17 Best Old Mashup Songs Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that offer great old mashup songs and other types of music such as Bollywood songs, Punjabi mashups, Hindi songs, and even lo-fi? If so, look no further! In this article, we'll provide you with a list of the top YouTube channels that cater to each of these categories. Whether you're a fan of classic songs or just looking for some great music to groove to, these channels have got you covered. Keep reading to find the best YouTube channel for your music needs!

Hindi Bollywood Romantic Songs

Channel Views: ~126.4m Channel Subscribers: ~636k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Hindi Bollywood Romantic Songs Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Hindi Bollywood Romantic Songs offers an incredible variety of old and new Hindi and Bollywood songs, ranging from romantic songs to romantic mashups, from the latest Hindi songs to the latest Bollywood songs, from old vs new Bollywood mashups to old vs new mashup, and from romantic Bollywood songs to new vs old Bollywood mashup. The variety of songs offered makes this channel a perfect destination for any Hindi music fan.

Bollywood Mashupp

Channel Views: ~270.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~267

Bollywood Mashupp Youtube Channel

Bollywood Mashupp is a YouTube channel that features old mashup songs from the Music of Asia and Pop music, combined with Electronic music to create unique and catchy tunes. The channel also provides an entertaining and diverse mixture of Music from different corners of the world. A must-watch for those looking for an alternative to mainstream music.

Bollywood Mashup Songs

Channel Views: ~9.8m Channel Subscribers: ~37.2k Channel Videos: ~236

Bollywood Mashup Songs Youtube Channel

Bollywood Mashup Songs is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to remixing and mashing up classic Bollywood songs with pop music from various genres. The channel offers a unique blend of old-school Bollywood tunes and vibrant pop music from across Asia. Fans of Asian music can enjoy a wealth of musical styles and experience a new sound from the fusion of classic and modern tunes.

Bollywood Mashup Songs.

Channel Views: ~179.7m Channel Subscribers: ~991k Channel Videos: ~195

Bollywood Mashup Songs. Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel features an eclectic mix of old and new Bollywood mashup songs, combining traditional Asian music, Pop songs, and a variety of other genres, to create unique and exciting musical experiences.

Siddharth Slathia

Channel Views: ~214.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~239

Siddharth Slathia Youtube Channel

Siddharth Slathia's YouTube channel features a great selection of old mashup songs, as well as his own latest and best Hindi and Bollywood songs. Whether you're looking for an old Hindi mashup or the newest Bollywood bangers, Siddharth Slathia has the tunes you need!


Channel Views: ~241.6m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~179

Khudgharz Youtube Channel

Khudgharz is a YouTube channel by a Pakistani band of the same name, featuring old mashup songs and original Khudgharz songs. The band has been recording unique mashups for their YouTube channel since 2016, reimagining classic tunes to create an array of melodic and diverse music. The channel has built a substantial following, with songs ranging from folk ballads to sweet jazz and melancholic blues. Their unique style has resonated with audiences around the world and the Khudgharz YouTube channel is a must-listen for anyone looking for something modern and creative.

Nepali Food

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~74

Nepali Food Youtube Channel

The Nepali Food YouTube channel features a variety of old and new Nepali and Hindi mashup songs, mixing superhits with Lofi songs and night drive tunes. Fans of old and new mashups can enjoy everything from old Nepali and Hindi classics to modern Nepali and Hindi mashup songs. This channel provides a unique take on Nepali and Hindi music that will keep you listening.

Anurag Abhishek

Channel Views: ~85.4m Channel Subscribers: ~451k Channel Videos: ~72

Anurag Abhishek Youtube Channel

Anurag Abhishek is a YouTube channel that specializes in the best of old and new Hindi and Punjabi songs. They feature a wide variety of melodies such as old mashup songs, latest covers, and reprise versions from Devotees Insanos Records. You can find the latest Hindi, new Hindi, and latest Punjabi songs, in addition to some old hits and cover songs. This channel is a great resource for fans of Hindi and Punjabi music.

