Are you a fan of old Pashto songs, ghazals, and music? If you are, then you have come to the right place! With so many YouTube channels available out there for Pashto entertainment, it can be hard to choose the best ones. In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the best YouTube channels for Pashto songs, music, and entertainment. Keep reading to learn more!

Old pashto songs: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~6.6m Channel Subscribers: ~37.8k Channel Videos: ~547


Pashto Public Demand is a YouTube channel that offers a wide selection of old and new Pashto songs, movies, and dances. It features various Pushto genres, from hot dances to romantic mujras, along with film songs and HD Pashto songs. Fans of Pashtun culture will love discovering this channel full of classic and current Pashto entertainment.

Pashto Sandari

Channel Views: ~10.7m Channel Subscribers: ~42.7k Channel Videos: ~170

Pashto Sandari Youtube Channel

Pashto Sandari is an online YouTube channel which offers a great selection of old Pashto songs, Pashto music, new Afghan songs, Tolo music and Lemar music. They also feature videos of traditional Pashto dances and every latest song from the Pashto music industry.

Pashto Tang Takor

Channel Views: ~193.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.9k Channel Videos: ~117

Pashto Tang Takor Youtube Channel

Pashto Tang Takor is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing old Pashto songs and Music of Asia. Their videos feature traditional songs from the past and modern-day interpretations of them. The channel is sure to provide viewers with interesting music videos from across the continent.

Pashto Classics

Channel Views: ~55.8k Channel Subscribers: ~421 Channel Videos: ~64

Pashto Classics Youtube Channel

Pashto Classics is a YouTube channel devoted to providing the best selection of classic, old Pashto songs, from Pushto Hitsongs and Old Songs to the latest Pushto music and Sardar Ali Takkar songs, as well as Naghma old songs. It is the perfect source for all your Pashto Classic Music needs.


Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~7.1k Channel Videos: ~5

longlifepashto Youtube Channel

Longlifepashto is a YouTube channel dedicated to old Pashto songs and music from Asia. They feature a variety of classic tracks, which allows viewers to explore the rich musical history of the region. Tune in to discover timeless gems and lost gems of the past.

Spice Media

Channel Views: ~234.5m Channel Subscribers: ~525k Channel Videos: ~5.8k

Spice Media Youtube Channel

Spice Media is a YouTube channel that publishes old and new Pashto songs, tappay, and misray. It also features a variety of classic Pashto folk music as well as the latest and greatest Pashto songs, tappe, and misray tappay. All of this great content provides listeners with a rich and diverse selection of Pashto music.

Tang Takoor

Channel Views: ~51.4m Channel Subscribers: ~225k Channel Videos: ~3k

Tang Takoor Youtube Channel

Tang Takoor is a popular YouTube channel featuring a wide range of old and new Pashto music. It offers classic Pashto songs, tappay, ghazal, misray, filmi songs and folk tunes, giving viewers a great selection of Pashto music. Enjoy timeless Pashto music with Tang Takoor!


Channel Views: ~11.4m Channel Subscribers: ~56.6k Channel Videos: ~1k

LALUNA Aslam Youtube Channel

Laluna Aslam is a YouTube channel dedicated to old Pashto songs, featuring interviews with Pashtun artists and film stars, as well as timeless classics from the Pashto music vault. Haji Aslam is the main artist featured in their music videos, and #laluna is their hashtag featured across social media.

Afghan Music HD

Channel Views: ~181.5m Channel Subscribers: ~261k Channel Videos: ~2k

Afghan Music HD Youtube Channel

The Afghan Music HD YouTube channel offers an amazing selection of old Pashto songs, Temorrsj, Temor, Afghani, Ghazal, Pashto, Tajiki, Farsi, and Iraniani music. With great visual and audio quality, the channel is a fantastic resource for lovers of traditional Afghan music. Whether you want to dance, enjoy old classics, or just relax, this channel is the perfect accompaniment!

Star CDs Music

Channel Views: ~169.7m Channel Subscribers: ~373k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Star CDs Music Youtube Channel

Star CDs Music is a YouTube channel devoted to old pashto songs and Music from Asia. It features classic songs from Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries of the region. Viewers can find a wide variety of pop, folk and Sufi music. It also offers videos with information about the history of music of the region. Enjoy the magical music of Star CDs Music.

Towards Light د رنڑا پہ لور

Channel Views: ~3.8m Channel Subscribers: ~25.7k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Towards Light د رنڑا پہ لور Youtube Channel

Towards Light د رنڑا پہ لور YouTube channel offers viewers an opportunity to experience the rich culture of Pashto music with a wide range of classic old Pashto songs and an instructional series on how to learn the Rabab. The channel also provides Pashto Rabab music essentials such as Rabab Mangay, Hujra Tangtakor and Pashto Rabab Majlis, plus a variety of Pashto Gane styles.

