If you are someone who loves listening to old Odia songs, music, and new Odia songs, then this is the article for you. We have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels featuring top Odia songs, TVNXT Odia, Odia album songs, and more. So, if you are looking to listen to some great Odia music, then read on to find out the must-watch YouTube channels for you!

Old odia song: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

ODIA HD Youtube Channel

ODIA HD is an excellent YouTube channel dedicated to sharing old Odia songs, videos, movies, and pictures. It has the highest quality content from all Odia genres and eras. You can enjoy the classic Odia songs, movies, and videos, or even get the latest from the ever-evolving Odia scene. Get your hands on Odia HD and experience amazing Odia entertainment!

Odia Music City

Channel Views: ~51.5m Channel Subscribers: ~295k Channel Videos: ~148

Odia Music City Youtube Channel

Odia Music City is a YouTube channel with a selection of classic Odia songs and modern bass mix versions. It features a range of sounds including old Odia songs, Odia bass mixes and remixes. The channel is great for anyone wanting to explore the traditional yet modern flavour of the Odia music scene.

Golden Odia Songs

Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~21.4k Channel Videos: ~87

Golden Odia Songs Youtube Channel

Golden Odia Songs is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with old Odia songs. It is a great source for those looking to enjoy Odia music from the past. It also provides viewers with music from other areas of Asia such as India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. All in all, it is a great channel for fans of musical heritage from the region.

Odia Music Zone

Channel Views: ~10m Channel Subscribers: ~94.5k Channel Videos: ~21

Odia Music Zone Youtube Channel

Odia Music Zone is a YouTube channel dedicated to music lovers in the Odia community. It features old and new Odia songs, Odia bhajans, and all songs from singer Human Sagar, as well as Odia's all-time hits. It's a great place to find classic and modern Odia music.

Ananta Music Odia

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~12.4k Channel Videos: ~16

Ananta Music Odia Youtube Channel

Ananta Music Odia is a YouTube channel that showcases old Odia songs. It features a wide variety of musical entertainment from Odisha as well as from Asia. It also has some Television program-related content available for its viewers. It is an excellent source of Music from the East.
In fact, it also includes some of the most popular old melodies that are sure to bring back fond memories. This channel is an amazing way to enjoy rich Odia music.


Channel Views: ~153.2m Channel Subscribers: ~611k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

π—–π—œπ—­π—’π—₯𝗧π—ͺπ—œπ—¦π—§ Youtube Channel

The 'Cizortwist' YouTube channel is a great platform to enjoy old Odia songs, Jagannath Hakan that are full of romance and nostalgia. The channel also offers vertical videos, golden hits, hit albums, and super-hit album songs. With so many options to choose from, it's certainly the best place to find classic Odia music.

Sidharth Gold

Channel Views: ~284m Channel Subscribers: ~851k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Sidharth Gold Youtube Channel

Sidharth Gold is a YouTube channel that features old Odia songs from the golden albums, sad songs, and album videos. It also has a special focus on Old is Gold Odia songs and a variety of Odia album songs. This is an ideal platform to experience the nostalgia and music of Odia albums.

Puni Thare

Channel Views: ~214.7m Channel Subscribers: ~629k Channel Videos: ~280

Puni Thare Youtube Channel

Puni Thare is a YouTube channel that offers classic old Odia songs, Odia retro songs, old Odia film songs, old Odia movie songs, and super hit Odia songs; all in its unique cover version style. The channel is true to its name and showcases all the songs of 'Puni Thare' in its collection. Tune in to enjoy the timeless melody of old gold Odia songs.

Shankar MBJ

Channel Views: ~12m Channel Subscribers: ~65.7k Channel Videos: ~70

Shankar MBJ Youtube Channel

Shankar MBJ is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing a variety of Odia music and content, including old Odia songs, movie songs, vlogs, and new releases. Shankar MBJ offers fans of Odia culture an opportunity to enjoy their favorite film and song releases in high-quality videos. This channel is an ideal destination for those looking to discover an ever-evolving selection of Odia music and films.


Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~45.5k Channel Videos: ~50

SALONI MIX LIVE Youtube Channel

SALONI MIX LIVE is a YouTube channel featuring old Odia songs. It is a virtual live stage show with performances of melody bhajans and old Odia song renditions from Prapti Acharya and Jhul Re Nitai Jhul. This channel is a tribute to Old Is Gold with exclusive Odia Old Song covers by Sai Sarthak and Bhajan Sandhya.