๐“’๐“ฑ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ป๐”‚ ๐“๐“ฐ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ฎ ๐Ÿ’โœจ

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4k Channel Videos: ~70

๐“’๐“ฑ๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ป๐”‚ ๐“๐“ฐ๐“ป๐“ฎ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ฎ ๐Ÿ’โœจ Youtube Channel

Cherry Agreste is a popular YouTube channel featuring old mashup songs, tik tok remixes, and other musical mashups. Its videos are loved by many tik tok users and provide a new spin on classic songs. The channel is constantly creating new and exciting mixes, making it a great source of music to explore.

KuHu Gracia Official

Channel Views: ~361.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~63

KuHu Gracia Official Youtube Channel

KuHu Gracia Official is a popular YouTube channel that features creative mashups of classic Bollywood songs and love songs. The channel is best known for its cover songs and unique mashups of old songs from the past. Fans of the channel enjoy the wide variety of styles of music from mixed love songs to modern Bollywood mashups. Whether it's a solo track or a duet with a fellow artist, Kuhu Gracia's music is sure to bring out the nostalgia in you.

VDJ Jakaria

Channel Views: ~242.9m Channel Subscribers: ~946k Channel Videos: ~55

VDJ Jakaria Youtube Channel

VDJ Jakaria's YouTube channel is an amazing modern mix-up of old and new mashup songs. From Punjabi to Bollywood, party to love, and romantic to old. VDJ Jakaria mashup provides an innovative and creative musical experience that will make any listener feel the emotion of the song. Enjoy the best of music from VDJ Jakaria.

Hasan Shams Iqbal

Channel Views: ~122.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~54

Hasan Shams Iqbal Youtube Channel

Hasan Shams Iqbal's YouTube channel is the perfect place for fans of old mashup songs, Bangla songs, and classic hits. He curates a diverse catalog of content, including the popular Bangla Mashup 3, Love Mashup 2019, Eid Special Mashup, Bangla New Songs 2019, and Tahsan Live. Follow this channel to hear the best of Bangla's old songs.

Relaxing Mood

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~12.2k Channel Videos: ~44

Relaxing Mood Youtube Channel

Relaxing Mood is a YouTube channel with old mashup songs and long videos curated to provide a relaxing atmosphere. It is the perfect channel to chill out to soothing Lofi songs and create a peaceful and calming mood. The channel's videos are of notable length, making it easier to relax and escape from busy everyday life into a world of tranquil music. Relaxing Mood is your go-to destination for all of your relaxation needs.


Channel Views: ~170k Channel Subscribers: ~745 Channel Videos: ~43

BONG LIFESTORY ๐Ÿฅฐ Youtube Channel

BONG LIFESTORY is a YouTube channel that features mashup songs of old and new Bollywood songs, what's app statuses, mini vlogs, celebration, Navami, pujavidi, and travel features. It provides fresh perspectives in the form of music videos, old vs new mashup songs, and fun visuals. Followers can look forward to being taken on a journey through different cultures and lifestyles.

Music Addicted ๐ŸŽถ

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~12.5k Channel Videos: ~18

Music Addicted ๐ŸŽถ Youtube Channel

Music Addicted is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing an exceptional collection of old and new Bollywood songs from the 90s to the latest releases, including mashups, hits, and songs by popular artists like Jubin Nautiyal, Arjit Singh, and Neha Kakkar. With a wide range of immersive music videos, this channel is sure to please any Bollywood music lover.


Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.2k Channel Videos: ~13

VAJA VARK Youtube Channel

VAJA VARK is a YouTube channel that specializes in mashup songs with a focus on recreating old classics with modern remixes. They are known for their versatile mashups and remixes from popular artists like Jubin Nautiyal, Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkad, and Atif Aslam. Fans of these artists can listen to newly created yet familiar-sounding mashup songs of some of the best of their songs, on VAJA VARK's YouTube channel.