PB Studio Music

Channel Views: ~571.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~858

PB Studio Music Youtube Channel

PB Studio Music is a YouTube channel that features an extensive library of old Pashto songs, videos, music, and dramas. It is a great destination for Pashto fans to find Nazia Iqbal classics and new tappy tapy tappezai hits. It also has a large collection of HD Pashto films and latest Pashto songs. Fans can expect only high-quality content to be uploaded on this channel.

Pushto Adab

Channel Views: ~261.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~77

Pushto Adab Youtube Channel

Pushto Adab YouTube channel is the destination for nostalgic old Pashto songs. It features the renowned works of renowned Pashto artists such as Fayaz Khan Kheshgi, Ghani Khan, Karan Khan, and others. The channel includes a wide variety of Pashto songs, Pushto Ghazals and Ghani Khan Ghazals. Fans of classic Pashto music won't be disappointed!


Channel Views: ~800.5k Channel Subscribers: ~7.3k Channel Videos: ~42

livekamran Youtube Channel

Livekamran YouTube channel is a great source for content related to old Pashto songs, funny videos, hindi songs and how to make or do things. Additionally, football and soccer fans will also find content on the channel about their favorite sports. Moreover, the channel provides visually stunning content about nature and food.

Exploring the History and Meaning of Pashto Music

Pashto music is an art form that has existed for centuries, both in Afghanistan and in parts of Pakistan. It's an integral part of Pashtun culture, and although its current form has changed over the centuries, several main elements remain in Pashto music today. So what makes Pashto music so unique, and what can we learn from its history?

  1. First, it’s important to note that Pashto music is composed of many different styles and genres, including folk music, classical music, and contemporary music. Traditional Pashto songs typically feature tambourines and drums, and lyrics often draw upon themes of bravery, fortitude, romance, and patriotism. The use of wind and string instruments like the sitar and the sarangi, as well as the zurna, a type of bagpipe, are also common in Pashto music.
  2. Second, the meaning found in Pashto music often reflects aspects of the Pashtuns’ life. In the past, Pashto music was used to celebrate momentous occasions and to encourage soldiers to fight bravely in battle. Today, many Pashtun musicians draw upon themes of love and peace as symbols of hope in times of difficulty. Music has kept the Pashtun people connected to their culture, even in the face of adversity, and it continues to inspire them with its powerful messages.

No matter how much Pashto music has transformed over time, it has always been an important part of the Pashtuns’ history, and its influence continues to be seen in the music of Afghanistan and Pakistan today. Exploring the history and meaning of Pashto music can help us to better understand and appreciate the culture and identity of the Pashtun people.

Ways to Learn and Enjoy Old Pashto Songs

Pashto songs have an amazing history and legacy behind them, offering unique perspectives on Afghan culture and history. If you’re looking to enjoy and learn old Pashto songs, you’re in luck – there are many avenues to explore. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to radio stations that specialize in Pashto music. Seek out a radio station that plays nothing but Afghan and Pashto music for some of the most authentic tunes. Not only is it a great way to stay in touch with your Afghan culture, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable.

Another great way to learn and enjoy old Pashto music is to attend a traditional Pashtun music event. There are often rural and urban folk concerts and festivals you can attend to get a real sense for the complex and deeply rooted musical tradition of the Pashtun people. Plus, this way you’ll get to experience the music in a setting where it was meant to be played and heard, adding to the complete cultural and musical experience.

Finally, you can connect with other Pashto speakers and fans alive and well across the world today and explore their collection of music or trades of pieces you may not have heard or otherwise have access to. This gives you a unique opportunity to gain access to different traditional and contemporary styles of Pashto music which you might not have experienced otherwise. This can be particularly great if you’re looking for an interactive and diverse experience. All of these methods can offer a unique and enjoyable way to learn and appreciate the beauty of Pashto music and its rich Afghan culture.

Why Old Pashto Songs Were So Popular

At one time, old Pashto songs were all the rage. From the early 1970s until the late 1990s these pieces of music were the lifeblood of young adults in many parts of Afghanistan. There were many reasons why old Pashto songs were so popular and why they played such a significant role in Afghan culture.

  1. First of all, the music was contagious. It was multi-genre, including genres such as classic romantic ballads, religious songs, and folk music. The lyrics were often about love and life experiences, which many people could relate to. The popularity of the old Pashto songs also intersected with popular culture; films and television shows often included Pashto songs to appeal to the Afghan public.
  2. Another way in which the Pashto songs were so popular had to do with the actual nature of these pieces of musical art. The general population was often deeply moved by the emotional nature of many Pashto songs. The performers almost always created a strong connection with the audience, creating an emotional bond between the two. Furthermore, since goods and services were not widely available, music was a form of cheap entertainment. As such, people tended to travel far and wide to attend these concerts which often cemented the popularity of these songs.

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