Bku Photography...

Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~12.1k Channel Videos: ~43

Bku Photography... Youtube Channel

Bku Photography is a YouTube channel with a focus on old Odia songs and stunning photography. Run by Bku Studio, the channel regularly shares breathtaking videos and images that capture the beauty of life from all angles. You will find plenty of creative and compelling content that will keep you engaged. From exploring nature through photos to shooting special events, Bku Click will have you swooning over their amazing work. Show your love for Bku and click away!

Special Someone

Channel Views: ~574k Channel Subscribers: ~3.5k Channel Videos: ~5

Special Someone Youtube Channel

Special Someone is a YouTube channel dedicated to old Odia songs, Odisha songs, and remixes. It features HT Music's Lofi remix, Odia nonstop songs, Odia mashup, Odia DJ, and Odia Remix to provide a unique listening experience. It offers an exciting selection of Odia music remixes for fans of the genre.

The Rise of Old Odia Songs in Recent Times

The old Odia songs of Odisha have been traditionally stored in the heart of every Odia. The language and its lyrics which encapsulate emotions of the state has been integral part of the people of the state. As media platforms like YouTube, OTT platforms, radio shows, etc., have risen in the recent times, so has the popularity of these old Odia songs.

These old Odia songs were revived by opening a window to connect the new generation of millennials to the state’s culture and its heritage. These songs also tapped into the nostalgia and emotions of the elder generations of the community. There has been an increasing demand as many have started to recognize this lost type of music as great sources of entertainment.

The evolution of the old Odia songs have been fast with modern music producers and lyricists adding their touches while retaining classic Odia essence to the songs. This has appealed in the recent times as the songs now contain a certain combination of the modern and traditional music and lyrics. In the digital age, these old Odia songs have seen a new resurgence among the people of the Odisha state.

Knowing the Best Sources of Old Odia Songs

When it comes to finding old Odia songs, there are a few sources that stand out. Whether you are an Odia music enthusiast or just looking to listen to some nostalgia, here are some of the best sources to explore.

For starters, the YouTube app is a treasure trove for old Odia songs. From classic movies to popular albums, you can find many obscure songs there. It is a great way to explore some of the pure gems of Odia music. Additionally, you can also explore several audio streaming platforms that offer a wide range of old Odia songs. These streaming services, such as Saavn and Hungama, even allow users to create their own playlists, making it easier to curate the perfect collection of old songs.

Furthermore, one can also find old Odia songs on various dedicated websites. Such websites are a great source for collecting rare Odia tracks. Not only can you find the lyrics of the songs, but in few cases you can even listen to some recordings of live performances. Additionally, some of these websites also offer amazing discounts on certain albums, making it a great option for both hardcore fans and casual listeners. All in all, these are some of the best sources to dive into the ocean of old Odia songs. So if you are an Odia music lover, make sure to explore the sources mentioned above and enjoy the timeless beauty of old Odia songs.

How Traditional Odia Melodies Capture Our Hearts

Odia’s are known for their rich culture and music plays a large part in that. For generations, traditional Odia melodies have had a huge impact on everyday life in Odisha; from festivals to ceremonies, and from weddings and celebrations to everyday moments. These traditional Odia melodies have such a special place in the hearts of its people, for their ability to instantly transport you to a place of peace, comfort and nostalgia.

  • The traditional Odia melodies bring back fond memories of childhood, when life was simpler and worries were few. They draw us closer to our culture, connecting us to the traditions of yesteryear through their melodic rhymes. Many of these songs are passed down through generations oral tradition, and have remained influential in Odia culture for centuries. They contain significant moral and ethical values, as well as strong links to our heritage - a reminder to stay grounded in our roots.
  • Though traditional Odia melodies appear to be a thing of the past compared to the modern and electronic music of today, they are still very much alive and cherished. Every year, thousands of people from all corners of the state flock to witness the classical music and dance festivals in Odisha. Music has an power to touch our hearts in new and unexpected ways, and the traditional Odia melodies are no exception. Their ability to connect us to our roots and evoke those warm, nostalgic memories is truly invaluable. ​​​​​​​

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