, one can gain a unique perspective into the culture and values of the Islamic faith.

Preservation Tactics for an Old Quran

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The Quran is an age-old text, hundreds of years in the making, with its words carrying immense power. It requires special treatment to ensure it is preserved in a way that befits its significance. Here are some tips on how to best preserve an old Quran to ensure its longevity:

  • First and foremost, handle the old Quran with utmost care. The use of gloves is advised and improper handling should be avoided as much as possible. Storing it in an acid-free bag or box and away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight should also help protect it from damage.
  • Routine inspections should also be done to detect any changes that may occur over time. If any signs of damage such as water or mold are found, contact a Quran conservation specialist right away. Scheduling regular cleaning sessions including brushing the text gently with a soft, dry brush and vacuuming should also help remove any dirt or dust that may cause damage.
  • Lastly, digitalizing the Quran can help maintain a secondary copy of the text that can be preserved for generations to come. This process can easily be done using todays technology and can help preserve the Quran even if its physical condition deteriorates.

Following the steps listed can lead to success in preserving an old Quran, so that its words can continue to spread their power to the world for generations.

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