Valeti Singh

Channel Views: ~55.7m Channel Subscribers: ~223k Channel Videos: ~5

Valeti Singh Youtube Channel

Valeti Singh's YouTube channel is a great source to discover the best old and new mashups and unplugged songs from 1990 to 2019. Fans of Arijit Singh will especially love it for the range of mashup songs, old-vs-new and unplugged renditions of the singer's iconic tracks. Moreover, the channel also features the best old-versus-new mashups, classic Bollywood old songs, and new songs mashups.

"The Best Mashup Songs from the 2000s"

The 2000s was a truly golden age for the mashup scene. In fact, the mashup genre really started to take off in the 2000s, with DJs like DJ Dangermouse, 2ManyDJs, and Girl Talk pushing the boundaries of what a mashup could be. During this era, many beloved mashup songs were created that combined various different songs from a variety of genres, offering a unique twist on familiar tunes. Here are some of the best mashup songs from the 2000s that you should definitely revisit:

Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals" is widely considered one of the greatest mashup albums ever. It seamlessly combines over 300 samples and samples from numerous genres, including hip hop, alternative rock, and electro, to create a unique and utterly captivating listening experience. Another great mashup from the 2000s is "99 Problems/Paper Planes" by DJ Yalias, which was an imaginative mix of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" that completely transformed both songs. Finally, there's the iconic and widely beloved "Smells Like Booty" by 2ManyDJs that was released in 2004. This mashup track masterfully combined the bassline from Missy Elliott's "Work It" with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to create a tune that quickly became a club staple.

Overall, the 2000s was a great era for the mashup genre, producing some truly unforgettable songs that proved just how powerful and creative these kinds of blends really are. They demonstrate just how impactful the art of the mashup can be, and they still sound great and hold up to this day. So, why not take some time to reconnect with these incredible mashup tracks from years gone by? You won't regret it!

Making a Fresh New Mix with Old Mashup Songs

Music mashups have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Whether itโ€™s recreating classic hits from the 80s or mixing radio songs from this year, mashup DJs have been creating fresh new mixes with the help of some old songs. Making your own mix can be a fun and creative way to explore the possibilities of making music.

Creating your own mashup requires some audio editing software, the songs youโ€™d like to use, and enough free time to experiment with the sounds. Start off by listening to all of the songs youโ€™d like to incorporate into your mix. Find spots where two or more songs could be perfectly merged together. Make notes for ideas so that you donโ€™t forget any potential twists. Once you have a plan in mind, export all the songs into a timeline and start cutting and mixing. Try speeding up and slowing down certain sections to see how the sounds interact.

Layer effects like reverberation and phasing to make your mashup stand out from the rest. Make sure to pay attention to the levels and balance out the mix so that all the instruments are properly heard. If certain sections are too busy, pan certain sounds to either side of the mix. With enough experimentation, youโ€™ll have a fresh new mix with a combination of classic and current music. Have fun producing your mashup and let your creative side come alive.

Crafting a Perfect Mashup of Old and New Music

Creating the perfect mashup of old and new music can seem daunting but it can be done. To achieve a great mashup, selecting the right songs is essential. Start by taking two songs with similar tempo and key and contrasting them. It is important to choose songs from different musical time periods, such as a classic from the 1950s and a top 10 current song. Knowing the style of each song is important to achieve balance. If both songs are in the same genre, such as rock, they should be in different sub-genres such as classic rock and indie rock.

Once songs have been chosen, start cutting and layering. Begin by cutting up both songs into manageable pieces, shorter clips, then rearranging and mixing the parts. This will help create a cohesive new sound that blends the two styles perfectly. When adding effects, such as echo or reverb, use them as accents to emphasize the blend of the songs. Otherwise, avoid overusing effects because it can ruin the mashup mix.

Now it's time to find the glue that will hold the two songs together. This can be done by playing with different audio effects and background elements that provide a perfect bridge between the two. When done with the creative mixing, it's time to fine tune the mix. Consider adjusting the final mix by adjusting levels, adding a bit of delay, or other effects that will bring the two songs together and form the perfect mashup of old and new. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a stunning mashup that sounds unique. With the right methods and creative effectiveness, crafting a perfect mashup is possible.

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